World Change

Message from Maitreya:

Each day, my channel receives many emails asking about the world and what is happening in the world. People ask; “Why is there so much terrorism?” “What is going to happen to the world?”

Nothing is going to happen to the world. What is going to happen is that change is taking place, which is shifting the Earth plane to a new plane of existence. What is happening in the world is meant to be. There are no accidents in life, what is happening is that it is bringing change to the world, slowly and surely; the old is being cleared away, and the new being created. Yes, people are dying, and much damage is being done, but the souls involved in this scenario have chosen this as part of their learning, part of their soul path. Remember, there is no death, and souls leave their body before they are killed!

As the Earth plane moves forward, change for the better is taking place despite it looking doom and gloom; it is in fact changing for the better. More and more souls are turning to the light, seeking out answers and learning about metaphysics. There is a desire within humanity for change, and souls are willing to help in that endeavour. It truly is an amazing time.

One has to remember also, that if one has no fear, nothing can harm you or touch you, for all is an illusion after all! Once you let go of the fear of something happening, it ceases to be in YOUR energy. The more you have fear of something happening, the more you will draw it into your energy.

Is there going to be peace on Earth? Yes there is! When will this be? This is an unknown factor because the Earth plane is still in a time of change, but it will happen, it cannot be stopped. It is also open to the choices people make. Even though there may be delays because of those choices, peace will come to the Earth plane. It cannot be avoided. The Photon Belt energy is working very hard to bring about completion of the changes taking place.

If you have a fear of any kind, let it go, do not let it take hold of you. Just know that each one of you is in your own little illusion. YOU are creating every day what you want in your life, your thoughts and your fears are creating YOUR world. The more you think positive, the more you think of a peaceful world, the more you will create it!



Message from Maitreya:

There have been inquiries about my writings on giving, whether the giving of energy or of money. What is right and what is wrong, how does one know whether it is karmic or not? The first issue on this subject is that one must remember each soul has their own lessons to learn, and by giving advice, guidance, money, support or anything else to help a soul, one can often stop that soul from growing and learning.

Each soul has their own plan, each soul chooses their own way of learning their lessons, and moving forward on their spiritual path. However, in some instances souls may owe karma to others. How does one know this? One knows this because one has such a strong feeling that one owes karma to that soul. It is almost like a deep knowing, it feels “right”, and when it is true, the Self does little to stop this, for the Higher Self rules in this instance. It is after the Higher Self has made the decision that the Self can then come in.

If the debt is left owing as time passes and not repaid, the Self will persuade one that it is not necessary to repay the karma, and make excuses not to do this. However, the first recollection or awareness of the situation should be the one that you go with. One can have no memory of a past life experience but still have the “knowing” that karma is needing to be repaid. Sometimes though, one can see a person suffering, financially or otherwise and want to assist this person. Emotionally, one cannot want to see this person in the situation they are. If there is no strong knowing, one could stop the spiritual growth of this individual because of that giving. The only way humanity learns is through the many lessons put in its way. If humanity were all given assistance, nobody would learn anything.

We in spirit have watched my channel Margaret go through her life lessons. You cannot imagine how many times we wanted to help her, ease her pain and difficulty, but this was how she learned, in a sense, the hard way, but she did learn. She chose what she went through as her life plan, and it has made her the teacher she is, the counselor and clairvoyant she is. It has strengthened her, not weakened her.

By helping another when it is not a karmic situation, one can not only stop the growth, but also bring the soul back for another round of incarnation. But what of giving gifts, at special times, or gifts to one’s children or friends, of money or energy. Is this also wrong? To give the occasional gift is not wrong, what is wrong is to continue to support and give to those who should not be receiving it.

One can always seek out spiritual advice from a qualified reader/astrologer as to whether your feelings about karma are correct. The Self is constantly looking to do things for others so it does not have to look at its own lessons. While it is concentrating on another’s problems and being concerned for that soul, it is not being concerned about itself. Each soul before it is born chooses it’s life lessons and how it will handle these. An astrologer working with the natal charts of you and the other person can tell whether a situation is karmic or not. A good spiritual reader should be able to tell you this also.

