Message from Maitreya:

I wonder if you realize teachers are all around you? They are not restricted to just spiritual institutions. Many ordinary people in the street are teachers, and they are not aware of it. But we use them whenever we can if they are willing to let our words come out of their mouth. So often they know what they want to say, but do not say it because they may offend the other person, or the other person may take offence! We will work through anyone with whom we can place our thoughts. How do we do this, you may ask. Do people not have to be on a high vibration? The answer is no. Many souls choose before they are born to be the messengers for us. They choose at certain times in their lives to speak words which are necessary for people to hear in order to help them change. Let me explain in a way you will understand.

My channel, Margaret, had a son who, when he was born, was strangled by the umbilical cord. This left him with a speech problem in that he did not speak an understandable word until he was three years old, and also left him with a condition where he was hyperactive and had learning problems. This was the beginning of Margaret’s learning about alternative medicine and other natural forms of therapy. We led her to a book about hyperactivity and diet. It fell at her feet in a library. When she began to read the book out of curiosity, she began to see the problems written in the book which her son had. This book was about diet and coloring and flavoring which could affect these children. This, of course, was in the 1970′s, long before this problem became known around the world. She set about changing his diet and it worked. He was such a changed child that she could not believe it, and neither could her husband and friends at the time. Margaret felt as if she had found gold at the end of the rainbow. She did all she could to keep her son on the programme despite him not wanting to be on it all of the time. The family themselves even went on the programme and Margaret noticed a lot of their anger disappeared because of doing so. Whenever her son wanted something he was not supposed to have, she would say to him, “You cannot have that or do that because you are hyperactive.” She did not realize she was reiterating the issue over and over into her son’s mind.

One day, a friend who was able to communicate on a higher level but who was not aware she was a channel, came to visit. Through her, we impressed upon her to tell Margaret she was instilling into the boy’s mind the fact that he was hyperactive. Margaret was appalled when she was told, and immediately began to realize what she was doing. With just a few words, they changed the outcome of a situation! This person who spoke those words was not a trained spiritual person, but she did have an open heart and through that, and her golden ball above her head which she had opened (which every soul has from birth), we were able to communicate to let Margaret know that she was doing more to harm her son than to help him. We have since used this channel many times over the Earth years.

There are millions of souls on the Earth plane like this person, as I have stated before, they often will not say what they think they should because they do not wish to hurt someone. Yet if it is said with love, and without anger or malice, it can be such a message! Teachers can be anyone. Yes, of course, there are teachers who are highly evolved because of their study or vibration or both, but they are also simple messengers who we use for our contact with you on your path of learning. Listen to all the messages for they are important, even though your Self may not like the message! We are trying to help you on your spiritual path, to help you move forward. Listen to what we have to say through those around you!


Closure and New Beginnings

In a few weeks time, I will be making a huge change to my life. I will be marrying my fiance Alan in Seattle in the USA. I have been engaged to him for some time now, but for me, this will be a huge change, one I am really looking forward to. I still stay very close to my ex-husband Peter, he and Alan are the best of friends, as are he and I. It is a wonderful situation that we can be friends with no animosity whatsoever. In fact, I feel I have the best of both worlds, the love of Peter for the Master, and his continued support of my work with him, and a beautiful man in my life, whom I know I will spend the rest of my life with, and who has loved me so unconditionally that I felt I have died and gone to heaven!

For many years I have been known as Margaret Birkin, this has been because before I married Peter, I had become very successful and renowned as a clairvoyant and teacher in the name I had kept for 23 years. When I married Peter, I chose to keep that name and not change it. I felt if I did, it would cause problems with my career. Many of those around me believed that also. In July I marry Alan, and when I do, from that day on, I will be known as Margaret McElroy. Everything on the web site will stay the same, but my newsletters from then on will have my new name on them. For me, I begin a new life. I am now officially “retired” although I will still be working for the Advanced and Brotherhood courses. I will be able to spend more time as I have said before, working on myself, and doing things for myself which I have not been able to do for over 24 years.

I am really looking forward to that time. However, I have not retired fully, and I will be back, bigger and better after some very necessary time off. So watch this space. I will – as I have stated before – still channel newsletters and do web site work, but nothing else. My energy is already changing and I know that when I do return, the work I do will be even more awesome and special. Do keep writing to the web site, I may not be able to reply, but the Master will read every one of your emails. I know that the changes that happen for me can only make me even happier. I cannot think of anything more I could want.

Margaret B.

What is Karma?

Message from Maitreya:

I have been asked many times about karma. What is karma? For every action there is a reaction. There is no good or bad about karma. The soul knows when it has stepped over the boundary of life. Each soul has a path to take in its incarnation, and often, that path can become more than it seems. Take for instance the soul who comes back to assist a soul to remove its ego. Before they are born, they see their life and choose how they will do this. Once in the incarnation though, the soul can choose to do it differently, and that choice can create hurt and pain for the one who the lesson is intended for. Yes, they do have to learn some lessons, but not as seriously as they receive. This is because the one teaching the lesson chooses to be a lot harder than they should, they cause more pain than they choose to do. This incurs karma.

Why does this happen? Why does a soul go overboard and take it to extremes? This can be caused by soul memory or by the Self wanting to make a statement, wanting retribution, perhaps for a past life transgression, but whatever the reason, if more is meted out than should be done, this incurs karma. YOU the soul are the only one who knows what you have done, and whether karma has been incurred, and this does not occur until YOU the soul returns home to the spiritual realms. Then and only then do you see the result of your actions and choose whether you did more than you should have, and incurred karma. Only YOU decide this, not your spiritual guide or Guardian, or the Masters, only YOU.

