Spiritual Growth

Message from Maitreya:

In order for you to learn the lessons necessary for your spiritual growth, you set up a set of tests for yourself before you were born. We the Masters were approached and asked for assistance in allowing this to happen. This usually happens after many incarnations, life after life, of the same patterning. The soul, unable to break free from that patterning, finally becomes aware they need a Master’s assistance to remove it. You yourself work out when this will happen in your life, and at a certain time, it is triggered. Always, it comes without warning. If you did have warning, the Self would work out a survival plan, or persuade you not to participate. There is no prior knowledge of what is to take place, and when it comes, it can come so quickly that a soul can be shattered by the appearance of it in their life.

Many may ask why it’s so severe? It has to be this way because the soul does not learn while it is in the comfort zone. While it has what it needs, it does not learn. How can it when it is comfortable, secure, and sometimes happy. It may involve the loss of money, a partner or a job; always something severe is the trigger for the learning. Almost always the planet Pluto is somewhere in the transit chart, because this planet is responsible for transformation.

For we in spirit, it is a time of sadness and elation; yes, we do have feelings in our world. Our sadness is connected to what you have to endure to clear away the programming, but the elation comes when the lesson is over and you have moved up in vibration. The lesson is then learned.

We are your teachers only. Many people ask, “Why are the Masters doing this to me?” They also ask why God is allowing this? You are the ones who do it to yourselves; you are the ones who ask for the assistance to do this. We just create the conditions for you to experience it. For those who are ready, it is a time of great joy in their lives, even though they may choose a difficult situation to learn from. The joy is connected to the lesson being learned, which is no longer in their life. They will also have moved forward spiritually and vibrationally.

The next time you are in a situation which is unpleasant or difficult to bear, just know that you have created this to learn from. If you accept the lesson in the Higher Self, you will pass through it a lot better. This means not feeling sorry for yourself and asking of yourself, “Why?” It means not allowing the Self to be manipulative and putting it down to other people or situations. You alone are responsible for your experiences, and you alone had chosen them before you were born. Embrace them with positive feeling and move forward in vibration.


The Self

When I chose to the channel for the Master, I chose to be just that, not a puppet for him to use when he felt like it. It took some time for me to realize that my work for the spiritual realms is important, and my work with the Master is also important. To put my needs and desires out of the way, so that I could be his channel. Someone mentioned the other day how wonderful that I don’t have a Self anymore. I quickly replied that I certainly do have a Self, and at times it really comes in with a vengeance.

The Masters teachings, and every course, re-iterate how the Self works. Usually, I am aware of it because it is a part of the physical/mental body, NOT the spiritual body. When I am full of energy, the Self does not have a chance, however if I get stressed (which can happen) and if I am tired and exhausted from doing a Masters course (which is usually the case as it takes an incredible amount of energy to channel the course) that is when the Self comes in. Because of my weakened spiritual and physical state, it can really cause havoc for me.

Just after one Advanced course, I was quite sick. One of the things I do is to take on the negative energy people have been holding onto. The Master “pulls the cork” as I see it, he initiates the beginning of the release of blocked energy in the Chakra’s and I am the negative clearing house. Many people do not know about this part of my work. They just think I teach, but during the course, and after, I am clearing their blocks. These blocks can be associated with personal issues, such as deep pain, fear, lack of confidence, and also can involve past life issues. In a way it is a kind of stigmata. I take it into my body and transform it.

This year for instance after one course, I was for five weeks clearing the negative energy from it! I know many of you are thinking, why would you do this? Well, to begin with I did not know I was going to do it, and as the Master says: “If you do not do it, who will? They cannot release their deep seated blocks until they are removed by we in the spiritual realms. Then the energy has to be channeled through a physical being. There are many people who do this around the world, it is a service to humanity, it is TRUE service.” I know from students who have done a course that what I do is felt and also appreciated, because they often leave the course completely transformed. With the negative energy removed, they can finally see the light! The light of the spiritual message they have received.

In the Masters energy, with the negativity removed, they can finally see the truth! That is why I do it. Naturally after a course, when I am processing the negative energy, I am tired, sometimes cranky (yes I get cranky!) and often not feeling the best. It is then that my Self strikes! Often it is in the idea of wanting to run away, and not doing the spiritual work anymore. It can convince me that what I am doing is a waste of time, and it tries so hard to get me to do something different. I had a vision when I was younger of having a Cafe and Food bar, with home made baking (as I love cooking) and everything organic. With checked tablecloths, and personal service, something which so far has not manifested in my life. I don’t think it ever will, because my spiritual work is my life now. My Self brings this vision out every time, and it is sooooooooooooo tempting when I am feeling tired and down!

Believe me, my Self is as ruthless as your Self can be. Just remember that I go through the same as you every now and again. Of course, I have Peter and some wonderful friends who tell me I am worthy, needed, loved, and who tell me that the work I am doing is of value. If I did not have that, the Self would really have a winning day. Thankfully, the way the courses are structured, I only do one every few months. Just because I channel the Master, does not mean I am immune from the Self. Just know that in your own battles with the Self. I love my work, even when I am getting rid of the negative energy. I look upon it as a service, the more one can do it, the more enlightened souls there will be.

Margaret B.

Old Mode

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is to go back into the ‘old mode” and go against what one has been taught.

