Your Third Eye

Message from Maitreya:

On the web site Forum pages was an instruction from a soul on how to open the third eye. The person said, amongst other things: “God closed our third eye because we were misusing our spiritual forces. So if you are seeking to open the third eye for selfish reasons it will not happen. Meditate, pray, humble yourself to God, chante (sic), dance, do the kirtan, do service with penance, yoga, read literatur (sic) that expands your mind and understanding, etc.”

Although the methods mentioned are helpful, you cannot open the third eye until the blocks which you have placed deep within the soul memory are removed. God did not close your third eye because of misuse. It is not opened until your soul is ready for it to happen. Each soul chooses before birth what time that will be. God does not punish. How do I know this? I know this because I work on the other side of the veil with this being, this energy, and it is pure LOVE!

Opening the third eye has to be a slow process too, for it can take many Earth years for it to open fully. Only those souls who have done healing work on themselves and raised their vibration can experience the opening of the third eye. Depending on the soul’s vibration when it enters the Earth plane, the opening of the third eye can happen in the early puberty years, or later in life. In women it can coincide with pregnancy and menopause. In men it can coincide with a serious illness, shock, stress or accident. Something will trigger the opening. Your previous incarnations and the level of consciousness and vibration you had achieved will determine the level of vibration and consciousness brought into this life. Some souls come into this incarnation highly vibrational and on a high level of consciousness with only a small amount of lessons to learn. Other souls bring with them a heavy load to learn and to change – my channel being one of those.

My channel had been highly vibrational in a past life and had all the intuitive ability, but she was stubborn and wanted to do things her way in that life, not listening to the Masters. Hence the need for her to come back and learn very thoroughly, and having to begin on a low rate of vibration. Only when she had learned many lessons and learned to listen to us, was she then allowed to use the energy with us and her vibration raised to a high level. Yes, she came into this incarnation with an open third eye, and with many intuitive and healing abilities, but she was stopped from using them in a public way until she had been trained by us again, and learned to work with us. She had many years of training with us before we allowed her free reign to use her gift, as she did in the past on radio and in a very popular weekly magazine. God did not stop her, she chose before birth to stop herself until she had learned thoroughly to use the energy the correct way.

Know that when you are ready to do it, you will open the third eye. It cannot be rushed. Each soul who opens the third eye also has to learn to use it wisely. They alone choose to do this, nobody else makes the decision. To the soul who wrote the above message, if you wish to believe God punishes, then do so, but do not impress your ideas and beliefs onto this web site, for this site is one where God is pure love, forgiving and all encompassing, and not a vengeful, angry God who punishes.


Your Energy

Message from Maitreya:

A web site viewer wrote and asked why she was constantly tired and why she was not getting a lot of work. It was easy for me to see what was wrong, but she could not see that. Her problem was that she had no energy to do her work with. Let me explain this. This person is a professional worker in her field. She is also married to a man who takes a lot of energy from her in his daily needs. He has many subconscious and conscious fears which she tries to placate on a daily basis. She is also involved in another business venture which her husband is supposed to assist her with, but he does not do so. This young woman also has a family of two children. Although they have moved away from home, the two children need a lot of assistance and guidance, which she continues to give regularly. It is no wonder this person has no energy to work with in her own career.

It may surprise you to know the Universe knows when you do not have the energy to do what is necessary for yourself. When this happens, work ceases. The Universe in its own way says: “You are very busy, and you only have enough energy for what is needed for your husband, your children and the external business you are working in. There is no energy for anything else! You of course do not understand why the Universe is not bringing the work to you. You may be advertising, putting yourself out there, but of course you do not have the energy to do it.”

This young woman asked whether she was being punished because she had not listened to the Masters in doing what she was supposed to do, i.e. paying attention to her career and her own personal needs. It was not because of that; it was because she had only enough energy to deal with what was important to her – her husband and her children. When she wrote to me she professed how tired she was, yet she was asking for more work!!

You can only do what your energy will allow. Remember this when you wonder why things are not working for you, or why work is not coming in. You may need rest, or you may need to change direction. The Universe knows what you need, and denies you the opportunity when it feels you are in danger, just as it gives you work when you are full of energy. Do not blame anyone else for your lack; instead, you should look within yourself and your own energy.


Helping the Master

Over the years, many of you have written and asked what you can do to help with the Master’s work. In the past, there was very little you could do to assist us. However, we are coming up to a time when we are going to need your help. Starting in January 2006, we are taking the teaching of Maitreya to the Mind Body & Spirit shows around the USA. We will be having a stand at these shows, as well as promoting the web site, and nothing more. However, we will be having sessions of An Evening With Maitreya – a channeled evening where a gathered audience can meet the Master and he can do some teaching for them.

We are really looking forward to taking the Master’s teaching out to the world, beginning with the USA. The shows we will doing are in Los Angeles California, Miami Florida, Chicago Illinois, Raleigh North Carolina, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Tampa Florida, Santa Monica California, and Honolulu Hawaii.

We are looking for people in these cities to assist us in giving us information about who we need to contact in these cities, such as new age stores, new age bookstores, alternative radio stations, alternative publishers or radio shows that have talk segments where we can promote our presence at the shows and the evenings of channeling. We will also need people who can volunteer to help us with the evenings of channeling. If you can give us some time or information, please email your personal information to the Seattle Institute of Metaphysics at .

