Comments on Astrology

Message from Maitreya:

I recently received an inquiry about astrology, the question was “I know you guys believe in Astrology, and I know you want to have people love themselves, but astrology can sometimes make you not love yourself because of some of the negative things it tells you about yourself.” What would Maitreya say about that? How can I love myself, for example, if I have a grand square in my chart, which would be a cause criminal activity”?

My comment on this is simple. You have the choice in your natal chart to do or not to do what the tendency is you have chosen. In everyone’s life plan there is good and bad as you call it on the Earth plane. YOU carry over unfinished business from other incarnations, YOU chose to learn from as you call them “negative” experiences. Sometimes it is the only way the soul learns and can grow and move away from the past life trends.

Your astrological chart is a blue print of what you have come to the Earth plane to deal with. What you have carried over from past incarnations. Where you are going to in this incarnation and what you have done in the past. YOU and YOU ALONE, choose your life path, nobody else. If you do not love yourself, then it is the Self which is in control because the Higher Self loves itself and loves all humanity!

The Higher Self even loves the man/woman in prison because it knows the reason behind it, and it does not judge!. Your incarnation is for you to change your behavior from the past, and grow and expand in consciousness. However, so many souls spend their lives living in what is termed the “negative” they never get to experience their own talent, goodness, and the positive. They live life hating themselves. That is my comment. It is the Self who hates, feels sorry for itself, does not want change etc., the Higher Self would not waste energy on such trivialities.


Say one good thing

Message from Maitreya:

Try if you can each day to say one good thing to another person.

Perhaps you may comment on how good their dress looks, or how good they look that day. See the faces of these people who you compliment light up and shine! You will find also as you say the words, you yourself feel better inside also. Just saying those few words can raise the vibration of the energy around you. You will feel it also!

Just imagine if you said something nice to everyone in a room, how good this would be for energy. Of course, it would look contrived if you did this, but it does no harm to make comment in a positive way about someone or something.

Often the person may make a negative remark to your comment. For instance you could say “you are very lovely today, your dress looks wonderful” and the person will reply with, “I am feeling terrible, and this is an old dress” but again you state, “well you certainly look good and that dress suits you”. The more you say it, the more it changes the energy of the person. Usually after saying it twice, the energy starts to change. Try it and you will see.

Who around you is always negative? Try saying something positive to them. Their reaction will be to be negative back, but re-affirm yours statement and it will make them think, some will even thank you. A few words each day are nothing to you, and when you say the words it makes you feel good also. The more you can do this, the more people do it, the more the world can change!


I often have doubts

I often have very grave doubts about whether I should write my newsletters.

I had a very serious concern about the very last one I wrote. However, I believe people are interested in how I feel and what I experience as a channel for the Master. Really I should not have been concerned! The email that I got back from people who said “thank you” I am not alone in the way I feel, was heartwarming, and it made me realize I was not alone either in my feelings.

Being a channel is a wonderful experience, BUT it is not easy being a channel and living on the Earth plane. Probably one of the worst things about doing this is, one is always “away with the fairies” not there so to speak. Often people speak to me and I am not there. Yes I am and I am not, it is a strange feeling, and one many people do not understand.

I remember one newsletter where someone wrote and said one should not talk about my family! Yet again, many people do enjoy reading about them. My Daughter is incredibly talented, who is extremely psychic, yet she chooses not to use it and instead has gone into child care. My son is a wonderful healer but who also chooses another career. And yes I am sure many of you also have that same situation. When one is spiritual and one has found some sort of peace, one wants to tell everyone, more than ever, to tell family and have them change. Yet unless they are on the right vibration, they cannot do this. It is like pushing mud uphill! The hardest thing for me is seeing my children with their gifts and not being able to do anything about it! Peter has the same situation. For both of us, we have learnt to live in the NOW. Not to be concerned about anything but this moment. By doing this, we live in THIS moment, in this minute. It is not hard to do when you let go of all concerns and worries. What does worrying do anyway? You cannot change what has happened, you can only change the future, so that the same mistakes do not happen again.

Look at the word mistakes. It is miss takes. Just like a movie when miss takes are discarded. Discard your mistakes to the rubbish bin. We only learn through making them! However, we should not beat ourselves up about them. Let them go and change the pattern and you change the future! In time, you will get better and better at letting go.

Margaret B.

Why I cannot intervene in wars

Message from Maitreya:

I am often asked, “why can’t you intervene in the wars and carnage on the Earth plane”? “Why can’t you wave a wand and change things”?

