A Number of Things

Once again, my last newsletter brought in a flood of email, mostly from my former students. That newsletter, on the subject of frustration, was about ex-students who chose subsequently to cease communication with me and the Master. All who responded to it were apologetic for doing so! I also got a lot of email from people saying how much they love the web site and how much it has helped them. On that one particular day, it seemed to be a “love Margaret day” as a lot of messages came in to thank me for channeling the Master’s newsletters.

The interesting thing, to be honest, is that I don’t feel I do anything. I just sit at the computer and write for the Master, and then I send the newsletter for editing. After it has been edited, it gets to be placed on the web site. Alan is always telling me how much I do and how hard I work, but I tell him I do not! I don’t feel I do because this is my passion and always has been. How can a passion be work? It has been my passion for 10 years now, since the web site’s conception in 1996.

One thing that does get to me is that we do not solicit funds for the web site; we never have done, as we have followed Maitreya’s instructions to the letter with regard to not having any advertising on the site. In the past, the income from teaching the Master’s courses kept the web site running and also supported the Australian Institute of Metaphysics. We have also been assisted over the years by one or two people who have given generously to assist us financially, and without their help, the web site would be long gone by now. However, we get very little support financially from web site viewers.

I personally have channeled all the information on this web site for almost no income whatsoever, because I wanted people to share what the Master was giving me – knowledge! Yes, I did have the course money and it was used wisely. As a result, Maitreya has a beautiful teaching school in Australia now (pictures of this school are on the web site) and the money also enabled us to travel around the world teaching as well as to fund the web site with upgrades in computer hardware and software, etc.

As mentiioned before, the web site was conceived in 1996. The latest figures on the site show 2.4 million people around the world log onto the web site each month! I was staggered when I was informed by our webmaster. He also expected, by the end of the year, some 3 million viewers to access the web site. I then thought if every soul sent in a donation of $10, we could do more for Maitreya in taking his teaching even further. However, we have never asked for money, and never will. Maitreya has always said what we need will be provided, and he has always come good for us. It would be nice though, if those who have a result with their healing requests would make a donation for that service. There is a form on the healing page for a donation, but it has been years since we received one. Nobody ever thinks where the money for this site comes from. We do have readings and astrology charts, but these services are not enough to cover the regular expenses, so most of the money needed now comes from myself and Alan.

The web site is being updated as I write. It is time it was done, but once again, the money for the upgrade is falling upon Alan and me, as well as the select few who are donating their time. If you would like to assist the web site and show your appreciation for the free information it provides, please consider making a small donation to assist with our work. This is the first time I have personally mentioned this and will probably not do so again. Sometimes, I feel that people do not realize what it takes to run a web site and to carry the costs of it. Even a small amount can make a difference. Sometimes a gentle nudge can enable people to realize what is needed.

Margaret McElroy


Message from Maitreya:

I have been intending to write on the subject of animals for some Earth time now, but other newsletters have taken precedence. However, I feel now is the time to write about the subject, and I know many of you have animals and do wonder at times why they are with you. I am referring here mainly to domestic animals, and I state that because occasionally wild animals may come and assist you, too.

My newsletter was prompted many Earth months ago when my channel and I visited a city in Washington. There in one of the hotels is a dog who is referred to as Stress Manager. This dog has his own business card and does just what it states – he de-stresses those who visit the hotel. Sitting in the foyer of the hotel most of the time, he allows all and sundry to pat him and talk to him. After being in this dog’s energy, most people feel de-stressed, lighter, freer and more relaxed.

Animals are here on the Earth plane to do just that – to assist you in your daily lives, and they are a very intuitive species. They work on the intuitive level, and have the most wonderful healing powers. For those of you asking, yes, there is karma between humans and animals. There have been many recorded cases of animals who have saved lives, and of humans who have saved animals’ lives. “What of birds?” I can hear you ask. They too, have a role in your life. Many souls have had past lives where they have been connected to birds, horses, sheep, goats and other animals. All animals can play a role in your life, not just cats and dogs. Most animals are highly intuitive, far more than you are. They live in the now, dealing with life moment to moment, they do not think of the future or the past, just the now. I am sure many of you have an animal who assists you at the end of the day of work, to relax and unwind. All animals help humanity if they are allowed to; in other words, if you let them do it.

