Facing the Illusion

When you start to break through the illusion, you are going to come face to face with a lot of guilt and anger associated with the results of your actions. As you begin to see through the illusion, you are inclined to want to share it with those close to you. There is just one big problem. You might as well be speaking to a brick wall, because those around you will usually have no idea or reference point to your thinking or frame of mind. If it was that easy, I guess everyone would be enlightened and we would all be living in a world of acceptance of each other’s thoughts and belief systems, and there would be no conflict that can ultimately lead to war by those in power. I often used to say to my ex-wife: “Do you really think that if a man and his wife can’t come to accept such differing points of view within a family unit?” “Do you really think there is any hope for the Palestinians and Israelis to suddenly understand each other?”

So what often transpires for those of us that choose the less traveled path of breaking through the illusion and moving into the uncharted territory of our own destiny? We first try and get our truth and new-found knowledge out to those close to us. We hit this brick wall and all the frustrations associated with it. We can waste a lot of energy trying to move them to where “we” want them to be, when in fact the real lesson is to have the courage and fortitude to allow their learning to happen as they so choose. Everything is perfect in this school of learning, and when a soul is ready to change, it will happen. You can’t put a square peg into a round hole until the peg evolves of its own free will to become a round peg.

From my experience, I will tell you in hindsight that it would have been easier to just walk out the door and allow everyone’s learning to begin. Things get said out of frustration that often lead to anger, which in turn just creates more anger and fear. Your lower Self will throw the consequences of your actions squarely in your face at every turn in the form of guilt, or it will set you up in the oldest known game on the planet, i.e. the blame game. You will blame everything on those around you for not seeing what is so clear to you.

The illusion is all about breaking through this emotional roller coaster and allowing us all to experience the lessons we have chosen, no matter how hard they may be. Not getting caught up in the personal guilt of your actions, as well as the anger resulting from your frustration of others not seeing what is so clear to you, is going to make or break your ultimate penetration of the illusionary Earth plane. Unfortunately, these are hard choices and have real impacts on your life and those around you.

Unless you can take yourself into your Higher Self and see that you are alone in your own hologram and that everyone is but an actor in your play, this transition is going to be very difficult. The difficult choices that are presented to us by the Universe to move forward are very karmic-related. This is why the decisions and the consequences of our actions are so difficult to face and work through from a conditioned world’s perspective.

Your actions in this life can never be fully comprehended or understood until you take into account your past lives. This is the key to your soul and who you really are. Having a past life regression therapy is not that difficult. There are a lot of past life regression therapists out there. Nevertheless, it’s quite possible that most people don’t realize how far the new age movement has progressed. For example, down the road from where Margaret and I live, I was pleasantly surprised to see the small community college actually offering a course on past life regression. Personally, I utilize Dick Sutphen’s Past Life Therapy CD and do it on myself whenever I need to assess my past lives.

Alan McElroy.

Taking Care of Things

Over the years, I have come to the awareness of energy and how it plays out in our lives. I have learned this mainly from past life experiences. I am now aware that when we have faced an issue or a person, the energy no longer needs to play itself out, and then we can move on. In the years I have been doing this work, I have had the opportunity to move on so many times.

Each time a soul on my path has created a situation which has brought painful past life memories to the surface, sometimes even memories from this incarnation, too. Then a scenario has been played out, and I faced whatever it was I had to face – fear of a person or something, or doubt and insecurity about something, or another experience. Once the issue was faced, I would find myself moving away. That experience had finished and I moved on to the next one. In the past though, I would agonize about how I should handle the situation and how to make the necessary change, especially if it involved another person. However, over the last few months I have seen more than anything how once energy has been faced and worked through, the Universe creates a situation for me to actually move on, without my personal intervention. I do not even have to think of the change involved. The Universe in its wisdom has said: ” You have dealt with the issues of this, and it is no longer relevant in your life.”

Recently, Alan and I needed to change something in our lives; I was told by Maitreya to do this. The Universe created an opening for that change without us even having to try. We put it out there, and within a few months of needing it, the Universe had opened the door for it to happen. The only thing was – this change would bring difficulties in dealing with another person we knew. We were both in agony, how could we deal with this situation? How would that person take it? We knew we had to make the change, but we did not want to upset anyone over the decision we had made. Imagine our surprise then, when we received an email from the person involved, asking if we minded if they moved on! Without even asking for it, the Universe in its awareness had done the work of moving this person out of the way. I was in a state of shock! That person would be no worse off; in fact, they would probably be better off without us. We did not have to inform them of the change involved; it had been done for us.

