Message from Maitreya:

Who are you? I ask that question because many of you do not know who you are! You may think you do, but you are a combination of what many people have conditioned you with over the years. From the moment that you are born, you become conditioned, your Mother and your Father choose what you will wear, eat and be exposed to. It does not matter that you have a different need than theirs, they cannot see that, all they see is their desire to assist you in your growth. At school you are again conditioned to believe that there is only one system, it is too bad if you are a creative soul with very little left brain activity, the education of today in most educational facilities does not provide for that. Again you are conditioned to believe in one system, but this time in group form.

As you grow and mature, more and more of what you are exposed to becomes what you are! Your higher self will rebel at times, trying to point out your truth to you, but the self, the ego, in fear, cannot see it. And so you grow.

If you are in a culture which is very family oriented, you become even more programmed and conditioned. Often, even your partner is selected for you by well meaning parents who too have ego, and think that they know best. And so it goes. The media creates conditioning with its advertising and press. But what about you?

What and who are you? You do not know because your free will has been taken away from you. Yes, it has, you are a compilation of all that has been conditioned into you. Do you know that in your television viewing, only 3 hours of continued viewing is required for information to be absorbed by the subconscious mind and become reality? This is true. No wonder there is so much violence in the world today. What can you do I can hear you say! You can start to pull yourself away from the illusion of the Earth plane, and begin to ask of yourself, WHAT DO I WANT, WHAT ARE MY WISHES? Then slowly implement those wishes and desires. Tell the Universe each one, and watch as the Universe creates them for you. Become the person you were meant to be, not the person the world has conditioned you for.


Our world trip and new developments

Phew! We are finally finished, our 8 weeks of traveling is finally over! The jet lag, strange hotel rooms, different time zones, it is finally over. Someone said to me on the journey, “I don’t know how you do it” and I said “we do it because it is so rewarding being able to help people to change. They also told us it must be wonderful being able to travel and see the sights at the same time, but that is something that we rarely do. Usually, we are so busy preparing for a course, that during that period we can’t spend time in pleasure as there is so much study to do, and after the course, we are so worn out for about a week, that when we do start to get our energy back, we have to move on to the next place!!

As I write this, we are in Singapore. We have been here for three days and just seen inside the hotel room and two streets around the hotel, why? Because we have been so tired from the teaching of the last 7 weeks. All we have wanted to do is sleep! However, this is part and parcel of what we do. We chose to get up early and go to see a special place here in Singapore, however, we have been so tired that we slept in and missed the opportunity. It is absolutely wonderful being in the Masters energy and teaching with him, but the down side is the recuperation of the physical body after doing the teaching. I would not have it any other way though and I am sure Peter would reiterate this as well.

This evening, the Master told me that it is now time to open Asia up to his teachings. He had told me a few weeks ago that I was not to travel to the northern hemisphere again for a while, and I thought that meant that traveling overseas was off limits now. Wrong Margaret, he was just talking about the northern hemisphere. So for those of you in Asia, we are trying to arrange to do some work in Singapore. Singapore has been chosen as a base because it is not far to travel for me. I found this 8 week journey very hard going on the vascular system on my legs. We had a 16 hour journey to LA, then 3 hours to Vancouver, 12 hours to Frankfurt via London, 12 hours to Singapore and then 8 hours home, all within the 8 week period. With Singapore, it will be 8 hours there and 8 hours back, and I can even break the journey by going via Darwin and visiting my son who is stationed there in the RAAF.

We now go back to Australia and to prepare the new house we have just purchased, as a retail gallery and metaphysical school. There is always something to do with the Master, but it is so rewarding, and so fulfilling, especially when we can see results with those whom we teach. On this last trip, Peter did some teaching, and it was so successful that many have written to ask if he would have a page with a newsletter like me, one person whom we told, christened it ‘Peter’s Hot Spot”. So in a few weeks time, you will see the new page, and get to read some of Peter’s wisdom. Now he is no longer spending 100% on the web site like he did, he has the time to do this. Watch out for Peter’s newsletter, I can guarantee it will be interesting.

We will keep you informed of the activities on the mountain with the new school and gallery. It is a very exciting time.

Margaret Birkin.

It Will Not Work!

Message from Maitreya:

I have watched with interest, the interest shown by many over Palestine and the leader of that country Yasser Arafat. Many people are asking for his resignation and the installation of new blood. Although this sounds very good and a quick resolve to the troubles in that country, it will not work as it is expected to. Until peace can be resolved on an individual level, then peace will not be instigated at all.

I have said many times that humanity needs to find peace within its personal family and business, before peace can be resolved in the whole country, and between countries. The anger of the country and that of Israel is energy that has been going backwards and forwards for thousands of years, never ending, never changing, brother against brother. Sister against sister! Family against family. Until the energy ceases, until the energy changes, it will continue on. If it does not change it will still be the same in one thousand years time!

If peace is to come, peace has to begin within the family of humanity, within individual families. Hatred is an energy with no end until it is ended by humanity. For that to happen, both parties have to stop. If peace is to be found, then politics need to be removed, and spiritual energy replaced. While politics rule, the ego is there. It will never change until those with the hatred learn to love each others differences.

