The Spiritual Path is not what you think!

Message from Maitreya:

A student asked me what advise I would give to someone who is starting the spiritual path? I had no hesitation in telling her “It is not what you think it is”. Spiritual development is not an easy path to take. For when one embarks on this path, one begins to clear away sometimes centuries, as well as years of locked stale energy in this life, which has never been expressed. This energy is thought which has not manifested. Yet the energy was started with thought, but never spoken or acted upon. It stays within the body, and in the soul memory also. Everything one experiences in the physical, one also experiences and stores in the soul memory.

Releasing this energy is not an easy task, and many cannot deal with what they have to experience as they do this. The Self (Ego and logic from the left brain) also comes out fighting, as the Higher Self (Intuition and right brain) starts to come into being and become the dominant energy. An almighty battle is waged within as the Self fights for its very existence.

No, taking the spiritual path is not easy, and yet it can be done. My channel has done it, as has her husband Peter. Also many students who have been taught on the Masters courses since the courses inception. Taking the spiritual path is not about denying oneself, doing this will make the path even harder. It is about facing your inner fears, doubts, insecurities, and being totally true to yourself. It is about when that truth is faced, often walking away from situations which no longer hold any joy for you.

Taking the spiritual path is about finding happiness within and without. All of humanity once had this, but have lost it in the stress of the world in the past. It is your destiny to be happy, yet many of you live in such fear, it completely rules your life and creates for you a life you are unhappy with. Yet you keep telling yourself you are happy, often telling others this also, but on a deeper level, being very unhappy in your life. No, life on the spiritual path is not easy, many do not even want to step on the path.

For those who do, you should feel so proud of yourselves. You have to face the most difficult hurdles. Ridicule from friends and family. It means change, often in a big way. At the end of that path is a peace, a bliss which can never be described in Earthly terms. Do not despair if you have left the path, or only taken the path so far then left. You do not lose that time and energy you have put into the spiritual development so far. Whatever you accrue in this incarnation, you will keep, and it will make it easier in the next incarnation. For some, spiritual development has to be done in small steps. Just know that. You are not expected to do it in one incarnation. If you do of course, then you achieve returning home, so much sooner.


Thoughts about going public

I have always known the Master would go public beyond the Internet. The only thing I did not know was WHEN! Over the years, clairvoyants and astrologers have told me my destiny is to become a very public figure. Of course I have become a public figure in the past with the magazine and radio work I have done, so I thought that was what they were talking about.

Recently someone has approached me about doing a public show here in Australia. I had been thinking about this for some time, because there are many people who do not have the internet. Our site has a huge viewing audience, but we only cover those who know how to use a computer. So now later this year, the Master will have the opportunity to spread his message further, working through me, doing a show at a large services club in Sydney. I was a little uncertain at doing a show in this club, but the Master told me, “I can get to the ordinary people in the street”. I knew then why we had been offered the club.

Many years ago, the Master told me I was to do a Brotherhood course in Las Vegas, I was staggered, Las Vegas for a spiritual course? I asked the Master why Las Vegas? and he informed me that as the Brotherhood course was about illusion, what better place to teach about illusion than Las Vegas! It worked too, because the students who did the course, after they had been in study all day, then went out into the casino and saw illusion in reality, it was a wonderful learning tool for them.

The Master has said many times he wishes to educate people about spirituality, and show them it is not a subject which has to have anything special about it. I am really looking forward to starting this new path with the Master later in the year. I also know that many people will be transformed in his energy coming through me. I have seen what the Master has done so far, and feel it is the right time to do it.

While I am in Sydney arranging this event, the Master has asked to have an evening of being able to channel through me. Unfortunately, we can only accommodate 25 people in our hotel room, and that number is just right to ask questions of the Master, if there are too many people, questions cannot be asked and people miss out. If you would like to attend and be in the Masters wonderful energy which is not only healing, but incredibly uplifting, the web site has a booking form on it. I am sorry we cannot take any more, but there is just not enough time to arrange a larger venue, and Peter and I until now, have to do all the arrangements ourselves. I do hope those of you in Sydney, will take the opportunity to come along and meet the Master. It will be recorded for the web site however, so those of you overseas, will not miss out.

I hope to see some of you in Sydney.

Margaret Birkin

Sin and Sexual Energy

Message from Maitreya:

There has been great controversy in Australia recently over the subject of Pedophilia and sexual malpractice within the churches with priests and clergy. Although I am aware of all that happens on the Earth plane, I very rarely comment on subjects, because I am not humanities judge. I am only a teacher, who is trying to help the Earth plane become a better place. Recently though, a high ranking Archbishop in Australia when asked on television about whether the practices mentioned above, would happen in the future? He said “Yes of course because we are all in sin”. I would like to make comment on this matter.

