Peace Within

Message from Maitreya:

Recently on the web site forum the following question was asked: “Maitreya, Is the peace – ‘that occurs at a certain level of development’ that you have spoken about – is this a result of one truly knowing that one is in control of ‘ones reality’ (by one’s intentions) or is it something else?.. Or even something additional to this?”

The peace that surpasses all understanding can only come when one has reached a certain level of vibration when the Self is controlled, and when one has worked through all old programmed negative energy. One cannot have peace if one is plagued by doubt, fear, insecurity, jealousy, anger, and other emotional feelings. Once these feelings are no longer there, then there is so much space for love and for peace in one’s life. The purpose of the Self is to stop you having this peace, to involve you in the actions of another and not in your own issues, and so it keeps you occupied all of the time. There is no time for meditation, no time for prayer, no time for happiness.

The Self is the tread mill and you allow yourselves to be on that wheel. You have an expression on the Earth plane, “take time to smell the roses.” The Self does not want to smell the roses; it wants to do other things but this. While the Self is there, driving you and fooling you, you cannot find peace under any circumstances. The peace that surpasses all understanding is a situation of detachment, where no one mirrors for you anymore, nothing concerns you, and you have no fear. All that you need manifests when you think of it. It is truly heaven on Earth. All souls can attain to this level of vibration; it is not limited to a few souls. ALL souls can reach this level of consciousness, but only after going through the battle with the Self and Higher Self. When one does this, one is truly one with God.


Saturn Reward

I was told recently that what I am experiencing in my life at the moment is what is known as a “Saturn reward.” Every 28 to 29 years, Saturn returns to the place it was positioned in the natal chart after visiting all 12 houses of the natal chart. During its transit through the 12 houses, each of which represents an area of one’s life, many lessons are learned if one uses the energy and allows it to flow and does not fight it too much. Saturn is a scary planet because it is the planet which teaches us some hard lessons, and which disciplines us. If we do not learn the lessons, we have to await another time to do this, usually within the next 28 to 29 years or another incarnation.

In my natal chart, my Saturn is in the 10th House of my chart. This is the house of the public and of power. One of the things Saturn needed to teach me was how to use power. In past lives I had abused the power, and as such had stopped the energy from the spiritual realms flowing. My learning in this area in this life was very hard. I remember standing in 1995 in a millionaire’s office in the USA as he showed me what he had done with his life, and informed me that if I helped him with his business (which was mutual funds and the stock market) that he would pay me well, and I too would become a millionaire! It was extremely tempting to be honest, but something inside of me would not let me do it, and after I had turned him down, he made life very difficult for me, so much so that I had to leave town and move to another place to live.

I also had a terrible fear of speaking in public and being public. All of my life, my mother had tried to get me into the public arena, but I hated it because I felt embarrassed and ran away each time it happened. Saturn forced me to become public and learn how to be a public personality. Once the fear was faced, it became quite a pleasant experience. Saturn is just about ready to leave my 10th house after 28 years of transit through my chart. I have been told that I have learned all Saturn had to teach me, and so now comes the reward. One of the beautiful things about Saturn is that once you have learned the lessons and faced the fear, Saturn rewards substantially. However, the lessons do have to be learned. It never ceases to amaze me how many souls, just before their reward, would fall by the wayside because of the Self’s fear of reaching that goal!

My life at present is such that I have never been happier. I have a wonderful husband in my life, who adores me and loves me unconditionally, and I have the time now to make the choices of when and if I work. For the present time I am taking a sabbatical except for web site work. I have time for myself, and for enjoyment. I have learned the secret of manifestation, which is giving no energy to anything, and I no longer have anyone mirroring for me. I could not have got to this level of vibration without the presence of Saturn. I used to hate it, but if what I am experiencing now is the “Saturn reward” then I am so glad I learned all that Saturn taught me. I never thought I would wake in the morning thinking I have died and gone to heaven; yet I do this every day.

