Peter Luke

Someone wrote to the web site recently and mentioned my recent newsletter about how happy I am, but they also asked how Peter was? They had read about my happiness but was Peter happy?

I can honestly say that Peter is really well and looking wonderful. We are both now on new paths and Peter has another love interest in his life as well. Our only regret is that we did not do this sooner, but then we both feel that now was the right time. In the email sent to the web site the person mentioned Peter had lost his wife and his job, but he has not lost anything. We are still close personal friends and always will be. He is also still in the role of caretaker while I travel, and he is still working for the Master. The only change is that he does not travel with me anymore, and we are no longer living together.

We communicate daily, and he is very supportive of my new partner, and my new life, as I am of his. So yes, Peter is happy, in fact probably happier than before, because he no longer has the responsibility of me, and can now concentrate on his own life and future. As I wrote before in another newsletter, Peter has given me daily, 12 years of his life. He and I were together 24/7 for 12 years; it was a long time. Yes, it is difficult moving out of the comfort zone of a marriage, but we are still very close, and both of us are happier for the change.

To all of you who have known Peter and me over the years, and those of you who have read of our exploits through my newsletters, do know that Peter is just as he was; he is just not with me anymore. We are both very happy in what we are now doing.

Margaret B.


Message from Maitreya:

What is compassion? True compassion is the understanding of another soul’s problems.

One can have compassion and yet not get involved in the situation. Many souls seem to think that to be detached emotionally means one cannot have compassion and understanding, but this is not so. The true balance of spirituality on the Earth plane is to have no emotional body, but to have compassion without becoming involved in the situation.

So often souls get caught up in other people’s problems or concerns. They often do not realize people have to learn the lessons for themselves; it is through this that they grow spiritually. Yet, with Earth time, one can learn to let go of concern as well as getting involved in the emotions of the situation, and still have compassion as to the situation. There are many souls who would say that if one does not get involved, one is heartless, but it is heartless to stop a soul from learning their lessons.

Each one of you is in this incarnation to learn YOUR life lessons, NOT another’s, or through another’s. The Self loves to get involved in other people’s problems so that it is occupied, and while you are involved in other’s problems, you do not have to deal with your own problems and life lessons.

When you get involved in other people’s problems and stop them from growing, you often bring them back for another round of incarnation because of your actions. Because you stop them from growing and learning, you create a situation where they have to come back for another round of existence. Yes, have compassion and understanding, but have no desire to be involved in another’s problems or concerns. By doing this one has TRUE compassion and understanding, and follows spiritual law!


Fighting the Self (Ego)

I would never have believed I would have such difficulty in making the changes necessary for me to move on from Peter. I honestly thought I was through most of my learning. The new situation with my new partner Alan has brought forth a whole lot of new lessons and learning!

The biggest thing for me in this scenario was just moving on, moving away from Peter and into a new energy. My Self fought me tooth and nail, so much so that I actually thought of giving everything away rather than make the changes necessary. The Master was there in the background with his encouragement and understanding, but did my Self put up a fight!

I honestly would not have believed it was capable of doing this. After all, I have been with the Master for 12 years and he has taught me so much, but the Self was still there pulling out from deep within me fears and insecurities, which took hold of me and threatened to strangle me! The Self though did not count on my new partner, who with love, understanding and compassion, faced the Self head-on, without fear, and forced me to move into the Higher Self. I could not have done it without him.

Boy, did my Self fight!!!!! I watched this, unable to move forward. The fear gripped me so unbelievably that I wanted to run away. The Self created so many scenarios of how I could do this. Oh yes, I could write a novel, which I am sure would be a best seller!

It took a few months for me to make the changes, and conquer the Self, and I would not have done it without Alan, being detached, yet understanding. It was a huge learning curve for me, and one that I am so grateful I went through. Many people think because I channel the Master that I have immunity to the Self, WRONG!! However, I do feel now that I can honestly say that my Self is well and truly tamed!

The struggle with the Self is a constant one, and will not end until we die. However, once we get to a certain level vibrationally, it can help us enormously to let go of the Self and tame it. For me, it did help being on a high rate of vibration, but it did not stop me from going through the experience. I am so glad I did. I have come through a dark tunnel and emerged, enlightened, and the happiest I have ever been. What a journey to find that happiness!

