Spiritual Development

Message from Maitreya:

Many people ask me, “Why cannot spiritual development happen quicker than it does?”

We ourselves wish that this could be so, but it needs to happen slowly because if not, your physical bodies would not be able to handle the energy. As one raises the vibration on ones body, this has an effect on the whole glandular/hormonal system. It affects each one of the Chakra’s, and starts the process of release of all negative energy within the soul system.

This release can take many years of Earth time. Were this to happen quicker, the body would not cope with the influx of energy. Once you start your path to spiritual development, you cannot go back. One can remain stagnant if one does not choose to face the fears, and release all the negative energy, but one cannot go back. As you move forward, more and more of the negative energy is released and eventually there is nothing left inside of you. When that happens, then you are one with God, or the Divine Being. You then reach enlightenment.

The path to enlightenment is not easy and much sacrifice has to be made, some will be your choice, others will be what we in spirit lead and guide you to. For when you start your path, you also enlist the help of the Masters. It is we Masters who assist you, much to your Self’s frustration, to reach the Higher Self.

We do not wish to hurt or harm you, but sometimes, the journey to enlightenment can be a painful or difficult one. YOU choose which way it will be. The most important thing to learn with development on a spiritual level, is patience. Without patience, you will not move forward.


New Year Message

As 2002 draws to a close, it has been for me an incredibly busy year. I had no idea that we would buy the Institute at the beginning of the year, it was not in my consciousness. We had just finished Harmony House, which we thought would be the school and accommodation. We thought wrong (the Self always does) and later this year, Peter got a strong message to buy the house which is now the Institute. Thanks to two students, and Peter, the house was transformed from what I called ‘Sleeping Beauty’s garden and castle after 100 years” or as someone said a few days ago, “from such negative energy” into a place of incredible positive energy, and light. Also it is an energy which is Maitreya and all who enter the Institute can feel it.

On our recent trip to NZ, we purchased another property in Taupo which will be the new New Zealand Institute of Metaphysics. Again, when we went to NZ for a well earned holiday, we had no idea that we would buy the house. It just ‘happened’ and in 2003 we have the task of getting it ship-shape as we say here in Australia, for use as accommodation for students and as a teaching center. Thankfully, it is not as bad as the Australian Institute was, so that in itself is a blessing. Many people wrote to me and asked when I would be returning to NZ? Well this will be arranged in the next few months and when it is not being used by us, it will be leased out as holiday accommodation.

Next year, I plan to take more time for myself, I would have done that this year, but it became impossible when all of a sudden, My personal assistant who worked for me, chose to leave and set up her own business. I was not surprised because I had been telling her for some time that she should do this. It was just unexpected and it made it very difficult to take the time off I had promised myself. I am delegating this coming year, and will not only have Brigitte as my Personal Assistant, but will also have Marianne working with me. She will be looking after the Institute for us, and also opening new doors of work for me. Probably Singapore in the next year.

I am very fortunate in that the Master provides all I need, and often before I know it. Marianne whom I gave a reading two years ago was informed in that reading that “I have a feeling we are going to be working together”. That is one prophecy which is has been fulfilled.

In 2003, I become a Grandmother again, my son and his wife are having their first child. My only grandchild so far is four in 2003, she is a treasure to have and to know. When I look at my grandchild, I feel truly blessed, and to have another is just a huge bonus.

I would like to wish all of you a very special holiday season, no matter where in the world you are, just know that the Master is with you at all times. Peter and I do not celebrate Christmas. It is a Christian celebration, and to be honest, here in Australia, it has become a very material type of celebration. For those of you who do celebrate, have a wonderful time with friends and family.

Margaret B.

Working with the Master

This web site can be a very busy one. Not only do I get a lot of personal email each day, but there are healing requests to deal with, and many other things to do such as the teaching, on-line and email readings, and the new Institute of Metaphysics.