Yes, replace Arafat, but it will not change anything, it will not work, it is just another move on the chess board!


The Photon Belt Energy

Message from Maitreya:

Many people have asked me recently about the Photon Belt, what is it, and what is it doing? I have written on this issue before on this site, but I have not gone into a great deal of detail. Now I intend to do that.

Around the world much is happening that is causing great concern to many people. The Photon Belt is responsible for a lot of what is happening. In fact 90% of what is happening is caused by this phenomenon. Why is it happening? It is happening because the world had to change. Had it not done so, humanity would have destroyed itself with anger, hatred and fear!

The Photon Belt energy is bringing to the surface all that has been hidden with many things. It’s energy is creating the problems concerned with big business, and the large companies who have recently fallen and had trouble in the world. It is changing the face of business, and will continue to do so. Where there has been greed and avarice, this will be no more, and you will see more companies having problems before the Photon Belt has done its work. Along with Chiron the Asteroid-Planet (some call it an Asteroid, some call it a Planet, astronomers call it a comet) the Photon Belt is creating the need to heal themselves in many souls. It is also creating the need to find themselves and clear away the blocks of the past. It is forcing people to really look at themselves. It is bringing to the surface all the negativity and fear that for years have been buried inside!

It has much more work to do. In order to do this, it is compacting time. What is this you may ask? It is where there are not enough hours in the day to do what you want to do. It is creating a great deal of stress in people’s lives which in the long term is creating healing. This energy is not destined to leave the Earth plane until 2012. When it does, much will be changed on the Earth plane. Much corruption will have come to light and been removed. Change will take place in the business community. More and more people will be self employed, as companies become exposed and lay off staff.

What a negative newsletter I can hear you say! Yes, in a way it is, but as with all things, the bad has to come away before the good can do its work. That is what the Photon Belt is doing, clearing away slowly the bad and negative. You cannot see it, but like a virus, unfelt, invisible, it is slowly doing its work around the world. Many people are being exposed and suffering physical symptoms, do not worry about this, it is meant to be to bring long buried emotions and symptoms to the surface.

When it is done, the Earth plane will be a different place. It will still not be perfect. Perfection takes time, but humanity will no longer be so trusting of the big corporations, and will be more their own Masters, and Masters of their own destiny.


The child in us

I recently bought a doll for a friend of mine. It was just a rag doll, but one I knew she would enjoy ‘talking to’. I have been communicating with this person for quite some time, and it never ceases to amaze me how much she enjoys being a child. She has her own five year old, yet looks at life exactly as he does. I thought at first she behaved this way as a means of escape, but I have come to realize that this is her normal state of being. I realized also, that she brings tremendous happiness to many people by being this way, for she is totally trusting in God and in life. Yes, she has fear, much of it, but by playing the child, she can be free in a way to enjoy life. When she wants to, she can escape into her child’s world and once again be free of concern and life issues.

I gave great thought to this, and realized that we all need to have this child part of us, and more than ever to experience it. I came to the realization that we are too stiff and stuffy! Most people worry far too much about mundane things, and never get as is quoted “to smell the roses”. The roses are always there, but we never get to see them, never mind smelling them!. As I was contemplating on this, the Master came and sat with me. Let me say that these days when I need time to think, in my imagination, I take myself to the top of a mountain, and sit on a seat there. It is then if he wishes to, that the Master will come and speak with me. I see him sitting with me, but I also hear his voice quite clearly. To me, he is like a Father, he always has so much love and concern for me, and this time as we sat and talked, he spoke of the need to be childish and not to be so serious.

One of the wonderful things I have been able to do with a raised vibration, is to see through the illusion of the Earth plane. I remember a few years ago, doing a Brotherhood course in Las Vegas. Many people said to me “Las Vegas!! Why on Earth would you want to do a Brotherhood course, one of the most spiritual of courses there?” I of course, had to go to the Master and ask him, after all he had said where it was to be held. He said to me “What a wonderful place to do a course about illusion, in the city of illusion!” And when the course took place, in the Luxor Hotel there, with its pyramid energy, every one of the students could see through the illusion as they stepped out of the room after doing the course each day, into the stark reality of a Casino and Hotel in one of the most illusionary cities in the world!

Over the years of working for the Master, and being educated by him, he has come to show me that life is not about being holy and religious, but about being true to yourself, and not lying to yourself. I wonder how many of you reading this have ever wanted to sit on a swing in a park, or go down a slide, or just run barefoot through the park! How many times have you wanted to join a child playing with modeling clay, or sit in a child’s ride at a shopping center. I know that many of you will say yes to this. The next time this happens, let it happen, go with the flow, don’t stop yourself. So what if people laugh? at least you are making them laugh! Creating humor from your joy.

If you ever see a Teddy Bear, or a doll and you think, I wish I could buy that for so and so, then buy it and give it. They may think you are silly, they may thank you, but YOU will feel good in the giving, and you never know, they may end up playing with it! As the prophet Jesus said, “Be as little children”.

Margaret Birkin.