I have spoken before about my channel’s father, who chose to come and assist with her ego destruction. In many incarnations, Margaret’s ego had created many problems and stopped her from doing her spiritual work. In this incarnation, she said, “I need the assistance of the Masters to help me with removing this from my soul patterning.” So we, the Masters, assisted in setting up the teaching which would assist her with this. However, Margaret had the final approval in this plan. Soon after she was born, the ego destruction from her father began, but he in his exuberance, chose to be really severe in his teaching. Instead of assisting with this issue, he actually created destruction because there was no middle road, and he became so enthusiastic that he became like an oppressive figure, rather than a fatherly teacher. This went on for many Earth years, over 30 to be exact. When he returned to his spiritual home and stood in the Hall of Mirrors, he saw that although he did what he had chosen to do, to help Margaret with her ego removal, he had also almost destroyed her. He chose to stay close to her on the Earth plane and assist from the spiritual realms, even once appearing to her to assure her all would be well. He still helps her today with her spiritual work. He chose to work with her from the spiritual world to repay the karma he created on the Earth plane in this incarnation.

You will not know until you return home to the spiritual realms, whether you have incurred karma. Even then YOU and only YOU will make that decision, nobody else. Had Margaret’s father taught her with love, karma would never have been incurred. But he did not, he became in a sense, like a dictator! Remember always to have love in your heart, and always to allow that love to come forth. For love will always over ride any desire for ego, and for pain!


Final Days

In 2004 when I was told I was to stop teaching the Masters course, I just could not imagine it. This teaching had been an important part of my life for almost ten years! However, I knew I needed to take some time for me. When I am teaching, all of my energy goes into the students. This energy helps them to change; it is a high-powered energy. Peter used to say that being with me was like being with “a high powered radio transmitter” and for a long time I could not understand that statement. Only as I raised my vibration did I begin to feel the buzz or the hum of the energy, and see for myself the effect this energy had on people! The drawback with being that way is that I have no energy for myself, no energy to work on myself, if I wanted to.

I face, in a few days? time, the final Masters course I will teach. On the one hand, I am sad because I have so enjoyed teaching it, but on the other, I am happy because finally I will have the time to spend on myself and to do things for myself. I will still be doing work on the web site, and also channeling and writing the newsletters, but after 23 years of almost constant work, I will finally be able to take some time for the things I want to do.

Someone asked me the other day what I would do with the energy. I have a number of things planned. I do intend to write more and have considered writing novels with a metaphysical theme. I love writing and have lots of ideas for books on this level. I also intend to do more sports and activities, as my teaching work has left very little time for personal pursuits. Someone made the suggestion that I will be having a “Self” year, and in a way I will. However, I do feel that my “Self” has deserved this and do not feel wrong in taking a “Self” year at all.

The most amazing thing of all is that quite a few people have become upset because they delayed doing the course and have now missed out on having a course with me personally. Many people have said it won’t be the same without my energy, but I tend to differ. I do feel others are capable of teaching the course, and that the course will still be taught, but like everything, it has to change, and although it will change with other teachers, the core of the course will be the same!

I have also missed many opportunities in the past to appear on TV and radio and do public appearances because I had been teaching a course on the dates they wanted me to appear, so it will be wonderful to be able to say ?yes, I can appear or go and do whatever is required”.

So from late June, my life changes. I have also got a lot of new ideas, which the Master has asked me to look into, and which actually involve teaching sessions on line. My time off will give me the chance to look at these new opportunities, and to move further into the communications area. It will be an exciting time. I am sorry for those viewers who missed out on doing the Master?s course with me personally; you have missed a great experience. I am looking forward to moving on!

Margaret B.

Karma And Lessons

Message from Maitreya:

A web-site viewer recently asked about karma, and asked if I could write about this. It is an interesting subject. For everything, there is cause and effect. On your spiritual path you have all done things that you are not happy with and which have hurt others. I have said this many times: there are no accidents, everything is meant to be. However, sometimes things can go awry or become more than they should be. Take my channel’s father. He was meant to destroy her ego by his actions, and he did this, but he acted a little too strongly and caused pain and hurt beyond what he should have done. Yes, he destroyed her ego, but he also destroyed her in a way, because along with destroying her ego, he was supposed to give love, but this he did not do! This caused many problems for my channel as she grew up.

YOU are the one who decides if you have hurt someone above and beyond the lesson. You do this after your return home to our world, after you have been into the Hall of Mirrors. YOU are the one who marks your Akashic record that you need to do something to repay for that action. There can come a time where you can be free of karma in this world when all your karma is repaid. However, then you become responsible for instant karma. That is when your action creates an instant reaction, as it is not held over to another life, but immediately comes back to you in this incarnation. When this happens, one has to be very aware of thoughts and actions if one is to avoid doing this. This action is usually reserved for those who are on the spiritual path and those who are moving to a higher vibration. For not only does this provide instant karma, but it also teaches one about what thoughts and actions can do. The soul at this level is able to see how the thoughts and actions do create karma because it comes back almost immediately.

Let me repeat again that it is YOU and YOU ALONE who chose whether your actions have gone above what was necessary to repay the karma. Another question I was asked was: ?What is karma and what is a lesson?? Karma is where you need to repay to a particular soul for past actions, and you have chosen to do this before your incarnation on the Earth plane. You make the choice to do this, and this applies to a particular individual or group. A lesson is where you choose to learn something special, such as patience, letting go of fear etc. This can be learned with anyone, and usually souls keep coming into your life to mirror this for you. When you have learned the lesson, the souls move out of your energy, and the issue is no more! There is a distinct difference between karma and a lesson. They are not the same.

There is much still to write on this subject, but for now this is all I need to write.