Message from Maitreya:

I am often asked, “Master what can I do to become more spiritual?” and I say to the person, think not of yourself, but of God”. If you forget about yourself, and your needs, and concentrate on the needs of God, then you are on your way to a higher vibration. “But what does God want”? I can hear you say. God needs you to stop thinking about your needs and desires and to think about what you can do to help humanity. Whether it is supporting a child from a poorer country, and enabling the child’s village to have clean water and eventually crops, to teaching another person how to open up their spirit. There are many ways to help God, the Ultimate Being of energy, in the Universe, in the work of humanity.

To be truly spiritual, one needs to forget about one’s own desires. Yes, by all means put your desires out there, make your order, then leave it and serve God. In payment for that service, God, the Ultimate Being, will see your needs and in its thanks will reward your needs. There is an unspoken law that all that is given to God, is given back ten fold, and even one hundred fold. But first you have to forget about your own needs and serve God. Show that you have the faith to believe, to trust. When you do this, the needs are met, and given as reward by a very grateful energy.

You cannot be spiritual while you are in your own desires. The Ultimate Being knows all of your desires, every one of them. Do you think it will not reward you with those desires in time? But first you have to show faith, and you need to show that God comes before your own needs. Only then, will your own needs be met. This is the law of the Universe. What is given out, comes back, again – ten or even a hundred fold.

While you are wrapped up in your own desires, the work of God, of the Ultimate Being of bringing peace, hope and joy to the world cannot function. Once you take your desires away from your own needs, the most amazing things happen. You actually start to achieve abundance! Until you can be aware of this, you cannot see the bigger picture, neither can you manifest what you desire for yourself. It is called Selflessness. You do not think of Self, but of God.


The New School

It is with great pleasure that I announce the news of the purchase of the property to be used for the new metaphysical school. To be called “The Australian Institute of Metaphysics”, it will be a wonderful place of love, learning, and laughter. Before I express anything else about the school, I must say thank you to those few people who gave us their donations to enable us to do all the work that we have done so far for the Master. All that we have done has taken an incredible amount of money, and thankfully, to those few individuals who assisted us with that with their donations, we were able to purchase Harmony House and of course then had the collateral for the purchase of the school.

The new school is just a 5 minute walk from Harmony House. We now have accommodation for 10 live in students. It is envisaged to purchase another house in the future as further accommodation, and we are already being offered properties which would suit this purpose. The Masters wishes for a center-school are finally, after ten years, coming to fruition. In the last ten years, an enormous amount of people have offered to help and assist the Master, but have chosen at the last minute, when commitment was due, to walk away. We have experienced many disappointments along the way. I was told once by a very experienced astrologer that “people will either bow down in homage, or run away in terror”. It has been the latter until the last year, when finally people are honoring their commitments, and promises. One thank you that must be given is to Kat Cunningham who now lives in Maui. It was she who was responsible for opening the door to the USA for us. She gave us so much help in the early years of our work. Our web site would not be where it is today, had it not been for the assistance in the beginning when Peter had no experience at all, of Larry Smith and his wife Elvire. These people did not run away, but could see the vision and assisted with that vision.

I must publicly say a special thank you to Brigitte and Fortunat who have shifted from Perth, Western Australia. After meeting the Master, and experiencing healing from him, and on hearing that we intended to create a school, immediately offered their services in renovating the building painting and decorating, gardening, and laying tiles, plus anything else that we needed. They not only offered their services, but moved to the mountain, selling their house and giving up their lifestyle to assist the Master and us with our work. That is true dedication.

So much needs to be done to the school and the retail gallery to make the vision complete. If you would like to make a donation to the work of the Master, it would be very much appreciated. We do have a donation-tithing page on the web site. Many people do not even know it is there, and we have just started receiving email from people asking how they can help us. Unfortunately, there is only one way that we need help at the moment, and that is financially. Our work does not to date employ many people, Peter and I virtually run the web site on its own. However, we would appreciate any assistance that we can get financially.

I find it difficult to write this newsletter, I have never written anything of this nature before, in a way soliciting funding, but it was the Master who suggested I do so. It was his suggestion to put the donation-tithing page on the web site. However, many people are not aware of the donation/tithing page, and so this is to remind people that it is there. If you have enjoyed the channeled writings, videos, music, and newsletters, perhaps you would like to assist in financing those ventures? Even $10USD can go a long way to providing a book for the library, or to providing furniture and fittings in the school.

I hope that all of you will one day visit our wonderful state of Queensland in Australia, and come and visit the new school and residences. It is truly a wonderful place. It is hoped also in time, to create these schools around the world in major cities. To do that though means that we have to have far more financial aid than we have to date. There is also, only so much that Peter and I can do on our own. After our last tour overseas, someone commented that “you work so hard Margaret” and I made the comment back that I was returning to Australia to have six weeks off before the next Advanced course. On our return, my personal assistant Cheryl left us on the day we returned home to start her own business. It was devastating for us, because it created so much work that had until then been done by Cheryl. So for the last three weeks since the day we arrived home we have been flat out as Peter says “like a lizard drinking’ not only doing all the work ourselves, but also arranging all the paperwork and details to do with the new house. So far the six weeks off has not eventuated, and does not look like doing so! However, we love doing what we do, and are certainly not complaining, but it is the way things are with us at the moment.

The school will enable us to do more video work, more teaching, and eventually there will be a lending library which will be available not just to Australia, but to all people around the world. We have big plans, still unformulated, believe me, we are hoping that we will have the time and the finance to formulate those plans.

If you would like to assist us the Master with his work, please use the donation-tithing page on the web site.

Margaret B.

Testing with Negative People

Message from Maitreya:

I was recently asked by a student, “Do I have to be in a situation with negative people”? This was an interesting question because in some cases, it may be necessary for you to be in this situation to learn from these people.

My channel was in such a situation last year, where she was confronted with someone who was not as much negative but mirrored for her, the dramatic energy that was a part of her. I think the term used on the Earth plane is “Drama Queen”. Margaret became aware for the first time, that this woman was exactly the same as her, and at that moment in Earth time, made a decision that she did not want to be like that anymore. This realization elevated her then to a higher vibration, as she left behind the emotional tie that had created the dramatics for so long. One knows if one has to learn something from people who are negative, or who mirror something for them, because if one walks away from one situation, the Universe creates another situation exactly the same. I have often said, it is not the people who are important on your path in life, but it is the lessons that they bring. If one has dealt with the situation and learned the lesson, there is no more mirroring, and the people move away from your energy, never to return. What they came to do, to show you an aspect of yourself you needed to see, is finished. They have done their allotted task, and the situation is no more.

This person also asked, “When you are enlightened, are you still tested?” the answer to this surprisingly is yes! Until you leave the Earth plane, you are continually tested. Just to make sure that you are not going backwards on your learning, or that you keep aware of what you have let go of. The only difference is that the enlightened being, has no reaction, and gives no energy to it. They do not need to, they have moved away from that situation, it is no longer a part of their life!