Why Do You Worry?

Message from Maitreya:

Why do you worry about so many things? You worry about what people will say and how they will react. You fear so many things and you get upset with what people say to you. All the while you are doing so, you are stopping the flow of energy, which is your right to have and receive. You keep getting yourself involved in other people’s lives. Yet each soul is living out their life plan as well as experiencing exactly what they need to learn, and at the same time, they are giving you the opportunity of learning from their experiences.

What does it matter if someone does not agree with you? What does it matter if a soul chooses to be truthful with you, even though you know that is not how you see yourself? It does not matter because it is THEIR truth – it is the way they see things. However, you often become so upset over these issues. What a waste of energy! All the time you are wasting energy on doing this, you are stopping yourself from manifesting what YOU need to make you and your family happy. It is human conditioning to do this, of course. Have not souls done this for aeons of time?

This is the reason wars are fought, and conflict still reigns on the Earth plane. It is not easy to let go of the hurt one feels when someone speaks THEIR truth, even though it may not be yours. So many of you spend so much time on the Earth plane, trying to justify and vindicate yourself. Again what a waste of energy! Yet, like a dog with a bone, you cannot leave it alone – you have to keep talking about the issue, vindicating YOUR truth, protecting yourself and justifying yourself to all those around you. Despite the fact that those souls support and respect you, you still feel the need to do this.

If people need to express themselves to you, do not get upset over their actions. Move beyond the hurt. Tell yourself to let it go with love, whatever the emotion of your feeling, just let it go. As you do so, it will cease to be a problem and you can move on. If you can stand in front of what you term God and know you are not at fault for what is being said, that is all that matters. Nothing else needs to be said.

The less time you spend worrying about other people, what they say, what they do, or what they MAY do, the more energy you will have to fulfill your own dreams and desires.


Universal Consciousness

Many people have written to me, expressing the view that they are so pleased I have raised my vibration and I am now able to reap the rewards of the work I have done. It IS a wonderful feeling to be where I am, and to have now, all the answers to my own questions and others’, too. I am now in a situation where I feel totally secure in my own power, and aware of what I can do with that in a positive way to help people and also to shift the energy in those who are sick. In addition, I am in the presence of Maitreya and have no fear of what people say by my channeling him – which used to be such a problem for me, as it created a big fear in me.

I told someone a few days ago I felt as if I were at the top of the mountain looking down on humanity, being totally separate from them and complete in my being, but this wonderful euphoria poses a big issue with me. I have worked through my issues over the last 50 or so years. I do not profess to be squeaky clean, nor do I say I am perfect, but I have achieved a lot with the help of those who have assisted me along the way – all those souls who mirrored for me what I did not want to see, and who forced me to face my fears and tests.

The issue is, of those around me, I am the only one who has reached this pinnacle, who has managed so far to climb the mountain and sit at the top. Those around me are still climbing the mountain, some are very near to the top, but they still have a small way to go. Herein lies the issue. They are still dealing with their life plan lessons. For myself, it is very hard being around them because I have been where they are; I have gone through the same struggles they have gone through, and it is very hard watching them as they try so hard to climb to the top to be with me. It is also very frustrating for me to be around them when they cannot shift out of their Self, yet I was also there a few years ago!

Alan has expressed the view that I never see the bad in anyone. I have never been able to do that, for I believe there is always something good in each soul, no matter what they have done. If I have a problem with a person’s energy, I immediately tune in and see what it is they are teaching me or mirroring for me. Usually within a short time, I have the answer! I can then move forward, having satisfied myself that I know where the issue has come from. It is so hard for me to be surrounded by beautiful souls who are still struggling to let go of the demons, and even more difficult not to be able to assist them. Their Self has them tied up in knots and in their past, where the issues they deal with come from. I ask myself: How can one be spiritual if one has malice in one’s heart, or negative feelings towards someone? Yet, as I have expressed before, I have also been in that situation in the past, and yes, I have worked through it, and moved on.

It makes it very hard for me though, to see my friends and loved ones struggle so much with these issues, knowing I cannot help them, but hoping and praying they will eventually move through the energy. Yes, it is indeed wonderful to be in Universal Consciousness, to be in a place where I know nothing and nobody will affect me again, but it is also a lonely place to be in, because I have no one to share it with. One might say, “but you have Maitreya” and yes, I do, thank goodness for that, but he resides in another dimension, despite being one with me. I cannot hasten the development of those around me either; they have to do it their own way. Thankfully, I am at peace in my space and seat at the top of the mountain. I have learned to let go of the need to assist those following in my path or to try and do it for them. I am fully aware I cannot do that, but it does not mean that I cannot feel for them – feel their pain and the hard steps as they try to climb the mountain to join me. It is a wonderful place to be where I am, but as I said before, it can be very lonely!

