Not Perfect and taking the Energy

Message from Maitreya:

There are many who believe that a spiritual teacher should be without blemish and perfect in every way, it amused me when my channel read from a magazine about the Dalai Lama who said “I’m a non-violent person, but if a hawk comes when I’m feeding birds, I lose my temper and get my air rifle.” He was not indicating that he shoots the hawk, just that he fires the air rifle near it to scare the Hawk away! However, it shows his human qualities AND the fact that he gets angry. There are many who feel that spirituality should be without reproach. Yet living on the Earth plane when one is a spiritual being, in a raised vibration, can be a very difficult thing to do. The more one works on the internal conflicts and free’s them from the soul memory, the more light/energy one can bring into the physical body. This energy itself can have quite an effect on the physical form and it can be quite taxing to take the energy. Yes, there is the rapture and the joy of having the energy, but at the same time, it can be like taking thousands of volts of electricity into the body. For those who experience this energy it can be a healing/peaceful experience, but for those who take it, and channel it, it can be quite draining. Not much is communicated about this phenomena.

Many write to me and stress the fact that on a higher vibration they find it difficult to live on the Earth plane on a daily basis. They are more sensitive to sound, loud vibrations and other noise. Yes, they find they are more prone to letting go of anger and frustration. They feel they are failing because of this, that they should not do this because it is not spiritual. However, one day when you are on our side of the veil so to speak, you will experience how difficult it is to have a raised vibration and live as a human. It is not easy. It is for this reason that we channel through human form, and not come to the Earth plane directly, your lower Earth vibration, would annihilate our energy. We would not be able to function!

There are also those who write and state they cannot hold their feelings back from past life experiences. Feelings such as anger, fear, doubt, etc., So how can they deal with this? There is no way to deal with the situation. The more one is exposed to this, or the person who is creating this situation, the more the energy can be released. Usually, the soul runs away, until they are placed in the same position again, and even then, they keep running. You cannot run from negative energy for that is what the situation is, and people will continue to come into your life, to mirror the energy for you until it is faced and released! The release can sometimes take a long Earth time.

If you are a spiritual person, do not despair at your lack of faith of strength because you cannot control your feelings. This takes Earth time, and many Earth years of practice. It is in a way like learning a new language and letting the old one go. It is learning new energy patterns and letting go of old wasted energy, which often for many incarnations has held you back from moving forward on your spiritual path.

Most of all, like the Dalai Lama, admit your faults, even when those around you condemn you for your discrepancies such as having anger, fear etc., the more you try to stem it the more it will come out. Let it out and move on. Be human and be proud of it! One day it will be there no more and then you will know peace.