Working on the Earth Plane

Message from Maitreya:

I have often been asked what it is like to work through a channel on the Earth plane? For all of us in the world of other dimensions, it is not an easy task because there are so many considerations to take into account. To begin with, we have to work in with the channel’s destiny. This means we have to allow the soul to follow their destiny path, and to work out their lessons and karma without interference from us. We can at times, give assistance in small ways, but working on the Earth plane is extremely difficult to do in the early years of working with our channels because there is so much learning for them, and we have to stand back and allow that learning to take place.

Many believe that once you work with a Master or higher energy, life then becomes easy, but this is not true. It often becomes harder because you begin your path of education and start removing your deep seated pain and emotion. Next, you learn your lessons, then face your karma, and all this with our energy coursing through your body, forcing these issues to the surface. Even when we do all we can to assist you to make it a little easier, the Self can be very cruel and will fight to the death!

You, first of all, have to learn with the Guides and your Guardian, as well as those who work with you to help you, such as helpers and angels, so that you can raise your vibration to a certain level before a Master can work with you. Sometimes you may have two or three Masters who work with you, depending on what line of spiritual work you do. Once we do work with you, we cannot interfere with your life choices or your destiny. This makes it very difficult for us because you have free will.

You may have chosen before you were born to help us, work with us and assist us, but once you get to the Earth plane, and the Self comes in, all promises and agreements are difficult to keep. We lose many of you helping us because of this factor. We often take three steps forward in our work with you, and then go back two steps because of the Self. There are those who believe, if a soul works with a Master, they should not be upset over issues and be perfect. This is not true.

It makes it harder for you to deal with life issues once you connect with us because our energy amplifies all that you do. You become far more sensitive working with us, and this in turn can lead to difficulty handling the simplest of life’s tasks. My channel recently got upset because a friend chose to make choices which she knew would stop their development spiritually. She had spent so much time with this individual teaching them and helping them. It pained her deeply to know this soul was running away, but she was human, and she reacted in a human way. Despite one’s spiritual training, it still hurts when friends turn their backs and run away.

You have compassion working with us, yes, but it is not easy for you once you work with us when it comes to living on the Earth plane and dealing with daily events. Sometimes the Self is so strong that we have to withdraw and walk away. We will not fight you, we give you a certain amount of time to connect with us and to do what you came to do with us, but if your Self is too strong, then we have to withdraw and let the Self have its way. This is not running away on our part, it is just a waste of energy for us, fighting with your Self when that energy could be better spent elsewhere.

I was presented with a situation with my channel at one time when her Self became so strong, she almost gave up her work with me. Thankfully, her Higher Self came in, and she also had someone else to help her in human form – a dedicated soul who helped her through this situation. However, it was not easy for her or for us as she was going through this. So much work had been done and years of training almost came to a halt because of this situation. There is much I can write of this situation, but for now, this will answer some questions which have been asked over the last few Earth years, about our work with you.


My Newsletters

I have written before about how I hesitate writing a newsletter, but once I have done it, I get a lot of email from people informing me that they feel the newsletter is written for them. I have not written one newsletter which does not bring email from people stating this fact! As many of you know, I recently married Alan, and my path with him has been chronicled in my newsletters, and once again this has helped many people with their paths, too.

In the last few months, I have had a number of email from people asking me why Alan cannot write a newsletter. I spoke to Maitreya about this, and he thought it was a wonderful idea. Alan came into this life on a high rate of vibration. His life has been easy compared to many people because of this fact. My own life seems so hard and difficult compared to the ease which his life has taken. However, since being with me, and of course Maitreya – for Maitreya is also a very important part of my life – he has had to learn many new skills, and like all of us, his Self has come out fighting!

I spoke to Alan about doing a newsletter on the web site, a chronicle of his learning – as one may call it as such. Though at first very reluctant, he later agreed because he knows from my own newsletters how much they have helped people.

