Don’t give energy to things

It never ceases to amaze me how God works! Although Peter and I do not celebrate Christmas, my family do. This year my son announced he was coming to spend Christmas with us on the mountain with his wife and baby. I was thrilled of course to have my grandson in my home for the first time. Then my daughter asked if she could come also, I was going to ask her but she got in to ask before I offered. Shortly after this, my daughter in law called and asked could she invite her mother and brother, I realized it was becoming a little party! I have not catered for a family Christmas in over 17 years, and so this year I decided to do some baking for Christmas; Christmas cake, mince pies, and Australia’s favorite dessert, Pavlova.

I started on the Christmas cake and had a wonderful time mixing all the ingredients and making the cake. Afterwards, the kitchen looked as if a bomb had hit it, but the cakes (I made two of them) smelled lovely as they slowly cooked. Although I have a dishwasher in the kitchen, I chose to wash the dishes by hand. I always rinse my dishes after washing them and for some reason one of the bowls I was using tipped over and spilt water all over the bench, under the electric kettle and other appliances. I was not happy, as there was a lot of water! As I was cleaning up with kitchen towel, I suddenly noticed the electric kettle was covered in cake mix. So were some other appliances and when I looked closely, it was also up the tiles of the wall. Had I not spilled the water, I doubt if I would have seen it, one needed to get up close to see it. From a disaster, came a blessing!

It made me ponder on all the times things happen to us and we curse and get angry. When often it can be a blessing in disguise. As one raises ones vibration, you become aware of how useless it is to worry, fret, get upset and get angry over mundane things. If one gives no energy to an issue, it cannot go anywhere, because it needs energy to fuel it! It is not an easy thing to do letting go of all those things, but it can be done with a Masters help. When we let go of the mundane, we can then see the real truth and this allows us to help ourselves far more than we have ever been able to do.

The cakes came out of the oven very delicious, and I made a note NOT to react again when I spill water!

Margaret B.

See yourself as we see you

Message from Maitreya:

If only you could see yourself as we see you. We can see the beautiful energy which is in each and everyone of you. We can see the potential and talent which is available to you when fear and doubt and lack of confidence are no longer there. Each one of you is a spark of God, a piece of the huge energy which is God/Divine Spirit/Ultimate Being. Just imagine if all of those pieces were to shine brightly around the Earth plane, how wonderful the world would be. Your Self stops you from seeing all that we see. It keeps you in the darkness of its negativity because it fears change and does not want to move out of its comfort zone.

The beauty of your energy when it is used in a positive way can change the world. You can make such a difference to the state of the world and the way it is presently. I can hear your words “But how can I, on my own make change”. There was once a woman called Margaret, she was alone, she too had fear, doubt, lack of confidence, self esteem, she saw herself as a nobody. The desire in her to serve God and spirit was so great it overcame the Self and started her on her path. She had to fight many demons inside of her along the way, but she helped me to create this web site, as did her husband Peter. They were just ordinary people, but they both had a vision of working with the Masters, with God. Of changing the energy of the Earth plane. The rest as you say on this Earth plane, is history. This web site now reaches an incredible amount of souls on the Earth plane and more join them every Earth day.

Try to see your own light shining brightly, try to see the potential you have. If all of you stood together with your light, the dark side, the negative group consciousness would not stand a chance. Ask yourself, how can I serve spirit and the Masters? Then, when the ideas come, actually put them into action instead of promising “one day” “next week” “soon”. Let your light shine brightly, you may start with a small spark, but it is enough, for the spark like a flame of fire, will soon spread and get larger.

The more you do, the bigger it will get. Why waste time, start today!


Master’s Course

I have been teaching the Masters course now for 7 years. It has been one of the most successful courses I have ever done, but then it was given by spirit and they always know what they are doing.

The Master always tells students on each course that if they wish, they can teach the course in their home country or state. In fact he always hopes they will. Over the years of teaching though, very few people have chosen to do this. In the early years of the web site, we did have a list on the web site, of people who had done the course in the USA, but for some reason everyone wanted me to teach, and when I went to the USA it seemed the right thing to do. I no longer visit the USA, so students if they want teaching, have to come to Australia. Very few of the students in the USA keep in touch anymore. Many have their careers and are not interested or do not have the time to teaching. I must admit I do become frustrated sometimes when I can see the potential of a person as a teacher, but they do nothing with it.

Because I am no longer travelling to the USA, we are putting on the web page, a list of people around the world and in the USA who are teaching. We have a student in the UK who is starting her classes in January, and another one in the USA. I am in the process of contacting all those who have studied with me and asking them if they would like to do some teaching and if so, we will put their names on the web site also.

