Message from Maitreya:

How many of you have true compassion, true understanding of another?s issues? So many of you when you meet someone who has issues or problems, want so much to give advice or to comment on those issues. There is always something you can find wrong or do not like, very rarely can you have total unconditional compassion!

What is compassion? It is the ability to see another with no thought of wanting to comment or to give advice, but just to see them with love and understanding. It is the ability of knowing they have a life path just like you, but not interfering in that life path, and having love for them – total and unconditional love without judgement, fear, or any other emotion. It is being in their presence without the Self wanting to run away because the Self does not like what it sees.

You can say, “but I have compassion” and I will say this to you: until you can be in the presence of a soul who is suffering, who has pain, or who is battling emotional or physical issues, and be in their presence without comment or wanting to change them or give advice, then you do not have compassion.

Compassion is love, yes, it comes from the heart, it is unconditional, and it just IS! When you have compassion, it can speak so many things, as it comes from the heart and is not tainted by the Self’s interference. It can be more powerful than love. True compassion is something that is very rare in the world today, but once mastered, can be the greatest healing tool.


Letting Go

The past year has been a pretty amazing year for me. Not only did I leave Peter with whom I had spent 12 years of my life, and with whom thankfully I am still the best of friends, but I moved forward into another relationship. I had no idea this was going to happen, and it took me quite by surprise! It took everyone else by surprise too; all my friends and family were in surprise when I told them of the happenings in my life. My children were very supportive, and welcomed my new partner with an amazing show of love and respect.

There did not seem to be any problems at all, but it was only when I travelled overseas away from all that I knew and was comfortable with – the “comfort zone” -that I realized just how hard it was to change and also to let go of the past. I thought the Master?s teachings had prepared me for many things, most of all – change. I was wrong. I missed Australia so much, missed all that I had known for many years. I felt like a fish out of water! I cannot tell you how many times I considered going back! It opened a lot of new thoughts for me, and gave me the realization of why people find it difficult when they die and return to the spiritual realms. We are so set in our ways! We also live in an illusion, which creates the comfort zone and has us believing we are happy when we are not. It was only my leaving the so-called “comfort zone” which gave me the realization from the Higher Self that I was not happy there. However, the Self felt otherwise. Thankfully, the Self did not win.

I have been living out of suitcases for seven months now. I never thought I would be happy living in a hotel room with suitcases, which took up more of the room than my partner and I. I am obsessed with tidiness, but one cannot be tidy, despite trying, in a hotel room. Yet I am happier than I have ever been in my life, happy because I am living in the now, living in the moment, and not tied to anything or anyone. It was so hard letting go of everything I had known.

To all of you contemplating change, I say to you, go with the change and move forward. Yes, it can be hard, and it is not easy, but the feeling of freedom is enormous. I know I will have another home and possessions again. However, I know without any shadow of a doubt that I will not be so possessive the next time I do. I am learning to let go, to walk away. This is the fifth time this has happened to me. Five times I have had to walk away with very little in my life: each time I have thought it was the end of my life, when in fact it was a beautiful new beginning. Do not fear change, embrace it and watch it become an opportunity for growth and expansion.

On a different note, I am thrilled to be able to announce the publication by Spiritual Philosophy Publishing ( of “Maitreya” Volume One. It is the most wonderful book – a compilation of the teachings of the Master in a beautifully bound book. It is the perfect gift for anyone looking for answers, and for those who do not have a computer. It is nice to download the material from the web site, but this book makes it look primitive! Kevin Brookes, the publisher has done a magnificent job of compiling the Master’s writings, and putting them in this book. The book is available from

To all of you who wrote to me, and came to see me on my recent trip to England, thank you very much. Your words and your support were really appreciated. I will be back to promote the book at some time in the future.

Margaret B.

Past Life Energy

Message from Maitreya:

In the next few years of Earth time, many souls will experience pain in their body which is not of this life. By this I mean it will not resonate from this Earth time, but from past lives. The Photon Belt energy is bringing to the surface many health complaints which cannot be diagnosed or explained.

The majority of these complaints will be painful. The soul will experience pain, but the doctor or health professional will not find anything manifesting from this incarnation. The pain will be there, but when tests are done, including scans and X-rays, nothing will be seen in these areas. Sometimes, there will be physical symptoms of illness, such as sores, spots, boils etc., as anger from past life energy comes to the surface, but most of the time, it will be basically pain with nothing being shown in medical tests. Lethargy, depression and lack of energy can also be experienced with these symptoms.

The energy being transmitted over the Earth plane at this time and for the next seven Earth years, is designed to bring to the surface old energy – past life energy – which has been stored in the soul memory for many incarnations. Some souls will experience on many occasions pain and discomfort that is evident in many parts of the body, not just one. This is because they have many incarnations of energy to remove and have chosen to do so at this Earth time. The Earth plane is going through huge transformation. The old energy is being cleared away, and the new energy is being brought in. Because of people?s lack of interest and education about what is happening on the Earth plane at this time, they will not often understand what is happening to them. This is especially so when past life energy comes to the surface. Only those who are educated and know what is happening will be able to understand. The Earth plane is trying to assist humanity to move forward in vibration, to enable the souls to move forward spiritually in higher consciousness.