When I asked Maitreya why this was happening, I was told that the energy had been dealt with. It was a past life energy, and it had been faced and dealt with, so there was no need anymore for the way it had been. We tend to forget that everything is planned, and when people do leave our lives, it is because they are no longer needed in our lives. Often people think we are very nasty for the actions we take, yet I firmly believe now that we don’t have to be concerned about the how, why and what – if we only leave it to the Universe. The Universe will work it out for us and present the situation for us to resolve it.

Many years ago, I was told not to look for work, and let the Masters bring it to me. I had for a long time been searching for work, spending a lot of money in the pursuit of work. I was doing something I did not want to do, also in the pursuit of work. I doubted and had such fear of stopping the search. Within a month of giving up the search for work, my first private student came in and I earned more for that month from that one private student than I did from doing readings by phone for a whole month.

It is hard surrendering and not giving anything any energy, especially when one is on the spiritual path. One expects the Masters to provide, and they do, but in THEIR way, not our own way. I know that from now on, as soon as something needs to change, I will not try and change it myself, but leave it to the Universe to do it for me. You know, I do believe they do a better job than I could ever do, as they have no emotional body to deal with!

Margaret McElroy.

Different Dimensions

Message from Maitreya:

A viewer of the web site wrote and asked me about the different dimensions in our spiritual world. Do they exist and what are they? There are twelve dimensions, and each one represents a level of attainment of spiritual awareness. For those who are just beginning Mastership and have just become Masters, they will start at the first dimension. Each ascending dimension takes one higher in spiritual awareness and knowledge.

Becoming a Master is not just a matter of being given the title and that is it. Much has to be learned about the role. Each dimension raises the vibration even higher. The first dimension is the beginning of a long path of learning, about Mastership and working at this level. In the lower dimensions, those new Masters help with the day-to-day life of our world, and they also deal with the karma and personal lessons of all souls who wish to return to the world of the Earth plane. Only those on the last level, that of the 12th dimension, are Masters such as us.

The path from the 1st dimension to the 12th can take a long amount of spiritual time. In order to be in the 12th dimension, one has to pass through all the other dimensions of learning, growing and spending a lot of energy moving through. The time in our world is not the same as human time; we cannot explain this to you because you have no reference point for this. All we can say is that we do have “time” but it is different to Earthly time. All our communication is done by thought, even in the dimensions. What of those who are not in the dimensions? Are they any less? No, they are not. All souls in our world are very special.

Those who are newly-arrived and those who choose to serve in the halls of welcome are highly revered. They do special work, especially when working with souls who have passed in trauma or who have taken their own lives. Those on the first level of dimension also work with these souls in helping them to understand why they have done this, and in counseling them back to health. Many who have had traumatic deaths had chosen them as lessons to learn from, but they need a lot of energy to recover from such deaths. Many souls also arrive in our world very shaken, in fear and trepidation of God’s judgement. There is no judgement from God. The only judgement comes from the souls themselves when they are ready to see it.

When souls are ready to begin their path to Mastership, they let the Masters in the lower dimensions know, and these Masters in turn let us know. We then work with the souls in what they wish to learn and how they wish to do it. For some, they need to learn patience and compassion. To that end, they might choose to work with those they can help, such as those souls who have committed suicide and those who cannot love themselves for what they have done in their incarnation. Working with such souls takes a lot of compassion and patience. Others may wish to work in the business side of administration, and so they will need to learn all about this in our world, which is different to that in your world in so many ways.

Mastership is attained through effort and energy given to each of the tasks one chooses to experience. There is no time limit in the spiritual world for a soul to choose Mastership. It is there when they are ready. The souls who choose this no longer have to return to the Earth plane, as they no longer have to face another life of incarnation; they are done with that. Many of you long for this to happen, but it is only for souls who have passed on and no longer have to return. When souls at each level of dimension are working with those on the Earth plane, they experience love, laughter, sometimes sadness and tears, but they also have much satisfaction at being able to work in the dimensions, as well as having a role to play in assisting us and humanity on their paths.

“What of those who reach the level of the 12th dimension?” I can hear you ask. There is no level after that dimension. When one has reached the 12th dimension, one has much power and energy to use – just like you on the Earth plane when you raise your vibrations after having cleared all your old energy and conditioning. We are permanently in the 12th dimension, and this level is in continuous growth as souls from the lower dimensions come to join us. There are millions of souls who are Masters. The ones you know about in your world are those who have chosen to work with the Earth plane in helping humanity, but there are so many others working on all levels to help humanity, too.

