Recently, I consulted with Tishelle Betterman the astrologer at our Seattle Institute of Metaphysics about my future and what was happening in my life. I was going through energy changes on all levels and was finding it a bit hard to handle. Tishelle asked me what I was doing in 1977. She said because what happened then was repeating itself; if there had been a bad outcome before, it would not be so again this time. This time I would get the rewards!

I thought back to that time in 1977, and to begin with, I could not remember if anything significant had happened, and then it dawned on me that was the year I started my radio career on a small community radio station in Campbelltown in New South Wales, Australia. I had gone to the radio station to do some volunteer work and had stood in for someone who did not turn up to do their show. The following week when the person returned, the switchboard went crazy with everyone requesting for me, and a few weeks later, I was offered my own radio show which eventually ran for three hours every Friday morning. I LOVED it. I felt as if I was born for radio once I began. I even did my own panel – the electronics panel that was necessary to do radio shows in those days, with a reel-to-reel tape recorder and no CDs or records of the old 45 and 78 rpm type.

I often tell people I have no left brain and have difficulty understanding electronics. But someone must have been with me each week when I did my show because I did the show on my own, with electronics and everything associated with that. At that time of my life, I was not very good at communicating what I felt. If anyone upset me, I would not let them know. If someone challenged me, I either justified myself so much it was embarrassing being with me and seeing me do it, or I just shut up, bottled the feelings inside and went on with life. Much later on, those feelings would come to the surface with such a power and rush as I entered my spiritual development.

I raised a lot of money for the radio station, and learned so much about media and public work. I must state now that at that time I was NOT the spiritual person I am today. I was a member then of the Baha’i Faith, but certainly not aware one day I would deep trance channel a Master! My show became the most popular show on the radio station. I took listeners away from the top radio personalities on the normal radio bands (I was on a community broadcast station, like Public TV in the USA, and I did not get paid for my show or the time it took to prepare it. I even had to play my own records on my show.) We did outside broadcasts where we would be swamped with people wanting to meet me and be in my energy. I used to love these because there would be so much energy going from me towards the people who came to see me. I did not realize it was the Master’s energy at that time, or that it fed my lonely ego, and that I had carried that energy all of my life!

My downfall was that I was not confident. Yes, I could do an on-air show, but saw myself as a piece of dog meat. I had tremendous fear of rejection and failure. My radio personality was outgoing, vivacious, full of energy. The private Margaret was shy, retiring, fearful, low in confidence, and had no vision of herself – you name it! The show lasted for three years, and finally came to an end when I chose to stand for elections. The sitting committee of the radio station, who did not want me in office, despite my raising hundreds and thousands of dollars for them, managed to get all of the proxy votes, (these are absentee votes and postal votes) and used them for themselves, having their names put on them. I was not elected to office and after three years of hard work, I chose to walk away. I let nobody know how I felt, I did not speak my truth quietly and clearly. I tried to justify myself and my actions when people reacted against what I was doing and gave energy to it, making things even worse. They did not even tell people on my show that it was taken over by someone else and I would no longer be there.

My husband and I moved one hour away to the country and I became a housewife again, and it was here that my spiritual and psychic life began and I left the Baha’i faith to do this. As I pondered on Tishelle’s question, I realized that I was once again beginning a radio career with Contact Radio in Seattle ( and going to be doing regular shows in the future. It was a replay basically of before, although it is not a community radio station, as Contact Radio is an alternative radio station.

What a difference after 30 years! I can now speak my truth, I have abundant confidence, see myself as a beautiful person and a vessel for the Master, and I now have all the things I lacked in that time period of 1977. Saturn in its teaching has forced me to learn many things over the last 30 years, sometimes may I add – very painfully! Nor do I justify myself anymore. This week two people wrote to me about situations they did not like, one about a reading, and one about a course. I wrote back to these people stating the truth. One felt she was being ripped off, and I stated with truth in my heart, I did not feel I was ripping anyone off. I could stand in front of God at any time and know this. It was a similar thing with the other person. I actually spoke my truth quietly and clearly! I did not spend three whole pages of notepaper justifying myself, which I would have done years ago. I have finally learned the lesson. It has taken me 30 years to learn it! However, I have to thank those two people so much because they allowed me to see that I HAVE learned the lesson and am no longer the timid shy person I was once.

It has been a LONG journey travelling to this point. I have gone backwards and forwards so many times I thought I would never make it. But I did. I am now looking forward to the future very much, and I know now I will get the rewards finally. Nothing will stand in my way of taking the Master to the world, allowing his energy to transform it as he does when he teaches and to reach out to those who seek him out. Everything is finally in place to do that, astrologically and in my life personally, and all I have to do is walk ahead with my head held high and the Master’s energy in my body. It really is a wonderful feeling knowing you have learned your lessons and can move forward. May I say though that I may have learned those lessons, I am sure the Master will find others for me to be aware of just to keep me from being bored!!

