Sexual Energy

Message from Maitreya:

So many souls do not realize how important sexual energy is. If the energy is allowed to run free, and is used, then that energy can renew every cell of the physical body. Sexual energy must be used; it is energy after all. It is the life force of the human form, and needs to be regularly released and to be used properly. There is nothing wrong in allowing the release of oneself. So much has been written about masturbation as you on the Earth plane call it, so many religions and dogmas say it is wrong. Yet it MUST be released once it is begun. Stemming the energy, holding it inside and not using it, can result in health problems and extreme sexual frustration.

Humanity has never understood sexual energy. It is not wrong to think of sex, to masturbate as you call it, to release oneself, whether male or female. What is wrong is to keep the energy inside, not to use it, and then to have problems because of this. Sexual energy is connected to the Chakra system within the human body. The release of this energy allows the Chakras to be cleared, renews every cell of the human form, and provides a feeling of peace when this is done – a euphoria which creates neurons in the brain that produce endorphins, which again provide hormonal balance.

If you are a spiritual person, it is beneficial for you to use this energy, so do not suppress it, use it. Many do not know that the energy can also be transmuted into creative energy. Do not be afraid of your body, of using your sexual energy, and of using some form of release.

I am often asked what we the Masters think of those you call prostitutes. We have no negative thoughts toward them. They provide a service for men and women, which if not provided, would have men frustrated and prone to rape far more than normal. After all, Mary Magdalene was a close associate and friend of Jesus, the Christian Prophet, yet she was a prostitute, and accepted by him.

This is considered a controversial subject by many souls, yet it is one of the most important to be understood. Let go of inhibition and learn about your sexual energy because it is important for your spiritual growth.



Message from Maitreya:

During your life journey, you are placed in situations in which you must choose situations to learn from. Often those choices upset those around you who do not want you to change and who do not know that the experience you have chosen to learn from will assist them in their growth, too. Too often you back down from moving into the new energy because of influence from around you, and the lesson is never learned. Each one of you has chosen lessons to learn as part of your incarnation in this life; many of you, however, never learn those lessons because you are swayed by others to stay in the comfort zone.

For those souls who do choose to learn the lessons, this can mean estrangement from those who one loves and cares for. Life is one continual schoolroom; each experience allows the soul to grow and to step out of fear as well as to learn many things, which one would not learn in the comfort of the old way.

If you have chosen to make changes in this incarnation and do not make those changes, the Universe will allow you time to do them on your own, and then if you do not choose to do them, the Universe will then create the situation needed for you to make those changes. You cannot run away from your lessons – oh yes, you can think you can by choosing not to do so, but eventually the Universe will force you to learn, and it will create a situation where you have to face the issues.

You may ask, which is better? Is it better if I wait for the Universe to create the situation rather than do it myself? It is always better to do it yourself rather than have the Universe force you, for the Universe will do it without warning, and often this is such a shock that it is much worse than you choosing to do it yourself and being forewarned. To many of you this situation may seem very cruel, yet it is the way the it is.

The choices you make will lead to your incarnation being a smooth or a rocky path. You make the choices, and usually because of fear, you choose to stay in the old way. For those souls who choose to learn and not wait for the Universe to bring them to their knees, life does become a challenge with the new energies and new lessons, but eventually, their lessons are learned and they can then enjoy the rewards of their lessons and be free of the burden of that learning.


Unconditional Love

After a lifetime spent on the spiritual path, there are many subjects I have found difficult to learn, but none harder than learning to love humanity with unconditional love. It is so hard, when one is being accused, laughed at, criticized etc., and made to feel anger and to want vengeance against another. Yet the master continually tells me, “How can you have peace in the Middle East if you cannot find peace in your own private world?”

Many years ago, I was privileged to connect with God; it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had, and I was told that one day, when I had finished my development spiritually, I would be working with this energy. I was in awe of this experience, and the road in front of me, years ago, was not an easy one. I had to learn much that went against my conditioned belief system, change many things about myself, and learn more than anything to love, despite being hurt. To forgive those who did hurt me, and who chose to question and criticize me. I realize now as I head out into the world with the energy of the Master that I could not go where I have to go without that teaching, and not with anger and hate in my heart for those who hurt me.

In April 2005 I go to England to promote a book of the writings of the Master which is being published there, and which will be available in many countries around the world. It has been the Master’s wish for some time for this to happen, as many people do not have a computer and the book will have an impact on so many of those lives. It means that I will be channeling the Master in public, and I know that will involve time in television and radio. Until recently, I had such a fear of doing this because of conditioned fear, but recently I have let go of that fear and feel I am ready now to do the channeling without fear and to introduce the world to the experience of the Master. I am actually looking forward to it – I have been so blessed to be able to channel the Master, and to do the work I do with him.

Two of my students recently questioned my integrity; it was a very painful time for me, because I felt so hurt that they would question me. Yet I knew it was part of their growth, and I am glad to say, I feel I did well; they are still students and have stayed loyal to the Master and to his teaching. I also survived the attack, and did not react as I used to do many years ago – with anger. I knew then I was ready to go with the Master to the world, and I look forward very much to travelling with the Master and assisting in the change of energy that is necessary to change the world and make it a more harmonious energy. I am so blessed to be able to do this, I consider myself so fortunate to be able to do this.

Margaret B.

Christmas Gifts

Message from Maitreya:

As humanity approaches a time of celebration within the Christian community, much money will be spent on gifts for this celebration. Many souls will go over their financial budget, and many will get into debt in providing gifts for their friends and loved ones. Yet, the most important gift one can give is of the self.

So many of you have beautiful gifts of creativity, of being able to cook, write etc., yet never think of using those talents to use as gifts for those whom you love. It is not the gift that is important, but the thought behind it. Making an item – whether food or a creative product – with your own hands can be the most wonderful gift to give. It states, “I spent the time in making this”, and for those who receive this gift, it has your love in it as well as the time you took to make the item – it makes it very special indeed.

What talents do you have inside of you? Can you cook shortcake? Can you write small books of love messages for those around you? Can you make gifts from simple materials? You do not need to spend a lot of money on those you love; the first Christmas gift was a child. There were no trimmings, trees or wrapping paper, just a child who left a message for the world in not being in fear. That was the true message of Christmas – let go of all fear.

Look at your talents and what you can do with your own hands, and then create. If you are unsure of doing this, ask us in the world of spirit for assistance and someone will be there to help you. For those who are Christian and those who are not, give the gift of yourself and you give the gift of love.