My biggest work load comes from the email I receive from students who have done the Masters course. It is not widely known, but the Masters course is an ongoing course. After the sixth day of teaching, the teaching does not finish there, but it continues sometimes for many years, while students find their way, and I and the Master are at the end of an email for each student whenever they need assistance, teaching, advice, or just need someone to share their battles with. It means that many email come in each day from students asking for advice and guidance or just needing to communicate.

Sometimes, not very often, I will not communicate with students because their negativity gets worse not better, once they have done the course. I make the personal choice not to have that in my life. It does not matter what you say or do for them, their Self takes control. Mostly though, 95% of students do make an improvement in their lives, and their energy changes.

It is also a 7 day a week job, I cannot leave the communications for a few days because if I do, it mounts up and then I get stressed or just don’t want to do it because there is so much to do! Even on holiday, I have to log on to the site from the Internet Cafe’s to answer email. Christmas Day you can guarantee there will be email then as well, as Australia is ahead of many countries around the world.

Yes, I do have my bad hair days, and yes, I do occasionally want to give it all away due to the pressure. In 1996, when we founded this web site on the Masters instructions, I had no idea of how big it would become. We now have viewers from over 90 countries, and an enormous amount of hits each day. Unfortunately, I am the only one who can do the majority of the work, as I am the channel. I remember reading about Martin Luther King having the most terrible depressions and going to visit his Aunt when he wanted to walk away from his work, and his Aunt would always persuade him to stay. My biggest blessing in this work has been the presence of Peter in my life. I know I could not have got this far without him in my life. In the ten years we have been together, he has helped me get through the difficult probationary period, been there during the times I have wanted to give it all away, and supported me in the times when it has become quite stressful.

People show surprise when I tell them I have the feelings every now and again to walk away. The responsibility of channeling the Master is enormous. There are never enough hours in the day to do everything, and I am after all human. The Masters presence in my life also keeps me going. It is like having a wonderful father at one’s side, cajoling, forgiving, encouraging. He is so understanding when I do get tired and stressed and is the first to encourage me to take time out. Having this work load means that sometimes I cannot write long email to people.

Often people think I am ignoring them because I don’t write. However, just know that I would if I could, I just don’t have enough hours in the day. I do however do my best to write to everyone, even if it is in a group email like this one. I love my work, and I love working for the Master, I am also human and live in the real world. If you write and don’t get a reply, it is not because I don’t care, it is just a matter of what takes priority.

To all those of you who have written and offered to help us, unfortunately, we cannot afford to pay anyone. However, if you can help in a voluntary manner, we would love to hear from you. If you can help, please write to Peter. There is an enquiry form on the site that will reach him. He will pass your email on to me. To all those of you who do support the web site, and tell others about it, thank you very much. It is when I get your email telling how the site has helped you, that I know I am doing the right thing. The email always arrives on a day that I want to give it all away! It is amazing how they work in the spiritual realms.

Margaret B.

Time the Illusion

Message from Maitreya:

You worry and concern yourself so much about time! Time seems to rule your lives, yet if you live in the NOW, everything will happen as it should. It does not mean that you should not make appointments to see people. But just forget about time, and do not let it bother you. Give no energy to the thought of it. Just do one thing moment by moment. If you do not complete your tasks, then leave it until the next day. Doing this you will become the Master of time, not time becoming the Master of you.

By living in the NOW only, you are present in the moment. The past has gone and you cannot change it. As for the future? It is awaiting unfoldment, waiting for you to formulate and create it.

Worrying about time will only take away from that formulation and creation. Make your plans, tell the Universe what you need, have the faith without negative thinking that it will happen, and then LET IT HAPPEN! Have no fear, no doubt, or questioning about it. Just let the Universe do it for you. You work so hard at trying to make things happen, yet the Universe cannot do it for you because of this. Just let go, let the Universe call upon YOU, do not search for it, do not fear the lack of it. Once you do this, you will become the Master of your own fate.

Time is actually the chain by which you limit and imprison yourself.