Margaret McElroy

Past Life Energy

Message from Maitreya:

Emotion is an energy. The purpose of your life on the Earth plane is to move out of this energy, to control and distance yourself away from the emotional body. Only by doing this can you then see through the illusion of the Earth plane. This does not mean you are devoid of feeling, but what feeling you have will be in a detached way. You still have love, compassion and all other feelings, but it is without conditions, without manipulation, and without emotional ties.

During your incarnation, many of you will meet with those you have been with before. For some of you, the feelings and emotions will be so overwhelming that you believe you are in love, even though you may be married or living with someone else. The emotions which come to the surface, together with the feelings you have, will defy all you can imagine. Why is this? It is because you are connecting with an unfinished energy. Sometimes, it is enough to tell the person you love them. At other times, you may have to spend time with the person to let the energy wane. For some, the past life soul is destined to become the future partner, which can evoke the most terrible fear within you.

In this incarnation, you are working at releasing old energy. For some, this can also mean letting go of someone who has been in your life for some Earth time. This may also manifest as anger, fear and health problems, but it has been within you for many incarnations, and each one of you will chose the appropriate Earth time to release it. You do this with planetary transits, which assist in triggering all you need to learn from these experiences.

Not only will you be confronted with the energy of these past life souls, but others around you may assist in this process, too. It is not something you often do alone. All those who take part are the actors in your play, and you are the star player. Once you begin to see these people as such, and not as threats to your existence, then and only then can you move on and forward in consciousness. The world has no idea of how important it is to know of past life energy, how important it is to let it go and move forward. The soul often buries itself in the sand, not wanting to see, blaming everything but the energy for the problem.

All emotion is energy. From the moment you think about something it becomes energy! Just imagine that, then imagine not releasing that energy, but keeping it within you to fester and bubble away like a boil or a big sore on your body. I can see some of you expressing disgust at this statement, but this is what happens when you do not express your feelings, do not speak your truth quietly and clearly, and do not deal with past life energy. All unused energy stays within the physical body and in the soul memory. If it is not expressed, it becomes a problem, not only in this life, but often in many incarnations to come. The energy has not been cleared and so it stays there waiting for the opportunity in a future incarnation to do so. You can ask of me, “But Master, why do you allow this, why does the Ultimate Being allow this?” But we do not allow it; it is you, with your fear, doubt and insecurity, who create this situation – nobody else.

Once the issue is faced, the energy is released, but so few are willing to do this. Fear stops them from doing this, with anger and all the other emotions creating the blocks which stop this release from happening. You return home to the next dimension in the spiritual world with the energy still uncleared. When the energy is not cleared, it finds it easy to manifest in the endocrine system and to manifest in the next or a future incarnation as an ailment or health problem. For instance, if the energy to be cleared is in the throat, then it is possible to have health problems in the throat. How does one clear the energy? First of all, one does not run away! One faces the issue and allows the energy to manifest. Once this is done, the energy is dissipated, and one can then move on. Whichever way it manifests, it will cause pain and hurt, for one is letting go of something which has often been deep within the soul for many incarnations. If one does let go and move on, one will be in a state of awareness where the consciousness, the enlightenment of the soul can change, and then and only then can one move up in vibration.


The Web Site

I have some wonderful emails each day from those who write and thank me for the web site. I very rarely think about the web site because it has been there since 1996. Many people think I was responsible for creating the web site, but I was not; my ex-husband Peter was the one responsible for it. He was told intuitively in 1996 he was to create a web site. When he told me that I remember I was very frightened because it meant that we would go beyond the local scene and become global. I was also concerned that the Master may not be able to answer certain questions from the web site. Of course, over the years, he has proved me wrong so many times!

In the beginning, the web site was run from someone else’s site. We did not have our own site for more than a year if I remember correctly, and at that time – nine years ago, it was expensive each month to pay for it. I remember the first bill that came in for the web site – it was totally covered by the income I had received from the first question put to me from the site! Each month thereafter, as the account for the site came in, a question would come in to pay for it.

Peter had to learn so much in the beginning about creating and running a web site that once we decided to go alone, he was able to put his knowledge he had learned into practice. I would just be told when to channel a newsletter, and would always be asked first if I would do so.

We never advertised the site except for our business cards and stationery, but over the years it has grown so much that now we have many hundreds of thousands of regular viewers from over 120 countries. The number viewing is growing all the time. Many people comment on how wonderful the site is, and although I did have a few intuitive ideas for the site, most of it was created by Peter, and later, when he retired, by Ratna the new web master. Peter still plays a mentor role, but it is Ratna now who looks after the site.

