The World Teacher

Message from Maitreya:

Much has been heralded about “The World Teacher” and the role this individual will play on the Earth Plane. So much has been expected of this being, so much written and spoken about him. Some feel he is going to save the world, some feel he is going to come on a cloud as has been visioned in the scriptures of many religions, and others say he will appear in physical form. The prophet Jesus said before he died that he would return “like a thief in the night.” In other words, nobody would know he was there. There would be no fanfares, no announcement; he would just be there. He did not mean in physical form either, but in the spiritual.

I have been asked whether I am Jesus. No, I am not. However, Jesus is one of the Masters in our world, and all of the communications which come from me, are also approved by the other Masters. So in effect, yes, I am connected to him. However, much has changed since Jesus was on the Earth plane. Times have changed and humanity has changed. Some would say not for the better.

The purpose of the World Teacher is to be that, a teacher to the world, a teacher for those who wish to read and hear his message. He is nothing more. Thankfully, I have the communication of the Internet to assist me in my teaching. It was created in part for this, for many use this form of communication to give their message, and many would not be able to do so in their own country verbally. This mode of communication is giving freedom of speech to many. The World teacher is not to be worshipped, nor is he to be raised in exaltation. He is a teacher, one whose words assist in educating others, nothing more. For those who resonate with the energy of this web site, it is a source of enlightenment and spiritual growth.

Nobody is forced to read or hear my messages; all have the choice whether to do so or not. Free will is a beautiful thing, and we understand that many souls are not ready yet for those messages. Our messages are sent with love, with a deep desire to assist the Earth plane to change to a higher vibration, where war, fear, conflict and all Self issues are no more. Those who are ready for change in their lives will find the messages and will be led to them. No soul is forced to do this.

I have been hidden for quite some time, behind the screen of the computer. However, now I have chosen to come from behind that screen and to travel the world, to bring my message personally to you. I sincerely hope you will come and enjoy my energy, and the messages I have to give to you. But do know I am only a teacher, nothing more. Do not put me on a pedestal or exalt me, for this is not what I am here for. I am here to teach humanity to understand themselves better, and to help change the planet Earth to a higher vibration.

If you choose to come to see me, you will find it to be a wonderful experience. My channel Margaret will also be doing public shows and teaching for those who are not enlightened by my teachings on the website. These shows are different to my appearances. However, I am still there with her, do not doubt that. My public work is beginning.


Forgiveness II

Message from Maitreya:

How does one forgive and let go of anger, grudges and frustrations? This is not easy to do, but it can be done. It involves the visualization of release. One needs to imagine one as sitting or standing in front of the person, and then telling the person, “You hurt me deeply and I am angry with you, but I do not want to hold this energy of un-forgiveness in my heart, and so I release this from my being.” Then in one’s imagination, see oneself distancing from that person, pulling away and letting go of the emotion one is carrying. Then following this with an affirmation such as, “I let go of all anger and concern over this subject, it is now banished from my memory.” And then saying the affirmation as often as one can. When the Self, (for it is the Self who holds onto this energy) brings it back into consciousness, say the affirmation over and over until the feeling has gone. One can also visualize the cutting of a cord or a rope or even an umbilical cord, which has been attaching one to the person involved. Cutting that cord will free oneself from the issue.

As one releases the anger and frustrations, one will usually see a change in one’s own energy, especially to manifest, within a few Earth weeks. It is not easy letting go, but this is energy you do not need. Once you release and forgive and forget, you then open up to a higher energy and this can do so much good in your life. Often the grudge is because someone has said something to you, which has hurt you, or accused you of something you have not done. This can incense you to anger and frustration. However, all you have to know is that if you can stand in front of God or whatever you perceive God to be, and in your heart and mind, KNOW you have not done what you were accused of, that is all that matters, and nothing else. For you are only answerable to God, nobody else. Once you have done that and stood in front of God, then nothing else matters, for the energy known as God is the highest of all.

It is not easy to forgive and forget, letting go of grudges and anger. However, if the world can do this on an individual level, then the world can heal on a global level. Think of that as you let go of the energy of frustration and anger. In your own small way, you can change the world’s energy.



Message from Maitreya:

Do not hold on to anger! Do not hold on to grudges and hate of another. It is this kind of energy which is presently responsible for the troubles in the world. There is so much anger. Where does it come from? It comes from memory, memory of being hurt by someone, memory of a deed done in the past.

In the Universe there is an equal and opposite force. What you project outwards is what you receive back! I can hear many of you saying, “But I will never forgive the person who hurt me, they did so much damage.” Or words to that effect. But the energy you waste in venting that anger, in not forgiving someone can prevent you from moving forward in vibration, and prevent you from having the desires you would like.

