Having fun and enjoying life

Message from Maitreya:

So many souls who work for us on the Earth plane believe they have to work and not take time out for play and enjoyment. They believe we the Masters will not be pleased with them should they not do this, but there must be a balance in the life. In order to be in balance, one must have work and play.

Another misconception is the belief we in spirit do not have fun, if only they knew! If you have envisaged us as sitting on clouds with wings, or anything which resembles that, you are in for a big shock when you leave the Earth plane and return home. We have so much fun! It is you on the Earth plane who are sour and do not know how to enjoy life. This is usually because of your conditioning, religion, faith, or the belief that in being spiritual one should not have fun!

I wish you could see us in the spirit world. The gatherings we have, the fun we have and the much laughing we do. Although our existence is different to yours on Earth, because we have no Self in the world of spirit, we certainly do not sit in the spirit world being religious and holy – how boring! We do though work hard for the Ultimate Being (God as you know this energy). However, we also take the opportunity to have fun as often as we can.

So many souls try so hard to be ‘spiritual’ denying themselves pleasure and fun. This is how it has been portrayed in the past aeons of time on Earth. Being spiritual is not about being holy, religious and denying oneself. It is about going within and truly looking at oneself. Being true to oneself and making the changes necessary to have a happy and contented life, the life YOU want. Along the way, much change takes place and yes, one has to let go of the comfort zone and many other things. However, one still has the energy to enjoy life and have fun. You are the creator of your own reality! If you are one of the workaholic souls reading this, take some time out to play and have fun. Believe me, if you do, you will get more work done in a more relaxed frame of mind. You will be less stressed and happier. Why not give it a try?


The School

I have quite a few email regarding the school from people asking “what it is like”. The most common comment on the school and the retail gallery is the energy in the school. So many people who visit us, comment on the energy which if one can feel it, can be felt as soon as one walks through the door! It is just a house which has been turned into a residential school. There are two bedrooms, a very large one, and a small one. Accommodation is also provided in a very luxurious caravan outside the school, only a few feet away. When we bought the house originally it was dark and forbidding. The most of the carpet throughout the house was soaked in cat urine. In fact the first time we went to buy the house we could not stay in the house because of the smell!

On our second visit, despite the darkness around the school from shade cloth and tree’s, we could see the potential. Brigitte and Fortunat who have a massage business and run the gallery came from Perth, W.A. They helped with the renovations and work which needed to be done, and along with Peter. It was hard work. I was banned from the school until the work was completed! I am not surprised because there was so much work, and I would have interfered with it. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist!

We opened in November 2002, and although the gallery took some time to establish, it is becoming a very sought after visit by those who come to the mountain from overseas and all around Australia. The back garden has been transformed into a beautiful place of rest and beauty with a fountain which provides the sound of running water to all who spend time at the school. Recently, we landscaped the front garden similar to the back, and again have a fountain in front of the front door, which is an Angel inside two large bowls. Installing the fountain with Peter, Fortunat injured his finger quite badly and had to have stitches. The nurse at the surgery asked him how he did it, and had quite a laugh when Fortunat said “Well, I was holding an Angel!”. It was quite funny.

Our next venture is the provision of a large recreation and social area at the back of the school. We have just purchased a large garage to replace the very old dilapidated one we have. However, that will not be wasted, as the roof will stay. This will be reinforced with timber, and a new retaining wall built. This will then become the barbecue area which will be used by students at the end of the courses. At present we have to go for coffee up the road, but once the area is completed with outdoor furniture and a cover in the style of a sail erected over the area, it will become a wonderful place to switch off and enjoy some recreation time at the end of courses.

Earlier this year, we signed a contract to buy land which is available at the side and back of the school. It is only a one quarter acre piece of land, split into two pieces, one at the back and one at the side, but it is planned once it has got its title (we are waiting on that, and it should be settled before the end of October) to build an audio/visual studio next door to the school so we can do more audio visual work with the Master, for the web site and for private sale. We also intend to build Yurts (nine sided houses for accommodation) at the back of the school, we have room for two of them. The final part of the plan is to build an extension on the school, to go up and build another four rooms, one as a large lounge/kitchenette for students, one as a reading/meditation room, and two as extra bedrooms.

Twenty years ago I had a vision of what I would like to do for spirit. Today, I am on my way to fulfilling that dream. As I go public, I know the school will become even more sought after. It is wonderful to know the school will be there for those people who want to visit.

If you have a dream, never give up on that dream, it can come true, believe me, it did for me. I hope one day, many of you who visit the Masters web site, will also be able to visit the school.

Margaret B.

You are never alone!