As well as doing the shows, 2006 is also an important year for us to have the opportunity to do a radio show. The Sixth Sense radio show will be broadcast on each Thursday at 10 am PST from December 1st 2005. Then starting from 5 January 2006, it will be broadcast on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 10 to 11 am PST. I am really thrilled about doing this show, and along with Alan my husband, we will be exploring the world of metaphysics, having book reviews and interviews with people in the news and around the world who have something to say about world change or metaphysics in general. For those of you living in the USA, we will also be giving away the books we have reviewed. You will be able to listen to the show online direct on Contact Talk Radio, or you can access it from our own web site where it will be archived.

Please let us know if you can be of assistance to us. We would really love to hear from you at If you cannot be of help to us, please call at our booth at the shows and let us know who you are, as we love meeting viewers of the web site. The full dates of the tour will be posted on the web site in the next few weeks. We are also re-vamping the web site, and are very excited about this. There are so many changes, but far-reaching outcomes we know will come from what we are planning to do. We hope you will all be a part of this.

Margaret McElroy


Message from Maitreya:

I have been asked many times to comment on war. What do I feel about war? There is no need for war; it is energy repeating itself over and over. War is created by the ego and the Self: someone has to be right, someone has to win, and war is created because neither side will give in. What a waste of energy! If all the energy created by war were generated elsewhere, millions of people would benefit. However, because of the ego needing to prove it is in the right, a lot of good cannot be manifested!

I can hear you say, “But we need war.” No, you do not need war. War is humanity’s way of proving it is right, but nobody is right or wrong because each soul has their own truth and awareness. In America at this Earth time as I write, over 2,000 souls have died as a result of a war against Iraq. Despite the war being officially over and the country trying to reconcile itself, souls are still dying. YOU WILL NOT STOP THE CARNAGE!! Until you educate the people, raise their vibration and show them through love that hatred does not win, NOTHING WILL CHANGE! How many more souls have to die before humanity realizes this?

Take the money it has cost for the war, and you could create millions of scholarships for young people around the world, including young people from Iraq, to educate them about the futility of war and to teach them about energy – how it is used and how it is wasted on war. The education can also teach them how to communicate with love, to speak their truth and to release their anger without harming another. So much could be done with the money wastefully spent on war. Yet humanity keeps spending money, time and energy on war.

It was said that the Second World War was the war to end all wars, and yet so many wars have followed that war. WHEN WILL IT END? You will not stop war with war; it just incites anger over and over, creating hatred and conflict. This is the Self in action. In America recently, a woman called Rosa Parks died. Who was Rosa Parks? She sat on a bus and chose NOT to give up her seat to a white man. She stood up, despite her fear, to a white-skinned man, because she believed she was equal to him and she was. She did not need to go to war, and after a peaceful protest, which culminated in very few black people travelling on buses, the situation changed and her actions created equality on the bus system. Why cannot the rest of humanity learn from this experience?

War is often cited in the name of God. Yet God is love – pure, simple and unconditional, nothing else. It is time for humanity to stand up to their governments and those in authority, and to let them and the world know that war is not the answer!! If the Earth plane is to survive and move forward in vibration, there can be no justification for war.


Life Changes

Message from Maitreya:

The ego – the Self part of humanity – is what that keeps you chained to the Earth plane. It creates an illusion which stops the Higher Self from showing you the real truth, and so humanity very rarely moves forward. The Self has access, just like the Higher Self, to the soul memory. So, whenever the soul wants to move out of the comfort zone and try something new, the Self says, “No, you will not; look what happened before when you did this!” Then it brings up into the memory all that happened in a previous experience of trying to change. This leads to fear, and humanity does not know how to face fear. There are many books written on fear as well as many courses offered on this subject, but only YOU can accept the change and face the fear.

Often, even when we lay before you the opportunity to change, such as money, people etc to help you, you still cannot face your fear! You fear and worry about money, work, how you will cope, what will happen etc instead of just trusting, letting go and walking the new path. Often the new path is and can be so much better than the old way, but you will never know because you have so much fear. Once you do face the fear, then you can change your whole life and soul pattern. My channel herself went through this situation herself when in the Earth year 1992, she was forced to leave Australia for New Zealand. She had so much fear, but she faced that fear and opened up a new door for herself, and she is doing it again with her marriage and move to America! The Self did all it could to stop her, but her Higher Self this time took over, and now new doors are opening for her at every opportunity.

I have said over and over in my newsletters that YOU are the creator of your own reality. You cannot blame anyone for your circumstances because YOU create them. We give you every opportunity to change, but it is YOU with your fear who hold on to the comfort zone and the past, and in doing so, stop the future from happening. As such, you subsequently keep yourself from moving upward in your vibration. Until you are free of fear, you cannot leave the Earth plane, and you will continually bring yourself back to face your fear.

The Earth plane is in much fear at this time and there is so much discord in the family, involving employment, financial issues etc. You are being given the opportunity to make the change, but once again you fear it. Finally, the Universe will force you to face the fear and the change, so much so that you have no alternative to do anything different. Again, YOU and YOU alone create this situation.

The recent experiences in the USA have forced many to face much fear. Yet many souls who have lived a life of difficulty, poverty and hardship are now facing a future which is full of hope and change as well as success. Many were forced to face change, and have done so to their betterment. I was recently asked by a student, “Master, what can I do to raise my vibration?” My reply to that soul was: “Face your fear, let go of it and walk through it, and then see how much your life will change.”