Often the anger comes from a past incarnation. I am sure many of you have met someone and taken an instant dislike to them. Yes, this could be because they mirror something you do not want to see in yourself, but many times it can also be the soul memory remembering in the past incarnation what was done to them in a painful way. You are not aware of how much your subconscious mind has in your present incarnation. I have been asked many times, “How can I deal with this issue?” It is not easy, for the Self holds onto every grudge; however, forgiveness is the only way to let go of this issue. Jesus said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” And often the souls who hurt you do not know what they do. They act out of their own anger and frustration. One needs to look beyond the hurt to why the person did what they did; to go beyond the emotions and pain and detach enough to be able to see why the other soul did this. When one does this, one usually can see a better picture. When you hold on to grudges and anger towards another, you stop the flow of energy with which you can manifest. You stagnate the energy around you. You cannot move forward. You can stay like this forever, or until spiritually you awaken and decide to move on.

You can forgive but not forget. However, it is better to forget and forgive. Do not stop the flow of energy coming into your being; it is life-giving energy. By stopping the flow with anger, grudges and other emotions, you actually shorten your life. Let go of all of your anger and frustration towards another, what a waste of energy! In my next newsletter, I will write on exercises to help one to do this.


The Future

For many of you who have been with the web site since it began, my newsletter on change came as a big shock! However, I have been overwhelmed by the email coming into the office here in Australia wishing me the very best for the future with my new partner Alan. It is not easy making change, after being with a partner like Peter, for so long. I was quite surprised in that I went through quite a large healing crisis over this, mainly due to a past life Alan and I had experienced together. Thankfully, I had the Higher Self to assist me through the transition, and was quickly back to normal once again.

Many of you were concerned I would not in the future be teaching the Master’s course. I will assure you now that I have no intention not to teach the course, and will still be there, once a year teaching the course in Australia. I am also planning, in 2005, to travel to the USA, Europe and England to do teaching too, although it will not be on the same level as the Master’s course, but what you could call “mini Master’s courses.” I would also like to do the shows I have formulated based on the teachings. Some of you have expressed concern over Peter also. As one woman wrote to me and said, “It will seem strange reading ‘Margaret and Alan’ not ‘Margaret and Peter’.”

Peter will still be an important part of my life; we have parted as friends and he will always be a very special person in my life. I could not be where I am today without his help and assistance, and he has said that if he walked away with nothing, he would have more than Bill Gates ever has. We have both learned so much from each other, and will continue to do so.

Alan is an American citizen and so I will be travelling back and forth from his home to my home here on the mountain in Australia. When we come back to the mountain, we will be staying with Peter, which shows how amicable the parting of the ways is. We are all friends with each other, and there is no animosity whatsoever.

To all of you who took the time to wish me success on my new path, I thank you so very much. It was wonderful to get your email and to know that you cared enough to write to me. I am now faced with new challenges ahead of me. I eagerly look forward to every one of them, as the Master, with Alan and I, moves out into the world.

Margaret B.

The Main Life Lesson

Message from Maitreya:

The many religions of the world state that one should love all humanity, and there is nothing wrong with that statement. However, before one can love anyone else, one has to learn to love oneself! So many of you have a hatred for yourself, so many of you do not like who you are. Why is this?

It is because of many issues. Past life experiences deep in the subconscious mind are often at the root of these issues. Until they are removed, you keep attracting the same conditions over and over; it is as if you are running around in a circle whipping yourself. You say to yourself, “Why do I keep having the same experiences?” “Why do I keep attracting the same kind of people?” You do this because you live the majority of your life in past life energy, and within this energy lie the emotions of so many past incarnations. All you have never expressed or released is buried deep within your soul, waiting for the time it can be released when you finally realize you want to let go of it. Some of it is buried so deep you have no idea it is there. It is only the energy of what you know as God who can help release that energy and enable you to move forward. Those experiences are like the layers of an onion, and there are many layers. Each layer is like a raw wound, which once it is removed, needs Earth time to heal and recover before another layer can be removed.

The layers of unused energy stop the flow of divine love from the creator; it is like being on the Earth plane without the Sun. Without the Sun there is no light, and without the light there is darkness. This love is the love that feeds you and assists in releasing the stored up past life energy. This energy also stops love from being experienced. Only when one can remove the layers of the onion, can one begin to love oneself truly! When the light enters the darkness, then slowly, love can be experienced. Do not look outside of yourself for love, but begin by loving yourself. When you can do this, you can truly love humanity!