Your Vibration and Electronics!

Message from Maitreya:

My comments on audio on the web site have created quite a stir! So many have written to me and asked for more information on the subject of energy and computers.

As one raises the vibration, one becomes nearer to the astral realms, the world of the spiritual where we reside. As one raises the vibration, the energy of the body becomes more active, and quite powerful. It is quite common when the energy is at a certain level, for it to affect computers, electronic accounting machines in supermarkets and radio and television equipment. My channel once brought down a whole radio station in Auckland, New Zealand because on the day concerned, my energy with her on her radio show, was quite strong and pronounced. Nobody at the radio station had ever seen anything like it! Of course, finally, it was righted, but it can be a problem at times.

The radio frequency of the body is raised when one moves up in vibration, every soul in a body has a frequency, a vibration, but for most people it stays at a safe level. When one raises the vibration, one raises the level of radio frequency, it is this energy which can blow up mother boards on computers, affect supermarket teller machines, banking teller machines, electronic equipment of all kinds. If you are frequently having problems with your computer and blowing up your mother boards or having problems with crashing your computer with no usual reason for this, it is because of your vibration. The effect of the Photon belt energy on you personally if you are a spiritual person can also have an effect also.

What can you do to assist this? There is very little really, you cannot stop the vibration being raised once it has started. However, do not do anything with electrical equipment even computers first thing on rising, the surge of energy as the body balances itself energy wise can blow electrical equipment, especially computers to pieces. Leave this until at least half an hour after rising. If you do it in the day, try to ground yourself by wearing jewelry such as tigers eye and smokey quartz crystals, these are excellent grounding minerals. Stress is an important factor also, try not to get angry or stressed, this makes the situation much worse. Keep calm when on the computer or around electronic equipment at all times.

This is a common problem with many people, you are not alone if this is happening to you. Just know that. I will write further on this subject in the future of Earth time.


Where people stay, Harmony House

One of the things that I enjoy doing is having people come to our home to stay, especially people who are not family or friends. We recently had a lovely couple from Malaysia come to stay and it was a wonderful experience to have them with us and also be able to work with them as well.

Peter and I have run the web site for 7 years now, since 1996. In the beginning it was hard going because we could hardly afford the web site fees each month, but as always, we had the faith and the Master would provide a reading which would provide those fee’s. It is still happening today, although now of course, we need far more money to do the work that we do and I am not as young as I was seven years ago. I am finding, as is Peter that as we mature, we are having to do less than we did years ago, and also need to have no stress in our life which is hard when one runs a web site and spiritual business!

Many people never get to meet Peter and I. They do not get to see our work load, learn about us personally, which can be different from the feeling that you have from our information on the web site. They cannot see where the web site is run from and also how it is administered. When people like the Malaysian couple visit, it gives them an opportunity to see our situation first hand.

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have the Master with us and to follow his advice which is always very positive and very creative and successful. Peter learned a long time ago to listen and follow his advice, as did I. I am often asked how one can do this, have a Master help one, and it is not hard to do in speaking about it, it simply is a matter of switching off from the Self, and following the Higher Self’s guidance. However there is an art to doing it, and really once one understands about it, it is simply a matter of being aware.

For many years I refused to accept donations for the web site because I felt I had to earn the money for its future alone. However, the Master pointed out that there were many people who wanted to help us and I should allow them to do this. I reluctantly allowed a notice to go on the site to state this. However, in my heart I was still reluctant and because of that, I stopped the flow of assistance if any wished to give it.

In 2001, I became aware of my actions, thankfully again by speaking to the Master, he asked me when I was going to let go of my fear (which it was from a past experience) I could see his point, and so affirmed that I was letting go of all concern. Within two days we had our first donation! To those of you who have given a donation I would like to thank you very much. We always write and thank you personally, but I want you to know here and now that Peter and I really appreciate the help you have given us. It has enabled us to grow enormously, taught me many lessons about receiving, and enabled us to go into video and create Harmony House. We could not have done it without you.

It will soon be ten years since I was told I was going to channel Maitreya, it is hard to believe that it was such a time ago. I remember my fear at the thought of it, and how I tried to run away. Thankfully, I had Peter in my life, and he enabled me to learn how to communicate with the Master, without Peter and his help in my life, there would be no web site.

Very soon we will be putting details on the web site about Harmony House, the house which has just been created as a spiritual teaching centre, accommodation, and spiritual holiday home for those who wish to visit. We have also taken some wonderful photo’s of the house and garden. We hope that if any of you visit Australia, you will come to Tamborine Mountain in Queensland, and spend a few days or more in Harmony House. Our first tenant recently left, and did not want to leave, he actually asked to stay longer because “it is such a beautiful house and energy”.

The most amazing thing is the picture of the Master which we took at Harmony House. It sits in the hallway, under a skylight and the Master looks directly into the lounge room. When Peter was taking photo’s he captured an incredible energy around the picture. The picture was painted by Graham Taylor of Blenheim in New Zealand. It is his vision of what he saw standing behind me when I was teaching one day in Nelson, New Zealand. We will be putting this picture on the web site, and we hope you will enjoy looking at it. We were also told by first tenant that when the hall light was on at night, it threw a beautiful golden shadow above the picture which made it look as it the Master had a halo – very beautiful when we finally saw it.

We hope as time passes to meet more of you who are regular visitors to the web site. We don’t always have a lot of time, but we do have the time to connect with you and perhaps go out for a meal with you. We would love to see you.

Margaret Birkin.

Stem Cells and Abortion!

Message from Maitreya:

Recently, the subject of stem cell transplants have come up for discussion. I was asked recently, my view on this subject. My view is that it should be allowed. The argument is based on the fact that an embryo is a baby from the moment of its conception! It is however, a baby without a soul, empty, dead in a way, until the soul enters the body. Until that moment the baby is a body without a soul. Like a car without an engine, which cannot be driven unless it has a motor, the fetus cannot function without the soul. In your world, you call this state, ‘Brain Dead’ and that is what the baby is. Without the soul, the spirit, the baby cannot function. Oh yes, it is a body, but it is waiting for the moment of connection with the soul. That happens according to each individual soul between the 3rd and 5th month of life. Many women feel this phenomena which many in the western world know as ‘the quickening’. When this happens, many women feel as if something has landed inside of them, many women have insisted it felt like a bird landing, but it is the new soul. It does not stay there, but simply stakes its claim to the body, and then can move freely in and out of the fetus until the time of it’s birth.

Until the time of ‘the quickening’, there is no life as such in the body. It is a shell like a motor car waiting for the engine. It is a body without its soul. If a fetus is removed by abortion, or miscarried, and if no claim is made upon it by the parents, then just as in transplants of human organs, the stem cell should be used to help another. I have no objection to medical science as it is known in Earth terms, as long as nobody suffers. When a fetus is no longer alive, it cannot suffer. It can though, save the suffering of others.

I do not know why humanity fears the process of stem cell transplants, the happiness of one helped by this process, surely has to outweigh any fear caused by not understanding it. It will go ahead, despite objection from those who feel the fetus should not be used. One cannot stop the path of progress. If it is not used legally, then it will become illegal. Best for it to be run by those who know what they are doing, rather than perhaps by those who do not.