Listening to the Higher Self

Recently, Peter and I went to visit a friend while we were in New Zealand. Not many of you know that Peter likes to create and fly Gyro copters, and this friend of ours, a female has such a machine. Peter is yet to fly the one he has bought and modified because it is still in the construction stages. I knew he would enjoy talking to our friend, and friends of hers about gyro’s, despite the fact that I would probably not understand a word they were talking about.

During the evening we were there, Peter was asked if he wanted to go for a fly in a two seat gyro to a town about twenty five miles away. The person who asked him thought it would be good for him to learn more about gyro’s during the fly to this town, and so offered him the ride in the spare seat.

As they were talking about it, I had a terrible feeling of foreboding. I had an instant feeling if Peter went flying, I would return to Australia with him in a pine box. However, I have always had a fear of him flying, and told myself not to be silly. The feeling persisted, but I did not say anything, but finally, I told Peter. He told me that I had channeled the Master, earlier in the evening when I thought I was asleep, and someone had come through from spirit and told him not to fly! He had chosen not to do so.

Although I felt relieved, I could not help but feel I had stopped his fun! The following day, we left for our New Zealand home before the fliers returned from their trip. Peter told me on the way home that his Self had battled with him by telling him the man he was going to fly with had so many hours of flying of experience under his belt, and he was quite safe.

The following morning, an email arrived with the following information in it: “The two seater gyro was misfiring when he went out the day you left – he was a bit worried he might have to have a forced landing, but it got there and back, thank goodness we listened to the Master”.

Peter was so glad he was not in the machine with this man, as Peter said the extra weight would have made things a lot worse. He said they would have no doubt crashed! Boy, was I glad that I had listened to my Higher Self, Peter was also glad he had listened to his own Higher Self. It made me wonder also how many people have died because they did not listen to their Higher Selves.

I will never be hesitant to speak my truth again, and I know that Peter will certainly listen in the future, not that he did not do it this time, but his Self nearly won the battle.

It is difficult when one has a ‘feeling’ about something, to allow that feeling to become reality, usually, the Self (logic) usually stops that feeling, and we nearly always listen to reason. This time I did not, and I am so grateful that I didn’t. Always listen to the ‘feelings’ you have and never doubt them, you can guarantee that if you do, you will come out on top.

Margaret B.

Giving Up

One of the most difficult things to do is to live what you are channeling. I am often asked if I have conflict with the Master and I am going to be honest and answer yes to that question. There is the Margaret who is the channel and their is Margaret who is the human person in the street, wife, mother, grandmother and friend. The part of me who is the human person has to do battle with the person who is the channel and sometimes it can create problems. Like everyone else, I have a Self, and although I have raised my vibration to a high level, I still get assuaged by the Self and at times, can get very low and depressed by this phenomenon. Usually, the only time it happens is when I am tired from working many long hours, or from too much work. I then go through battles with my Self where I do not want to do the work anymore. I don’t want to channel for the web site, I just want to be normal and go back to what I was over 20 years ago, which was NOT the channel for Maitreya. Of course, these negative times do not happen very often, but when they do I have to look at my life and take time out for the Self, it is a part of my physical body, and while I am a soul in a body, it will always be there. I am glad that it is not as often as it was and gets better each year, but as you go through your battles with the Self, remember that I also have that experience too. This also helps me to stay in touch with what is happening with other people and their Self, I never lose the knowledge or the experience.

Thankfully, I have friends and of course Peter who very quickly points out to me the positives with this work, and am soon back on the straight road again. I used to feel guilty because I had these feelings, but now, I accept it is the human part of me and try to ride it through.

During my dark hours as I call them, the Master is always so understanding and loving, never critical, always stressing that I must do what I feel I want to do. I could not have a nicer energy to be with me during these times of conflict. I always know then that I do channel because if I did not, the Master would think the same as I. It is always amazing to me how separate we are from each other, and yet one. So, when you also have your days when you want to give the spiritual work away, just remember that I too suffer occasionally from the same syndrome! It makes for an interesting life.

Margaret B.