Every now and again I am sent astrological information about various situations around the world. As I am an astrologer and I have many students and friends who are as well. I like to send the information on to those people as a forward. Recently I received something about the USA and the astrological configurations which are affecting the USA at present. Especially in respect to the film by Michael Moore, which is being shown around the world. Personally I do not wish to see the film, mainly because it just does not appeal to me and also I rather not support personally this kind of information either. The information was sent out for its astrological importance only.

However the information was sent in the hope that some of those I sent it to might find if interesting. Well it was quite a shock when one of my correspondents sent me a email reply with a scathing attack on me sending it to them. They also made mention of the Masters newsletters being negative and not wanting to know about that kind of thing. But they would subscribe to positive ones. I was so surprised and shocked because I did not recognize the person behind the email. Oh yes, I knew the person concerned, as she had been a student. but the email reply seemed to come from a very angry soul whom I did not recognize.

I wrote back to her and apologized for upsetting her, and therein was my mistake. Because as well as writing to her, I also wrote to everyone else and made the same apology if I had offended them. I had sent the information out to about 60 people, and immediately after this email was sent, an incredible amount of email came in from those I had sent the information to, and the apology, informing me NOT to justify myself, and making mention of this person and the fact it was THEIR problem. Many said they really appreciated my sending the astrological information.

Oh dear, I realized I had fallen into a trap and had not followed, as many people pointed out, the Masters teaching which was not to give any energy to anything and not justify myself. It was amazing watching my reaction to this, because I became angry with myself (a big waste of energy) then upset. (another waste of energy) I thought of all the energy expended by those who had written to me about the subject (more waste of energy). Then I finally thought of what I could have done with all that energy which had been wasted. I could have manifested a lot of positive stuff. There was also the energy expended in the original email itself, even the person themselves, gave it energy! They too have done much study with me!

No doubt the lesson will be put in front of me again, and hopefully next time, I will learn not to give it energy. I am so grateful though to the person who sent the first email with the hostile reply. Through it I became aware of my weakness, and I can now try to plug up the hole! Hopefully, when it is given again, I may pass the test the next time and not react!

Margaret B.

Why My Dark Skin?

Message from Maitreya:

Over the last few Earth months I have been asked a number of times “Why was I born black?”

This is a question asked by many, I find, and so this newsletter will hopefully help in some way to give an explanation. First of all, let us discuss the colour of skin.

The colour of skin was originally created to give protection to the skin in hot countries around the world. The thickness of the skin was also created for this purpose. Imagine a person with fair English skin, like my channel, going to Africa; they would burn up within a few hours and have a very painful existence! The skin colour was a protection only, nothing more.

Secondly though, there are personal reasons for being born in a black skin. One of the souls I have been communicating with was in a past incarnation a slave trader. He treated black people like animals, and traded them as such. In this incarnation because he had no empathy for the black person, he chose to come back into a black body to learn empathy and understand what it is like to be a black person. He has learned many valuable lessons from his experience and is a better and wiser soul because of this.

Many souls take on a black body to experience it. Others have had past lives where they have denigrated black people or treated them badly or without respect, and they choose the body of a black person to experience what it feels like to be treated that way. Those who proclaim the loudest about their lives, conditioning and their skin colour, are usually the ones who have not had respect and who have mistreated those like themselves in their past lives. The colour of the skin is no indication of intelligence! All those who are black are intelligent, in fact many have very high IQ’s. But because of their history, lack of belief in themselves, lack of confidence and self esteem for being black or of colour, many do not realize their potential.

It is not the body that is important; the body is just a vehicle for the soul. It is the soul that is important. Look to the soul, not the body. Look at what a great man Martin Luther King was; he did not let his black body stop him achieving a high soul level. Look at Nelson Mandela! Look at how he achieved despite his imprisonment and black skin. No, it is the soul that is important; the body is just a vehicle to carry the soul through a life, nothing more. Look beyond the colour of the skin, it is not important.


How do we monitor the Web Site

Message from Maitreya:

A forum viewer asked a very interesting question recently. The question was how do we monitor the web site?

Although we are a higher consciousness, we do have those who work on the spiritual planes connected to humanity – those who are healers, channels and teachers, for we in the spiritual world have a connection that can be likened to an etheric connection.

Over a period of Earth time, we learn to blend our energies with you. You need to raise your vibration to a high level to be able to channel a Master, and all emotional commitment has to be controlled, for we cannot work with you if there is emotional energy around you. However, there are Guardians for each and every soul and for those who start their path spiritually, and there are also Guides and Helpers who work with and through you all the time.

When I am connected to my channel Margaret, I am in effect one with her. Her personality and my personality become one. This does not mean to say she becomes a puppet. She retains her own individuality and free will, but when she is asked to do something for us, such as channel a newsletter, or appear on radio or in the public, she does it without thinking of her own needs, and she will cancel engagements of her own to do this for us. She has come to realize how important our work is and the expediency in putting it into action. Everything she does, we do in effect, and what she reads, we read, because what she does and absorbs into her energy, we absorb and take on board too.

There are times when she does not agree with something I write; I know this by her energy when I have written it. As soon as it is channeled Margaret has to send it to be edited, if she did not, she would change it. But she does not do that; instead she sends it out for editing, as is, as she has received it. We also have others around the world who are also reading through others and reporting back to us in the Halls of the Masters. That is how it is done.

For seven Earth years, Margaret learned how to channel, and then for another seven Earth years she learned to handle my energy and my consciousness. During this process, I was able to move closer and closer to her energy until we became one. For those who are already thinking of asking the question, no, I leave her at her moments of intimacy with her husband. I am, however, with her for the majority of her Earth day.