Margaret McElroy.

Choices and Destiny

Many people often remark to me how lucky I am to be with Margaret and Maitreya. When a young man stated this to me again at the Mind, Body and Spirit show in LA last weekend, my reply was, “Yes, I am lucky!” But then again, it was based on the choices I had made. That young man’s question and my response, as with all choices and subsequent outcomes, entailed a lot more details under the surface. Little did he know of some tough choices I had to make that subsequently gave me the opportunity to be with Margaret and Maitreya.

Three years earlier when I had come across the word Maitreya, I did an Internet search and came across a few Maitreya sites. Upon further investigation, the site that resonated with me happened to be Margaret’s. The writings were so simple, and the ultimate message to me was that I was totally responsible for my own spiritual journey, as no one else could do it for me. Maybe it was a challenge to myself, but the result was that it felt like I had found the wisdom and knowledge I had been searching for all my life. I wish it was that easy, but following one’s spiritual destiny and taking control of one’s own life is not an easy path to take. As Maitreya has said in many of his writings and channelings, the spiritual path is not an easy road – if one wants to move forward, one has to face one’s issues and remove those blocks that limit one’s vibration and level of consciousness.

Can you look into the mirror and see that when someone is rubbing you the wrong way, it is because they are there to help you address a lesson you have chosen to learn? Can you view the world from within your hologram, realizing that those around you are just performers in your play and you in theirs? When times are tough as you work through your issues, can you look in the mirror and honestly accept that it was YOU who had chosen the lessons as part of your plan before you were born? Simple questions but tough choices are presented to you by the Universe once you start to cross this line and break through the illusion of the Earth plane.

So, yes, I guess you could say that I am the luckiest man on this planet. I spend 24 hours a day with the energy that is known to the viewers of this web site – some 2.7 million per month – as Master Maitreya or The World Teacher and his beautiful channel, who struggles daily to face her issues, just like you and me, as she moves forward in vibration and consciousness. But then again, it could be traced back to the choices that I made as I broke through the illusion. For me, I fought through my fears and stepped on a plane to travel 7000 miles to check out this new found knowledge. I subsequently went back twice. I then made the choice to walk away from a seventeen-year marriage and allowed a fifteen-year old son and a seventeen-year old daughter a chance to experience life without a father that had been there every step of the way. Obviously, from the perspective of friends and family that subsequently chose not to know me, the above discourse could have been written from a completely different perspective.

We all have our own truth that presents us with choices. Do you have the fortitude to follow your destiny and accept the subsequent choices that are presented to you? Remember, there are not many things in life that you are rewarded for without making a tough choice first. Good luck on those of you aiming to make yourselves the luckiest people on the Earth plane. Remember, at the end of the day, if you think that someone else is going to do it for you, you aren’t seeing through the illusion.

Alan McElroy

Changing Names

A friend made a comment about not understanding why people changed their first name. I could understand her feelings; it does seem strange to change one’s name, especially in mid life. Recently, two of my friends changed their first name, and I had to learn to write to them and also address them on the phone by their new name. It was not hard to do, and I certainly liked their new names and felt they suited my friends better than the old names. They both knew, of course, early in my career I had changed my name, too.

I was given the name Wendy when I was born. I have always hated the name, and it was made worse by the fact my first boyfriend at sixteen was called Peter (not Peter Luke, to whom I was married later in my life when I was, thankfully, a Margaret). I went out with him for five years, and the jokes about Peter Pan and Wendy went on for all those years. Originally, Wendy was not even a name; it had been made up by John Barry who wrote Peter Pan! This name has never resonated with me, but I had never thought of changing it until I went into my spiritual work.

I was given Margaret as my middle name, and so I chose to take that name instead of Wendy. From the day I took it, I somehow felt better. Margaret had a strength to it, and it made me feel strong and independent. My family at the time found it so hard to stop calling me Wendy and to start calling me Margaret instead, but as time passed, it became easier. Finally, Wendy disappeared into the ethers, and only to pop up every now and again on legal documents and passports. I have never changed the name by deed poll. Often I do not answer when my name Wendy is called out at airline counters and official departments. Margaret McElroy sounds great, but Wendy McElroy? Somehow it does not feel right.

Alan wanted to call me Wendy in the beginning because he felt he needed to separate his teacher from his wife, but I could not answer to the name; it felt alien to me. So now he just calls me “Hey you!” (joking, of course). One of my friends who changed her name lives close to me, and I am amazed at how she is changing with her name change. She has become a softer, warmer person. It is a joy to see that change taking place in her, and to see her so happy. I know my other friend who lives overseas is also as happy with her name change, and I am already feeling change taking place there.

