Fighting around the World, over property!

Message from Maitreya:

I watch with sadness the war and fighting around the world, over land. What is land? It is a piece of dirt that you use to live on while on your journey on the Earth plane. That is all it is. Before you came, it was not yours, and when you leave, it will not be yours.

Yes, I can hear those of you say, but it was my family’s land! That is what you thought and what you were told, but nothing is yours, or your family’s. What you have, you use on your journey and when you leave the Earth plane it is no more. It has served its purpose. So much war and fighting is created because of land, property and belongings. Humanity needs to realize that it owns nothing. All that you have is given for your use for your lessons on the Earth plane. Your journey is one of learning. Everything you need to learn will be given to you, from the utensils in the form of land and property, to the people who will come into your life to teach you and mirror for you.

When you realize that you own nothing, that all is there for your learning, then you can let go of the material and use what you have without fear of losing it. When you let go and lose the fear, then you raise your vibration because nothing means anything to you anymore. How many of you cling to what you own? How many of you are in fear of losing what you have? If this is you, then at some time in your life, the Universe will pull it away from you, because your fear will create that. Whether it be a house, business, friend, lover, country, land, it does not matter what it is, the Universe is programmed to pull it away.

Look on all that you have as on loan for this incarnation. Do not fear losing anything. Use what you have with pleasure and enjoyment, you were not meant to be poor or to be without in your life, but often this is what you create because this is what you fear.

When the Earth plane comes to the realization that nothing can be owned is only on loan, only then will it be possible for them to move forward in vibration. Only then can the Earth plane stop the fighting and heal.


There are no two souls the same!

Message from Maitreya:

There are no two souls the same! Think about that, think of the number of souls on the Earth plane and then remember that no two are the same. What an amazing feat! Each one of you is unique, even with multiple births, twins, triplets as you call them, the souls are different. It is this uniqueness which makes humanity what it is today. What a dull world it would be if you were all the same!

The uniqueness which each of you have, is your gift to the world. You each have talents, feelings, desires which are different to each other. Some have a different color skin, others a different size to their body, but no two souls are identical. As well as these differences, you also have one other difference, each one of you has free will to choose and make decisions. It is YOUR choice, it is YOUR direction, it is uniquely you.

This is something that humanity has to learn. You can all be different. There is nothing wrong with that. Yet you are all humanity! There is nothing wrong with what you personally do. It is the blueprint of each of you genetically which makes this difference. The DNA which creates that difference, that uniqueness.

Once humanity learns to acknowledge each other’s unique energy and difference, then humanity can begin to change. At present, so many souls are trying to change others to be like them. They not only do this act which is against another’s free will, but they also interfere in their karma by doing so. Each soul has their own unique plan, their own path in life. Each soul must travel that path in their OWN way. Making their own decisions, choosing their own path. Only by doing that, will they learn and grow. A soul cannot learn while it is being led and guided and stopped from doing its own thing.

I have been asked if it is in order to help a soul, perhaps financially or in some other way. Yes, this is so, this can be done, but it must not interfere with them thinking and doing it for themselves. For instance, say someone needs to move on in life, and they cannot afford to do so. It is in order for one to help them if one feels the need, however, one must not do it for them, yes, help them to get set up if necessary, but allow that soul to do it in their own way. So many who help people, make conditions on how it should be done. “I will help you, but you must do it this way”. This is not the way to do it. Remember that by doing it for themselves they are learning survival. A child who accidentally burns themselves on a stove, usually do not repeat the offence, they learn from the experience. So it is with life, each soul has to learn their own way. Once humanity comes to realize the uniqueness in every soul, then and only then can they begin to move forward in peace and understanding. It is not a difficult thing to do!


What is it like to channel Maitreya?

I am often asked “what is it like channeling Maitreya”? I wish I could give an easy answer but I cannot. There is so much to it, that I cannot give one really good answer. For me, it is like having a Father watch over you, yet one who understands that you can make mistakes. One who never judges me, but slowly points out the way I could have done it – “the easy way” the Master will say, after I have taken the hard way. At times, he can be great fun and when I am too serious, he will make me laugh, or laugh at my seriousness. Then there are the times when his presence with me not only fills my heart to overflowing with love, but those around me feel it also.

The only drawback if I can call it that is that one has to raise one’s vibration to communicate with a Master, and by doing that, one becomes extremely sensitive, so much so that communication with most people becomes difficult. You tend to move forward so quickly and can see through the illusion of the Earth plane so easily, that communication with those still in the illusion is almost non-existent. It leads to a quiet life, and one where you really become detached from the Earth plane. More and more you communicate with spirit rather than those on the Earth plane.

It does however give one a peace that I cannot describe. A beautiful feeling of love deep inside. I recently went to Sea World on the Gold Coast of Australia with my family. It was such a long time since we had connected as a family, my son is in the armed forces, my daughter is a mother of my grandchild who is two and a half. It had been almost twenty years since we had been out on a family outing so it was very special. It was a perfect day, but because of my raised vibration I was aware even at Sea World, of the illusion of life. Everyone around me was trying to find some happiness in the external, they had gone for the day out to have some fun, to forget about their troubles, their debts, and all that was negative in their life.

I could sense the Master with me as I sat with Peter and my family. He pointed out to me that all the people were trying to find some happiness, and for one day, many of them would find it. However, the next day they would return to the world of illusion, to their problems, their debts, their unhappiness if they had any. They were oblivious to the fact that they could create the feeling of happiness every day in their life.

It is at times like this, when the Master comes in and shows me something in the material world, that I feel so blessed to have the Master with me. I cannot tell you what it is like, but I can tell you that it is beyond anything I ever imagined. The path to being a channel for him was not easy. I remember when I first went to the USA in 1995, the Master showed me 12 stairs, and indicated that all I had left to deal with was those twelve steps. He did not tell me however, that each step was 10 foot deep and 4 miles wide. Yet, I climbed those stairs, not easily, and at times with great difficulty.

Many of you are standing at the bottom of stairs just like I did. The top of the stairs seems such a long way ahead, yet if you take one step at a time and learn patience, then you will soon climb them. Those who channel Masters are not born to the task, they earn it through their determination, grit and strength on the spiritual path. Which Master would you like to work with?

Margaret Birkin.