Vibrational Medicine

Message from Maitreya:

Since my healing page has been on the web site, many of you have taken the opportunity to write to me and request healing either for yourself, or for others. The results from my healing energy have helped many of you. There are some of you however, who need more than my energy.

Physically, the body needs some kind of remedy to assist it become healthy after a period of disease or imbalance. In a few Earth weeks time, we will be providing on the web site, the services of a fully qualified Homeopath from New Zealand. His name is Ray Mansell, and Ray has the ability to be a very intuitive Homeopath. He is working with a Master, and also many souls with medical knowledge in the world of the spiritual. For those of you seeking my energy, it will still be there, however you will be able to seek further advice from Ray and if you wish it, a remedy will be sent to you wherever you live in the world. We know this service will be of immense value to all of you who need to use it. Eventually, we would like to have other vibrational medicine such as the Bach Flower Remedies, and other such vibrational medicines as well.

Edward Bach was a wonderful channel and worked closely with the Deva kingdom of the flowers and plants to proivde remedies to help spiritual imbalances. Since his discovery, many other forms of flower essence medicine have been created around the world. It is our intention in the not too distant Earth future, to incorporate these also. We have a graduate student who is being trained at the moment in the use of color therapy and vibrational medicine. When he is ready, he too will join the team on the web site.

Much is happening now, we hope that you will enjoy with we in spirit, the expansion of the web site.


My Public Work Starts

Message from Maitreya:

In October of this Earth year 2003, I will be starting my public work with Margaret.

The aim of this public work is to educate people on the Earth plane about we in the world of the spirit, and to teach humanity about metaphysics. For many years now, there have been many people doing this work before Margaret, many of them well known in spiritual circles. My work with Margaret will be to use my energy to transform those who come to see her. For you see, it will be she whom they will come to see, not me.

Why is this? Firstly, I am only the teacher, and secondly, who would come and see an entity from spirit? History has shown that when souls come through from spirit, it is only those in the spiritual area who want to meet them. My work is taking me not to the spiritual ones, but to the ordinary people in the street, those who have never been involved in spiritual matters, but who are keen to learn. With Margaret, I will be giving clairvoyant vision to people, reuniting souls with their loved ones in spirit and teaching about our world, the spiritual realms.

In order for her to do this, Margaret has had to go through much training, all ego had to be removed, and now she is ready to work with me in the public arena. My appearances will be through Margaret, who will transmit my energy for the healing and upliftment of those who come to see me. I will also channel through her and speak, but many will think it is she doing it.

How can I do this? Because Margaret and I are one energy, she has raised her vibration to blend her energy with mine, that is how.

Why have I chosen to start my public work on the club circuit in Australia? Because that is where people go to have fun and to escape from the drudgery of life. I am aiming to show them through Margaret the powers of the spiritual world, and also to help them lift themselves out of the illusion of poverty consciousness, low self esteem, lack of confidence, fear and doubt. When I have finished, they will hopefully leave uplifted and full of energy. I aim to show the world that being spiritual is not about being religious or holy, but being true to yourself, that is all. I have said for many Earth years that I will become public one day, and I in October I am fulfilling that prophecy.

The world cannot change unless humanity learns about the spiritual realms. I will be teaching them. Yes, there will be those who will not believe and say it cannot be proved, but there will be those who will believe, who will see with their own eyes and hear with their ears and feel the energy with their hearts.

There will be more for than against in the beginning and I will do the work in Australia. But as time passes, Margaret will travel overseas, further afield. My work has not even begun yet, but when it does, it will change many people’s lives and thoughts. The world is ready now to hear and see. I hope one day that you will be able to experience it too.


Death and Dying

The subject of death is very rarely discussed. However, I would like to throw some light on the subject. I recently received an email from a woman whose email reply would not go out. She wrote about the subject of death and how we leave the body when we die, especially if we are comatose. I thought it was necessary for everyone to know about this subject especially because in 1996 I had an experience with a woman who came for a reading in LA. I will refer to this woman from now on as “my reading” so that there is no confusion.

My reading had come for some general information about her future about her life on a spiritual level. She was a deeply spiritual woman, and a regular member of Agape church in LA. A church that I had visited and found a wonderful experience.

During the reading, I could feel a woman standing at the side of me, a usual indication that someone in the spiritual realm wishes to communicate. I tuned in and was told she was my readings mother. My reading told me her mother was still alive so how could she be in the spiritual realms. I then asked, was she adopted? She said no. Then given a whole swag of information about my reading and the birth of her child in hospital a few years previously. My reading looked shocked, she could identify with the information I was giving, it was absolutely correct. However, how could it be her mother she asked? Her mother was in a Chicago nursing home and had been there for over 5 years with Alzheimers disease. I knew then without a shadow of a doubt that the woman standing next to me was no longer in her body, and if she was, it was only spasmodically. I also knew she was well and happy where she was, because she had indicated that to me as she gave me information. It was a wonderful experience for me, and even more so for my reading.

Another often asked question by people I meet is ” do you leave the body before you die?” Yes you do, just before death the soul leaves. Many people in past life therapy have talked about seeing their head being chopped off. Or of leaving their body before an accident happened that caused death. You know I have a fascinating story I tell my students of an English hospital in the 1930′s, decided to weigh a comatose patient before death, which they did, and then weighed him as soon as he died. (I can only assume he had the permission of the family, or he was without family) The difference in weight was 7 grams metric. They then assumed that if there were a soul it weighed 7 grams!