Message from Maitreya:

Do you realize you are never alone? From the moment you are born, you have a host of souls in spirit who watch over you and assist you in your daily life. These souls speak to you through your intuition, but often you do not hear them because you doubt that intuition. How many times have you heard a voice, or had a feeling about something, and not followed it, but it has turned out to be correct? I know this will resonate with many of you reading this newsletter. Not only do you have a Guardian spirit who is with you from birth, but you also have many other souls who also help you in your life. Many people know these souls as angels, and they are angels, they are very special souls who choose to work with you. It can be very arduous work for them. Many times because of your negativity and negative energy, they have to withdraw and have a rest, the Earth plane energy is very hard for them to bear.

You are never alone, NEVER! If only you would trust your ‘feeling and knowing’ you would be able to work with them a lot better. The Self though is constantly working to confuse you, it will tell you it is your imagination, or it is not possible such a thing could happen. Often one can fear one’s intuition in case one receives a message about death or illness. You only have to tell your Guardian you do not want this kind of message and you will not have it again. Try to listen to the inner voice, do not have fear about it. Tell your Guardian you wish to have clearer messages and you WILL listen more, and be amazed at what you receive.


Working for the Masters

So many people assume that because I work with Maitreya, I have easy access to answers in my own life. If only that were true. Just because I work with the Master does not mean I get an open door to him, I am a servant, working with him, and like everyone else, I have to fulfill my destiny.

If it means I have to go without important information, then so be it. An example of this is in the fact I am searching for my daughter I gave away for adoption in 1968. I have finally had to employ an American company to search for her. As she was born in England, the search is made harder by Government legislation which can make it quite hard to locate anyone.

Peter said to me “Can’t the Master help you to find her”? I did wonder about this, but got the strong impression I have lessons to learn from this, and although he may want to help me, he cannot, because of what I have to learn.

Anyone who works with a Master becomes a servant of the Master. Many people think it quite ‘glamorous’ or ‘special’ to be working with a Master, believe me, it is hard work, and one has to be free of all ego before they will allow us to go with them and fulfill the destiny of working with them. Letting go of the ego is a huge battle, and many people do not realize how hard a battle it is. My most common statement from students of the Masters course, is “I never realized dealing with the Self was so hard”.

Of course there are many blessings working with the Masters, the chance to grow spiritually, to raise ones vibration, and of course to leave the Earth plane after this incarnation. That alone is worth more than anything money can buy. Spiritual development has been so glamorized. I remember one student coming to do the course who thought after the course he was going to be raised to a very high consciousness. When he realized he had a lot of work to do on himself, and it was not as easy as he thought it was, he got quite a shock!

If you are wanting to work for spirit, first of all you have to show faith! First and foremost it is the most important requisite before they will work with you. Second is to get rid of the assumption you will:-

(a) Get the Lottery numbers.
(b) Have all the answers to everything.
(c) Be someone special now and when you pass over to spirit.

Believe me, you will stand in line like everyone else! You get no special treatment when you pass over, you have done a job, but so also have thousands of others who also work for spirit. The reward comes in raising ones vibration, but even then, when one does that, one becomes different to everyone else. The higher you raise the vibration the more you can see through the illusion. That in itself brings problems because one has to adjust to that state of being, and it means often that life as you know it, changes, and it changes you also. I am not surprised, hardly any books have been written about spiritual development. If they had been, there would not be many recruits.

There is no easy way to work with the Masters, one needs sacrifice. Hard work is the order of the day, and one has to be able to take orders. There can, as the Master has said many times to me, only be one boss!

The blessings of working for the Masters is an eventual inner peace which is so beautiful, one wonders why not many other people have got it, and the knowing that at the end of this incarnation, one is out of the Earth plane. What a beautiful thought!

Margaret B.

Your path, lessons, and work for this life

Message from Maitreya:

If one is serious about spiritual development, one has to know who oneself is. For some time now I have wanted to have on this web site, astrological information so all souls can find out for themselves about their destiny and what they have chosen in this incarnation. What they are capable of doing with their lives. I am finally able to announce this information is now available. I made a request the information be not too expensive financially because I wanted everyone to be able to afford it. I am sure you will be pleased with the result.

If you have not had a look at your natal chart yet, then it might be an opportunity to do so. There may be parts of the information you personally may not agree with, but it does have contradictions, because humanity is a very contradictory people’s. Sometimes, one cannot see certain parts of your personality, but when others are asked? “am I stubborn” for instance, they can see it whereas you cannot. I do hope the work put into this page on the dot com site will be of benefit to you and you will take the opportunity to find out who you are and what you are capable of doing. Only by knowing this, can you move forward spiritually.