In the new year of 2006, Alan will begin writing a regular newsletter on the web site. It will chronicle his work with Maitreya, but I also know for many who read his newsletters, they will gain very rare insight into working with Maitreya through me. It never ceases to amaze me how many who are not on our path seem to think we have given up our power and are manipulated by these spiritual beings. As far as I am concerned, I have gained power and insight because of my work with Maitreya. Life has been made far easier on all levels because of this.

Alan is an integral part of our radio show each day on Contact Talk Radio, and to be honest, much to my surprise (or was it?) he is a natural. One would have thought he had done it all of his life, instead of just coming into it in the last few months of 2005. I had a few battles with the Self over that issue, I can tell you. But it does not feel threatening any more, and peace reigns in that department, thankfully.

I do hope you will enjoy Alan’s newsletters. They will not be influenced by me or by Maitreya. I know many of you will gain valuable information from them. I am looking forward to reading them myself!!

Margaret McElroy


Message from Maitreya:

Most of you live a life where you are neither true to yourselves nor to others. You do things because you fear that you might upset others. It is easier to say yes than to say no. So many of you live lives you are not happy with. You hate your job, but you stay because of fear – fear of moving, fear of change, fear of this and fear of that. If only you would trust and have faith; all that is meant to be will come to you.

You have set a destiny for yourself, and if you are true to yourself and do not have fear, all that is meant to pass, can come into your life. Yes, you have lessons to learn, and you and you alone set up those lessons. You can take the easy road to accomplish those lessons and to move on, or you can take the hard road – which you often tend to do. We try to make everything simple and easy for you, yet the fear forces you to run away, instead of going onto the smooth path. The Self fears change – it fears what it does not know.

How often are you honest with yourself? Be totally honest and ask yourself whether you are happy with your job, your partner and your way of life. If the answer is no, what will you do to change that situation? You have no idea how unhappiness can create dis-ease and ill health in your life. You are unaware of how much dis-ease you create by not being honest with yourself. When you get sick, you wonder why. I receive many healing requests each Earth week, and many of those who have problems will not make the change that will remove the blocks from their being. I can hear you saying now: “But Master, if I leave my work, partner and way of life, what will I do?” I say this to you: “The Universe will lead you to a new adventure, for that is what the experience of change is – a new adventure.”

You are so afraid of facing your fear and lack of honesty. You beg for change, but when change comes, you run away from it. If you are to raise your vibration, you need to be totally honest with yourself, let go of fear, and accept the change that comes into your life. Tell the Universe you are now ready for change, and watch the Universe skillfully bring to you that change. Then you can become your own Master.

Lack of honesty, denial or fear of change can create so many health problems that often go with you into another incarnation. “How do I change this?” I hear you say. You must first of all be totally honest with yourself and not let the Self persuade you that you are happy when you are not. Then say to yourself: “All that I need is the change to come, and that change is one which I accept and have no fear of. It will come and assist me in the transformation that is to take place.” If you say this often enough, it will change the energy around you and assist in helping you make the change. Make this coming new Earth year one in which you are totally honest with yourself, allowing the change to take place so that you can move forward in vibration and consciousness. Your life will then change for the better. Yes, you will go through some trials and learning, but the end result will be wonderful!


Shifts in Consciousness

I recently went through a huge healing crisis! I found myself not only releasing something from deep down inside of me which was triggered by something someone had said, but also releasing quite a lot of emotion and feeling for someone who was at a distance. After the crisis which lasted about two days, I then went through a shift in consciousness that coincided with me moving into a new energy and a new home.

I have had some major shifts in energy over the years. I remember when I first connected with the Masters, I was having a terrible time for about six months, with depression, hormonal problems, dizzy spells and extreme tiredness. When I came to connect with Maitreya again, I was having dizzy spells, and the energy in my body was such that many could feel it when I walked into the room! It oozed out of me – as one person said, “like caramel on ice cream.” I thought that was a wonderful way to describe it. This time again I had the dizzy spells, and the Masters used a massage therapist to bring the new energy that I am to channel into my being. While I lwas lying on the massage table, I had the most profound experience of a shift in consciousness and vibration. After that, Alan said the shift in energy was affecting his third eye profoundly. A visitor to the home could feel it as soon as she entered our apartment, and another visitor said her whole body vibrated when she stood near me. In fact, the second visitor could not bear to be in my energy for long! They weren’t the only ones, for I could not stand to be in my own energy for too long, either. The energy coming out of my body was so incredible that if others had not felt it, I would have thought I was hallucinating!

