Message from Maitreya:

Do you realize how much time and energy you give to matters that do not have any relevance in your life? You worry about the past, the future, money, your job and your family. Yet you are here to deal with your own life, not the life of others. However, while you are worrying about everyone else, the Self has you occupied, and because you are occupied with everyone else, you do not pay attention to your own life lessons! Your Self has worried for so long over these matters that it is difficult to stop. Yet, when you do stop and tell yourself, “I do not need to worry about this now”, you can then live in the NOW.

Living in the now means that all thinking is in the moment of time, at the moment of thought. When you do this – living in the now – all opportunities which are meant to come to you, can do so. You do not stop the flow of energy by worrying or being concerned about anything. You then leave everyone else to live their own lives too, and to learn their life lessons also. In the moment of the NOW, all answers become available to you because you are not concerned with anyone or anything else! The Universe knows your life lessons, it knows your desires and wants, and if it is left alone, it will bring it to you or lead you to whatever is needed for your life plan.

When you become involved in the life of others and worry about people and things, you stop the flow of energy from coming into your life, and also may I add the life of others. You do not realize when you worry about others; you actually stop the flow of energy coming into their lives. Every time you worry about your family, you actually draw into their energy what you are worrying about. Yet you do not realize you are doing this. When you stop this practice, then nothing untoward is drawn into their energy, and all the good – which is supposed to come into their lives – can do so. YOU block the flow, not God, not the Universe, not others. YOU are your own worst enemy and you do not realize this.


My Self

Over the last four months, I have had a chance to understand about change more than I ever did, and also how the Self reacts to change! Although Peter and I had been moving in different directions for a number of years, moving away from him and into a life with another man brought me quite a few challenges, and the Self had a field day with each one of them!

For the past four years I had a permanent home, near to the school on the mountain, and my family were close. So even though I had to fly to visit my son, I could do so quite easily. My daughter and granddaughter lived at the bottom of the mountain. I often had my granddaughter to stay and it was the highlight of my life when she did. I thought my life was perfect until I found myself being asked to relinquish everything I held dear, and asked to travel again with the Master around the world. This means that I will not be back on my beloved mountain until May. I have been gone since December. My Self has had a wonderful time with this. Thankfully, my Higher Self has more control than my Self except when I am exhausted from working, but even then, the Higher Self usually takes control.

It has been a wonderful learning tool for me to learn how the Self reacts to being taken out of its comfort zone. I have also had to face my own Self, which at times has got quite nasty! Had I not had the teaching of the Master, and my own belief system, I doubt I would have survived. I know I would have been driven back to the mountain and the comfort zone once again. Thankfully I have not, and as I write, I am still on the road, travelling every couple of weeks, to teach those who have requested tuition on a private level. Very soon I will be in England, and then the Netherlands. The Master has also requested a visit for a few days to Croatia and Slovenia. My Self has a go at me constantly, telling me I would be better off returning to the mountain, and asking me why I am doing this when the world does not seem as if it is interested in spiritual matters. However, I know that a difference is being made, albeit small for now.

The web site viewing audience has grown enormously over the last few years. We receive so many emails thanking us for the words of the Master and many write about my own newsletters and thank me for those, also. Yes, most of our viewers to the web site do not want to come out from behind their computers! They are in the comfort zone, of course, where the Self has free reign. However, the Master’s words do have an effect, and I am sure as time passes, this will become even stronger.

Later this year I begin a one-year sabbatical – I am taking a whole year off for my Self. It will have a field day. However, I will not be giving the Self too much free reign. Although I will not be doing any teaching for that time, I will still be doing the web site work, but I too will sit behind my computer and not come out! I have given energy to the Master for 12 years; every day of those twelve years has been dedicated to him and his work. I feel now is the time for me to rest for a while, take some time out, and cater to my own needs. The Master also has agreed with this. In fact, it was his suggestion to do this. Although I will not be teaching, I will be assisting with the Seattle school – The Seattle Institute of Metaphysics – which is now up and running and very soon will be in business. Hopefully, the Self will get fed up with the sabbatical, with having no teaching anymore, and the Higher Self will come in even more!

Whatever happens, I will not be allowing any worry, doubt, fear or other emotion to stop me from enjoying that year off. Neither will I stop the flow of energy to my own life or that of others. I cannot thank the Master enough for his tuition about the Self. I know with that knowledge I have the edge over life itself, and that for me is one big bonus! For those of you who would like to visit the Seattle school, we will be announcing on the web site when it will open. It is hoped to create another two schools soon in the Netherlands and England. I had no idea in the beginning how far my Master and I would go, but I am sure glad I put the energy into it to make it happen.

Margaret B.

Past Incarnations

Message from Maitreya:

A number of souls have written and asked me to explain the phenomenon of past lives. Not everyone believes in this phenomenon, of course. But for those who do, first of all, I must stress to you that you can have many incarnations. You are a soul on a journey to trying to perfect yourself. You incarnate to choose experiences that enable you to grow and to perfect yourself. However, sometimes things do not go the way you planned them to do. When this happens, and especially if someone else is hurt by these actions – for every action there is a reaction ? then when you return to spirit, you make the choice whether you wish to repay the karma on the Earth plane, or whether you wish to work in spirit to repay this energy. You make the choice.

If you return to the Earth plane, you choose the experiences and the life you wish to experience. You and only you choose this. It can be as easy or as difficult as you like, you choose this. Each incarnation is a separate experience, and you can only be one soul in each incarnation. For instance, my channel Margaret cannot return again as Margaret. Being Margaret is unique to her in one incarnation only. She can, however, choose to learn lessons not learned in this incarnation but in another as another soul. For instance in a past life, Margaret was a channel like now, she was also a medium and a healer. She came to assist humanity in its growth. However, she had much fear of ridicule in her work, especially public ridicule. She had other fears too, and although she came to make the teaching simple, she made it very complicated indeed, so much so that once she had written a book, another book was written to explain the first book!! She also avoided public work, which she also chose to do.

Margaret chose to come back to right what she did wrong, and so in this incarnation, she faced her fears – had to deal with public humiliation in her work and experienced this in a very public way. She also, along with her ex-husband, Peter Luke, created the web site, and as many of you can see, the writings she now channels are very simple indeed. SHE CANNOT LIVE THIS INCARNATION AGAIN BECAUSE SHE HAS LEARNED MANY OF THE LESSONS.

Even with souls who do not learn many lessons or face their fears, the incarnation can never be the same. Each incarnation is unique. After each incarnation, the soul chooses whether to return to the Earth plane, or another dimension OR whether to stay in spirit and serve in spirit to repay debts incurred in the previous incarnation. A soul can return to any time period; there is no specific order, such as one thinks on the Earth plane – one can if one wishes, return in an Elizabethan incarnation or an Egyptian one.

YOU are the creator of your incarnation. The Higher Self has the memory of past lives, NOT the Self, and until the Higher Self is allowed access above the Self, past life recall is usually impossible to release. This is why many souls have difficulty in accessing past life memory. The energy of this can be released, however, by the presence of a healer or a person trained in past life therapy. When sufficient Higher Self energy is present, then – and only then – past life memory can be released.