Ascension and the Earth Plane

Message from Maitreya:

For so long spiritual souls on the Earth plane, have been awaiting for what is termed “Ascension”.

For many it has conjured up thoughts of being lifted up into spirit, taken away from the Earth plane on spaceships, or, finding oneself back in the world of spiritual world, never to return to the Earth plane again.

This is not how it will be!

The Ascension experience is about humanity raising its vibration, and being able to deal with the deep hidden energy which is buried within each soul. The Photon Belt energy is creating an incredible experience for all souls to deal with their deep subconscious energy, much of which is from previous lives on the Earth plane or incarnations.

Until this Earth time, humanity has found it hard to bring this subconscious energy to the surface and deal with it. However, in the last fifty Earth years, there has been an assault by those who are spiritual, channels, mediums, healers, and we in the spiritual world to raise the vibration of the Earth plane and assist humanity to start releasing this tension and negativity. It is becoming evident, humanity is bringing a lot of anger to the surface, and most people are experiencing tension and inner turmoil. Humanity is being forced in a way, to face the issues on a subconscious level which it has avoided for many incarnations.

The Christian community are expecting the Rapture which is another word for Ascension. Those of you who are experiencing emotions coming to the surface such as anger, fear, and personal lack of confidence, are facing issues from the deep subconscious. If you do not run away, you will move forward in vibration, and then, when the Earth plane makes Ascension, you will be able to move effortlessly with it.

In order for humanity to move forward to a higher vibration, all subconscious desires and emotions must be removed and dealt with. It is the Earth plane which will make Ascension eventually. That process is happening now, and when the Earth plane has made the Ascension, then humanity will also follow.



Message from Maitreya:

There has been much controversy in recent years in the subject of euthanasia – the taking of ones own life to end years of pain and suffering. This is indeed a controversial subject. I would like to express the views of we in the spiritual realms on this subject.

Each soul before it is born, chooses its life span and circumstances. When you are doing this, we ask you, “Do you think this situation could be too hard for you?” Most often the response is “No”. When you come to the Earth plane to begin your incarnation, it is only when you are enduring the situations you have chosen, that sometimes, it seems to much and you feel you have to return home. You may think your life is finished then, but it is not. Say for instance you have chosen to live a life of 85 years, and you return home by your own hand (suicide) at the age of 70 years of age. Of your outstanding contract you chose before you were born, you still have 15 Earth years of experience left. You will have to return to the Earth plane for that 15 years remaining. You will then return home and your contract is closed. YOU choose your circumstances, country of birth, parents, etc. we do nothing except advise you. You are the creator of every incarnation you have.

If you have ever wondered why souls come to the Earth plane and only live a short time, sometimes only days, it is because they are finishing off a life experience. When that life experience is finished, they then return home.

YOU make the choice of whether you stay or return home. You as I stated earlier, are the creator of your own reality. YOU ARE NOT PUNISHED BECAUSE YOU CHOOSE TO RETURN HOME EARLY! However, if for instance you choose to have cancer and die from this disease, by taking your life early, you will return to the earth plane for your time remaining. You still have to live the contract. However, just the people who are helping you experience this are changed, and perhaps the location. The lessons you have chosen and not fulfilled, still remain. Nobody should make comment because of YOUR choice.

Each one of you is born with free will, and can at any time exercise that free will. They do not have your pain, your lack of a reasonable standard of life, how can they know how you feel? Often when you do return early, we will point out to you that we did tell you this part of your life would be hard, but that is all we do, and we certainly do not judge you. After a short rest, then you return to finish that contract.

For those reading this who disagree with this, perhaps one day, you too will have cancer or a disease which causes great pain, and only then will you be able to understand the life of one who has chosen this as their life lessons. The Christian bible states, “Judge not lest ye be judged also.” Do not judge anyone, this is their choice!