I find great joy in seeing students who have trained with the Master getting ahead on their spiritual path and more than anything, opening web sites, starting schools and beginning their work of teaching with the Masters. On September 6th, we open the Seattle Institute of Metaphysics, one of many schools the Master is creating around the world. In the beginning when it was announced there would be a school in Seattle, it seemed a daunting task. I knew what it had taken to open the Australian Institute in money and time, and the Master’s courses had been instrumental in helping to finance many things which needed doing at the school. The Seattle school was not so fortunate I had thought, but it was a wrong thought.

From the day the institute was created, every cent needed for the creation of the school was there. Once the idea was created, it quickly manifested. Thanks to Tishelle Betterman, one of my long term students (she studied with the Master in 2000), the Institute was soon in a home, furnished and stocked ready to go. It also has a web site created by Tishelle, which is and a telephone number: 253-272-4363. We have chosen the day astrologically to be the perfect day to open, so if anyone who lives in the Seattle area would like to visit us on the open day of 6th September between 10am and 9pm, please do call in and see us and have a look at the institute. Tishelle is also an incredible astrologer with a 4-year BA degree in both Western and Vedic astrology. I personally will be doing an interview on Contact radio in Seattle (KKNW 1150AM) live to air between 9am and 11am on Monday, 5th September. Contact radio is an alternative radio station and they also have a show in the evenings in Seattle on the same station, as well as in Phoenix (KFNX 1100AM) from 8 to 10pm. You can find all you need to know about Contact Radio at I will be talking about the school and the Master’s work in the world.

Another student who is opening a school soon is Yi Luo. Yi was a Christian who came to the web site and never left! She lives in Philadelphia and already has created a web site For those of you who enjoy my newsletters chronicling my adventures and lesson, Yi also writes a newsletter which is very frank and honest. She is from China, and her chronicles of her early life and childhood during the revolution are very profound. She plans to open her school early next year, but is already teaching from her home base. I have never seen anyone as dedicated to the Masters as Yi. Getting up each morning to meditate at 3am is a discipline I just could not do, but Yi does it most mornings. She also chose to do the Master’s Advanced course twice, which is quite a feat. Please have a look at Yi’s web site, which she has also translated in Chinese.

In the Netherlands we have three students beginning their path of teaching and healing. Frans Vermeulen, Anneke Smit Arends and Hannah Gerzon. They all work together and also separately. Early 2006 the Netherlands school will also be open, and very soon their web site will also be on the Internet. Alan and I were in the Netherlands earlier this year, and the dedication of these three people- graduates of the Master, has to be seen to be believed. Hannah and Frans teach meditation and metaphysics, and Hannah does healing work and flower essences, while Anneke is a very intuitive astrologer. I know their institute will do incredibly well once it is up and running. May I say that all the work on the web sites and with the schools by the students is done unpaid. The dedication to the Masters is enormous.

In New Zealand, it is not a school as such but a business. Vital Balance for Life at 22, Heu Heu Street, Taupo, (phone: 07-377-8497) is another center dedicated to the Master. They have a wonderful library of second-hand books on all metaphysical subjects that one can borrow for a small fee. One can also have a wonderful astrology reading from Deirdre Wilton: Although Deirdre is famous for her children’s astrology readings, she does wonderful adult ones, too. Once again, healing is very prevalent at this business center. Carolyn Uebergang, a student of mine since 1991, is a practitioner in herbal medicine, bio-organics and flower essences. Diane Goddard reminds me of myself many years ago; she is a natural medium and a wonderful clairvoyant reader. Once again, all of the practitioners at Vital Balance for Life have studied with the Master.

This newsletter is not long enough to include all of the names of the practitioners, healers and teachers who are now working after completing the Master’s courses (see Contacts list on the index page of the web site for such information). My husband Alan brought home to me how many people the Master has touched and assisted on their path to higher consciousness since 1992. In just 13 years, his schools are beginning to take shape around the world. I am in awe of what he has enabled me to do. For me it was my passion, and I know for all of the people mentioned above, it is the same for them. For me, knowing I have assisted the Master in being his channel and medium is the most wonderful awareness. I wonder what we will achieve in another 13 years?

For those of you who are wondering how I am doing on my sabbatical, I am having a wonderful time. I am still doing a little teaching but for children at the institute in Seattle once a week when I am there, and I am also doing channeled evenings with the Master once a month at the institute. On October 21st 2005, I will also be channeling the Master at an Evening With Maitreya at the Australian Institute on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland, Australia.

I am also being very creative in doing art work, and having plenty of time to myself which I just love. I still do not have enough hours in the day to do all I would like to do, but I am feeling wonderful just having time for me, and the things I like to do. I am also finding learning about living in another country something of a challenge, being away from my family and especially my grandchildren. Two days ago I had a new granddaughter born to my son’s wife in Darwin, and it was quite painful knowing I could not just get on a plane and go and visit as I used to do when I lived in Australia. Thank goodness for digital cameras, I was able to see a photo of her a few hours after birth, and what a cutie pie she is. As an astrologer I already know her life path and what she has come to learn here. That is one thing I feel truly blessed with. Thank you to those of you who write and wish me well, and thank me for the newsletters. I love writing them and also I love getting your emails. I may not be able to reply to all of them, but I do read every one of them.