If you have fear of an animal, then it will feel that fear. Even having fear in your auric field can create a block between you and the animal near you. My channel once met a child who had terrible fear in her aura. It was like a dark cloud, so deep and intense. Lifetime after lifetime of sadness, fear and lack of confidence was in the auric field. This child went to visit a friend who had a beautiful dog that had been living like a member of that family for many years. The child was with her identical twin sister who did not have the darkness in her auric field. The dog felt and saw the fear in the child with the dark auric field, and when it sensed the dark menace of energy so profoundly, it attacked and injured her severely. What it did was simply protecting itself from a threatening situation.

Animals will only attack if they sense fear. For those of you who have an animal, know that your animal is also a “stress manager” that is often a negative clearing house for you and those around you. They are on the Earth plane to play this role – to help humanity in the capacity of giving love and affection, as well as removing negative energy from around you. They play the most wonderful role, but are very often not thanked or respected for it. If you have an animal and you show love to it, that love will come back ten-fold. Learn to love your animals and not have any fears about them, they are there to help all of you in your daily life.



One of the saddest things for me is when students and friends move away from the energy of Maitreya. Over the years I have made many friends of my students. It is just the way it has been. I have said to all of them: “The battle with the Self is just beginning, know that it will not be easy.” Of course, many have no idea how hard the battle is. The problem comes when they begin to feel guilty because they cannot fight the Self. As a result, they feel I will judge them or think less of them, for whatever reason. They forget that I too, have been battling the Self, and I have a clear understanding of how difficult the battle is. So, I do understand! Many of them have thought once they began their spiritual development and gave themselves in a way, to Maitreya, to begin working with him, life would be so easy. I have never given any information to the contrary, but that has not stopped these students from thinking that things would be easy.

Fear is another cause of students running away and ceasing communication with the Master and me. I have lost track over the years of teaching the Master’s course of how many students, for no reason, have had fear of me or Maitreya. I have impressed on every student I have taught that I am there at the end of an email. All they have to do is just write to me; I may not be able to answer in a long email, but I will reply. Yet so many cease writing and they then try to get through the darkness of the battle of the Self against the Higher Self on their own. Although the Master has taught me that each student is their own Master and they can choose whether to communicate or not, it is still painful when they stop writing and choose to withdraw from me or ignore me. I am human. Many people expect, as I have said before, that because I channel Maitreya, I should not be bothered by Earth plane emotions, pain, etc. Yet often, I feel it worse than they do.

I remember one student who in 2000 was experiencing problems with what we call “the cardboard phase”. This is a phase of spiritual development that affects those involved to have no interest in anything, as everything is like cardboard – grey, tasteless, empty. Nothing they do can make them happy or interest them. It is a phase of cosmic consciousness all souls go through before connecting with univeral consciousness and merging with the Ultimate Being or God, as many know that energy. I had told this student many times that I was there for them, and all they had to do was write or communicate with me. But communication ceased. So, I lost contact with this student. Imagine my concern and upset in 2005 when I discovered this person was still in that phase. They had not moved on, and had not even thought to communicate and ask why that was happening to them! I did not even charge a fee for communicating with students, but this person could not bring themselves to ask me for advice.

I recently had another student who chose to stop communicating. They also found the battle of the Self versus Higher Self hard to cope with, and just withdrew. As Maitreya has said to me, “You can teach a student, but you cannot force them to achieve their destiny.” I have had to realize that I did a good job teaching, that I am not the problem, because for some reason I blamed myself in the past when students pulled away. Maitreya has said so many times to me: “You are there to give the teaching, nothing more. You pass on the message we give to you. What the student chooses to do with it is their affair.”

This whole situation has taught me some wonderful lessons about detachment, free will and choice. Yes, it is painful knowing that students have chosen to take the hard road without help or assistance, but THEY choose it, I do not force it. I am always there, and always will be for the stray sheep who wish to come home.

Margaret McElroy


I wanted to share with you all an email which came in from the Netherlands after my newsletter on Secrets. I was overwhelmed at the number of email I received from people telling me they were going to unload their secrets and how much the newsletter was appreciated, once again, My Self had tried to stop me doing that particular newsletter, but my Higher Self pushed me to do it. I am so glad that I did now. Below is a copy of the email from the Netherlands.

After reading the latest newsletter from Margaret called ?Secrets?, I realized that of course I also have secrets. Like everyone else it sometimes just seems easier not to tell. I knew that I was carrying a secret in my life, the newsletter just brought it in front of me again. I choose to deal with it, I wanted something else. Just as a testimony of what can come of sharing a secret…

In April 2005 my husband Frans, our friend Hannah and myself, all graduate students of Margaret, choose to start an Institute for Metaphysics in the Netherlands. It started as a joyful experience. We did some private courses with students, we started to use our gifts and even a meditation group was formed. All the while the Institute and working together was so difficult, heavy and it was challenging to communicate about things, get things clear and make decisions. Even though the work with clients was very rewarding, the running of the Institute was not nice any more, it was hard work!