I feel so blessed to have had all the experiences I have had. In the beginning I was in terrible fear of death. That fear has gone now. If you have any fear of death, let it go if you can. You never go to the spiritual world alone, someone always comes to take you, usually a family member you know, or a friend or associate. If you can let go of the fear, it is a wonderful experience.

Margaret B.

Repaying Karma

Message from Maitreya:

I was recently asked about the repayment of karma.

There is a law of the universe which states that what is given out is given back. Whether that is negative or positive. I use these Earth words because they are what humanity understand, what you give out will come back.

You can ask of yourself. “Why am I having such difficulty in this life, why is my life not going smoothly. Why do I have problems or keep facing the same situation in my life”? It can be for two reasons, one is that you have chosen to experience this as part of your learning. Yes, YOU chose it, nobody else. The second is because you have to learn because of karma. In a past incarnation, you created the situation you are in, for others. They perhaps suffered because of your actions, and now you are experiencing what it is like. Often, it is not pleasant. However, once you have learned what it is you need to learn, the karma is over.

I was asked recently, do I have to face my karma in person, and can this be paid off in another way? The answer to this is yes. Of course more is learned if the karma is paid back in person, but often this is not possible, perhaps because the other people involved chose not to be involved in the scenario.

Karma can be repaid in service to others, working to help others get ahead as in working for a charity which educates others. Karma can also be repaid in spiritual realms by helping in the Halls of learning, or in the reception areas where souls go when they come home. It is not widely known that karma can be repaid AFTER you pass into the spiritual realms. This can be requested, and achieved.

You chose the way you repay your karma, if and when you want to do this. All is choice. I hope this helps those of you who are confused on this subject.


Spiritual Development and the Master going public

I recently read a letter from a woman to the Master, bemoaning the fact that her spiritual development was taking her longer than she thought it should. I felt for this woman because I too, was of the same opinion many years ago. I remember in 1992 after I had been working for 7 years doing readings and healing, and just before the Master came into my life, being told by a reader whom I had gone to consult about my pending marriage breakup, “You will be a very spiritual woman once you have gone through your development”. To me, at that stage, I had gone through my development and was now ready for the next stage. Had I known it was to take another 7 years before I finally came through and was deemed worthy to work with the Master on a global level, I would have never continued on.

This year, 2003, on October 22nd in Sydney, Australia, the Master starts his public work. He has chosen to start his work in a club where people who are not spiritual can see the work of spirit by demonstration, but also where he can do some basic teaching. As he has said, he is now ready, and I am ready to work with him on this level.

When I think back 11 years to 1992, I cannot believe how ego based I was to believe I had finished my development. I was not to know that my husband Peter was going to be the catalyst for further development by mirroring for me all that I feared, and that he would also push me gently to a belief in myself as worthy of doing the work with the Master.

Looking back over the last 11 years, I wonder how I got through. Facing my fear was the hardest thing of all to do, and the fact that it was played out on public television made it worse. The changes which took place as I went up each step of vibration, I cannot describe, I can say one thing, they were not pleasant. They did however enable me to move forward spiritually very quickly.

I was originally of the opinion that spiritual development was a case of learning about spirit and reading a few books. How naive I was to think that. Spiritual development is about letting go of all fear, lack of confidence, putting a worth on yourself, believing in yourself, facing your karma, repaying your karma (which can sometimes be painful) until finally, there is nothing left of you but the Higher Self. When you get to that stage, it is the most beautiful moment in your life.

I tried to run away in the last seven years so many times; Peter came after me many times and took me back. Many times another friend would help him too, and always after each episode I would break down and cry and have a massive healing crisis. I honestly don’t know how I managed to get through. I did though, and now, through the courses and with the Master, I am able to help others.

I am still learning, even though I am now out of my training. I never stop learning. I also have to be careful that I do not slip back, because in the illusion of the Earth plane, it is so easy to do that.

I was asked a few days ago if I would change anything about my training? I said I would not. even though it was hard, and many times I wanted to run away and not face things. At times I even contemplated suicide, the Self would do anything not to lose control. I came through though, and now feel so proud of doing so. Not in an ego way, but I just feel complete now, as if I have achieved my destiny.

When I read the woman’s letter to the Master, it brought back so many memories of the last 7 years, and the hard road I travelled. I felt I wanted to write about my path, and one day I will finish my autobiography and people will be able to read about it in full. I don’t think this woman realizes that despite all the work she has done, there is still much ahead. It is so difficult trying to tell people this kind of thing. Like me, they have often been doing work on themselves for a long time. It is not for you to question either, you will know you have finished your development when you no longer have any opposition to what you do, and every thought you have manifests immediately. When life flows so easily for you, you cannot believe it, and where every day you get out of bed and love life and the world. Where you are one with God every moment, and all desires for the Earth plane material things is no longer there, but you know when you need something it will manifest. When nothing fazes you, or bothers you, and where you give nothing any energy, but just live in your own energy in the now. When each day is complete bliss. Oh yes, the reward at the end is incredible!

Margaret B.