You can ask, as some of you will, ?But why give us pain? Why allow this to happen?? We do not do this. It is created by the energies on and around the Earth plane today which are designed to assist humanity move forward. For those souls who have not experienced past life energy purging, this can have an intensive effect. Those people who have done work on themselves before, who have worked at assisting their soul to move forward will have no problem, but many will. The more you have not cleared away what is in your soul memory, the more you will have to deal with. If you are one of these souls experiencing this phenomenon, do not despair or be in fear. Seek out an alternative healer or energy healer or therapist who does past life work. Let them know your problem, and begin the work of removing layers of old energy from your body.

There may be some discomfort for some Earth time, but once it has come to the surface and been removed, it will be gone forever! Once it is gone, you will be able to see many things you could not do so before. The blocks that have been there for so many incarnations will be there no more, and the soul will be able to vibrate at a higher level of energy and consciousness. This will then make it easier to experience and see through the illusion of the Earth plane that is created by the Self!



Message from Maitreya:

Why do you worry so much about owning things? You come into this life with nothing, and you leave this world with nothing. All that you gain in this incarnation is yours to use, or to dispose of if you chose to do so, BUT it is never YOURS. It may seem to you that you own things – and it may seem even more so when your name is on the papers of “ownership” – but just as you have owned, so can you lose, and your fear can actually create the loss of what you own. The less you concern yourself with material things in this incarnation, the easier it is to draw into your energy what you need for this life. You do not realize that often fear – the fear of losing the house, the motor vehicle, whatever it might be – will draw into your energy that loss!

Humanity has such a need to “own” people, motor vehicles, houses etc. I am not stating it is wrong to do this, just that your desire to own something can often work against you, and actually stop the flow. You really own nothing in this life. All that you have is created for your need at the time. So many souls stop their growth, stop their progression because they “own” things, and then do not move forward when it is time to do so, as they are in the “comfort zone.”

Enjoy what you have, do not want to “own” it. Know that when the time comes, one can let it go. When you do this, something bigger and better is usually presented to you. For many of you, the Universe knows what you desire, but your need, your constant worrying about this and that will actually stop the flow of the Universe, stop the flow of more coming into your life. If you live in the NOW, you own nothing, you just enjoy this moment of time, and by doing so, you can move forward when and if necessary.

Owning anything is the Self’s fear. The Higher Self would not bother about owning anything; it has no fear, and it knows that all its needs will be met and all its desires will be manifested! Let go of your fear, and you will then find all your needs beginning to manifest. Stop worrying about ownership of anything. If you do acquire property, enjoy it, but do not “own” it. By doing so, you will be able to make the changes when they come.


Test of Faith

For as long as I can remember, I have had connection with the Internet. In the beginning when we founded the web site, it was by dial-up method, which I was awed by, but in the last year, having access to broadband and then to wireless made life so easy for me. As the web site is part of my main employment, I obviously need it more than most people. In Australia and USA, broadband or wireless Internet is available in many of the hotels. In fact, most of the hotels, especially those of the larger chains, have one or the other, and dial up is a thing of the past. Imagine my horror when on my recent visit to England, I could not obtain either broadband or wireless on my own computer! At our first hotel, they did have broadband but only for those who in England had a server. Thankfully, I have always been able to get into my server?s mailbox by going into my post office. However, it meant I could not download information into my own computer, neither could I send information out, such as astrological information or attachments. I finally managed to use the Internet Cafe in the hotel, but again I had to use my post office. The frustration of this was enormous, not to say the inconvenience. Alan my partner, could not get into his email at all! The next hotel was even worse, there was no wireless or broadband, only dial up, so Alan used his phone card to dial into USA to download his email, and then send his email through this system. The third hotel had wireless. YES! However, one had to go downstairs to the bar, download the email, next go up to the room to access it and reply to it, and then go down to the bar to send it again! Yes, you could have sat in the bar, but there was so much cigarette smoke that you could not see the screen, and trying to channel in that atmosphere was impossible.

The whole issue has been very frustrating indeed, but I have learned much from the experience. One most important thing I have learned is that I can actually go a few days without answering my email. Secondly, people – if you explain to them – do not mind waiting for answers. I have always prided myself on answering email as soon as I received it, and of doing my email/Internet work when I get it, usually on the same day. I realized my friends in the spiritual realms were trying to show me something, and that is, when I take my sabbatical, I CAN let the email go a few days and not worry about it.

In the past, I was always very prompt with email, but it was their way of saying, “Hey, chill out, don’t worry, it will not matter if it does wait a day or two.” It was a valuable learning for me, because I was concerned at how I would cope with email when I was supposed to be taking time off, especially as the email is increasing each day. What eventuated as a disappointment actually turned out to be a blessing. Ironically, it happened when Mercury was retrograde. Normally, Mercury retrograde does not bother me, but of course this time, it had a message for me. I am so thankful I was able to see the messages, because there are messages in everything that happens to us. Even at the beginning, compared to past behaviour, I was very laid back about it. Now that I have got the message, I have a feeling from now on, once we get to Amsterdam, things are going to be a lot better computer/Internet wise. Now, isn’t that amazing!

Margaret B.