Soul Mates

Message from Maitreya:

There is an area of conjecture where students and those who view this web site have asked about soul mates. What are soul mates?

Soul mates are two souls who have very much in common. Often there can be a past life connection from another incarnation. And often they can be astrologically perfect. Sometimes they are not, but they blend very well together. They are souls who have come to the Earth plane to work in a special way together.

By together, they do not have to live together, be sexual partners, nor do they have to even live in the same city or country. They can live together, work together, or be married, it is up to the soul mates to choose their way of how they work together. The work they do with their other soul mate is usually of a special nature. Something which needs to be done. Very often for humanitarian reasons.

It is also possible to have more than one soul mate in an incarnation. Sometimes, the work with one soul mate is completed, as is a karmic tie. Then when that happens, one soul mate can move on, sometimes this is just by choice also. When this happens, in Earth time, another soul mate will come along, and another chapter of life unfolds.

These souls who choose to do this kind of work with a soul mate give up their freedom, free will, and work in service for humanity, to help the planet Earth in its involvement. They are very special souls, the work they do is not easy, nor is it easy working with a soul mate. One thinks because they are soul mates, they are blissfully happy, they are to a degree, but they are only together to do a job, when they return to spirit they will return alone and perhaps never see that soul again, most certainly not as a life partner.

It takes great courage to do that kind of work. Soul mates provide a special service and as such are connected very closely to we in the world of spirit.


Homeopathic Healing

Message from Maitreya:

I have been asked why I have included a Homeopathic practitioner on my web site. The often asked question is, why do this when you can heal? Yes I can heal, and many have received my energy and benefited from it, as the results on the web site show. However, there are certain conditions which have to do with healing, which need more than my healing. Do not get me wrong, my healing energy is still sent to the person, but if the problem is deep seated, then it needs more than just my energy to assist the removal of it.

The Homeopath I have chosen has studied under me for metaphysics, he is not only a Homeopath, but a true intuitive, open to the energy of the Masters. Just as we channel through Margaret to give her information for souls, so we can also channel through Ray. When an issue is deep seated it often takes more than just energy to remove it.

Another question I have been asked is “Why not use flower essences”? We can do this also, and one day will do so, but by working with Ray the Homeopath, we can give him the remedy we know will help. Sometimes, more than one remedy will be needed, or it may take a number of remedies to be given before the treatment is finished. That is why I have included an Homeopathic practitioner on this web site. Ray is not just an ordinary Homeopath, but a very special channel for spirit. I hope that when I recommend his services, you will take advantage of his expertise. Yes, it will cost you money, but a Laborer is worthy of his hire. You have no idea what you will get back. I can only make the suggestion, it is up to you to take advantage of the service provided.