A Difficult Road

Message from Maitreya:

As many of you know, I do know what you are experiencing and what you are going through. Many times it is not easy for us to watch you suffering as you make the choices in your life for ease or for hardship. My channel Margaret has many times taken the difficult road, and for me personally, to watch her take the difficult road is not easy. You see, we are aware that she is human, and in a human body. To raise one’s vibration to work with spirit is not an easy thing to do. It can lead to discomfort physically, and also means that one is continually on duty. It is what many choose to do though to work with us and help us on the Earth plane.

Often, we are the ones who tell Margaret to write a newsletter of her own about certain subjects. Often those subjects have to do with working with us and for us. Sometimes this may seem as if Margaret is complaining, but we have told her to write about a certain thing, we know that this subject and its message will trigger in you certain response! We know you will read what is written and have a reaction! It is all planned, Margaret is just the catalyst for that message which she has often experienced herself during her training, or in her daily life.

Thankfully, she listens to what we tell her, and despite her reservations about sending out such a newsletter or email, she follows our instructions to the letter. It never ceases to amaze her at the response usually very positive, you give to what has been posted on the web site or sent in an email. Many times you write and inform Margaret how YOU have gone through such a situation and how wonderful it is to know someone else has gone or is going through it too. It brings comfort to many. This is what is supposed to happen, and it is how we work with you in showing you the frailty of the human form. We do understand the high energy you have to work with and its reaction within you. We are aware of the struggle of daily life, channeling the energy. That is why we allow Margaret to write about it, and she and Peter to communicate about it.

The next time you read something from Margaret, just know that we are behind it, we have triggered it, and we did so for a reason!


You Are Never Too Old

I am very blessed to have Peter Luke in my life. He has been with me for 12 years now, and during those twelve years, although it was difficult for him to make the changes which were necessary to work with spirit, he has always been there for me, helping me, organizing me in the beginning and more than anything, mirroring for me each day, all that I did not want to see in my life. Peter came into my life when he was 52 years of age. He was a very conditioned person and for someone who in the beginning could not believe I was going to channel Maitreya (he believed the Master would choose to channel through someone more worldly and spiritual) he has become one of the most hardest workers for the Master.

Many people write me and tell me that if they were younger, they would work for the Master, and I take great pleasure in writing back to them and pointing out Peter’s situation. He was so set in his belief of Theosophy, but only through the channeling of the Master and speaking to him, being in his wonderful energy, was he able to see the truth and accept the new learning which was so alien to him. Apart from some time a few years ago, when he was battling his own war with his Self, he has worked so hard, day after day for the Master without complaint and sometimes over and above what was expected of him. Many do not know of how hard he has worked, nor of how late in life he began his work with the Master, you are never too young, and never too old!

A few years ago a song was penned “Wind Beneath My Wings” and this became my theme song and dedication for Peter, it always will be ‘his’ song, because he has carried me a long way, he has done so with the utmost of duty and loyalty and without thought for himself. When the Master asked him to give up his share of his marital home with his ex-wife, “because she needs it and you do not” without hesitation, he gave it up. The Lawyer thought he was crazy, nobody went through a divorce and gave half of a $100,000AUD home to his ex-wife, but Peter did. The Master told him he would one day have a house better than the one he was giving up, and the Master has kept his promise. The thing is though, that the house means nothing to Peter, it is just a place to live, the illusion of living in a house as most people see it, has been changed!

My newsletter this month is to say a big thank you to Peter, for first of all taking me on (I was not easy to live with in the beginning) for giving 100% of himself to myself and spirit, and for making the changes himself and within me, which enabled the Master to become the World Teacher he has become. I don’t want to leave it until he leaves the Earth plane to say thank you to him, I want to say it now while he can know in the physical how important he has been and still is to me, and for him to know how much I love and appreciate all he has done for me. This is my personal thanks to him.

Margaret B.


Along with the changes to the web site, we are announcing other changes, this time to the Masters courses. From the year 2005, we will be increasing the price of the Masters courses.

We have maintained the cost of the course for many years now, however, the advent of increased costs in business have forced us to make an increase in this direction. Our main income comes from the courses we run, plus the readings and astrology charts on the web site. I no longer do any private work doing readings. Everything is done from within the web site. Although we get work coming in, we rarely get donations, and even the work we get from the web site is sometimes scattered in its regularity.

The Master has always maintained that we should not make ourselves a church or be attached to any advertising on the .org site whatsoever, if only we could advertise we could then earn far more income to support the site. However, I understand the Masters wish not to advertise because he cannot be seen to support any one thing or item or person. It is very necessary for him to remain neutral.

From 2005, the Masters courses will increase by $500AUD. We know that many of you may be upset by this, but we have thought long and hard and we just have no alternative but to increase the price if we are to keep the web site running, and do the Masters work. It is not just the course one gets, but an ongoing tutorial at no extra cost for as long as you need it. All for the same price regardless of how much advice and teaching you receive. Some students have told us we did not charge enough, I would like to think that, but we are aware of many of you having problems in finding the cost of the course, already! Much discussion with ourselves and with others has forced us to do this and we hope you will understand our decision and not be too critical of it.

On another note, we do hope you enjoy the ‘new look’ web site. It was time for a change, and boy, what a change! Thank you to all of the people who have written to us and said how much you like it. It makes all the hard work worth it.

Margaret B.