Despite what many think, things are changing on the Earth plane now, and will continue to do so. For now, this is all I wish to write, but I do hope I have educated you in some way, so that you get to know a little more about our world.


A Smaller World

We recently went back to Australia to see my family and to spend a few days back at the Australian school on Mount Tamborine in Queensland. We also did some interviews while we were there for our radio show. During our visit, we had to keep up to date with many things, and were quite amazed at how one does not need to be at home anymore to gain information. From tracking details of our finances, catching up with news locally and the USA, contacting airlines to checking frequent flying points, there was no information we could not find and it was so quick and easy to do so. It is wonderful being able to travel and have access through the computer to all we need.

I thought back to 50 years ago when things were a lot different. Then a letter from Australia to the USA took about 3 weeks to arrive. Television was just in its infancy, and the X Box was something out of a science fiction film! Most people had a radio then, and that was how they got their news from around the world. Today it has all changed. The Internet has taken over the communications area and now postal services are feeling the effects of less mail going through them. If I want a recipe for a cheesecake or a carrot cake, or I want to buy something I need, I can get it from a web site on the Internet. Free speech is the order of the day, as a growing number of web sites – including our own Maitreya site – are communicating their messages and providing training to a global audience.

Life has changed dramatically since those days 50 years ago. Even life for us baby boomers has changed, too. I remember my parents being ‘retired’ at fifty, and both of them had grey hair by then. Now, many of us have the color of our hair changed regularly, and we keep ourselves young with activities. We certainly travel more than our parents ever did, and spend the money we have saved over our life not on our children, but on travel and the things we have always wanted. We have personal trainers, and we use face creams (we women anyway) to keep the wrinkles at bay. Those of us who are single (and sometimes those who are not) are not shy about flirting at the age of sixty and beyond. My grandmother was a grey old lady; I am now Nanna (grandmother in Australia), but I certainly don’t feel grey or old!

It makes me wonder – if this is what we have done in the last fifty years, what can we do in the next fifty years? I will not be around to see it, but I am sure things can only get better and better. I for one certainly do not want to go back to snail mail, or to the radio to get my world news, and to have no access to the rest of the world. Maitreya told me the idea of the Internet was given to humanity to give people more freedom of speech, and it has certainly achieved that aim. All we need now is to create peace around the world as well as an understanding of each other as individuals without prejudice, and I believe we will get there. I know it will happen one day.

Margaret McElroy.

Doing Spiritual Work

Message from Maitreya:

I was recently advised by a viewer that they had been waiting for the Masters to show them a sign as to when they were to start doing spiritual work with us. In fact, they had been waiting for a number of years for such an instruction.

First of all, we do not give you any “sign” if you wish to work with us. You KNOW what you are supposed to do if you have no fear. It is only fear that can stop you from knowing. Once you do start working with and for us, in order to receive information from us, you need to put the energy into your life and the work. You cannot work with us if your daily job or someone around you is holding you back. So many souls give so much energy to their partner or family or a daily job that they have little energy left for our work. When you are tired, the instructions we give you cannot be heard. You need to have a large amount of energy to do spiritual work, and this means you do not have a great deal of it left for other projects or people.

Once you begin your path, then and only then do we lead and guide you, but we cannot and do not do that until you do so. Why is this? Because so many of you say you will begin the path, but so many of you do not actually do it! It is a waste of energy to give you instructions, for our messages will not be heeded. However, once you begin your path of working with us, and we can see you are truly dedicated and have the faith to carry out the work, then we know we can trust you and you will be guided to go forward. I am not speaking now of spiritual development, that is different; I am communicating about taking actions on your actual spiritual path of working with the Masters. My channel hesitated for almost 10 Earth years before starting her work with us. We led and guided her to many people who could train her, but we could not tell her she was destined to work with us, for this would have stopped her free will. Even when she began her work, we still could not give her instructions. Only after she had faced her fear, moved out of the comfort zone of her life and started to do her work with us, did we begin to lead and guide her to her future work.

In order for you to work with us, we need your energy and your commitment. Most importantly, we need to know you are dedicated. Only then can we begin to assist you in your work with us. We will not help you until you show you are serious about working with us. There is no other way.