Video and Fear?

Message from Maitreya:

My recent channeling on video has brought many favorable comments. I thank each one of you who wrote to my channel and her husband. Always with something new there is trepidation for my channel. She has channeled in public many times, and even spoken in trance channel at the United Nations, but to go onto video was new and she was not sure. Your email to her has shown her that it was certainly worth the effort.

Fear is a terrible thing to have. So many people have a fear of starting something new or making changes to their life, and yet life is all about change. You tend to forget that you are spiritual beings in a physical body, not physical beings. The illusion of the earth plane creates the belief that all that you see and feel is real, yet it is not. It is an illusion. Only when you raise your vibration, and move to a higher consciousness, can you see through the illusion. Yet so many souls are frightened to do this. Their fear stops them. They cannot see that by moving forward they grow. The Self which is part of the physical body, holds on to the fear and uses it to stop you moving forward. Stops the growth.

If every soul faced one thing each day that they had fear about, then there would be no fear. However this is a hard task to do. The Self has had much practice at using your fear against you. If you can, when you have a fear, try to face it. Ask yourself, “Where does this come from?”. Try to face it head on, or visit someone who can help you to move forward, such as a spiritual counselor, astrologer or past life therapist. Do not be afraid to face your fear and look into it. My channel did with her fear of the video. What is your fear?


Things are changing

Since 1996, the Masters course has been one price and has not changed over 7 years. Many students have taken advantage of the courses we have taught. For students overseas the cost of the course has always been a problem, yet I have always been told by the Master, not to change the price. We have of course had many expenses to pay to hold the course. Overseas courses have involved renting hotels, needing accommodation for ourselves, the cost of the dubbing of tapes and of course materials and many more expenses. This has come to many tens of thousands of dollars over the years. Yes, we did make money from the courses, but this money paid for the next stage of our work or airfares whichever was needed.

Late last year, I was surprised when the Master informed me that he no longer wanted to teach overseas. That this year would be our last overseas trip with his teaching. He informed us that he had for many years wanted a teaching center for students to come to. We had tried to do this in New Zealand at one stage, but although we were willing, and plans were put into being, other people involved chose not to be a part of that vision, and so it had not been fulfilled. The Master told me that it was time to do it again, but this time to do it alone. I was given instructions as to what to do and how to do it. As is always with the Master, everything fell into place. The house the Master wanted was immediately available, it was more than we wanted to pay, but as soon as we bought it, and had the faith, the money came in to pay for it!

The Masters house is now complete, and we now have a teaching center with accommodation for 7 people. We can also take more students if the accommodation is booked out, and they want to provide their own accommodation. Last week, the Master informed me that the price of the course was to change. It would no longer be in US dollars, but in AUS dollars. He informed us that because we had the house, had furnished and provided all that was needed and were no longer traveling overseas to teach, we could now lower the cost of the course.

It is a huge saving for our overseas students, whereas the cost of the course was $3,000 US, it is from 2003, $3,000 AUD. We know that this will enable many more people to do the course and also to visit our wonderful country of Australia. I am so very thrilled at this happening. I have always been concerned at the cost of the course, but I also knew our expenses, and it was after all the Master who had created the cost of the course in the first place.

For students who wish to have a personal one on one course with myself and the Master, the Master has instructed that the cost of this will stay in USD. The course takes a lot of energy and also time, and I could not do it on a single basis for the new reduced price.

There will only be three Beginners courses in 2003, and one Advanced course. If students want to have an individual course, then this can be arranged privately. We know that many of you will now be wanting to take advantage of the course now that the cost of it has changed.

Students who have stayed at Harmony House have all mentioned the Masters energy in the house, and it has had a huge impact on the energy of those students in shifting the negative energy from their bodies. Since its inception in March this year (2002) Three students so far have reported phenomena on a personal level which has indicated that the energy is definitely there and working.

I feel that a new era has begun with the opening of Harmony House, and know that before long we will be looking for further accommodation. The long term vision is to have a big school of Metaphysics here in Australia.

I will send another newsletter soon, but I did want it to be known about the change of cost of the course so that those who wish to may now start booking for 2003.

Margaret Birkin.

Why cannot I do something about the wars?

Message from Maitreya:

A few times recently, I have been asked why I am not doing anything about the wars around the world. Why cannot I do something? This is a very interesting question, why am I not doing anything. I will tell you why, because I can do nothing. Why is this so? Because if I went to these wars with my channel, and I would need my channel to speak for me, what would happen to her? What would happen if she were to say to these people who have terrible fear and anger, “Please stop your fighting, I have a message from the world of spirit for you” do you think they would listen? They would not. Their energy is so negative that all they can see at the moment is to fight. It is very probable that my channel would either be imprisoned as insane, or stood up against a wall and shot! What would that achieve then? I would have no channel and it would take a lot of Earth time to find another one suitable, and a life has been wasted. No, this is not the way. The way is for me to work through this web site, educating, teaching, and helping to change the energy of the Earth plane.

Until the advent of the year 2,000, humanity was not ready for change. However, the events of the World Trade Center, have created a need by humanity to find themselves. Before this date of course, people were doing this. We have channeled through an enormous number of people to write books and communicate to humanity about the Earth changes, and about spiritual matters. We have done this in many different ways, for humanity IS different from each other and always will be. We have channeled in simple terms, old fashioned spiritual terms, technical terms. In all diverse ways that humanity needed.

However, humanity is now more than ever wanting to find the answers. There are many web sites which educate. This site I created for teaching is just one of them. It has gone from a very small beginning into a web site that has an enormous viewing audience, and one that many feel comfortable with. It is not for everybody, but for those who are looking for the truth, they find the truth.

Recently I received an email from a person in the United States who had sent one of my channeling’s to someone in Pakistan and in Israel. Two different friends of theirs. These people had written to her and told her that the channeled material had changed their life. That for the first time they could see a different reality. That is what my work is about. It is about helping souls to make change in their life. I do not do it with fanfare, and noise and applause. I do not need these things, I just do it. It is not the messenger I have said many times, it is the message, and the message is being heard.

For those souls who want to make a change in their lives on a very deep and personal level, I teach them on that level. It is their choice. For those who do not, then there is the channeled material on the web site. My teaching is done in many ways. Humanity will change, more and more souls are wanting change. This is how I choose to change the world. This is the only way that is safe in the present climate.