Believe me, I often wish I could. However, the structure of the Earth plane and the energy prevent me from doing so. It is impossible for me first of all to come into the physical realms. This is why I need channels to work through. My only regret about having channels is, many of the channels see me as they have read about me in past literature or as a “Jesus” type figure. I am nothing like it.

Many channels also make my words and instructions sound like biblical quotes or take them beyond what I have said. For instance many channels start their talks and writings with “My beloved”. I can assure you, in the world of spirit, we do not communicate this way, and we never have done.

Although, through some channels my energy is very powerful, it depends at what stage of vibration the channel is working from, as to the effect of that energy. Yes, the Masters do work through those on a lower vibration. Why should we not? We will work with anyone if they will allow us to do so.

Once we begin to work with them, they cannot avoid raising their vibration. I am thankful to Margaret and Peter who through the two of them, have seen through the illusion of what a Master should be, and allow me to express myself the way I am. They do not embellish my words in any way. I can hear you now asking, “but how can I work with you”? You can work with me, but in order to do so it is necessary for you to let go of your pre-conceived ideas of who and what the Masters are and allow us to come through and channel in our true energy, not the way you THINK it should be done.

We are not deities either, and are not to be placed on pedestals. We are no more than you are, as you would say on the Earth plane. Yes, we have earned the promotion and are now high up on the corporate ladder! It may surprise you to know that we make mistakes in the spiritual planes as well. Sometimes, we miscalculate our timing. We are not perfect either. There is one joint goal in the “Halls of the Masters” and it is to make the Earth plane as it is in spirit, a joyful, happy place where ego no longer exists. A place where everyone can realize their talent and potential and where poverty, doubt, fear, lack is no longer present.

This process will take much Earth time, as we cannot wave a magic wand to make this happen. It happens on an individual level, one by one, each person on the Earth plane changing their views. It is happening, slowly, but it is happening.

As each Earth year passes, more and more people on the Earth plane desire change. You can instigate that change also by talking to people about the spiritual. Point out to them it is not about religion or holiness. Being spiritual means being absolutely true to one’s Higher Self, and recognizing the Self. When that is done, their thoughts and ideas will change, and then and only then will the Earth plane move towards a better way. It is already happening, and it will continue to do so. We have a mission and with our Earthly channels, and will instigate and fulfill that mission. We hope you are a part of that work.


It is difficult in many ways

One of the things I find the hardest to do is to be who I am and to be friends with people. I recently came to the realization that I cannot do this. Having the knowledge I have makes it very difficult for me to become personally friendly with anyone. The normal person I am, Margaret, longs to be friends, and loves having them, but the spiritual part of me, the channel, can see ALL that is blocked within the people I meet, hence comes a problem.

Does one tell a friend what one see’s, and is the friend ready to hear it?

A friend once told me she had been told her husband he was going to die, by a clairvoyant. At this time, she was not happy in her relationship and wanted out. I ‘tuned’ into the situation and saw that it was not necessary for him to die, it did not have to happen and I told her this. She was concerned about his insurance, and considered cancelling it if he was going to live. I had such a strong feeling he was not meant to die. A year later, he died! Thankfully, she did not cancel his insurance and so did not suffer financially but it devastated me.

I went through deep self persecution. I was fortunate I could talk to the Master who told me the husband had a choice to make. He made the choice he did, because he knew changes were coming in that relationship. Feeling the changes coming frightened him. I personally took a long time to get over it despite the Masters words of comfort. It made me close off from everyone whom I was close to for awhile. I did not want to go through the same thing again.

It is wonderful being a channel for spirit, when I am doing their work I am exalted to the highest levels. The down side is one has to be very detached in relationships and friendships. It is very hard to do believe me. Spiritual work is so rewarding, but one has to detach in every way from those around you and it can lead to a very lonely life. It is VERY hard when one can see where others are blocking themselves, even harder when they ask for assistance with this and then resist the advice. This happens to me a lot. It leads one to desire being alone and not having to bother with people despite enjoying their friendship.

Another misconception is that many people think because I channel the Master, I am special myself, I am not. I just consider myself ordinary. Yes, I channel the Master, but so what. I am nobody special or different, yet so many people when they meet me are either in awe of me or are frightened of me. Thankfully, I have found peace in all this turmoil and never thought that I, a Libran who loves to be with people, would enjoy and relish a life of solitude.

My new year resolution in 2004 is to detach from those around me who have problems, and even when asked for advice, to send them to someone else. That way, I keep my friends and if they do not like that, it is THEIR problem. It sounds a terrible thing, but it is the only way I can find peace in the situation. I have a feeling it will work and they will understand.

Margaret B.