The Maitreya Web Site

Message from Maitreya:

I do hope you like the new look to the web site?

The design that was, had been in place since Earth year 1996 when I impressed on Peter to create the site. He and Margaret had no idea in the beginning the site would become as large and as popular as it has become. Many hours of work over the years have been put into this web site. Much sacrifice has been made by both Peter, my channel Margaret, and in the later 2 years Ratan, in their working with me and the other masters to make the site what it is in this day of Earth time. When you look at the site, try to imagine the work which has gone into the creation of it. Many hours without payment, simply out of love and service have made it what it has become in the now.

Through the creation of this web site, many people have received assistance. many souls have moved higher in vibration; many have been educated far more than they were. For my channel and her husband, through the creation and work on this web site which they have done over the years since my request, they have also learned much about discipline and obedience to our requests.

Many have said to me they would like to work in some way for spirit. My reply to them each time is they need to learn discipline and obedience to our requests, the Self has so many diversions, so many excuses, but true dedication is very necessary if one is to work with the Masters.

Our work would not get done, if souls who worked for us did it their way. There can only be one way, and that is the way we suggest. It is surprising how many souls who begin to work for us are soon doing it their way without any thought of the consequences. From our vantage point in spirit, we can see the right way of doing things, the easy path, yet many souls ignore our warnings and messages, only to do it their way, and find themselves in deep strife when it does not work. It is the only time we have to ask for your wishes to come second to ours.

If you are to work for us, you must learn discipline and listen to what we suggest, it is also important that when we ask for something to be done, it be done immediately, not left until a few Earth weeks have gone by. By then, it is too late. We will never ask you to do anything which you would not agree with, so many times though, the Self thinks it knows better. So many start the path of helping us, but fall by the wayside because of the Self.

I hope you will enjoy the changes which have been made to my teaching site, there are more to come in the future of Earth time.


What modality should I follow

Message from Maitreya:

I am often asked “Why are there so many modalities of knowledge in the world”? What should I follow? What is the truth and what is false?

In order to answer this question I need to surprise you and state that there is no true or false, there is just what one resonates with. Each soul is at a level of vibration according to where they were in their past incarnation. As the soul goes higher in vibration, they begin to see more of the truth. The truth is in their heart! On the lower planes of vibration the Self (Ego) is very prevalent, it will have you believing something is true because it does not want you to see the REAL truth. It is the same with those who channel.

Many people who channel do not channel the Higher energies, their Self does this channeling. It is done on an ego basis. Usually it has to do with control of the people it comes in contact with, the energy they originally channel may be quite high, but that energy will bring out their fear, doubt, insecurity, jealousy etc., and the Self will use this as a tool to have people follow. The channels fear, then becomes the disciples fear! All that he/she projects energy wise will be mirrored and those who have the same fears and negative emotions will be drawn into that energy, like attracts like!

A true channel wants nothing more than to serve spirit. Yes, they may earn a living, but after taking what they need to live, they put all they have back into the work. They do not request large sums of money for services rendered, they do not manipulate and they do not denigrate. For spirit will only speak of upliftment and give options of how to do things, spirit will never put one down or speak negative to one. How can one change the world if one stays in the negative? Only positive thought can instigate change! Recently there have been a lot of people discussing DNA re-coding, many souls feel this is the answer to their prayers, instant change. However, their is no such thing as DNA re-coding!

Only by changing YOU, and your internal programming can you change YOUR subconscious programming, and when you do, it will then affect those around you and your descendents. YOU have to do the work, there is no magic wand, no magic, only you working at removing what you have programmed yourself with in past incarnations.

YES, healing energy can assist this growth, as also can flower essences, crystals. past life recall, and many other modalities, but YOU have to instigate these, you have to release the emotions connected with this.

I have said before every soul has their own TRUTH, but when one leaves the lower levels of consciousness behind and rises through their own work to the higher levels of consciousness, especially to their merging with a Master’s energy, then all those souls see the SAME truth! There is no more illusion, for only the Self sees and seeks illusion! The Higher Self can only see the TRUTH and there is only ONE TRUTH when one reaches the higher levels of vibration. When these levels are reached one does not need modalities of knowledge, one has ALL knowledge, one has no need for the trappings of the Earth plane. Oh yes, one needs still to live, but nothing means anything anymore, there is no need for anything and one is at peace!


Our work on this web site

People think Peter and I do all the work on the web site, and we did in the beginning, and we still do 85% of the work, but over the last few years, Peter and I have had others who have been helping us also. Ratna our web master is one, who despite his recent marriage and his full time job, finds the time to look after sections of the web site for us. We have many people who do translations for us, and without payment. They spend many hours translating the Masters words into many different languages.

Recently, Mark King came on board and helped us with the mastery-of-life site (mastery-of-life). We have so many wonderful ideas for the web site, but just not enough hours in the day. Often I am on the computer in my nightdress at 6am in the morning, and still there (this time minus nightdress) at 11pm at night. All day, the email comes in, healing requests, readings, chats with the Master, inquiries from students who have taken the courses. Inquiries from students who want to know about the courses, as well as general inquiries. 365 days of the year, even on Christmas Day it arrives.

