Loss and Grief

Message from Maitreya:

It is with such sadness, when souls come back to us in the spiritual realms after their journey on the Earth plane, to see them so heartbroken and sad because they did not tell someone they cared and they loved them. They had worked too hard and neglected their loved ones. It has to be seen to be believed.

Each one of you on the Earth plane has no idea of what unhappiness is created by souls who did not say what they wanted to do when on the Earth plane. You are so wrapped up in the Self, in your own lives that you never think to express yourself to others, never think to tell them how much you love them, and never realize how much they need to be told the things you never said. It is too late once you return home. It is too late once you are gone, for you cannot go back and undo what you have done in not speaking your truth.

How many times have you wanted to say something to someone but have been unable to because your Self, your fear of rejection, ridicule, or your lack of confidence in speaking your truth will not allow you to do so. We watch these souls constantly. Death very often comes suddenly, and when it does, it gives no chance for a word of comfort or love. A soul can be slowly passing and still not say the words it would like to say. The Self does not allow this.

Let your life be a celebration – do not be afraid to say the words you want to say. Express your feelings before you pass over. Do not leave it until you have passed over and then have regrets. We allow so many souls to come back to say they are sorry to their loved ones, to whom they have not expressed their feelings of love or affection.

Life is very short. It may seem long, but one day you will be on our side of the veil, and if you have not expressed your feelings to those around you, you could be one of those wishing to return through a channel to say they are sorry for not expressing themselves. Do you want to be one of those? If you do not, then express your feelings, let people know how much you care, even though they may not do the same to you, it does not matter. What matters is that you say and express your truth quietly so that you can come home to us and be at peace. That is what that matters!



It never ceases to amaze me how many people, on receiving a reading from the Master, cannot see themselves in the reading! It takes me back to 1992 and I had gone for a reading before I connected with the Master. I did not know that I was going to be connecting with the Master then. Had I known, I think at that time I would have run a mile! I was in the throes of having marital difficulties with the husband of 23 years, and I just wanted to know what the outcome was going to be.

The reader was a man who had a deep Scottish accent. He told me all about myself, which I could not see, as he seemed to be describing a person I did not know. He also told me about my future, that I would travel to NZ, go to the USA and Europe, and “be a very spiritual woman once you have done your development.” I had just completed seven years of development and considered myself ready to go now to where I had to go. I did not realize I still had many years of spiritual development with the Master to go through. I was offended! How dare he speak to me like that! Did he not realize I had just done seven years of development? What ego did I have to even think that? But I did. Of course, I had an even tougher time ahead, although I did not know it at the time.

We can never see ourselves as the Masters see us, because the ego or Self always gets in the way. In fact, the Master has said that if you react to a situation, then you have something to look at within yourselves, as the Higher Self would not even be interested in reacting! The Higher Self would just keep moving on oblivious to justifying itself or getting upset. All those years ago, I could not see myself as the reader saw me, as the Masters saw me. I just saw what the Self wanted me to see. That was the fact I had done a lot of work and then it was time for some reward. The Higher Self said, “Sorry – rewards come with hard work.” I had not then put in the hard work – that took place over the last 13 years. To be honest, I could cringe at how I reacted to this man. I was not happy, yet he had spoken truthfully and he also let me know it was my choice.

Many people comment on the Master telling them that they “may do this or may do that.” This is because the Master knows you all have a Self and a Higher Self and he cannot predict what YOU will do, which part of that you will use! Only you can make the decisions about that yourself. The Master can never make decisions for you, only YOU can do that! If you have a reading off the Master, especially an in-depth reading, do know that it IS based on your natal chart, and then after the reading, you can ask questions. The reading is your life reading: your destiny which you have chosen whether you believe it or not. I could never believe when readers told me, that I would be a prominent spiritual leader, writer, magazine columnist, radio personality, etc., but I did become that even though at the time I could not see it.

We can never see our true destiny because it means we have to face our fear, and the Self will do all it can to stop that happening. However, if we do not deny it and stop it, it can manifest in time, and when it does we have usually worked through many lessons along the way so that it is not as fearful anymore. Re-reading and re-listening to readings I had years ago, I can see so clearly things I could not see then. Take what is given from the Master as a stepping-stone to your destiny. However, you may not identify with that soul, for usually the reading is about what can happen in the future, and the future is not here yet; only our perception of it, which is usually wrong!

