The Journey Home

Message from Maitreya:

I wish to speak to you of passing over into the spiritual realms. So many souls are afraid of dying. Yet, it is the most simple of things. With so many souls coming home in these Earth days, through terrorism and natural disaster, many are becoming frightened.

When it is your time to come home, before you actually die, you will leave your body. When you do this, you step out of the Self into the Higher Self. Then and only then can you see all that has been an illusion until that moment of passing. You never pass over alone, someone always comes to help you over, either a family member, or a friend from spirit. There are some souls who do not want to leave, and often they are left for a while because their fear is so acute. However, these souls are assisted by ‘rescue groups’ who work in the area of assisting souls to pass over.

Once you are free of the physical body, you then come home. Your true home, our place of residence in spirit is in another dimension. Here, once you have passed, you rest for a while before taking the steps to look at your life and at what you learned from it. For each life is a teaching experience. There is much joy when you return home. Much celebration. Yes, there are some who have difficulty because they became so involved in the Earth plane, they cannot let go, but eventually these souls let go and move forward.

There is nothing to fear in death, it is a transition, how you make that transition will assist you in your journey. Fear will slow the journey down. Look upon it as a journey, and a return home for that is what it is. There is more teaching I have to give on this subject, and I will teach this in the next few newsletters, it is important the Earth plane know and have no fear if possible.


Understanding Others

Message from Maitreya:

Why do you criticize so? Do you not realize that what you do not like in another is what you do not like in yourself? You are looking at a mirror image of yourself. You can say, “But how is this, I am not like that at all”, but it is what is hidden that you often do not see.

Everyone in your life is a teacher or a mirror, even whom you term “Enemies”. These people can often be your best friends in the world of spirit. They come to help you learn. So often you become affronted by what people say and do, yet they are only showing or teaching you things you need to know. If you do not see this, and learn what is necessary, the soul will not grow. It will stay stagnant in the comfort zone, a wonderful place to be for some, but not a place where one can grow spiritually.

I was asked the other day of Earth time, “Why do you keep writing about the same things”? I said “I write about the same things, but in a different way because the more the mind sees it, the more the mind and programming can get the message and change. The next time someone hurts you, makes comment that you do not like, creates a situation where you feel like running away. Ask yourself, “Why am I reacting?” “What is it that I need to look at here?”. What a waste of energy in reacting and running away.

Once the situation is looked at and faced, then it is finished. Yes, we may test you a few times to see if you have learned the lesson or looked into the mirror properly and gained the message that was delivered. But eventually, it will be no more. With all that reaction which is fear and which is negative, if you do not react, the energy can be used for a higher purpose.


Time Away

Peter and I recently took a wonderful week off. We just did nothing for one whole week. It was bliss! My Self came in of course and tried to get me to work, but I stayed in the Higher Self, and just relaxed and enjoyed the time off. This was our first real holiday in ten years, and so it was made all the more important for us.

While I was resting, I was able to communicate with spirit far more easily. I had some wonderful conversations with the Master, and really learned even more from him. We did not go to a Luxury hotel, nor did we go anywhere exotic, just to a small holiday place five hours away from us, and we stayed in a caravan. It was truly wonderful.

For many years Peter and I have stayed in hotels and motels around the world, some of them wonderful in splendor, some not so good, but usually we have had nice places to stay. However, this holiday, we had to visit the communal shower block each day, there was no en-suite or private bathroom for us. It took me back many years to my life as I call it ‘before the Master’ when I had one dress to my name and one pair of shoes, and $5 extra was a fortune to me. We met some wonderful people, battlers as we call them here in Australia, hard working people who tend to live from week to week, we saw a lot of poverty consciousness, and became aware of our own abundance in our own simple life. More than anything, it showed me that we all need to take time off. The Self loves to keep going, you see when you are not, you have time to think, and of course when you think (which is usually the Higher Self trying to show you what you need to know) you begin to change!

My daily visits to the communal shower were a wonderful grounding for me, and even there, I learned from the experience.

When was the last time you took a holiday I wonder? When did you have a week where you did nothing? You know when you do one starts to feel really guilty. Of course that is the Self again. When you have worked hard for some time, it is so good to have time off to just relax.

I came home to over 100 emails, and many phone calls, and a week of incredible work on my return. However, as I worked, I kept remembering my wonderful holiday, I was not tired, because I had rested on my time off. It is something I will be doing again. Also, I felt so much more refreshed for doing it, and felt that it helped me spiritually.

So if you have not taken time off for a while, perhaps it is time to do so. You will be surprised at how you feel afterwards.

Margaret B.