I recently had an email from someone wanting to know why I had not answered her questions she had sent in some time ago? These were not paid questions in a reading, but just general inquiries about her life and life path, she felt she should have these questions answered, but I am so busy with my daily work, and of course earning money to keep ourselves and the site going, I put all non paid questions to the back of the queue. I have to do this, and very occasionally, I have the chance to answer them.

For Peter and I, this has been our life along with the teaching and occasional traveling for 12 years now. It is our passion, but every now and again, we wish we could take time off. I have so many books in my head, and not enough hours to write them! I have a dream where I will have three months free of no email at all, and I can write books all day, what a glorious dream. Perhaps one day I will get to fulfill it. Meantime, the site needs to continue on, we need to update software, computers, like all businesses, we need to do our accounting. We cannot do that unless I work!

When you look at your favorite items on the web site, please take into account the work that went into it, the hours, Peter and I and others spent in creating it. Many hours of work go into the web site, some of it done by many for no reward or payment. Then send a prayer for their continued assistance to our site, for without them many people would not be able to view and participate!

Margaret B.

Your Business Life

Message from Maitreya:

I am often asked, “Master, why is my business life not working, I try hard, and I work hard, so why is it not so”? Usually, the souls who write to me expect an instant answer which will transform their lives, but this cannot be.

There are a number of factors which can create problems in this area. For instance the soul may have deep seated subconscious fears or emotions which can stop their success in their life. There could be a karmic situation which they are unaware of. There could also be astrological factors against success for the time being, or lessons to be learnt along the way and the soul is not learning those lessons. All of these things can be addressed by consulting with a good channel and/or Astrologer and getting the answers in that way.

However, many souls do not do that, they try other methods. Borrow money, often when it is not a good time astrologically. Listen to other people and their ideas, but never do they think to consult a good clairvoyant channel. If the channel is qualified and has the right intention, then the channel will instruct you on where the blocks are which are stopping or delaying your success. They will give you information on how to change the negative situation into a positive one. Also they will give you advice for the future whether it be in business life or not.

Each one of you is here to learn, to let go of old patterns from other incarnations. Sometimes those patterns involve your life of business. Humanity never thinks to consult a channel until usually it is too late and much damage has been done. Then and only then, when basically a miracle is required, do they think that, and when the miracle is not forthcoming, they accuse God, the spiritual realms, or anyone else but themselves for the problem. It cannot be them! Yet, it always is them, and they should have sought help a long time ago. If your life is in disorder, and your life is not working for you, there is obviously a block somewhere. Before it is too late, do something about it. Do not leave it. It may be you have left it too late.

Late in the year 2003, I persuaded my channel to write down her experiences over many years of various encounters she has had with her clients, I felt it would make good reading for those who are interested in different phenomena. I am pleased to announce, she took my advice and self-published her book “Stories Along The Way”. This book is now available on the web site and I do hope you will consider purchasing it. For your purchase will aid my work and also educate you in the process.

Having helped her to write it, I feel I played a minor role in its publication. Of course I suggested the stories, as well as putting a lot of energy into the book. So I am sure those of you who purchase it will have a really good read. My channel has now written 3 books, and the third one is being processed for publication later in the year.


Is being a vegetarian required?

Message from Maitreya:

I am so often asked if one has to be a vegetarian, or if one has to discipline the body to become spiritual.

So many people believe to become spiritual one must become a vegetarian. This can help development, there is no doubt, for meat is a grounding energy, as is fish, and omitting these from the diet can help to raise the vibration. However, some people need to eat meat. They can do their body great harm by not eating meat or fish.

Many souls have denied themselves these foods yet have not worked on the inner being. Many do not know what they are here to do in their lives, and what spiritual path they are to take. Also what they are to do again because it was not done in a past life. They think denying themselves of meat and fish will assist them, and it will, but only if the inner part of them, the soul is also treated.

How can one do this? One learns about the Self and Higher Self. One of the great spiritual teachers, the prophet Jesus said “Go within, all is within” the secret to who you are lies within you. Deep within the subconscious. It is here you need to look, at what is hidden deep in this area. All of your past life fear, doubt, insecurity, emotional energy which has not been used is hidden here.

It is this you need to examine, not what you eat!

Many of you do not partake of meat or fish because of the way the animal is killed, yet in the beginning of the Earth plane, the Buffalo and the Deer came to be killed, to become food. The Red Indian knew this and gave thanks to the animal for providing food. I know with many of you this is a very controversial subject! But there are many of you out there who are actually craving meat or fish! I know you are because the Ultimate Being knows what is in every persons heart! You are spending so much time worrying about what you eat, you have no energy left to deal with the inner turmoil deep within your soul!

Let me tell you something! When you start to deal with what is deep within you, gradually you find more and more peace! As you do this, the body begins to respond to the Higher Self, and this energy will begin to dictate what you need and what you do not need. You will resonate with what it tells you. You will no longer have the cravings you used to have, for they are connected to the emotional part of you. As you raise the vibration, deal with your blocks, release them, you lose more and more of the emotional body! Your Higher Self then has control. You will feel so different when this occurs.

I do not mean for you to eat or partake of meat or fish if you do not wish too. However, it is not necessary for spiritual growth, what is necessary is going deep within your soul and dealing with the issues there. If you are a vegetarian and you find yourself fighting the need for meat or fish, then you are in conflict with yourself. You cannot help yourself spiritually if you are in conflict.

Look within, deep within for there is the key to your enlightenment, not the food you eat!