So many souls have to return to the Earth plane because of what others do for them. It is so easy to take what is given and take the easy way out, but by doing that one does not learn the lessons one has to learn, and one does not raise the vibration. What of those who work with charity organizations? Are they stopping souls from growing? No, as long as they help the organizations. Many souls come back to learn lessons from work and service for which they are not paid and repay karma in this way. These organizations enable souls to take control of their own lives and learn their own lessons. It is not wrong to work in one of these organizations. These organizations provide a valuable service in assisting souls to move forward and take control eventually of their own lives.

This is not an easy subject to write about, but it is hoped it may give some clarity to some souls, especially those who work in the charitable organizations.



One of the goals of those on the spiritual path is detachment from worldly things, and from the emotional body. I had never had the ability to detach until a few years ago, but the ability to do so has opened my eyes to so many things.

Recently there has been a lot of talk in different quarters about my relationship with Alan. Although I have had a lot of support from many people, there has also been negative reaction from certain people. I was accused of having a hold over him, and of being the cause of him moving away from his family. It was rumoured that I had drugged him, and many other things were also said on a similar line. This could not be further from the truth. I have had no influence whatsoever in the choices Alan made. We happened to find each other, find we had a similar goal and desire, and we also found we had a love for each other – it is as simple as that.

My usual reaction in the past was to defend myself, and justify myself. Learning detachment though has helped me so very much in this very difficult situation. First of all, I knew I had done nothing wrong, and knew that I could stand in front of God and state that. I also knew that God knew that. Being detached also allowed not only myself, but Alan too, to look into the situation and see the situation from an outsider?s point of view, and not being attached to the situation allowed us to see the way people reacted and the play being acted out on the stage. It was also very sad to see the way people behaved on what was mostly other people’s views. Yes, it did hurt, but being detached allowed me to understand so much about other people’s actions, and to have compassion for their accusations towards me. It was wonderful to be able to stand outside the circle and be able to be detached, yet to see and have understanding of the situation.

It has taken me all of my life to learn detachment, and I am so glad I have learned to be so. We think of detachment as being unfeeling, cold, but one can still have feelings and yet be separate from those feelings. It comes with spiritual understanding and development. It is the goal of every aspirant to get to this level.

I often wish that everyone could learn to be detached because the world would be such a better place without the emotions and the emotional body. To be so makes life so much easier to live, and also makes it easier to manifest for there is nothing, no emotions, stopping the flow of energy. This state of being though cannot come into being until certain levels of consciousness are worked through. However, the hard work is worth it for the peace it brings in situations such as the one I have been through with Alan.

Hopefully, one day, those concerned will see for themselves that I am not a green-eyed monster hell bent on creating havoc, and will see for themselves the truth. If they don’t, it is their problem, not mine, and that is where detachment can be such a help and blessing. I could never have said that a few years ago, and would have been justifying myself to the hills to try and prove my innocence, as the Master has said, “What a waste of energy! Why not manifest with that energy?” and I agree with him. Hooray for detachment.

Margaret B.


Message from Maitreya:

There are many souls who believe to be spiritual is to have all knowledge. They do study after study in the hope that this will enable them to raise the vibration.

Yes, it is in order to do study, but only if one is moving forward! What do I mean by this? Many souls do a course of study and then do not apply what they have learned into their life. They move onto another course as soon as they have finished the last one. It is as if they cannot wait to go into the next course of study, yet they have not applied the energy of their last study course into their life.

Raising the vibration has nothing to do with study and education. It has to do with letting go of fear, doubt, pain, hurt, jealousy, anger, frustration, and all of the negative emotions. Yes, there are courses out there which can help in understanding how to do this, even the Masters course we Masters created teaches about this, BUT until it is applied, all of the study in the world will not help.

The Self loves study; it loves education. Why is this? Because while you are studying, you are pre-occupied, you are busy with your studies and so cannot spend the time working on yourself. It will tell you that you are doing the right thing in doing so, but the Higher Self does not need education, it knows all the answers are within and once you ask and trust, eventually the answers will be there. There are souls who do course after course, study after study but never apply themselves or allow themselves to do the work involved in their study. Immediately they have done their study, they want the next course, and the next. Stop and ask yourself, “Am I stopping myself from growing and working through my own lessons by doing study?” If the answer is yes, then stop and reassess the situation, for you cannot move forward spiritually unless you have worked out your own issues, and you cannot work through those issues if you continually study!! It is in order to study, do not get me wrong, but after one course of study, apply it, then work it, and after doing that, move on to the next one.