Message from Maitreya:

I was recently asked to write a newsletter on dreams. Your dreams are memories from the soul, and from many past incarnations, and also our forum for giving you information about the future.

When you dream, if you dream deeply, we can communicate with you to give you information about what is ahead. We can also work at releasing past life memories which have been in the soul memory for many incarnations. Dreams are energy, unused and unexpressed emotional energy from the past, as well as energy waiting to be fulfilled in the future.

As soon as one begins spiritual development and begins to raise the vibration, one can begin to have difficulty with sleeping through the night. Many souls find they wake early in the morning, and many souls are woken around 3am. It all depends on the internal body clock, for no two people are the same. This difficulty is created by the Self, who, is now in a state of panic, because you have moved out of the “comfort zone.” So concerned is the Self about it losing control, it goes on an alert situation where it will not allow itself to rest. Even at night in your sleep, it will not allow you to sleep deeply. It wakes regularly on guard duty, being aware, alert for any changes. Also at this time of the night, when it is dark, the Self can create many fears and insecurities, which it hopes will stop you from moving forward.

If you do not use your energy, which every soul has, in creativity, healing, or in assisting humanity, we can use this energy that is not channeled. This energy can aid in assisting us to communicate messages to you; even when you are asleep, they stay in the subconscious mind until they are needed. Often you are aware of these communications when you wake. The best time to be aware of these is early in the morning, or after a daily nap when one is not asleep and not awake.

I have been asked, “Why do I often not remember my dreams?” This is because the Self will not allow it; even the deep subconscious dreams, those which have to come out, that we assist you with, some would call them nightmares. For once that energy is recognized and released, the Self has less to hold onto to use against you for the future.

There is much to this subject, and I may write about this in the future, but for now just know that dreams are the release of old energy, and the creation of new. Your sleep state can often be a doorway to our world, and many of you come in your sleep to visit us and your spiritual family.