Life is an illusion

Message from Maitreya:

Try not to believe all that you see. For life is an illusion which can only be seen through when one begins to raise one’s vibration.

To you who are in the illusion, because of the Self, you cannot see beyond this reality, but there is another ‘reality’ beyond the illusion and it can only be seen when one raises one’s vibration. As that happens, as one raises one’s vibration, it becomes possible to see through the illusion which has been created.

For some, this can be a frightening experience because all of their life they have believed in what they thought was real, only to find out it is not so. For those who see through the illusion, life changes, and often that change can be frightening too. It involves change, and the change can be quite major. There is then a battle between the Self and the Higher Self which can be quite a hard tough fight. One cannot explain either to another person who does not see through the illusion, what it is like. There are no words to describe this experience.

One can find oneself very alone with this experience, for it can take a number of Earth years to complete. However, you are not alone, although you cannot see us, we are watching over you and trying to help you at this stage of awareness. Spiritual development, moving forward in vibration is not easy. The battle at times can be big and large, yet when one does move forward, the feeling of peace can be quite amazing. All that matters is this moment of Earth time. Everything from the past has been and gone, when one begins to live in the now, one can then begin to see through the illusion.


Without Warning

For the last few years my life has been pretty good. I have had the odd time when I have felt a little down, but most of the time life has been good for me and I have been happy. Both Peter and I have worked hard to clear away the blocks within us, and I for one felt I had cleared most of the stuff away. I was not prepared for what happened next!

Without warning, I became extremely depressed. I could not see anything in my future. The web site and the work I was doing on a metaphysical level gave me no pleasure, everything seemed cardboard to me, and even life itself and the few pleasures I enjoyed, were of no interest to me. I wanted to leave the spiritual arena, and as the weeks went by, I felt so strongly that I wanted to leave the Earth plane.

An associate bought me the Matthew books ( and reading the first book in the series of four, “Tell me about Heaven” reiterated how much I wanted to go home. For the first time I was reading about spirit, as I remembered it, and the desire to go home was so strong. I began to think I was going mad. Peter, my husband was so supportive and kept pointing out all the good things about our life. It made no difference, life as I knew it, I felt, was over. I just wanted to go home! This situation went on for weeks, I told very few people about my problem, feeling inside that I was failing, how could I teach people and feel like this? Then, feelings of insecurity came up, doubt, fear, I had dealt with all of these things over many years, why were they coming up again?

What was happening to me? The few friends I told wrote me emails and told me how important I was to them, and to the work. An astrologer friend whom I sent an email to, pointed out what was happening in my astrology. She gave me a lot of information astrologically, which did make sense and had to do with my second Chiron Return, and my South Node in the 10th house. I could see it, understand it, but did not know the reason for it being there. Still the depression continued. Finally a few days ago from writing this newsletter, I started to feel something moving inside of me. I had decided to not fight whatever it was, but just to let it come up. It was slow, and my patience was wearing thin, but it finally came out on a Sunday afternoon. What came out though surprised me so much, for it was not blocks of my own, but it came from my mother!!

As a reader/healer/teacher I often take on the conditions of my clients because they cannot release it themselves. I (and Peter also) become a surrogate for them to release their painful energy. It does not happen all of the time, but every now and again, someone cannot release it themselves and I find myself doing it for them. The Master has said this is a very special service, and not many are able to do it. The after effects of this are not pleasant, and when I say I cannot leave the house the next day because of bathroom visits, perhaps you will know what I mean!

As a child, I was extremely sensitive. My mother was a beautiful woman, but she was terribly unhappy, and with my own childhood being unhappy also, I never noticed my mother’s emotions and feelings. What came up that Sunday afternoon, was all of my mother’s unhappiness, so much of it, I could not believe so much was inside of me. As each thing came up and I released it, I was shown on an inner level where it came from regarding my mother and her life. It was so painful, and for the first time in my life I really felt for my mother, for her suffering, pain, and most of all, her loneliness.

Her loneliness was like a cavity inside of me that was never ending. I cried for my mother, and released her pain and suffering and loneliness. As I cried, I could feel a release so great, it was like a giant washing machine clearing me out! I slept that night like I have never slept before. The next day, I awoke with so much energy, I was dangerous! Since that night, my intuition, which was already good, has become even better. I have a peace I never knew existed and I had felt peace before.

Under all of my own blocks, for many years, was this energy from my mother! It was quite amazing. I wonder though how many other people are carrying around their mother and father’s blocks and negative feelings? I just thank God that I was able to experience it, I know it will help me enormously now in my teaching. Once again I have a vision again, I no longer want to leave the work, but am so grateful for the experience, and I hope somewhere, my mother, wherever she is, will feel the burden being lifted from her. it was such a burden.

Margaret B.

How to have Peace come to Planet Earth

Message from Maitreya:

If peace is to reign on the Earth plane, and humanity is to be saved; one has to remove the rule by governments.

The reason for this, is that each soul is their own Master. Each soul has their own truth. While you have governments and councils in control, you have anarchy because there are those who support them and those who do not. It is assumed those who do not support them are anarchists, but they are not, they just choose not to support that particular group. You can ask yourself, “But how will the Earth be ruled ?” Well, each soul will become their own Master. Each soul will donate 10% of their income to a collective of elders, these elders will be people who are respected by ALL. The Elders will represent a cross section of society, not just those who are wealthy or of standing in the community. They will use this income to pay for the utilities and costs to provide what is necessary for the survival of the souls who elect them in. At each monthly meeting of decision, it will be a public meeting, and souls will be able to stress what is needed to be done, such as repairs, new work etc., without anger, and fear. All suggestions will be taken on board, and eventually put into place, this will be done in order as they come in, and as finance is available.

