Work & Forum on the Master’s site

I get an awful lot of email each week, and along with the healing requests, and the readings on line, plus of course, answering email of students who have studied with the Master, I do not have a great deal of free time. I am still a wife and mother and grandmother, as well as being the channel for Maitreya. I am pleased that I did not choose to be a guru in this incarnation, and as my friend Sylvia tells me ‘you chose to be of the world’ because I am in the world, living each day as you out there live it. I do not have anyone to cook my meals, wash and iron my clothing, I do have a housekeeper for four hours each week who does the heavy work, but I am just like you, a person in the world.

I know what it is like to be without, to have to go to charity shops for food and clothing, I had to do that twenty years ago. I have lost all that I had not just once, but three times, and created it all again as quickly. Along the way I learned many lessons which made me a stronger person. I know what it is like to have fear, doubt, anger, and I have learned alternative ways, thanks to the Master, of dealing with these situations. I am very blessed to have had that help, as you are to have his web site and the opportunity of his wisdom.

My life is very busy, and although I love being busy, I know how important it is for me to take time for me; Private time where I can switch off, recharge and get some energy back. The creation of the Forum has opened another door for the web site, one that I have chosen not to be involved in a direct way. I just do not have the time to do so. I am disappointed yes, but there are only so many hours in the day for me to do all that I need to do, AND to take some time for me.

I start work at 7am each morning, and am often there at 10pm at night. If you wonder why I do not contribute to the Forum, or get on the chat line, this is the reason why. However, I do hope that you will all participate in the Forum and enjoy the communication with each other. In this world at the moment, Brotherhood is very rare, we hope we create that on our Forum and through our chat site.

Margaret Birkin.

Where does the Negative come from?

Message from Maitreya:

Where does the negative within you come from? What is it that creates the sadness, fear, unhappiness in your life? It is a combination of many things. 98% of Humanity lives a lie; in that it states it is happy, but it is not, but it is too fearful to change. It lives in misery and unhappiness, usually under much stress because the possibility of change is so fearful to them. Soul memories from deep within the subconscious part of them, soul memories of past lives, these also contribute to unhappiness and sadness. Suppressed anger, from this life or past lives is also negative energy. You carry it around day after day of your life. In fear of change, in fear of the unknown. Afraid to actually be happy! You were not born to be unhappy, no, you were not. You were born to experience a life with happiness, joy, success, abundance, but you cannot create that and enjoy that because the Self, like a dog with a bone, keeps chewing away at the negative energy from the past, and unexpressed emotion. If only you could see what you can have in your life, what you can achieve, what abundance you can manifest, you would be amazed. Try to watch your thoughts each day, listen to your Self as it tries to destroy your plans, hopes, wishes and dreams. Become aware of the negative within you. Then, slowly change the thoughts to more positive ones. Create affirmations to change the thinking from the old to the new. Live your life as it is meant to be lived, not as the slave the Self keeps you in.


Listening to Others

Message from Maitreya:

Listening to others can be at times a difficult exercise because often the conversation is about someone else and often it is spoken of in a derogatory manner. It seems to be the habit of humanity to speak negative of people. Very rarely do people speak in positive terms. In order to grow spiritually, one needs to listen to others, but not to take literally what is said. It is important, most of all to realize what is being told to you is THEIR truth. It is as they see it, and that vision may be clouded by emotions, often the emotions can be carried in anger, fear or other expressions of emotion for many years, even incarnations.

In order to grow spiritually, one needs to step aside from the gossip and chatter, and listen but not absorb what is said. This can be a difficult task to begin with because the Self loves gossip and chatter, it never stops itself these activities, and the more it can get the better. So many lives are ruined by listening to the woes, troubles, problems and innuendoes of others. Families have been torn apart, marriages broken, and often the information given is not true, or embellished beyond the actual truth.

When next time you speak to another, try to say positive things about the person you are speaking about. Ask yourself, “Am I making more of this than is true?” Listen to your conversations and watch what you say to others, and finally, do not listen to gossip, chatter and negative words. If the person cannot say anything good about the person who they are communicating about, it is THEIR problem, somehow though, it often becomes your problem, and then interferes with or upsets the lives of others.