Of course, our files are full of many people who have been able to identify themselves with their readings and have been amazed at the accuracy. This newsletter is written for all those who do not. It will happen if you allow it to do so and do not fight with what is given. I was in fear of my future when I was told it, but now I am so glad it happened. The Master knows you better than you know yourself, if you question what is given to you, then it is the Self, for the Higher Self would not do that.

Margaret B.


First of all, I have to say thank you to all of you who write to me when I write a newsletter and tell me how much it has helped you at a certain time in your life. I write about my personal life because my life usually mirrors yours. Just because I am a channel for Maitreya does not give me specialist privileges! I am just like you, continually learning about life.

Alan and I are in the throes of moving: he in the USA and myself in Australia. Packing up our possessions has been both a humorous and an eye-opening experience. It has brought home to both of us how much we hoard. We must have taken half a ton of possessions to the refuse tip, and it is so sad to see it go. Old photographs from school, old theatre programmes from long ago shows, some of which we do not remember, and clothes which we have had for so long we forgot when we bought them. It was not easy either, letting the things go, they would go out in one pile and then be brought back and placed into the “keep” pile, then put out on the pile to be thrown out again. I personally cannot believe how I managed to have so much. But this is the way of the human soul.

I actually felt, while sorting through the possessions, of the Buddhist Monk who has his begging bowl and one item of clothing and lives in the NOW, and wondered why I had not chosen to be like that. As soon as I had the thought, the Master came in and said, “Because you chose to be of the world”. So that answered that question, and put me back in the possessions again. It is not easy either, letting go of memories. We hold memories of everything we have had, some of which are quite painful! Yet we hold on to them, for some unknown reason, in case we need to look at that pain again!

This has been a remarkable experience. I think instead of being called humans, we should be called “Magpies”. Look around you, go around your house, what are you keeping that you do not need anymore? Can you let go of it? If like me, you will find it hard to do, but don’t despair, you are not alone. I don’t think anyone can let go of it easily. However, ask of yourself, when did I last look at it, use it, wear it? I did and that is why so much stuff went to the refuse tip. As I set up a new home with Alan, I wonder how much more possessions I will have in five years? The Master is laughing in the background. I love him when he does that, it shows he understands we humans, and he does always have a wonderful sense of humour.

Margaret B.


Message from Maitreya:

Recently a web site viewer sent an inquiry about the subject of having a reading. She felt confused about this subject, and asked if I could write a newsletter about the subject. This I have chosen to do.

I feel it is important for all souls to know about this subject. First of all, it is not wrong to have a reading. Some souls have fear of doing this, but if one chooses the right professional person for this service, one should not have any problems. A reading can give insight into the future of the soul’s life. Many readers tap into the Akashic record of the soul. Each soul has one. There are some souls who choose before birth they want no one else to look at their Akashic record, and so when this happens, one cannot read about them. They probably do not realize they have chosen to do this, and become upset when the reader tells them they cannot give them a reading. However, they have chosen to do this because they do not wish to have assistance in their lives from others – they have chosen to live their lives without knowing what can happen.

The viewer also asked whether it was the Self wanting the reading or the Higher Self? It is of course the Self. However, until the soul can achieve a high rate of vibration and connect to the Higher Self, it can be very beneficial to know of what can happen in the future. The Self is always looking for information on what is ahead, and by knowing this, it can plan ahead. However, when one has a reading, this can often impede the future because once the Self knows what is ahead of it, it can start to plan and scheme to stop that happening.

A reader should have a good reputation, and not speak in terms of “lifting curses” or “for more money I can tell you more.” Those who prophesy are, like anyone else, doing it as a career, and for many it is their main income. Although the information comes from the Ultimate Being or God, many consider this should be free because it is from this source. Those who work in this field have their accounts and expenses to deal with. If they did not charge a fee, they would not be able to survive financially on the Earth plane.

