The Spiritual Way

It never ceases to amaze me the way spirit operates. Take for instance my trip to Hawaii. I was asked by a resident of Hawaii, a client I have known for 9 years, if I would go and do some work there. Now, I ask you, who would turn that opportunity down? This person had been the personal assistant for a number of years for a very famous new age person, and she offered to assist me in getting work and helping me with public events I would hold. It seemed perfect. The opportunity came early in 2004, so I had a lot of time to plan and communicate what I would do.

At the same time, I had been communicating with someone who wanted private tuition on the Master’s course, but who kept shying away from actually doing the course. I could feel his hesitation, but knowing the Master’s edict that I was never to persuade anyone to do the course, I could not do anything. This person had to come to the course under their own steam without any persuasion from me in any way. I also knew that when he had done the course, this person had an incredible destiny in the public arena, his Self knew this and was frightened of it, hence the hesitation in doing the course.

Plans went into place for Hawaii – a show, an evening with Maitreya and a workshop. Advertising was discussed and arranged. I was so looking forward to going and doing my work. The only problem we had was in getting a local number for people to call. We finally decided to use a cell phone number. However, it was not a local number but one from the mainland of the US. There was concern whether people would call that number. We also set up a web site separate to the one for Maitreya, so that people could communicate through that. Meanwhile, my potential student had finally decided to do the Beginner’s course on the mainland of the US, but wanted also to do the Advanced course as soon as he could. I had no time except the first week in Hawaii available. I knew this would mean I would be very tired, but I knew how important it was to teach this person with where he had to go with his future.

Two weeks before my visit to Hawaii, I was informed that inquiries were very few. I was not disturbed; I had learned to go with spirit and not to worry. I knew there was a reason for this situation. On our arrival in Hawaii, there were still very few inquiries about the events and readings. Again, I knew there was a reason behind it. By now I had arranged for the student to come to Hawaii to do the course he wished to do. It was wonderful teaching him, but boy, at the end of it I was exhausted. I could see now, why I did not have any work the following week. I was still exhausted three days after he left to go home. I was so pleased I had no work!!

All of this time, so many inquiries came into the web site regarding my trip to England and the channeling course in Amsterdam. I knew it was not me that was the problem. I knew because of my exhaustion I could not have worked had I wanted to. Work had been cancelled because the student had decided he needed to do the study, and he was more important to spirit than the public at this time. This student after his course was able to connect with the person he is to work with in the future, and spirit’s plan is on its way! Was my ego hurt because I was not able to do the work originally planned? Yes it was, but I also have the Higher Self there which knew the bigger picture. The ego hurt did not last long once the Higher Self could see the bigger picture.

Spirit changes things all the time. It has to, because we change, and those we work with change. When we get the ego out of the way, we can see the bigger picture. I am glad I did.

Margaret B.


Message from Maitreya:

You are all different. No two souls are the same, not even twins. There are many in the community who ask: “Why don’t you see my point of view?” “Why can’t you think like I do?? You cannot do this because you are all uniquely individual. Even if you were cloned, you would be different to your clone – your body, your mannerisms would be the same, but not your soul. Even if as a clone, you were born on the same day, in the same location and at the same time as your “twin”, you would not be the same.

Each soul is completely unique. Because of this fact, every soul has their own thoughts, feelings, desires, needs, likes and dislikes. Yes, there are groups of souls who think alike. The ones who read this web site have similar beliefs on a spiritual level, but they are all different on an individual level. There are many in the world who cannot understand what I have just stated. It is this fact that is the cause of war and strife in the world.

NOBODY CAN BE THE SAME AS ANYONE ELSE! You are all unique and individual. When humanity comes to understand this situation, then and only then will they understand that in order to have peace, humanity has to understand each other first. Only by doing that, can they then understand about world peace. World peace is possible, oh yes, it is possible, but before it can be implemented, one has to understand the differences in each other, and allow each soul to have their differences. You worry so much because your partner does not think the way you do or believe in what you do, but does it matter? Why is it important? Why can you not be together, yet be different? A cedar tree and a beech tree in the same garden standing side by side, together, yet separate.

Only when humanity gets to that level can peace be attainable. Hatred, anger and revenge are not going to bring peace, and while they are in the world, peace has to take a back seat. Understand each other as separate souls – each with your own unique views, and you can then begin to understand more on a global scale. There is room on the Earth plane for everyone, Jews, Christians, Muslims, agnostics, and all other groups and religions. If you all do your own thing and do not become concerned because others are doing it differently, then and only then can peace be attained.