I began to drift away from the Institute. Frans and Hannah got along really well and of course that triggered more fear with me. That they would do the Institute together and that I would be left out. At the time they could talk for hours and I would sit with them and think: I would rather go to bed! Of course I stayed awake and in the room, but I stopped participating actively in the conversations. I just dwelled in this fear of speaking my truth. I did try at times but I just continued having this secret about wanting to give the Institute away.

It got worse over the months, however the building for the Institute was found and bought and to me it looked better and better to just walk away and leave the whole idea of the Institute behind. It just did not work out, it was to hard, what more could I do? I tried looking at my part in it, but it was far easier to blame the circumstances and other people. And I choose to walk away from it, in my mind of course, I still did not tell. Imagine: what started out as a promising exciting enterprise sort of ended up in the rubbish bin.

More time passed and it did not get any better in my eyes, the flow of energy stopped. No more students, no more courses. Just a weekly meditation group by Hannah, that was all that was left of the Institute. We began to lose contact, and then we stopped meeting and talking for five weeks in a row. You could say: well December is a busy month with Christmas and then the Christmas holidays for two weeks. But that is a very convenient way to cover things up. In reality we all suffered and left it alone.

With the newsletter of Margaret I realized that not even Margaret knew of what had happened and I was certainly not the one going to tell her. I had already waited for Frans and Hannah to tell, but nothing happened. After some hours of headaches, pain in the stomach and other bodily reactions, I just used Skype and told Margaret all about it. It was a relief, wow, that felt good. The secret was out in the open and the flow of energy began to come back in my life. How can I start to tell what happened next? An avalanche of events started happening, I could not control any of it and I can tell you: I just stood watching with my mouth open and I was so amazed. To name one of the results: the Institute in the Netherlands is now a possibility again. Hannah and I started talking again, the misunderstandings came in the open and I cannot tell you how happy I am with that. I realize now how much energy it takes to keep a secret, it just drained Frans, Hannah and me and made life harder than it needs to be.

The sharing of one secret opened up many things for the benefit of the three of us, the Institute in the Netherlands and the students in Europe that want to come to learn. Thank you Margaret, Frans and Hannah for having this experience with me. I learnt something new about secrets and it was well worth it.

I actually did know what was happening, I could sense it and the Master also told me, but he told me not to write and make inquiries about the situation because it would sort itself out. I must admit I wanted to write, I knew what was happening, and I knew that the energy had stopped flowing in the Netherlands. However, I did not write, and eventually the situation WAS sorted out by Anneke writing to me about her secret. Once again a positive outcome for all concerned. Thank YOU Anneke for letting go of your secret and allowing the Higher Self part of you to come in and take over!

Margaret McElroy

Web Site Change

Message from Maitreya:

Very soon, in February, the look of this web site will change. In 1996, I asked Peter Luke to create a web site as a forum for teaching on many metaphysical levels. The web site was created, and my channel, Margaret began the task of channeling the information I gave to her. Ten Earth years later, the web site has a large viewing audience from around the world. My channel was surprised when she discovered how much she had channeled for me on the web site itself.

I have instructed my channel and her husband, Alan to take the web site a step further and promote it globally to an even wider audience. Many people now have access to computers, and so they will get to see my teaching, and perhaps they will also become interested in learning about computing. I have also instigated change in the design and colors of the web site, and this can be viewed by clicking at the top of the current home page. You are the souls who use this web site and, as such, your comments on the new look would – I know – be appreciated by those who are working hard to create the new site. So, please let us know your impression of the new design and colors.

My channel and I have written very much about change over the past year, as she herself faced many changes in her life. She has often said it is unfair, as we, the Masters are always in the comfort zone in the spiritual realms, so do not experience change. This could not be further from the truth. Life in our world is not always predictable nor is it rigidly organized. It is certainly not in what is commonly known as the comfort zone.

We live in the now all of the time, and this means there is always something new around us – to look at, work with, or be involved in. It may surprise you to know we love to have fun in our world. When we are not overseeing the Earth plane and planetary activities, we have a lot of fun and laughter. We often say that you on the Earth plane are the serious ones.

Change is inevitable whether forced upon one by nature or by the choice one made before birth. The change of design on the web site will bring in a new energy, and much of the old information will be taken away – as it is no longer needed or it is in the past and no longer relevant. It is intended to streamline the site, making it more accessible and easier to navigate. I do hope you will comment on the changes my channel and her associates are making to the web site.