The best thing you can do in your life is to find out what Saturn wants you to learn. If you can do this, then you too can work through the fears and lessons Saturn wants you to learn and you also can have the reward. I was told by a very accomplished astrologer five years ago that from my birthday in 2005 I would be going into the happiest years of my life. I could never imagine it five years ago, yet each day I am aware of that happiness. As I was being tested and tried by Saturn in my life, I never thought I would ever see this day. It can be achieved and one does get the reward. Someone wrote me the other day and asked why they had to suffer in their life. I wrote back and told them that we didn’t have to suffer and we could make choices. I made the choices to face my fear. I remember that fear and all that I went through as I faced it. It was horrific. However, my thoughts on the outcome were totally unfounded. My fear was that my career would be over. In fact, my career began at that time as far as I am concerned.

As each day I create my own reality and experience the happiness I was told about, I feel so blessed to have had the Master to teach me and assist me along the way. He was a hard taskmaster at times. There were times I hated him, yes, I hated him, but I can see now what he was doing, and thank him sincerely for his guidance, advice and direction. Just know that you also can get there too; you just have to work with your Saturn energy and face your fear.

Margaret McElroy


Message from Maitreya:

I receive many healing requests each year. Each soul writes to request healing for their complaints as well as for their families and friends. We send our energy out to each soul who writes to me. However, there are some souls who have chosen to have experiences which cannot always be healed. I recently had an inquiry for healing from a mother who was concerned about her daughter and her education. I knew this child had chosen to go through the experience, and in fact for the next five Earth years would have a strong battle with the Self over her education. However, this is the way the child had chosen to learn before she came to the Earth plane. Had a miracle occurred, the child would not have learned her lessons and would not have grown to be the young woman she eventually will be. Although the future for her now looks bleak, she will change, blossom and grow in the next five Earth years solely because of the experiences she has to go through. She basically has to go to rock bottom before she will start rising to the surface again.

I remember my channel, when her own daughter ran away from home at the age of 16, asking me, “What have I done wrong?” I told her, “You have done nothing wrong; this is the way your daughter has chosen to learn.” It took 13 more years before her daughter came back into the family again. During that time she became exposed to alcohol, drugs, poverty, pain, and much more. My channel was bereft because she could do nothing to help her daughter. She tried giving her money, but soon realized that this was making the situation worse!

It is painful for the Masters to see what you had chosen to go through before you were born. Most of the time we wish you had not made the choices, but YOU are the one who chooses what you do. The parents too, have lessons to learn from the experiences of their children. Often it is to let them go and experience life on their own. However, when this happens, the children will grow and expand within themselves so much so that the transformation often cannot be believed. In my channel’s case, her daughter is now married with two children to a wonderful husband who treasures her and their children. Her third child is on the way, and she has said, although what she went through was hard and painful, she is so glad she went through it for what she had learned.

You need to know that sometimes help cannot be given in the form of a miracle. Yes, this often does happen. Margaret has said more healing results come into the web site than messages to say it did not work, but there are times when it is necessary for the soul to learn through their suffering and pain. It is only when one is going through the darkness that the light can shine brightly to lead one out of it. There are no accidents; everything happens for a reason. If your children, friends or parents are not having an easy time in their life, know that they have chosen this, and they can move away from it if they wish. It is up to their personal choice.

Sometimes it can take Earth time for a soul to realize it CAN change the pattern or the learning; it is entirely the soul?s choice. For the mother who wrote to me, her daughter will go through a very difficult time in the next five Earth years, BUT, after that time, the butterfly will emerge from the chrysalis, and when she does, the most beautiful butterfly will emerge.


Unconditional Love

Message from Maitreya:

There are many of you who say you have love for another, but how many of you can say that love is unconditional? What is unconditional love? It is the purest form of love, for it transcends all boundaries. Unconditional love needs no approval or praise. It is a love which is given without demands that say, “If I love you, you will do this.”