Personally, these shifts take its toll on my body physically and emotionally. I find it hard to cope with every day life; it is as if I am of this world, but not of it. As one raises ones vibration, one becomes super sensitive to sound and other people’s emotions. Also, things that one did with no effort in the past can suddenly become hard to cope with. My nervous system is very sensitive now, and I cannot cope with stress of any kind. All this may sound quite negative but in the long term, it is worth all that I go through because with each shift in consciousness, I become more intuitive, more in tune with humanity as a whole, and more understanding of humanity and the way it does things, and how it lets the Self dominate. I am still human, and live and work in the material human world, but I do not want to be here. A part of me is, as my mother used to say, “away with the fairies.” Most of the time, I am much more understanding of many things than I used to be, and the love I have in my heart for all souls is enormous. It feels at times as if my heart will burst!

It is very interesting that I was recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart. To begin with, I was – like anyone would be – frightened. The human part of me wondered why, how and what. The Master told me that in order to channel such a huge amount of energy as I would be doing, I needed a heart larger than normal to cope with the energy (If only I had thought of that)! I was assured that though my health was fine, nothing would happen to me as long as I followed the instructions of the Masters. That I intend to do. I am glad that I went through the latest healing crisis. It was very hard to go through, to be honest, but to know I can channel such huge amounts of energy to help humanity is the most wonderful thing to know.

One of my graduate students recently listened to the radio show from the archives. This soul is very sensitive to the Master’s energy and he said he could feel it through the radio show, even though the show itself was a few weeks old. Others who have listened to the show live have said they have had immediate healing, and others have experienced a transformation. It is such an honor to be able to help those souls who want to make a change or transformation in their lives. It makes all the discomfort I went through worth while!

Margaret McElroy

What Jesus Would Say Today

Message from Maitreya:

A soul recently approached me about the fact that in many Christian churches, if one does not accept Jesus as one’s saviour, one is either looked upon with dismay, or sometimes not even allowed to be an inner part of the church itself. In some cases, one is even an outcast. I will tell you now – Jesus would never condemn a soul if they would not accept him as their saviour. Instead he would say: “It is your choice, but I do not love you any less because you do not believe in me.”

Thoughout his life, Jesus never demanded that anyone follow him. In fact he became angry at systems which did that kind of thing. He knew that persuasion did not work, and that each soul had to find their own path. He would be upset and even angry if he knew how much fear there was in the Christian church, no matter what denomination.

Jesus taught love. He also taught about fear and how it could stop one from moving forward. He never said: “You MUST accept me as your saviour.” He gave his message with love. He taught his disciples about fear by not feeling it on the boat when the storm was in process. His disciples were terrified, but Jesus just controlled his emotional body, became peaceful, and gave no energy to the situation that had instilled the fear in his disciples.

Many people have changed his word over the years of Earth time since his time on the Earth plane. Jesus cannot return to the Earth plane no matter how many believe he is returning on a cloud or some other way. He would be ashamed of how his life has been depicted by many writers through the book known as the New Testament. There are so many versions of his gospel: Mormon, Adventist, Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Christadelphian, Lutheran etc. Each one has been written according to their own belief system. Each church has its own truth. Who has the truth? What is the truth? Nobody has the truth, only Jesus himself has the truth, and that truth is 2000 years old.

Jesus would not be happy that war is created in his name. He was a pacifist. He would be appalled at all that has been created in his name. I have said many times – each person has their own truth. Jesus knew this, and his message was simple. He taught peace, not war. He also taught souls not to fear, yet so many in the church today instill fear in people. So many souls are in fear of passing over into our spiritual world because they fear punishment from God, but God does not punish anyone. I have said so many times – you are the ones who punish yourselves.