Humanity is not “in sin”. Nobody has sin. People do the things they do, because of lack of education on a spiritual level. The sexual energy is one that must move forward. It cannot be repressed and held back. When it is held back, or contained, as in religious priests and men of the church who become celibate, or believe sexual energy to be wrong, it then becomes an even bigger problem. Sexual energy is meant to be used. It is an energy which is very powerful. Many men who have vasectomies, and restrict their sexual energy this way, often find the sperm will come out and get into other parts of the body close by, where it is not suppose to be. Then the bodies defense mechanism rejects it, which causes even more severe problems. While sexual energy is not understood and repressed, you will always find many problems. To date this energy has caused big problems for the church groups and other members of society.

There is no such thing as “sin”. When a soul understands on a spiritual level the correct use of spiritual energy. The correct way of using ALL energy. Then and only then, will the soul change the way it has been doing things. Humanity lacks education in these areas. For so long the church has encouraged the repression of sexual energy. Labeling it as “dirty”, “wrong” and other such names. It is a survival energy. Trying to stop it, will make it fight even more. The result finally of course will be energy manifesting in undesirable ways including disease.

Education is what is needed, lack of education and understanding of energy are what create the problem, not ‘sin’.


Learning your lessons and avoid creating Karma

Message from Maitreya:

The purpose of your life on this Earth plane is to help yourself. This does not mean one should be selfish or egotistical, but that one should look at one’s own problems before sorting out those of others. Your Higher Self knows what you are here to do, what problems and fears you have to face, and if left alone, will point you into the direction to learn whatever it is you have to learn. The Self is crafty though, it does not want you to look at yourself, so it creates diversions for you to help other people or to do things which take you away from your own goals.

Your purpose in this incarnation is to look at yourself and work through the issues which are still outstanding in your akashic record. You can find this from your astrological natal chart. It is a blue print of who you are, and what you have left to work out. With this information and by fighting your fear, you can if you work hard, create the situation of not returning to the Earth plane again. In other words, you return home, never to come back again. The Self does not want you to do this. It has fear about this happening, because it has no life if you are not incarnating again on the Earth plane. The Self (Ego) cannot survive in spirit, only in the illusion of the Earth plane.

I have stated before, when you help another, you could stop that soul from learning very valuable lessons and stop them from growing spiritually and create Karma for yourself. God, or whatever you know that energy to be, would never approve of you taking on more than you can deal with, so every individual can surmount the most arduous and difficult of tasks. Humanity has shown in survival stories and examples of the most incredible audacity, under the most extreme of circumstances.

There is nothing you cannot do, absolutely nothing. Yet the Self says, go and help that person you feel sorry for, go do that job, etc., By doing so, you divert your attention away from your own problems and you do not realize this. It is only when you return to your home in spirit and have left the classroom behind, do you realize you have not dealt with YOUR own problems. Think before you offer to help someone “Am I stopping this soul from growing, am I creating more karma for them and for me”? Do the same each day as the Self creates problems for you to deal with which will take you away from your own problems and lessons.

It may sound cruel to you, for humanity has stated for many centuries, help your brother, help those in need. It is the way to do things. However, it is not the way to do things. Think on this as you go about your daily life. Look at yourself first, deal with your own issues, you will often find when you do, there is no or little time to help other people.


Master’s Newsletter

The Masters newsletter about change, made me think about the web site and how we could implement change there. I must admit that for a while, I had felt the need to change the cost of the readings into Australian dollars, but time and pressure of work, always evoked the thought, “next week” but of course, “next week” never did come. It came, but I was always too busy to channel the information the Master wanted. As I have written before in my newsletters, life is extremely busy for us, so sometimes, things have to wait to be done. The important things get done first and there are ALWAYS many important things to do. I finally decided to make an effort, put everything on hold, and told the Master, “OK, I am ready to make the changes, give me the information for the readings”.

We have some wonderful conversations, the Master and I, and we sat down and worked out how things were to be, and it was soon done. I always believe in giving value for money, and felt that I have done that so far, but the change into Australian dollars meant we had to re-think the format of the readings. I feel that people will still get value for their money, but it will certainly be cheaper to get a reading than it has in the past. The only change is that there will be less questions allowed when the reading is done. Past experience of doing readings points to it not being a major issue, and those having a 3 or 1 question reading, will also be able to ask a question, in the past this has not been possible.

It felt good to implement the change, almost as if a new energy was sweeping through. It prompted me to make changes in other ways, and I cleaned out my filing system which has been waiting for over a year to be sorted out. The paper work I threw away kept Peter busy for a number of days shredding it! So the site is changed, my filing drawer AND office is now clean and tidy, so the next thing is the house, I am really keen now to get in and make changes! All this was prompted by the Masters newsletter, absolutely amazing!

Margaret B.