What is Love?

Message from Maitreya:

What is love? Many people believe love is passion, romance and intensity. It can be this. It can also be the desire to be with someone, to share their energy, and to help them in any way you can.

Love cannot be defined, it just is!

It is not however an energy which commands or controls, if one loves another, one should be able to understand the differences in your relationship, whether that be as a couple or in a family. You are all, each of you a unique individual. Completely different from each other. Even those born in multiple births have different personalities.

Love cannot be manipulated. As soon as manipulation begins, the true energy of love starts to dissolve. Much of which is involved in love is connected to past incarnations. If one has been rejected in a past incarnation, and the energy of rejection has not been dealt with, it will leave the soul with a memory in this incarnation, which will make it insecure in relationships. Love cannot work that way.

When one loves someone, one does not dictate, but allows the freedom of speech and action. One has no fear of the other leaving. On a soul becoming ill, love comes into play with the care and concern of that individual.

Love is never angry!

Love is unselfish. It will cancel an engagement because it cares and is concerned at the welfare of another. Love will sit in a hospital waiting room for as long as it takes for the person to be attended to, and then will sit by the bed in the hospital for as long as required.

Love is a smile. A smile with the right energy, one can say, “I love you”. More than anything, each soul has love inside of them, but many never use it!


Reflections while in Sydney

What a time it has been! Yet have come alive with the energy of being busy. Our two shows in Sydney were very successful. The Masters energy was with me all the time. One or two people came with the expectation of seeing the Master channel through me in deep trance, but the show was not like that, it was more of an entertainment.

I learned much from the experience and know that whatever happens in the future, the first two shows are over. Surprisingly fear did not bother me at all with the shows, and was able to take advice without taking it personally. Something I had done all of my life, coming out of the experience much wiser and looking forward to doing more public work. Really it is hard to believe I have come so far. From the frightened individual in my early years, to a confident and experienced metaphysical teacher/healer and clairvoyant now.

While in Sydney I sat thinking of the journey which took me to this point of my life; of the times I wanted to give up. To the times I hated Peter, (yes folks, hated Peter!) for mirroring for me all that I refused to face myself. Yet somehow I kept going through all these trials. At times the road seemed so long and arduous so treacherous. Sometimes it felt as if I were treading uphill in thick mud. Yet all the while, there was an inner voice prompting me to keep on going.

Many of you reading this have a similar destiny. To do something with your lives on a spiritual level. You may be at a time when you read this where you wonder if you will ever get there? can I assure you, that you will, if you just keep pushing forward. Allow yourself to be upset and to be negative at times, it is normal. Without these negative times, the Higher Self cannot become stronger. Yes there is still a long way to go, I am still learning and will do so until the day I die. However, most of the hard work has been done, and the rewards are here now. It is a great feeling to succeed and you can make it too!

Margaret B.

It does not matter who you are!

Message from Maitreya:

There is no status in spiritual realms. It does not matter who you are, or what you have done, each soul on passing into the spiritual realms has to go through the same ritual. That ritual is to be welcomed back home, to rest after life’s journey, and to then “face the hall of mirrors”.

Many souls are of the belief that because they have done good in this incarnation, or given money to good causes, it will pave an easy path for them in the spiritual realms. Yet, no soul is given preference or status. Each soul is treated the same, the murderer and the king! They both stand side by side, waiting to return home. Yes, it may seem very strange, but that is the way it is. All souls chose their own way of learning their life lessons, and all at the end of their life, stand side by side, no different, to each other. All souls who have achieved their destiny and who are ready to return home.

However, the level of vibration you have achieved on the Earth plane is very important to you. The higher you have raised your vibration, the easier it is to adjust to the world of the spiritual realms, and return home. For those who have lived the illusion their entire lives, they find it very hard to let go of that illusion. Because of the close proximity of the spiritual realms and the return ‘home’ from the Earth plane, many souls find it hard to believe they have actually died. For many souls the illusion still exists and it takes some while before the illusion wears off, and the truth is finally revealed.

The spiritual world when you pass over, is so like the Earth plane! It is the true world of illusion on a higher level. Whatever you believed on the Earth plane about life when you die becomes a reality. If you believe there is a man sitting at a gate, waiting to judge you, it is so. If you believe in the devil and have such fear of this, it becomes what you see on your passing over. If you believe there is no life after death, then the shock for you is even greater. These souls cannot believe they ARE dead, and for them the passing over is even harder. There are a team of many, many souls, who work in this area, who are there to help those that passover to our side. They are loving souls who only have compassion and love, and who very gently assist these people to let go of the belief which has permeated their soul memory, their spiritual consciousness. Only when one has faced the Hall of mirrors, can one finally move into the higher realms of dimension where there is only awareness and where all illusion is gone. It is truly a wonderful place.


Comments about other Souls

Message from Maitreya:

How critical are you? Are you one of those souls who constantly criticizes another? Do you feel that you are the only one who has the answers? What about being jealous of another, angry at someone, frustrated with your life, or the actions of others? You cannot move forward spiritually until you can clear all of these situations from your energy. It is not hard to do once you set your mind to deal with one situation at a time. So many souls try to do it all at the same time, but progress comes slowly by dealing with one situation at a time.

A true Master does not make comment about another soul. They understand this is their karma/lesson/state of being at that time. The true Master concentrates on his/her own imperfections and works on themselves before even attempting to work with anyone else. How many hours in the day are you unhappy? Do you know you are not destined to be unhappy? YOU are the creator of your own reality, your life is an illusion but the Self will not allow you to see this. You are an actor on a stage, and every soul who comes into your life is an actor in your play. As you raise your vibration you become more aware of the illusion, with the awareness of this comes the ability to let go of that illusion.

You ask me many times “How can I raise my vibration?” and I say to you, concentrate on your own life plan, your own lessons and faults which many times have been carried over from past incarnations. When you can do this you can begin to move forward and become the soul you are meant to be and to live the life you are destined to do so.