Recently one of my students from the USA, came to do the beginners course and then the advanced course. She has returned home eager to teach what she has learned on the course. If anyone reading this web site, lives near to her and would like to have some inexpensive classes with her, please contact Yi. She lives in West Chester, PA 19380, USA and her email address is: Very soon, we will have a list of people on the web site who will be available to teach also.

Please keep checking the site to see if there is someone in your area! At this time of the year I would like to thank all of you who have viewed the web site this year. Also, those of you who have helped us to stay financial by ordering readings, charts and doing courses. Without you, we would not have a web site. We receive very few donations, so your requests for our services mean we can keep the web site going. Thank you to all of you who did so. Peter and I hope you will have a wonderful holiday season.

Margaret B.

Spiritual Development

Message from Maitreya:

One of the subjects raised often by students and by viewers to this web site is the subject of spiritual development.

Many souls imagine or vision immediate change once they are in the presence of myself or other Masters. Although this can happen, it is dependent on how much work you have already done on yourself. It often takes many Earth years of work on oneself before change can take place.

Over many incarnations because of fear, doubt, and many other negative emotions humanity has often not dealt with issues created by the Self. (Ego) These issues stay in the soul memory, eventually coming out into the mental (thinking) memory, waiting to be dealt with. Often, the Universe will create the exact same situation again to enable you to deal with this and let it go. Usually because of fear, this is not done. When a soul is in the presence of a Master through a channel, the energy of the Master can then penetrate the soul of that person and start the process of healing.

Those who channel Masters often take on the negativity of those who they are dealing with. Many have called this Stigmata. Often, the Masters channel will become a surrogate for the person seeking help because they cannot release their own emotions. So that channel becomes a surrogate and releases this energy for them through the etheric body. However, even after this has been done, the cork has only been pulled out of the bottle, and then, like with the Earth drink Champagne, the bubbles have to come to the surface and come out.

The bubbles being the negative blocks embedded in the soul memory. Think about how many times you have wanted to speak to someone about something bothering you and then realized how many times you did not say it. This thought becomes an energy once it is created, and if it is not spoken, will stay inside like a bubble waiting to emerge, but unable to do so because you will not allow it.

However it does not leave the soul memory, and eventually creates a block in the throat chakra of the person who had the original thought. If not dealt with in that incarnation, it carries through to the next one, and the next if not dealt with then, and so on. Often souls ask for a Masters intervention to help them release the energy in their next incarnation and it is those souls whom we teach on the Masters courses. However, it is just the beginning.

After, we have done our work, YOU have to do yours. You have to face the Self and do battle with the Self. Many fall by the wayside because they cannot fight, but some do face their fear, their negative emotions and it is those who go further, onwards and upwards until they do not have anything else to deal with.

Their soul memory is empty! Each one of you has the chance to do this, for each one of you reading this, has asked the Masters for their help in your evolution as a soul. It is why this web site was created, as a guiding light to all of you seeking assistance. The reward for all of the hard work involved is priceless. It is there waiting for each and every one of you. However, it takes one key ingredient, YOU!


What would the Master say to leaders of the World?

Message from Maitreya:

I have been asked since 9/11 and especially since the Iraqi war, what Maitreya would say today to the leaders of the world. Here is his reply: Margaret B.

“You cannot gain peace in the world without understanding the spiritual part of you. You may say “I am a Christian, Jew, Moslem, Hindu, Buddhist, but you do not understand your spiritual purpose in the World.

Peace will not come through the killing of others. It will not come even through discussion around tables. It will come when the whole of humanity can understand the spiritual part of themselves and put that into being.

It is not about who is right or wrong either. All humanity has to learn to tolerate each other no matter what their creed, color or belief system. Humanity has to understand that land is not for owning but for using while you are on this Earth plane for the betterment of humanity. Nobody owns anything, no race of people own anything. It all belongs to the energy known by many as God. Divine Being, Allah, Ultimate Being etc. You come into this world with nothing, you leave with nothing. What you are given on the path of your life, is what that energy gives you to help you learn what is necessary for your spiritual growth. You can ask, how can you do this, how can everyone in the World be at peace?

It will take Earth time yes, but eventually, with the raising of the consciousness of humanity, the Earth plane has the ability to change and to change for the good. More and more of humanity is saying. “We have had enough of fighting, war, strife, death, genocide.” Why do you not listen to them? Recently there have been huge demonstrations in capital cities about this, but did the politicians listen? No, they did not, they went ahead with their plans, despite a huge swelling of disagreement. In order to change the world, humanity has to change itself, and it will not do it the way it is doing it to date”!