Master’s Course

I never thought I would be writing this newsletter, but I am, and the content of it makes me very sad indeed. The Master has informed me that in order for me to prepare for my public work with him in the future, I will no longer be doing the Master’s course after 2005. In 2006 I will do one Brotherhood course and then the course will be no more.

When I was first told about this happening, I was devastated as the Master’s course has been my whole life since 1996 when I was given it in the shower in Los Angeles. It has helped a lot of students raise their vibration and also been a teaching tool for me. However, of late, I have been feeling the pressure of the work of the last 23 years and the need to take some time off to “find Margaret” as I really have not spent any time on myself for over 23 years since I started my spiritual path.

From October 2005, after the Advanced course, I will be on one year’s sabbatical. This means I will be available for publicity purposes regarding the book of his channeling and other public work, but I will no longer be teaching. My first reaction in the beginning was fear, how would I support the web site? How would I provide an income for the school and other schools being created in Seattle, Philadelphia, San Diego, London, New Zealand and Netherlands? I had so many questions, but it is amazing how the Universe deals with this for all the questions I had were answered, and I know that all will be provided of what the Master and I need for the work. I will still channel newsletters for the Master, and those for myself – I have to use the energy in some way. Once I stop the teaching, then the public work can be started, but not until I have spent some time on myself and taken time out to rest to build up the energy once again.

The June Beginners’ course will be the last Beginners’ course I will teach, as will the Advanced course in October. I am sad this has to happen, but I am excited at the prospect of taking the Master to a bigger audience. I was shown this factor so many times over my years of working. It always seemed so far away, but now it is becoming a reality, and I am joyous at being able to do this. There are going to be many of you who will be disappointed that the course is to finish. I know many of you have said to yourselves “one day” – well, soon there will be no days, as the course will be no more.

I am ready to change and to move on to a bigger and better audience, and I am excited at the prospect of this. I am also looking forward to taking some time out for myself after working 365 days per year for what seems like an eternity! It isn’t of course, but my pesky Self likes to think that!

Margaret B.

The Tsunami

Message from Maitreya:

Many of you have written to me and asked me to comment on the Tsunami which hit Asia and in which so many souls came home to spirit.

First of all, each of these souls was ready and prepared for this on a subconscious level. The Earth plane is in a period of transition, a cleansing period. The Photon Belt energy has been creating the energy for this for many Earth years. Those in the illusion of the Earth plane can say “but why would God do this?” But I say to you, “God did not do this.” This is part of evolution and is necessary for the change that is to occur.

The souls, who passed over, are at peace and very happy to be released of the Earth plane; they have completed their cycle of life. Those left behind are learning much from the situation. There will be other situations such as this, still to happen. These souls have not died, no, they have returned home, and are joyous at being freed from the Earth plane. Try to focus on that, rather than the sadness of souls not being on the Earth plane anymore.

Each one of you will die one day. These souls chose to die the way they did. It was very swift and nobody suffered – all left their body before impact. To humanity, what has happened seems so cruel, so devastating, but for us in spirit, we can now make the changes necessary for the new beginning in this area. Yes, it will take Earth time, and much work, but it will be changed. The souls who have passed over are very happy to have done so.



Message from Maitreya:

Who are you to judge? Why do you judge? You do so because in your mind, in your ego, you believe what someone has done is wrong, and yet, how do you know this? What if the person you judge is doing what they are doing for a higher good? There is a reason for every action on the Earth plane. Nothing is by accident. Very often what you are judging is what you do not want to see in yourself, or the situation evokes much past life or present memory of pain in your own life, so much so that you feel the need to make judgment.

Humanity has always felt it must justify itself for its actions. Yet, those actions are often a major learning experience for others, and for the souls themselves being judged. Before making judgment, ask yourself, why am I doing this? What am I upset about? Why does this concern me?

Judging another limits the soul growth; there is a reason for everything. Often a soul has chosen this as part of their learning. I heard recently of a child who lost his father. This child is 7 years old. His mother is doing everything she can for this child to help raise and support him without a father. The child himself is finding it difficult to cope with the situation without his father. Yet, his mother is being judged because she will not adhere to what her deceased husband’s family want; she wishes to do it HER way, not THEIR way. It is meant to be that she does it her way.

Do not judge another, let go of all criticism and judgment. By doing this you will move forward in spirit and move forward in vibration.