Each soul will be respected and their opinion also respected, for each soul has his own opinion. Importance will be given to the environment, and to respecting nature and working with this body of energy known by many as “Devas”.

Society will be more informed about the role of nature and its importance in their lives. Those who have different views will work side by side without war or strife. They will understand their differences, and once again these will be respected by both sides. This scenario may sound like a Utopia, but it can work and in the future of the Earth plane, it will work. Slowly, the Earth plane is changing, humanity is starting to see what it is doing to itself with age old systems.

Humanity is also becoming aware, more and more souls are becoming aware, that the old way is not working, and something new needs to be introduced. It will not happen for many Earth years yet, but it WILL happen, and then and only then, will the Earth plane move towards its higher vibration without strife, conflict, untruths, and manipulation.

Those who have strayed, or done wrong, will be offered education to help them to change, and they will use this opportunity to do so. The vibration of the Earth plane will enable this to happen also. Gradually, those who have been shunned by society, who have done something to hurt another, will come back into the fold and be welcomed, yet they will not be punished for their past, nor will others mention the past. It will have been and gone.

Humanity will live in the NOW, by then, most souls will understand about the teaching of metaphysics, even though they may not believe it as their own particular belief, they will respect this belief as they do all beliefs and will work in with the law of metaphysics because they will see it working. This will come to pass in Earth time, when much more has taken place.

This is an overview, a prediction as some may say, of how humanity will be in the future of Earth time. There is still more carnage and suffering to go through before this happens. It is inevitable in this year of 2004, while the world is working in the old ways, but once the change occurs, slowly but surely, humanity will begin to see the new way, and slowly, it will become what is called Peace on Earth.


Corruption in the World

Message from Maitreya:

There has been much corruption in the world, in governments, in private business, in large and small corporations, and private life! However, there is one law of the Universe and that law is that what you do to others will be done to you, and what you give out, in any form, is what you will receive. There is no escaping Universal law, in private practice, in government, in large corporations, and even personally; one can lie, cheat, and misconstrue the truth, but the law of the Universe states, you will reap what you sow.

So much harm has been done by humanity’s ego! So much damage has been done by those in government who thought they were making the right decisions, yet there is one thing they never take into account, the Law of Karma. The Law of Retribution.

There is no God who stands with a whip or weapon waiting to give punishment. You all punish yourselves, with your actions. Yet often, the negative which is dealt out to humanity, can in effect have a positive effect sometimes. I have been asked “Are there any accidents Master”, in effect, no there are not, all is meant to be, YET, often what is done is done more than it should. For instance my channel’s Father was destined to assist her in removing her ego, yet, because he did it so well, far above and beyond what was necessary, he actually created many problems than he did not intend to. One can as one states go overboard sometimes, in one’s desire to do one’s duty! There are those who do not believe in karma, they believe all souls go to heaven and there is no need for punishment, BUT, this is not so. One cannot realize enlightenment, if one still has outstanding energy which has not been dealt with. One cannot be enlightened if one has hatred, anger, fear etc., in one’s energy. In order to reach Ascension and enlightenment, one needs to have controlled the emotional body, and detached from all that is material.

Yes, all souls who come into your energy are mirrors for you, they show you what you are fearful of, what you need to look at within yourselves. However, sometimes, on rare occasions, these souls become as you say, “heavy handed” and can cause more trouble than they intend. There is a very old saying which you on the Earth plane use quite a lot which is “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away”. Nothing can stop this energy. You reap as I said, what you sow. Let your sowing be for a good harvest!


Just let it go

Message from Maitreya:

Make peace with those who have hurt and injured you whether physically or emotionally. People who hurt you in some form do this because they very often remember past life memory of pain and hurt. They cannot deal with their own anger and frustration, and often take it out on those around them. Hate nobody. Be angry with nobody. Do not hold on to anger and hatred either. If you have this in your heart for any living soul, or any spiritual soul, one who has passed over, then let it go and allow forgiveness to replace the negative emotions.

It is so sad to see souls return home to spirit full of bitterness, anger and hatred. It not only stops their awakening in our world, but also it holds them back. Those who wrong you, do so because they do not know what else to do. Often they are angry at themselves, but have a need to express that anger in the presence of others. They have to make others suffer for THEIR problems. The pain of accusation, anger, hatred, and other emotions we are exposed to by others can be very deep and hurtful, but do not hold on to this feeling. Forgive the soul involved, move away, learn from the experience, give it no energy, and you will find that in Earth time, there will be a healing. As you move on and time passes, life will evolve much better without the burden of the emotion. Connect to the Higher Self part of you if you have difficulty in letting go of that negative energy. Ask the Higher Self part of you for help, and ask the Masters, or if you believe in it, the God force!

Make peace in your heart and as you do so, your soul will raise itself to a higher vibration. Know that anger, hatred and all other such emotions are just energy which have gone awry. When you forgive in your own heart, then the world can begin to forgive on a global scale. Have love for all your fellow brothers and sisters on the Earth plane, for that is what you are, brothers and sisters, you all came from the same seed. Ask not, why do they hurt me, but ask instead what can I learn from this experience, and as time passes you will see what it is you are to learn. When you are filled with anger, hatred, frustration, you cannot see anything but that. Once it is removed, then you will begin to see more on a spiritual level as to the meaning of life.