Difficult Times

A recent healing request to the Master was from someone in the USA who was having a very hard time financially. This person thought she was being punished for deeds done in the past. My heart went out to this person because I myself had gone through a very similar situation twenty-five years ago. In fact, it was that situation which put me on the path I am on now! I was so desperate that I asked God for help, and God answered my prayer.

It was a very dark time in my life, and it took all of my strength to go through it, believe me. I was not with the Master then, in fact I had not even opened the door to my path, but this experience was a catalyst to it. I had never experienced financial hardship when it happened to me; my life had been comfortable, I had never had a lot of money, but I always had enough, and then suddenly there was not enough. Along with my then husband, I lost all I had: the home, the car and most of our belongings that had to be sold. I remember at one time wanting to commit suicide because it was so hard to live day to day. My then husband had no work, could not find work, and I seemed to be carrying the whole family. It may seem surprising, but I had one dress to my name, and that dress was washed at night and worn the next, after having been dried overnight in the hot Australian night. Yet I did survive, and I am here to tell the tale.

I still do not know why I had to endure that. It took five years to get our finances sorted out, we did not go bankrupt but it got very close, and one financial company sued us and we went to court with the matter. I am writing this newsletter because we have many requests coming in each day for healing, from people enduring difficult times, financially and personally. I do feel for these people, and the Master will often give an affirmation to change the old energy around a person to assist them draw in the new energy.

If you are one of the people enduring hardship, do know that I have experienced it too. Please know also that I survived, and not only survived, but became very successful with my life. You can, too. Look upon this experience as a learning experience. There were days during that time when I would despair and call out to God, “Why are you doing this to me?” At the time I did not know. I have never asked the Master why I had to go through that, but my intuition tells me it was because I had to let go of all of “me” and learn to do it the way of the Master. As I stated earlier, this experience started my spiritual path.

Know that you WILL survive, and when the dark days come, say to yourself, ?Margaret B went through this and survived, and I will too.” Say affirmations to bring abundance into your life, such as “I let go of old energy and bring in new to create abundance and happiness in my life.” Know that things will change and they will. You will be a better person from the experience, and you will learn much along the way. You will survive, just know you will.

Margaret B.


Message from Maitreya:

Your children are not yours to own. They are souls whom you choose to live and work with as part of your learning on the Earth plane. So many parents try to make their children into clones of themselves. They direct their children’s energy into activities that the children are often not interested in. Yet the children often do these activities because they do not want to upset the parent.

Your children are on the Earth plane to live their own lives, not yours. Their astrological charts will tell you their destiny. Yet so many parents never know what their children’s destiny is. THEY believe they know what is best for their children. THEY believe the children should do what they direct them to do. So many children are miserable because of what the parents choose. If a child asks for an activity, then it is because they want to do it, and within their Higher Self there is a need to do this. However, so many parents, when a child asks, will tell them they cannot do that activity because they do not either want them to do it because it does not register with their own desires for the child, or they do not believe the child is capable of doing it. There is nothing more frustrating for a child than to want to do something and be denied it! Very often, the child can be more adult than the parents!

Listen to what your children say about their desires; they are separate souls from you, they are not YOU, remember that. They have their own life path and their own life lessons. Obtain your child’s life plan in a natal report – this is readily available on the Earth plane, then read about your child?s life plan and their own unique destiny. There is nothing worse than a parent who returns to the spiritual realm after their Earthly life, who has forced their children into things they did not want to do, and who has to see how unhappy their children were.

Another soul, who was known as “The Prophet” Kahlil Gibran, wrote about children in his channelled writings. He wrote, “Your children are not your children, they are the life’s longing for itself”. He also wrote, “Your children come through you, not from you”. Do not own your children; do not try to make them like you. Let them be the souls they CHOSE to be, not what you feel they should be.

So many children are sensitive and should have their energy directed into the artistic and creative, yet are forced into sporting activities and never get a chance to learn to use the creative energy they came into this life with. My channel Margaret is such a soul, as she was never allowed to learn about her creative energy; only now is she learning to use it. How much better for her development had she been allowed to use this as a child! She was forced into activities she had no interest or energy in, and she was never happy with them. It was not her destiny to do or learn such activities; it was the way her parents thought she should go. It delayed her Earthly development very much.

Learn about your children, and ask THEM when they are old enough what they wish to do. Follow those wishes, and you will have happy children!


Working For The Spiritual Realms

As I come up to my year without teaching, I have been reflecting on the souls who have taken the course and how many of them are actually working for the spiritual realms now. I have to admit there are not many.

Over the years I have been doing the course, so many have told me on coming to the course they wanted to work for the Masters and God. They wanted to serve, teach and heal. Their exuberance on the course and working for the spiritual realms was incredible. Many students have done much study with me, some all three courses. Yet they have never been able to conquer the Self (ego) on their return home after their study. They have gone back to the way they were, forgetting all they stated and wanted to do in working for the Masters and God. For me it has been heartbreaking, watching the talent of these people never being used, or not being used as much as it should, or in the way it could be used.

I have been affected by the Self myself, so I do have experience in knowing about this. Thank goodness I do, because I can understand. Working with the spiritual realms takes great strength; it is not something one can do because “it is something to do”. It is a commitment. Before they will help us, we have to show them we are willing to help them! Working for the spiritual realms does not mean one has the answers to everything either, I had to work out my own problems, as the Masters would not tell me what to do. Neither is it a doorway to riches and good fortune. It is a very hard road, one that is strewn with many obstacles, and each one of them designed to stop you from moving forward onto your spiritual path.

In my reflection on the course, I was shown all the souls who had fallen by the wayside. On the very day I wrote this newsletter, I received an email from a graduate student, who had taken three courses with me. He was a wonderful healer and he finished his study with me in 2000. He wrote that shortly after his course had finished, he began healing and was doing very well, but then he began to doubt his abilities (Self) and eventually gave up. Now, five years later, he is lost. His wife whom he married when he was doing his healing, had asked him, where the man was whom she had married? This was so sad for me to read this, but this is the way of the Self – it is a fierce and determined foe.

Many of us have come to the Earth plane to fight the Self, and to bring change to our planet. However, so many of us have not had the perseverance to continue on. It is fear, it is the choices we make, and it is the illusion of the Earth plane. So many diversions, and meanwhile the Earth plane is being held back from its change, and its future by the choices we make. I felt extremely sad for those souls who had done the study and not used it, so many of them could be teachers/healers/past life therapists/ counsellors etc. I wondered how many more people would have been helped to change and raise their vibration, if those souls who had not moved forward to their destiny had done that instead? The Master told me once; “Only those who are going to work in helping the Earth plane will be sent to do the course.”

My own path has not been easy, and I cannot count how many times I have wanted to just give up and step aside, but had I done so, this web site would not be in place, and the Master would not be soon going to the public with his writings in book form. Yes, it is hard, yes, as one soul wrote to the Master. “The dark side seems to be winning hands down”. But without the souls who are willing to help, work, and do the spiritual work, there would not be any light at all! I intend to continue fighting the Self, and also helping raise the vibration of the Earth plane.

Margaret B.