Margaret McElroy

The Spiritual Path

Message from Maitreya:

Many of you wonder why you are on the Earth plane, what your purpose is, why you are here. You are on a journey, a journey which began before you were born. However, many of you do not realize you are on a journey. The Self and the material world keep you on a treadmill, which prevents many of you from realizing you are on such a journey. It is not until you have a crisis or when you reach mid life, or very rarely when you are a child, that you begin to be aware of the journey. This then starts the search to find the answers to who you are, why you are here, and what you are here for. It is actually then that the true journey begins.

The spiritual path is not easy. Many think because they are becoming spiritual, they will have the answers to winning lots of money or having a close relationship they need. Some people do this because it is their destiny to do so, they had chosen it before they were born. Many think this is a wonderful thing to happen, but for many it can be their deepest learning. Money does not buy happiness, and many soon find this out through their destiny. Once one starts on the path – which Margaret my channel has nicknamed “The Yellow Brick Road” – the true learning begins. Only then can you really make progress on your spiritual journey. It is then that the Self begins its battle to keep you where you are, where you have to face your darkest fears. You are often on this path alone, at least psychologically, and you had chosen to do so before you were born. Only when you have no distractions, can you really learn and grow on your journey.

The journey can take many Earth years, and many souls give up because they cannot fight the Self. For those souls who do go on, who do fight the Self and finish the journey, the rewards are so big. Their rewards are not having to return to the Earth plane, and of being able to immediately manifest their desires and needs. Nothing stands in their way, it is as if they have a magic wand and can create all they require without hindrance. There are no more mirrors to face, and each day they wake up feeling incredibly happy. It is true bliss or nirvana. Many souls think they have died and are back in the spiritual realms. It takes some Earth time to adjust to this energy, this state of consciousness, but it is truly the end of the spiritual journey!

In the beginning, the journey can be as hard as you make it, or as easy as you make it. We give you opportunities to grow which are very easy – on a shorter path. However, very often, because of your fear, you choose the hard path – the longer journey! It saddens us to see you do this, but it is your choice. Do not be afraid to take the journey; it is as difficult or as easy as you make it. The reward for beginning and finishing the journey is to return home, never to return to the Earth plane. You are the judge of your own actions, nobody else. We are here to assist you if you wish, but we cannot make the decisions for you, only you can do that.


My Appreciation

This newsletter is a big thank you to all those of you who to write me and let me know my newsletters make a difference in your lives. When the Master suggested some years ago I write a newsletter, I wondered what people would get from my newsletters. To my surprise, my life is a mirror for many of you who read the web site. Recently one person wrote and told me my newsletters always resonated with him and had helped him so many times to face issues and grow. When I taught the Master’s course for many years, it never ceased to amaze me how many students came for the course, and thought I was some kind of guru or enlightened being. Why I don’t know, and then of course, they got such a surprise when I was just like them and still learning, just like they were, even if I were ahead of them vibrationally.

I have written some pretty honest and open newsletters and wondered if I should have done that, but always I get a number, if not a lot, of newsletters informing me how much my newsletters resonated with them. It is not easy being as open as I am, and being so honest to expose my daily life like I do, but when I see the emails coming in thanking me, I know I have made the right decision to do so. I wrote in an earlier newsletter I was taking time off – a sabbatical – to have some time for myself. When I stopped working in the way that I had done for over 20 years, I slept in many mornings and got up very late. I did not realize how tired I was, or how hard I had worked. I had never been able to see it because my work was my passion, my life, I LOVED it.

However, I had no idea how much work I had done, especially with the web site, until I actually stopped. You see, I do not visit the web site often. I have no idea how much channeling I have done over the years. Kevin, the publisher of the Maitreya book, was so shocked when he asked me to pick out some very prominent channelled messages for publicity purposes, and I had to tell him I could not help him, as I never read them! As I have stated before, I channel the newsletters and immediately after I have done so, I send them to a lovely lady called Diana Huang, who edits the newsletters and sends them on to our web master. Diana is one of many volunteers who help with the web site, and she does a wonderful job, as I am sure you will agree.

I do get to read the newsletters as I channel them, and it is then, like you that I learn! I love channeling the newsletters; not only does the Master’s energy surge through me when I do so, but his love is so huge and wonderful. I really feel so blessed to be able to do this. I have also received such wonderful support and encouragement at my recent marriage and new beginning with Alan my husband. Thank you also for all your wonderful wishes, which came in so many emails of congratulations. I am still busy, but busy doing things for myself. I am doing craft work now, creating hand-painted Mandalas and knitting for my new granddaughter – who will be induced on the 22nd of August. I am now reading books, which I have not had the opportunity to do so for many years because of my work load, and just being at peace with myself. I know the Master has many more newsletters to write, so I will not be slowing down with those. Please keep your emails coming. They are wonderful, and so supportive.

Finally for those who live in the Seattle area, our new Institute – The Seattle Institute of Metaphysics, has its open day on Tuesday, the 6th of September. Please visit us, if you would like, between the hours of 10am to 9pm. We would love to meet with you.