Over the years, we have had many people who have volunteered to translate the Master’s writings into other languages so that more people can read them. One of the biggest problems is translating into Spanish because the word “spirit” in Spanish means alcohol! That language in itself has not been easy to translate into.

It has never ceased to amaze me from the beginning how the money would always be there for the software that is needed to run the programs for the web site, and for the computers which we constantly have to update to keep up with advances in technology. The biggest issue we had to deal with was not being able to advertise on the web site. Most people advertise on their web site because the advertisements pay for the site fees and the costs of updating it. The Master’s instructions not to advertise was a big one to deal with. At the time this came up, the web site was getting bigger, and we needed so many items to keep it going. The Master said he could not be seen to support any product whatsoever, even books. I had thought books would be ideal to promote on the site, but the Master indicated no. So the money we made from the courses and readings paid for the upgrading and the costs incurred, and so we never advertised. This has made many people who view the site happy.

We finally advertised three years ago in a magazine, and although we did get new viewers, we got more from word of mouth than we did from advertising. We only advertised that one time. Recently someone wrote about a vision they had for a web site and asked if they should do it? It prompted the thought of this web site and how it began. Peter Luke also had a vision, and he went with it despite my fear. Look how far that vision went! Peter did a wonderful thing when he created the web site. Did he have fear? Yes he did. He had to learn so much, including HTML programming, which was hard for him, but he did it. Of course, many people had also given him advice over the years and we are grateful to them. The vision Peter had became a reality, and I have been told by Maitreya that this site will be on-line for over 400 years. What a wonderful legacy!

If you have ever considered having a web site, then go ahead and create it. Yes, it will involve learning new things and at times being in difficult situations with that, but I know that Peter will say he never regretted it, and of course, it was the web site which led my husband Alan to me! Peter and I still remain the best of friends and communicate regularly. This is a big thank you to him from myself for having the vision and going with it, and to those in spirit for listening to his intuition and supporting it.

Margaret McElroy


Message from Maitreya:

I receive many healing requests each Earth week. My energy goes out to the souls who suffer in pain and on emotional levels. Many of these souls request instant healing, but quite often, their healing takes Earth time. Someone asked me in writing: “Why do you suggest those needing healing to see other therapists, such as flower essence therapists or homeopaths? Why can’t your energy heal me instantly?” This is an interesting question, which cannot be answered so easily.

With each healing request my energy is sent forth to the soul who asks for it. Depending on the soul’s level of development, the energy will begin to work. “Please explain,” I can hear you say. Each soul on the Earth plane is on a level of consciousness, some higher than others. For instance, some souls are learning their life lessons very easily, and they move forward very quickly. They face the Self, and do not run away from what they need to learn. Other souls keep themselves in their own hell, terrified to face their lessons – to face life itself, and so they stay trapped in their own energy. For those souls who are moving forward, healing can take effect very quickly. My energy when given to them, acts immediately, for it ignites their positive energy, their positive life force, and healing then takes place. For those souls in darkness who are trapped in the Self, this energy takes much longer to take effect – often many years of Earth time or even many lifetimes. Hence, healing is not always effective in this incarnation for such souls.

The reason for this lies in the way the physical, mental and spiritual bodies are created. Your thoughts are the creator of your own reality, and fear is a dark deep energy. It is so real to many that it seems an insurmountable wall to climb. Many never climb over it! Every thought you have had in past incarnations, which has not been dealt with, which has not been expressed verbally, is trapped in the throat chakra. You have an _expression on the Earth plane, “Thoughts are things.” The chakras are the doorways to the soul. When these chakras (wheels of light) are blocked by past old thoughts, light as well as energy cannot enter. My energy and that of the Masters can assist in beginning the healing, and for those souls who are not afraid, in completely healing them.

If you have many incarnations of fear, doubt, insecurity etc. in your soul, it will take much Earth time to be healed. This is where those we train come in. Yes, we train healers to assist us. However, often those who heal have to go through their own healing before they can heal others. Many of these souls who heal others also find that it takes Earth time to find healing for themselves.

However, the souls we train to heal others are very special souls. First of all, they dedicate themselves to healing others, and secondly, they have to face healing themselves, which is not an easy task. Often those they heal will mirror for them what they need to heal within themselves. However, when they do healing by working with us, they become clear channels, and they cannot pass on their problems to those they heal. It is just not possible. Yes, they may have their own problems, but once they open to the Ultimate Being and allow the energy of that being to penetrate during the healing session, they become a clear channel. It is only afterwards, after the healing session, that the energy of the Ultimate Being begins to work on their own issues.

