World Peace

Message from Maitreya:

In order for humanity to find peace on the Earth plane, it is necessary for them to find first of all, peace in their own home or environment. One cannot have world peace, if the peace at home has not been dealt with. So much of humanity is made up of people judging each other, criticizing each other, being out of harmony with their fellow man. There are no two souls alike on the Earth plane, oh yes, there are multiple births, but even these are not identical in soul patterning and energy. Each soul is unique, each has their own identity and their own way of doing things. There is nothing wrong with this. Yet many find fault in critical judgment of others.

How many times have you judged or criticized another in the last year of earth time? Be honest with yourself! Many of you will be able to identify with this. Unless you can find peace in your own heart, come to terms with the knowledge that all souls are different, that one can have a different belief system and still be friends with and be happy with those that are that way, the world will continue to have war, anger and fear!

What can I do? I can hear you say. All you need to do is to tolerate the belief’s of another. To understand there is one God or Creator and many paths to that being. Each path is different, yet each in it’s own way leads to a different way of believing. So many souls live in the past, trapped, unable to move forward by that past. You cannot change the past, it has been and gone, however, one can learn from the past. When one starts to do this, one truly moves forward.

There is no one true faith because each soul has their own truth. There are many paths and many faiths. If the prophet Jesus were to return to the earth plane at this time, he would be appalled! His teaching was of love not hate, positive, not negative, fearless, not fearful. Yet so much of the world today is consumed by these emotions. He would be appalled at how His words have been used in war and hatred. Two thousand years after His appearance humanity is still at war with itself!

When you tolerate another, their belief, their way of doing things, then you step forward in vibration away from the critical judgmental way. You step toward tolerance and understanding. Why not try doing that if you can? Imagine a garden of many different flowers, they all live together, some tall, some small, there are rogue flowers known as weeds here and there, yet they all live together in harmony. Your world can be like that, and it starts with you, it is as simple as that.


Questions and Answers for the site

Someone recently wrote to the web site and asked when the Master would be answering questions again on the site. The person who asked was quite indignant in their writing that their question for the Master was not being answered!

Many people who read the web site and see its growth and construction, have no idea of the time and effort that goes into the site. Since 1996 Peter and I have given sometimes 16 hours a day to this site. All that you see on the site has been channeled over a period of 7 years. In the beginning, and even now, all that you see on the web site was channeled with love, for your benefit by me for no fee or remuneration. It was done because the Master asked me to do it and I chose to do it for Him. Our web site, unlike others is reliant on what income we make, we do get donations, but they are very few. That income to keep the web site going comes from our earnings, from readings, courses, and astrology charts. The Master always makes sure that there is enough for what we need. However, we have to earn it.

Each day, my email coming in increases, I not only have to deal with site email, but also with personal email. This takes time. I teach and organize courses, and although I have a personal assistant who does a lot of the work, it still takes my energy to make it happen. There are phone calls to deal with, channeling to do for newsletters, I am attempting to write a book, music to channel also, etc., etc., life is so full. I have to give priority to what is needed, and that priority is to make a living to provide what is necessary. With the Photon Belt energy compacting time, there seems less and less hours in the day to do what we have to do.

Peter and I still work long hours, we are in Vancouver as I write this newsletter. As well as a long day teaching, we also have to deal with not being home and having familiar energy, but also with the constant stream of email which never stops, discussion with the Master for the future of the web site, talking and visiting with souls who help us when we travel and wish to see and speak with us, and amongst that, try to find some time for ourselves.

We love our work, and we give 100% to our work, we have never given any less, however, we cannot do everything, and it means that certain parts of the web site are no longer active. They may stay inactive for some time more, and may even be no more. If you can do better, I would ask the person who complained to please do so. I would appreciate someone else occasionally taking over, for Peter and I do not get a rest even on Christmas Day we receive email which needs answering!

Our priority in the future is to get more video on the site, more music, and for more books. If you consider that one part of the site is not being met, then try to understand what is entailed in running this web site. It does take a lot of work and time, I am NOT invincible. I am human, and I need rest and relaxation the same as everyone else.

Although you may not have noticed it, Peter is no longer web master of the site. After 7 years of working hard at the site, and making it the success it has become, Peter has ‘retired’. We have a new web master a young man called Ratna who is full of youthful energy, and has excellent qualifications to do the work involved. Peter is moving on to do other things, he has been working with an energy who was known many years ago as Nicola Tesla, and Tesla has many ideas for electronic aids to assist with healing. Peter is still there as advisor, but most of the web site work will be done in the future by Ratna.

I personally will continue to give 100% if not more to the web site. Your letters of encouragement and support help us enormously. It is a pity that a few souls have to criticize and are unable to see the bigger picture.

Margaret Birkin.

Update on the Photon Belt Energy

Message from Maitreya:

I was recently asked to comment on the Photon Belt and its effect as it crosses over the Earth plane. It has certainly done the work it came to do. For its energy is certainly changing things on the Earth plane. For those who are wondering why there are not enough hours in the Earth day, it is because of the compacting of time this energy is creating. The energy is also changing many things, especially the way things have been done in the past. New idea’s are emerging, new ways of doing things, the old establishment it breaking down and change is taking place. There is another ten Earth years still to go before this energy leaves the Earth plane and moves slowly away. It will be another thirty Earth years before it is no longer having an effect on humanity. All that once was, will be no more, a new energy is emerging, changing life, changing the Earth plane. Do not be afraid of this energy, embrace it for it is designed to make the changes that are necessary for a more peaceful existence. You may not be able to see it yet, but it will eventuate over the years as it continues to do its work. Accept change as it comes into your life, do not fight, fighting this energy will only make the journey harder. If you can accept change, accept the shift in consciousness, then you will be a better soul.


A better site thanks to dedicated hackers

Message from Maitreya:

Recently, the web site I channel through was the subject of what is known as “Hacking”. The web site itself was removed from the Internet completely by someone who felt they should do this. It was not unexpected, as many emails had been sent in to my channel informing of this was going to happen.

In the beginning, it looked very dire indeed. We in the world of spirit could see that much would come from this experience, but it took Peter the web master a short time to get over what was a bit of a shock seeing no main site!

As soon as it happened we were there to channel through Margaret. We knew it had happened before it did and in fact had set plans in motion for that very day, in the form of having one of the most gifted computer experts in the USA today, with access to the some of the best technology, to advise and guide both Margaret and Peter in their loss and subsequent reinstatement of the site.

I personally wish to thank those who did the deed of hacking and closing down the site for much was learned from the experience. So many new things were also learned as well! You may ask what? But that is for us to know. What has been learned though is that from the ashes of a fire, a new flame always burns. Thanks to the person who did this to the web site, much knowledge has been gained about safety and security, and an even better web site has emerged in technical terms. To that person, thank you, your work was of great value to us!

We are better informed because of you!