The Illusion of the Self

Message from Maitreya:

I was asked recently how one can tell what is the Self and what is the Higher Self?

This is not a difficult answer to give; the Self creates illusion. It will have you believing the most preposterous things. It will have you believing you are not the guilty one when you are, and it will reason with you to try and get you to see its point of view. It will even argue with your Higher Self, and if you are not at a higher rate of vibration, your Higher Self will not be able to retaliate with truth.

The Self never thinks of anything but itself. All it can see is its own pain, suffering, difficulty, how hard done by it is, how it is being punished and how people are hurting and creating problems for it. It can see all of the faults of others, but never its own faults!

The Self sees itself as perfect. It will argue with you to preserve its own truth. It can never see a positive outcome of any situation! The list is endless of what the Self will do to reign supreme. And what of the Higher Self, what does that do? It does nothing! Absolutely nothing! It does not have to justify itself because it knows God knows its own truth is correct. It can stand in front of God and know it is telling the truth. It will point out your own faults, but will never point out the faults of others. It sees the suffering one goes through and the difficulties as lessons, which one can learn from. It always has a positive outcome for every situation. It never judges, it sits quietly and lets the world pass by while it deals with issues, which need to be dealt with for its own higher good.

The Self will feed the ego; the Higher Self has no ego. When one gets to the stage of having no ego, of not believing the Self’s publicity machine, one has then raised one’s vibration to a higher level. It is then one can see through the illusion, see the reason as to why things are happening to one. When one has no emotional response to what is happening – for the Self is all emotional response, drama, taking offence etc., then one has truly raised the vibration and one is truly in the Higher Self. At this level, direct communication with the Masters on a higher level becomes possible, and also the beginning of communication with God. One is then truly on a higher vibration. To enable the Higher Self to come in, one needs to do the work necessary to remove the Self, which is to be true and honest to oneself and not to let the Self control through fear, doubt, insecurity, and the emotional body. This is the only way to do it.


Denial often means less Spirituality

Message from Maitreya:

In my last communication, I wrote about “denial of the sexual energy” and this channeling continues on from my previous communication.

Once one starts the process of denial, whether it be food, sexual energy, alcohol, tobacco, drugs or other substances; if the Higher Self has not gained some control, then the Self will fight all it can to have what it desires. There will be a battle which very often the Higher Self will lose.

The Self is a part of the physical body, not the spiritual. It has learned over the Earth years how to survive. How to get what it needs. However, denial is one of the worst things one can do when one is on a spiritual path. There are those who would say, “but it is wonderful discipline” yes, this is, but very often, when one has gone through the denial, achieved one’s goal, whatever one has achieved, comes back, and returns. Because the Self is in control. This is why many lose weight and put it back on again, or give up tobacco or drugs and begin the habit again.

However, when the Higher Self is in control, this energy will get you to seek out WHY you need the substances. Why do you need that fix, specific food or foods, alcoholic drink, etc, or whatever it is you desire. I am not writing about a social drink now, but that NEED that many have to partake of their alcohol, food, drugs, tobacco or other substance. This process will not happen quickly, but can take many Earth years as one explores not only this life times problems, but also past life problems also.

Humanity has a process of making one feel guilty because one does not give up one’s desires or habits. However, one should praise those who even attempt to do this, who open the door to finding out why? No matter how long it takes, one should not feel guilty. There should be no self recrimination, for the Self is an energy on its own and it will do all it can to get what it needs.

As one begins the path to higher consciousness, more and more the Higher Self will come in, and eventually will come the realization one no longer needs what one has had for so long. There is also the realization of why one wanted it, and where it came from. Even then it will not be easy to relinquish the desire, for the body has been so used to it, and the body has to be weaned off the need for it. One cannot deny oneself anything. To do so makes one desire and want it all the more.

One needs to go higher in vibration. Bring in more of the Higher Self, and learn how to handle the Self, then and only then has one got any control over the desires.


Denial of Sexual Energy

Message from Maitreya:

It is important on the spiritual path to have balance.

There are many who believe to be spiritual means denial. This is one for the worst things you can do for your development. I am not writing of choices one makes such as not to eat meat, but of denial, denial of sexual energy, denial of joy and fun, denial of enjoyment of life. Life was meant to be happy. However, humanity with its conditioning and various belief systems from the past, have created the realization that life should not be happy. That to be spiritual, one should be serious and conservative. This is not true. Yet, it is not correct to go the other way either, and to have too much of these things, so there is no time for meditation, contemplation, or spiritual study.

The word spiritual has such confusion in the world today. To be spiritual means to be happy with life, to be one with God, to care for humanity, to let each soul live their own life, to walk away from conflict and war, to give nothing any energy, and most of all, to be true to one’s own Higher Self. That is the true meaning of being spiritual. Denial does not come into those beliefs.

When one denies, the Self wants it even more, this then sets up a battle within oneself, which is often hard to fight. Sexual energy is a very powerful energy, and all energy has to move, as does sexual energy. It is a living force, just as the wind, the rain, and the elements. When it is roused it must go somewhere. When it is not used, it becomes a rage inside, which must come out, and it often does in a less than pleasant way. It is the reason Catholic priests have experienced so many problems. One cannot stem sexual energy. If one cannot get it through one way, one will get it through another.