For all of you who are struggling with the Self, know that it can be tamed. Know also that once it is tamed, then true peace and happiness can occur. Do not feel bad because your Self rules, just become, like I did, determined to win through.

I am sure this newsletter will create a few emails and I welcome your comments at any time.

Margaret B.


Message from Maitreya:

I recently received a request for assistance from a soul who informed me she was living in poverty.

No soul should live in poverty. Each one of you has the means within you to create great abundance, whether spiritually or materially. Why then do you not do this? There is a simple reason, and it has to do with the sub-conscious mind and the Self. The Self does not want to move out of its comfort, even though moving out of that comfort can bring abundance or change financially. The Self fears change, for it does not know how to react with new situations. It would rather starve than move forward! The sub-conscious mind is where all memory of past life and this life is stored, and it is this vehicle that the Self uses to stop you making changes and moving forward.

As soon as change looks like occurring, the Self brings up the arguments not to do so, the excuses. There are a few brave souls who fight the Self and move forward on to bigger and better things, these souls are the ones you envy because they seem to have everything you do not. Yet, you too can have it also, you just need to step out of the area of comfort and move forward. Each soul when born is given a talent, a gift of how they can earn their money and provide abundance for themselves. So many souls are terrified of using that talent.

On a recent course when I gave students their talents, many of them either laughed away their talents, or showed fear or doubt at their capabilities. If you live in poverty, step away from it. You are the creator of your own reality. Say affirmations to change the energy both on a sub-conscious and conscious level, and speak as if you are already living in abundance. Do not limit yourself in your thinking, and do not believe that only others can have abundance, but that you also can have this. Gradually you will begin to move away from your poverty, slowly and surely, and with confidence and belief, you will begin to create abundance in your life.


I Am Not Maitreya

Many people have the impression that I am actually Maitreya! I suppose it is easy to believe as I do the actual channeling of the information he gives on the web site. However, I am not Maitreya. Were I so, I would not make mistakes, and I do. I would not still have lessons to learn, and I do. People find it very difficult to understand that I channel such a high energy, and yet am not perfect myself. I would hate it to be perfect. I love the challenge of the lessons I have to learn, even if my Self does not! I am in awe of the information I channel, and I cannot believe that I have been entrusted to channel it.

I am often asked about being manipulated by the Master. Many people make mention that I have written about giving up “my will.” It would not be good for the Master if I kept upsetting his plans with my ideas and thoughts; after all, he in his wisdom has far more experience than I have. However, he is not a demanding energy. When he needs something done, he always asks, “Could you do this for me?” I am more like a personal assistant to him than a channel at times. I then have the choice to do it or not. Of course, I do it, because I usually have the time, but often I may not, and then I have to inform him that I will have to do it later, or the next day. He is always so accommodating. Only if astrologically it is necessary for it to be done there and then, does he ask for that. He has said many times, “There can only be one director.” I agree wholeheartedly with this statement. There is an English saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”. In other words, with too many people directing, it will stop the flow.

It is not easy being the channel for such a high energy, taking the energy itself can be quite draining, for it is like taking 10,000 volts of electricity. Imagine doing that and holding that energy for two hours of channeling, sometimes even longer, and you can imagine how difficult it can be. It makes for many sleepless nights after sessions because I will be so full of energy!

People expect me to be something I am often not, and they are often in awe of me, perhaps because of the energy of the Master, I don’t know. But one cannot lead a normal life. Going out for dinner to friends’ houses can be difficult because everyone wants to know how you do it, how did you begin, who are you, what does it feel like? When all I want to do is to switch off and enjoy a social evening. The worst thing of all is the hate emails I receive, some of them are so bad, you wonder how people can be like that. The amazing thing is that it is usually only Christians who write them!!

The joy of working with the Master, as I call him, is so beautiful that I cannot believe I am so blessed. His energy, which is with me all day and night, is like a beautiful warm cloak around me. He knows when I need to be private, or when I need space, and always gives that to me. I have been to visit him so many times in the world of spirit; they have such fun there, unlike us who are so obsessed with work, and do not know how to have fun most of the time. The Master has said many times, “The Earth plane is so unhappy.” You know we are quite a lot of the time. I am so looking forward to my travel with him in the future, and of course to meeting many of you who will come to see him. Just know though, I am not the Master, never will be, and that HE is the one with the messages, and who does most of the work, I just channel it for him.

Margaret B.