We in the next dimension cannot come to the Earth plane, as our vibration is on a different level. In order to heal, we need channels, who act as vehicles to assist us. These are chosen before they come to the Earth plane. If you are having difficulty in removing blocks, or you are in pain, or you need healing, yes, our energy will assist you. However, by visiting a healer or a therapist, or by using flower essences, homeopathy, Aura-Soma etc., you can heal much quicker and reach a higher vibration much more easily. Our energy is with all of these therapists. These remedies work on the subtle bodies, releasing from the etheric body all the old energy. It is like a time-released medication that you take, and the more you have treatment and face your fears, the quicker you heal. It is your choice!


My Healing Journey

The Master’s latest newsletter once again triggered within me memories of the healing I experienced while on my spiritual path. For many years, those who met me expected me for some reason to be an enlightened being, living in bliss, nirvana and channeling a Master who gave me all the answers. They were often disappointed when they found out I was just like them, trudging along learning what was needed from life, facing fears and doubts, and questioning! I was channeling a Master, but I was battling just the same as they were on their path in life. Yes, I was led and guided to what I needed, even before the Master came into my life.

When I first began doing readings, my clients would often have the same problems that I had, and I would be amazed at how, from the channeling advice for them, I would also get my own answers. As a healer, the energy I was channeling to others would bring to the surface my own issues and deep-seated energy that was often trapped for many incarnations.

I would use many methods to assist me on my journey. I spent many years having past life therapy with my teacher Betty Gilbert. She needed someone to practise on, and I became her subject. I did this by firstly releasing much energy from my past lives, and then becoming a therapist myself. The time spent releasing past life energy helped raise my vibration and moved me very much forward in consciousness. It also helped me to understand how past life energy worked. Then came using what I then termed – spiritual healing. I had many friends who were healers and I would have many sessions with them. Whenever I had healing, I would always feel wonderful afterwards. I could feel the layers lifting off me. I used flower essences to bring the old energy to the surface. Homeopathy helped me also to heal my body, and the Master connected me with a wonderful homeopath who helped me begin the healing process I so needed. I was having hormonal problems at the time, and the homeopathic treatment helped me to become healed and balanced hormonally. The Master introduced me to crystal energy and also Aura-Soma, which was then in its very early stages of development. Aura-Soma is a wonderful form of healing created by Vicki Wall, and it helped me enormously. Each of these energies complimented the healing I was already having, and again helped remove the blocks I had for many incarnations.

As the blocks were removed, I became so much more intuitive. As each healing session took place, each fear was faced and then released, my psychic awareness would also increase. It helped me coin the phrase to students when I was teaching, when they had gone through a healing crisis (as we called it) themselves, “Just think how psychic you will be after this experience!” All the while this was going on, I was channeling first Argos, and then in 1992, Maitreya. I could not be where I am today spiritually without the help of so many people. However, there is only so much a therapist or a flower essence can do. It takes YOU to want to heal yourself, and face the issues you need to face.

My husband Alan says I am a very stubborn woman, and you know, I agree with him, but he also says that if I were not, I would not have been able to move forward with my healing. It was my stubborn resolve to assist the Master, even though I was going through a lot of healing issues myself, which enabled me to grow as I did. So, where was the Master through all of this? He was the one who found all the people to help me, and I was the one who chose to accept these people into my life, who chose to help myself heal, often despite my terrible fear. His energy was with me every day – in every session, in every therapy, in a flower essence, in an Aura-Soma bottle etc. I used the energy he gave me and sent me; I really cannot thank the Master enough for his help. However, as he has often told me, “I just gave the energy. YOU used it. YOU listened, YOU and YOU ALONE accepted what was sent to you and did not run away!” I would have loved, years ago, a miracle. I know miracles happen because I have seen them myself, but I chose to release old energy the way I did and learn much along the way.

One of the things I hear a lot from those who write is: “These people charge for their services.” For some reason, they expect the services to be free. The Master has said many times, “A laborer is worth his hire.” If these people do not charge a fee, how do they pay their expenses, put food on the table etc? There has to be an exchange of energy, and if you have faith, whatever you pay out for what you need will come back. I have seen this happen in my own life and the life of others so many times. When you question the cost of a service, you immediately stop the flow of energy!

I am so glad I used what I was offered to assist my healing, I am a better soul for it, and actually feel now that it has paid off. I feel so wonderful every day, I never knew I could feel this way. Please do consider using the many wonderful areas of therapy which are out there waiting for you to take advantage of. If you go with the flow, the universe will lead you to the one who is the best for you. Go on, just do it!

Margaret McElroy