Sanctions on countries – Do they create karma?

Message from Maitreya:

Another question Peter posed was; “What is the spiritual view of countries getting together and putting sanctions on countries who do not agree with them. Is that not interfering and creating karma for the countries who are applying the sanctions?”

First of all, we have no opinion about this. Were we to do this it would be a waste of energy. We do not waste energy discussing the pro’s and con’s of life on the Earth plane. What humanity choose to do with their lives is destined by their life lessons and past life issues.

The Earth plane is only a stage for the acting out of those life lessons and issues that are needed to be learnt. Of course, we do not support sanctions, for again EGO and control is the issue, and many innocent people, usually children, suffer because of the sanctions imposed. However, usually a soul has chosen to learn through the experience of sanctions. To the world it may seem horrible and evil, yet to the soul to experience this, much karma is expunged. Yes of course, karma is created by the countries who impose sanctions, all is energy, what you give out, is what you get back, what you sow, so you reap. Nothing can change the Universal law. However, we are trying through our channels who write, teach, and speak, who are already on the Earth plane, we are trying to teach humanity a better way of dealing with life issues. We are trying to teach of the Self and the Higher Self. Only by knowing how to deal with these issue can one then change the path of one’s life, and eventually, the path of the world.


War is EGO, in control!

Message from Maitreya:

My channel’s husband Peter, posed the question; “Is war total ego and can it be justified on a spiritual basis?” First of all, war is definitely ego, for only the ego – the Self needs to have supremacy over another, whether that other be a person or a country. Of course the person seeking war would have you believe it is necessary and will give many reasons for this. However, if the Higher Self were in total control, it would see it as a waste of energy and would not bother even looking at it.

War is one country or person seeking dominance over another. It is a control issue. One person wanting control over another or their territory. It is the survival part of the human, controlled by the Self. It must win at all costs, and it will do anything and everything to achieve that. It will kill, maim, lie, cheat, steal, it will not give up until it has control. Even if it loses, it will lick its wounds and plan again for another time. It never ceases. It also creates fear in those around it, which creates more problems in the world.

The Higher Self on the other hand, yawns and says, what a waste of energy. Just think what I could do with all that energy, what I could manifest, what I could create! It knows that what you fear, you create, that every thought you have manifests into either good or bad. It cannot be bothered to be involved with conflict, doubt, fear, etc., it never has fear, doubt or conflict. It just has a belief that all will be well, it leaves everyone to their own problems, and just deals with its own life. As it does so, because it is not giving energy to anything, nothing ever goes wrong. If the whole world did that, there would be no problems and you would have heaven on Earth.


How much devotion?

Message from Maitreya:

Recently, a viewer from the web site wrote and asked how much devotion he should give to me.

I require no devotion, neither do I need worship. I have written on this web site before, I am a teacher, simply a teacher. Many souls write and ask “what can I do to help you?” There are many ways you can help my work, there are souls who transcribe the information on this site into different languages, to those souls I thank you for your dedication and selfless service. However, there are many other ways to assist me in my work. Donations no matter how small can be used to help Peter and Margaret do the work they have to do, with the video and audio on the site, and with the expenses of the Institute. Much work is always needed to maintain it, and perhaps souls would like to come to Australia, have a stay at the Institute to enjoy the healing energy there and offer services also in helping with the gardens. Just by going to stay at the Institute and paying for your accommodation, you can help support the Institute. Recommending this site to friends and family can also help my work, for change has occurred with many souls when they have read my information for the first time.

If you live near the Institute, perhaps you would like to help in the Gallery when the staff need a day off. There are many things you can do to help my work.

When service is given, the Universe takes note, and every time you do something in service, the Universe gives back ten fold. My web site will continue on whether you choose to help or not, for Peter and Margaret are so dedicated, they give their all in keeping it running, and Margaret, despite her heavy work load, is always available to channel for me. While they are on the Earth plane, I know that this site will be maintained. However, my work can be speeded up by your assisting in any way you can.


American Sign Language

Since its inception in 1996, our web site has attracted many people from many countries around the world. It is very rewarding when we get email from viewers informing us that they have made change and transformation because of the site.

I have recently had an inquiry from a viewer inquiring about doing a private course with me. However this person is hearing impaired and will need a sign language interpreter. This is an area I have no experience with, and the Master suggested putting it out there on the web site, in the hope that someone would like to do the course, and in exchange for the course, would be able to interpret. There is another problem too in that the person needs to understand American sign language, not the Asian sign language.

If there is anyone reading this who can afford to fly to Australia to do the course, and who can do American sign language, I can offer you the Masters course, and accommodation for free. Your duties would include sign language interpretation for the student, and translation of the tapes (which you of course would keep) for the student.

If you can help in any way, please contact the web master, and he will forward your email on to me.

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone to be in the Masters energy, do the course, and help someone at the same time. Truly this would be service.

Margaret B.