It is a love which accepts all the partner does. It does not question, and it is given without expectation of anything. Unconditional love is not afraid to be compassionate, to touch, kiss and hold. So many say they have love, but it is not a love of passion or feeling. “Yes I love,” they say, “But I do not love the way you do.” Unconditional love has no barriers; it simply loves. Unconditional love does not hurt another. It does not cause pain or suffering. It does not lie, cheat, demand, confuse or manipulate.

Love when given, is given from the highest levels. It has no disgust, whatever the partner chooses to do or to be; the love accepts and embraces whatever the partner does. So many of you play games with your partners, and you use love as a weapon, which often instills fear – the fear of leaving and of being alone. However, love is not a weapon. It never can be. When anything comes from the heart, it can only be of the highest good.

You have, on the Earth plane today, two types of love: conditional love and unconditional love. Very few souls are capable of unconditional love, but for those souls who give it, and those who receive it, it is truly love of the highest form. Think of the way you love. Is it a love which is unconditional? What does your love expect? If your love expects anything at all, it is not unconditional.

Once two souls can be together in unconditional love, then and only then, can the divine be placed into action, and the souls truly know God or the Divine Being as many know this energy to be. What conditions do you place on your love? What do you expect of your partner, child, friend, parent or associate? If you give an answer to this question, then your love is not unconditional!


Heaven and Hell

Message from Maitreya:

I am often asked: ?Is there a Hell?? My answer to this is always: “No, there is not a Hell, but the Earth plane is Hell.” This is because for many souls, the Earth plane and its purpose – that of learning lessons and moving out of old energy – is a very hard place to be in. On top of that, they have to do battle with “Devil or Satan” – which is their Self. The Self plays the role of creating fear, which for many, stops them from moving forward and learning what they need to do, or from letting go of old energy.

Each soul on the Earth plane is in their own hologram, and each is living their own plan which they created before birth. To some the Earth plane is a place of trial and tribulation, and they do not want to be in that place. For others, the Earth plane is a place of beauty and amazement. Hence, it depends on the soul?s level of development. As one battles the Self, one moves up in vibration until there comes a time of awareness of the Higher Self, and this energy can then assist in controlling the Self and bringing in the higher energies.

Over the Earth years, it has been the church and religious authorities which have been responsible for the amount of fear in the world. Their teaching, by using biblical quotations, to “fear” God, to suppress emotions and to control their members? thinking and ideas, has not helped the Earth plane in any way. When one has fear, one cannot move forward. God is love; it is in effect the Higher Self, and all souls are a part of this energy. One just has to find this energy. While one is in the Self, in fear, and controlled by other emotions such as doubt, insecurity and lack of confidence, it is very difficult indeed to be in touch with the Higher Self. Only when one moves out of this by facing fear, can one become aware of the Higher Self, and merge with this energy. Often the fear people experience is not from this incarnation, but old energy stored in the soul memory. When this is cleared and the soul has been able to move on, the most wonderful contact with the Higher Self can begin to take place.

What fear do you have, what is stopping you from moving on? I stated earlier that each soul is in its own hologram and its own learning space. What if you were the only person on this Earth plane who was “real” and everyone else was a figment of your imagination? Think about that, for it could be true. All those who come into your space are there to teach you, to mirror for you something you do not want to see within yourself. YOU choose whether you look into the mirror or not. You choose whether the hologram is heaven or hell!! Many souls live in a constant hell because of their fear, and they cannot move on. Then when they leave the Earth plane and can “see” what they have done, and how their fear stopped them from moving on, they are mortified.

It is not easy facing fear, facing one’s dark side, but when one moves towards the light, peace within one self becomes more a way of life, and the “battle” with the Self, becomes less and less. Yes, there is a heaven, and yes, there is a choice. One does not have to leave the Earth plane and die to experience heaven. The choices you make create the reality you live. It is as simple as that.