Margaret McElroy


Message from Maitreya:

So many souls, especially religious ones, think that spirituality is about denial. They believe that the more you deny yourself, the more spiritual you become. This is so very wrong. The more you deny yourself, the more you will desire it. Within the Catholic faith, including perhaps other religions and faiths, priests are celibate. This means the priests deny themselves union with another on a sexual level. However, sexual energy is such a strong energy that it MUST be used, and it has to go somewhere. The more you deny yourself or allow the Self to deny you because of your belief system or conditioning, the more harm you do to yourself.

Humanity does not realize this sexual energy is the most important energy one can have, more so than life itself. In men, this energy is so very hard to contain. They are programmed as a species to respond to the female form. Or if one is free (gay), they are programmed to the energy of another of the same sex. In the last 30 Earth years, sexual denial within the Catholic Church has caused much damage. It has been discovered that the priests have been inappropriately interfering with young boys, and some have had sexual liaisons with women, totally against their church’s belief.

The more you try to stop the sexual energy, the stronger it will become. It is a living energy designed to procreate, and the desires it creates can drive many a man mad! It is often the reason that young men rape much older women. You cannot become spiritual by denying yourself. There are many who deny themselves food, relationships, and other things. By denying yourself, you just create a situation where the Self wants it even more. I can hear some of you thinking or saying out loud “but I do not want to smoke, so I deny myself”. However, this makes you want it all the more. Slow withdrawal is the only way to deal with this issue. Allowing the Self to give away the dependence little by little is the only way to do this.

For those dependent on alcohol, this can be difficult, because this is a dependency which cannot be weaned; it must be cut off at the source. However, there are organizations which can help with this. On the other hand, there is usually no assistance for the situation created by the denial of sex. The Self lives in the comfort zone of desire. The only way to deny the Self is to slowly wean from whatever the desire is. When this happens, the shock to the system of total denial is not too great, and it becomes easier to let go of the addiction or problem. Once this is done, then the Higher Self can come in and take over.

Many men do not know how to use their sexual energy, or how to put that energy elsewhere. It is not wrong for a man to look at a picture of a woman who is naked, just as it is not wrong for a woman to look at a naked man. This can be very healthy for it helps the release of the energy. Do not deny yourself, look for ways to utilize the energy such as in the creative arena of sports or similar activities. Total denial will create an even desire stronger.

This is not an easy subject for me to communicate about because there are so many interpretations of denial. However, it is important that those of you, who support and understand my teaching, understand the meaning of denial even in a small way. If you do not, it can become a big problem on the path of your spiritual development. For those of you who become upset with my statement of the Catholic Church, I am only using it as a reference point on denial, not an attack on the Church itself. It is a proven fact of denial and what has happened because of it.


My Self

Someone wrote to me recently and commented on how wonderful it was for me to be without the Self. Without the Self! I am never without the Self, believe me, and I wrote back to the person and commented on this. I am, however, very blessed to be able to recognize the Self and be able to know when it is there. Sometimes it will take me 10 minutes to realize the Self is there, and then I am able to change it. My Self has become very crafty and usually waits until I am tired and exhausted before slipping in and doing its work. When I am in this state the Self has a field day, and can often take me down at the knees before I realize it.

A wonderful English medium Betty Shine, now returned home to the spiritual world, wrote in one of her books, Mind to Mind, that she allowed herself 10 minutes of Self every day. I try to allow the Self the same amount, and usually as I have stated, I am aware of the Self a lot more when it has been in and tried to do its work. Just because I am with the Master and channel for him, does not mean I am without Self. As one develops spiritually and vibrationally, the Self becomes more crafty, more determined to hang on, and when one gets to Cosmic consciousness the battle between the Self and the Higher Self is equivalent to David and Goliath!

I remember in the very early days of my being with my new husband Alan, I was really scared of leaving my marriage to Peter. Yes, I was scared. Peter and I had a good relationship, but the spark had long since gone. My Self came in with every conceivable reason why I should stay with Peter, although I also had then moved away a little. Alan and I had then begun our new relationship after his divorce. I remember one day waking up and having no feeling for Alan whatsoever; it was like “Alan who?” I wrote to Alan and told him so, as we were then communicating through email and Skype. I assumed he would back off and not bother with me any more – that was what my Self wanted anyway. But he replied that there was a new sheriff in town and myself knew this, as it was doing all it could to stop me because it knew it was on its last legs. After that statement, within a few hours, the wonderful feelings I had for Alan returned, and once again things were back to normal. The new sheriff has worked very hard, I am pleased to say, in letting my Self know he means business, and my Self has been running scared!

However, it is still there, and always will be because it is my survival instinct which has learned to change its energy, just like a computer virus does, over the years. I would love to say, “I have no Self” but that would not be true. It would also be a statement of my ego! The battle still rages, but now I am able to recognize and control the energy a lot better than I did. It comes with time, together with patience and discipline, and nothing else. The one thing I can do now is to laugh at the Self, and walk away from it. That in itself is worth a million dollars.

Margaret McElroy