If and when looking for a reader, always ask to see their testimonials, their information from past clients. Those who are truly working on a spiritual level will have these for you to see. Many will have gained a very good reputation also. What you are given is what you have chosen to do with your incarnation. My channel Margaret would get quite frustrated when doing readings, to be told by the clients “I could never do that” or “I can never see myself doing that”, as I, through her, would tell them of their destiny and life path. Yet, she herself could not see many Earth years ago what many readers told her that she would be a public figure, be on TV and radio, write books and be a channel for a higher consciousness. She did not believe she was worthy enough to do it.

The reader should encourage you and be loving in their approach to you. What they tell you is what is ahead of you, it is often also what you do not want to see or do. Yet if you move towards it, you should find your passion and your destiny. Once the reader has given you the reading, then their job is finished. It is then your choice to take the information given and work with it, or run away in fear from it. You make the choice. Many souls, when their reading does not become reality, blame the reader for this, but it is only the reader?s purpose to give you the information, NOT TO LIVE IT FOR YOU, ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT. The reader is the messenger only, nothing more. If you do not allow the prophecy to become reality, then it is your issue and not theirs. Each one of you has a destiny, and each one of you can find that destiny, do not be afraid to do that. As you raise your vibration and go higher in consciousness, the need to know the future is no longer an important part of your life. As the Higher Self comes in, it will lead and guide you without fear. In the beginning though, do use the facilities of a reader to assist you in guiding you on your path in life.



The Master has just channeled a newsletter on the subject of having a reading. As he was writing it, I was taken back over my years of doing readings, and of those who came to see me. At the school on the mountain in Australia, I have a number of scrap books filled with letters and cards from people around the world who have had readings with me. These are from the early days before I connected with Maitreya and also since then. A few of them stand out very strongly in my memory; one was from a man in New Zealand who had a wife who was deaf. This woman was a profound healer. She had said many times she wanted to be a healer and he had spent a long time trying to persuade her to do something else. Through the reading I gave him, he was able to see his wife as the healer she was, the spiritual energy (this was before I connected with the Master) enabled him to see that his wife could become a healer, and perhaps a better one because of her increased sensitivity as she could not hear. He wrote and thanked me profusely for giving him the reading and allowing him to see his wife as she was.

Another was from a young lady of 16 whose mother had come for a reading, and the daughter was very prominent in her reading. I was able to see her daughter being very depressed and suicidal. Her mother was extremely worried about her and it showed up in her reading. I chose the advice of the Master, to give this young lady a reading for no cost. The Master in the reading gave her information on her future, and about her past lives and why she was depressed and suicidal. This information changed this girl’s life, and she decided to do something with her life. She fought the depression, went into the study of becoming a travel advisor for a travel company, and went on to a successful career. This young girl wrote the most beautiful thank you letter expressing her gratitude for her reading and said how much it had not only inspired her, but also all of her friends.

My memory is filled with the letters from those who have had a positive experience from having a reading, and who have gone on to fulfill their destinies. I no longer do private readings one on one, unless of course, the Master instructs me to do so. I only do readings from the web site now. In all the readings I did, I never failed to ask God to assist me in the form of a prayer before each reading. Many people would find this embarrassing, as I would say that request out loud. However I would never give a reading without that presence.

Only rarely did I get someone who was not happy with their reading, and when this happened I would in the beginning find it difficult to deal with, but the Master taught me that I was only the channel: I was there to give the message, and when it had been given it was the responsibility of the client. It was very valuable advice as I moved forward in my career. My work with the NZ Women’s Weekly was the highlight of my career. Being asked by the magazine to become their resident clairvoyant was the most incredible experience. Many people would say they bought the magazine just because of the advice given in the column each week. I do miss doing the readings, and I always will.

If you are looking for a personal reading, may I recommend the channel of Kuthumi – Lynette Leckie Clarke: lynette@kuthumi-edu.org. Lynette is now the resident reader at the school in Australia. She has appeared on television, and is a Spiritual Minister fully qualified and certified in Australia. I have had much advice from Lynette when I have not been able to connect with my own direction because the Self got in the way, and can highly recommend her.

Having a reading should be a wonderful experience. In the Christian Bible, in Corinthians 1-14 St. Paul talks about the gifts of the spiritual realms, in one version of the New Testament he exhorts “seek ye the spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.” He also exhorts “Those who speak to you, speak to you for your upliftment, encouragement and consolation!” I hope each one of you reading this will one day be able to enjoy having a reading. It can be an incredible experience.

Margaret B.