I asked Maitreya whether it mattered if we changed our name on the Earth plane, and he said not at all. I was concerned whether we would be carrying the vibrational effect of the old name around with us even if we did not use it. He explained it was not to be the case, because as soon as one changes one’s name, and begins to use it and to be called by that new name, one takes on the vibrational number of the letters of the new name. No wonder my friend who lives close by is changing with her new name, which is nothing like her old one. My only problem with this friend is that her name used to be at the end of my address book, and now it has moved up to the middle section. I am sure soon I will stop going down to the bottom of my address book and realize the new name has moved!

I know that I feel so much better being a Margaret than a Wendy. So many people have said they cannot see me as a Wendy. I am not surprised, as she was laid to rest over 26 years ago. From the moment I took the name Margaret I changed so much that friends who knew me as Wendy could not believe the change. I seem to mature, and stood up for myself more than I did. There was so much change that I was overwhelmed by it, and in such a short period of time, too.

How many of you have thought of changing your name? If you have considered doing so, do not let conditioning get in the way of doing so. YOU are the creator of your own reality. I have met so many people who have hated their name that was given to them by their parents, who had thought they were being kind and had chosen it because they liked it themselves. If only we could speak in the womb, how much easier it would be to choose our name then!!

I have been Margaret for so long now; I love the name, and I love the vibration of it. Recently, I changed my name again. My surname was changed from Birkin to McElroy. Once again, a change is taking place, which I hope is for the better. McElroy is a more creative name, whereas Birkin was more emotional to me. Do not be afraid to change your name. I can state with truth that if you do, you will change and feel so much better about yourself. I know I do.

Margaret McElroy.

My Work

Message from Maitreya:

There has been a lot of speculation for many years of Earth time as to how I will appear, and what I will do once I am on the Earth plane. Training my channel has not been an easy task. We had to give her time to open herself to her work, as well as to fight her fear of doing it, and when she would not do it on her own, we had to force things upon her – for that was what she had requested before she was born. Then the training began: training in working with us, training in learning not to take things personally and not to waste energy. She was challenged on many different fronts, and even then, we were not sure she would complete her work. The collective energy of the Self around the world did all it could to stop her on her path, and her own Self brought out all of her past life insecurities and fears.

I have been with my channel all of her life. Many think I came in when she connected with me in 1992, but I have been with her from birth, even before she left the church and began her spiritual search. I was there with her waiting to be connected, and then to learn about the Earth plane through her. You may think this very strange that we need to learn about the Earth plane, but we do. Our world, our home is completely different to what you call home – the Earth plane. Many of us, the Masters, have forgotten what it is like to be on the Earth plane. My channel chose a planetary aspect which enabled her to leave her body and connect with me when necessary in her sleep state, and for me to work with her when she was doing her training, and also to learn what was necessary to merge my energy with her. Before merging with her I needed to learn how to use her body, to speak through her, and also to learn about the Earth plane in her Earth time.

Now I am one with her, and although she moves aside when I come into her body, she does not leave her body. She does, however, stand aside so that I may utilize her energy and work independently to her. It has been a long process to do this, but now, finally I can take her to where she needs to go, to assist me on the Earth plane to do my teaching. Fear can no longer consume her; she no longer has fear of people laughing at her and making fun of her either. I have been with my channel for a long Earth time.

I have now started my path of teaching humanity, using the simple way of the Masters. Humanity is now ready, thanks to the Photon Belt energy and the Chiron energy to take that message. There will be those, as always, who will not be interested, but the message will stay in their subconscious mind, waiting like the seed of a flower for it to germinate one day. That day will not be too far away either, as humanity is ready for change and willing to listen more than it ever did before. Working on the radio is the first step for me and my channel to become more and more public. One day I will speak publicly about many things, but for now, I can speak through my channel, and my energy will assist in helping those who need healing and love. Yes, love. For most of humanity does not know what love feels like, or what love is.

It has also taken a great sacrifice on my channel’s part to allow me to do what I needed to do, and also that of her husband who came in to assist her at a much needed time. I will not come on a cloud, as I am already on the Earth plane. I will not create rapture for every soul, but each soul will begin the awakening process to achieve one day, the peace and rapture that passes all understanding. For those who take my words of teaching, their lives will change very much in Earth time. The Earth plane will gradually change, too. “Am I on my own?” I can hear you ask. No, you are not alone. There are many others known as light workers that are working with the Masters, some of whom will become public, and some will not be . We can now move forward with confidence and strength to assist humanity with change. Life should be enjoyed, and we will teach people that life is fun, laughter, happiness and fearless. It is our intention to teach this as much as we can to those who wish to change and to learn. I look forward very much to doing the work of the Brotherhood in helping humanity to learn a new way of living.