I am often asked what I feel about the Catholic Church and this problem? I have no thoughts on this, it happens because priests do not allow the correct use of energy. There is nothing wrong either in releasing this energy oneself. If this can be done, it can be a wonderful release for stress and pent up emotions, not to say some pleasure while it is happening. Denial of this energy can create an imbalance in one’s life. It is the same with having fun, enjoyment, etc. So many on the Earth plane are so serious, many have forgotten how to laugh, how to have fun, how to enjoy life. One can say “but I do not have the money or the time to enjoy life”.

I say to those people, you are the creator of your own life, you can do anything. All it needs is for you to let go. Look as to why you work as much as you do, and then address this problem. It can be done. It may not happen overnight or quickly, but slowly if you change the situation, it will change in Earth time.

The length of your life can change once you begin to enjoy life, and take time out for fun and laughter and enjoyment. Denial is a belief which comes from the belief of others, from their own hang-ups and suppressions, their own fears and beliefs. One cannot have balance with denial.

Begin to enjoy life, but also to take some time to sit quiet and allow us to communicate with you. Do you know that the greatest union with God, is in love and with the sexual energy when used in the correct way? This is true. In doing so, one can release all that is built up within oneself, the tension. Once it is released, then one can be happier. There is nothing worse for us than to work with a tense individual. There is much more I would like to write about this subject and I will do so, as I did with prayer, in a number of communications. For now, please contemplate on my words.


Many Times

I would like to thank the many thousands of you over the years we have had the web site who have written to me and made comment about my newsletters. There are many times I have wondered if they are too negative. However, they reflect at the time the feelings I have, whether good or bad. One person wrote and told me my own personal newsletters help her with her spiritual path. She often feels as I have done, and she feels it is comforting to know she is not alone with her feelings. Many others echoed the same sentiments.

Only one person commented on them being ‘negative’. For me, the spiritual path has been a hard slog, fighting the demon “Self” is not easy. I say “is”, instead of “was”, because as far as I am concerned, the Self will always be there until I pass over into the Spiritual Realms. I try very hard to be on guard and be aware of the Self, my Self is so crafty, so conniving. It never ceases to amaze me at the antics it gets up to. A large amount of people have written and told me how much they enjoy reading my newsletters because it shows them first of all, it is not easy being a channel. And it helps you to know someone in the impersonal sense who is also struggling.

I have also said things as I see them, whether it involves the work, my marriage, or personal family things. I don’t have a blocked throat Chakra now thank goodness! I use to have and you will never know how blocked it once was. Thankfully with the Master’s help, I have now learned to say what I feel, and write it also. Many times it is the Master who pushes me into writing the newsletters. Sometimes something will be a problem for me, or will distress me, and he will often say “write about it, write a newsletter” and quite often I do. If you react to something I write, then it is a problem for YOU. I am only the mirror who puts it in front of you.

The Master has often said “everything is meant to be, there are no accidents” and I truly believe that. Often I have written a newsletter and sent it to Peter to put on the site, and then wanted to retract it. But Peter has persuaded me to put it on and when it goes on, I agonize if people will think it is too personal, negative, etc. Then the email begin to come in commenting on it, and thanking me for writing the newsletter. I know then, it was meant to be, and not just my ramblings. I love doing my work, I truly do.

It is quite a challenge at times, but then, life itself is a challenge. I am so blessed to have the Master with me, even though sometimes, my Self does not want to hear what he has to say!

Margaret B.

You know who you are!

Message from Maitreya:

There are many who ask me about my work and why I chose to work through my channel. I must say that she offered to work with me, rather than me with her.

It is not an easy task being a channel. First one has to learn to listen to spirit and work with us, but one has to give up one’s will to do so also. The path for my channel to learn to work with me has not been easy, and still is not. The burden of carrying the weight of the work is heavy. She is working through karma from another incarnation by working with me. Not only does she have a very busy life dealing with the web site, but she also has to take an incredible amount of energy, each time she channels my energy. Margaret also has to retain her own individuality.

There are many who consider her flawed because she works with me, because she has her own ideas. It is important for her to have her own being, and to be different. Recently, we discussed the raising of the course fees. They have stayed the same for a number of years and Margaret did not want to raise the fees, she did not feel it was warranted. We could see the need for the course fee increase, but could not let Margaret know because a scenario had to be played out, and it may not have happened, so we could not let her know in case it did not.

It became necessary as we foretold, for the fees to be raised. You may think it strange that we take an interest in Earthly matters regarding the web site and costs incurred on this site, but it is so important our message get out to the world, and there are those in the spiritual world who monitor the web site all of the time, and report back to us of the events of the site.

Unlike myself who has ascended, Margaret has not yet. She chooses to live on the Earth plane, in a human body, and to perform a role which is very difficult to do. Many of you would not last one Earth week if you were to do it. It requires great stamina.

Do know that Margaret is not super-human, she is just human and goes through, like all of you, her times of being down, her own ideas and feelings and often has to give these away to work with me. There are a few souls out there who have been gossiping recently about Margaret and what has been surrounding her. You souls know who you are, and you have to live with your actions. It is a sad fact that you have done a number of courses, and yet behave this way. I am proud of my channel, she has served me well and I know she will continue to do so. It would be sad if she were not an independent soul, and became a puppet for me!