Playing games that cause disaster in one’s life

Message from Maitreya:

The most important point to be aware of when one is on the spiritual path is the way of the subconscious mind and the Self which resides there, work. How it can play games with yourself and those around you. So much damage can be done in the name of these games. You can ask “Master what do you mean by that?”, well I will tell you.

Consciously you may feel that everything is fine in your world, however in the subconscious mind much mischief is being played out. If one has insecurities of any kind, one can create all sorts of games which will affect those around you. From making them jealous, to creating anger and frustration. The Self does not like moving from the comfort zone, yet it creates so many situations where it self sabotages itself, and leaves the soul bereft at what has happened, when the damage has been done.

I will give you an example of a student who desperately loved a man. She loved him so much that her Self became frantic over the attention he was giving to his children. Her Self wanted him all to herself, and although she tried very hard to communicate and find peace with them, her Self finally created a situation where the man could no longer cope. He informed her that he no longer wished to be with her. To begin with, she thought this was in order, but, as time passed she realized that she missed him terribly, Her Higher Self started to show her what she had done. She was devastated. However, the damage was done and she was left with nobody. The man moved on, found another partner, found happiness, but she could not move on, all she could think about was what she had once had and what she had lost. This was a case where the Self well and truly self sabotaged her.

Humanity does it all of the time. It does not think before it speaks. It creates situations which can cause pain and suffering to others, all in the name of playing games. Playing games to tease another, or to create an emotional ploy. Either way, it is the Self that does this because the Higher Self would never do that.

The emotional body is something that all humanity have. It is a very sensitive instrument and in many people it is out of control. The Self uses this in so many ways. It sabotages and plays games. However, when this stops and the Higher Self moves in, without game playing, emotional blackmail and with complete honesty and truth, only then can life be lived for the Higher Good. Everything else is an illusion.

Before you speak, think of your words, think of how your words may upset others, yes, one is supposed to have control and not get upset, but even so, on the Earth plane one is exposed to all of the feelings of humanity. Even with control of the emotional body, it can be painful to others when games are played emotionally. If you only knew how sometimes your words can cut and cause hurt, you would think twice about what you say and how you say it, for sometimes it is not WHAT is said, but HOW it is said.

The Higher Self only has the highest regard and respect for life. Know this and think in the future before you speak and hurt another.


So much solemnity is given to spirituality

Message from Maitreya:

So much solemnity is given to spirituality. People make so many rules and regulations with regard to it. No two souls are the same, so what one person may say is the truth, may not be another’s. People tend to follow like sheep. It has only to be seen when something new comes on the commercial market and everyone has to have it. Many do not want it, but “It is the latest thing” and so whether they want it or not, they have to have it.

Spirituality is meant to be an individual thing. That is the uniqueness of the matter. Each soul will reach God or what they perceive to be God their own way. Yes, two people may take the same path, but it is an individual situation where each soul has to find their own truth and answers.

Too much onus is placed on the right way to be spiritual, the right way to do things. There is no right way! There is only your way! In the search for spirituality, many think that they cannot enjoy life, that to have fun is wrong. It could not be further from the truth. A good laugh will heal the soul far quicker than medicine or healing. If a soul does not have fun, life becomes boring and dull. Then, life becomes a drudge. Those on the spiritual path need to take time out to have fun, to become children again and to let go of their worries and their woes. Life is so short, yet so many of you put off enjoying life, having fun. I was taken with Margaret’s newsletter in which she informed people to ‘Have fun along the way’. Yet for many years, she denied herself this, thinking that she had to be serious to be spiritual. To be happy is to be spiritual. How many of you reading this can say that you are truly happy with your life? When you relax, have fun, sit back and enjoy your hobbies and your spare time, it is then when we in the spiritual world can impress our thoughts on you. Communicate with you, we cannot do this while you are serious and dour.

Having fun and being relaxed and laid back are the most important things in a spiritual person’s life. Life is a game, once you learn metaphysics and learn how to play the game, then life becomes easy.

In the coming weeks ask yourself, “What have I always wanted to do?”, then go out and do it. Do not let the cost of it, the distance, the weather, your work or other commitments put you off. JUST DO IT! You will be surprised how different you feel. Then keep it up. Do one thing each Earth month that you have wanted to do.

In our dimension we have fun all of the time, that may surprise many of you, but we laugh, sing, and we enjoy our existence in the soul. It is time that you also learned to do that.


Life is Hard becoming a channel

I recently received an email from a woman called Lisa who wrote in her email the following words:

“Life is hard, I re read your journey through becoming a channel, and I see you have been to hell and back your self. how did you stay so strong? I feel that I have failed many tests, and I am a bit unhappy with myself for being weak and so human, and for holding fear”.

After reading it, I thought to myself “if only people knew”. You see during my training with the Master, I failed so many times I too felt many times like Lisa. You can say “but you channel the Master, how could you go through that, didn’t he help you”? Of course he did, he was always there, it was just that in my negative state, I could not feel, see or hear him. Spirit cannot communicate with us when we are in a negative state. Our negative energy stops the flow of positive energy.

There have been times during my training that I have been so low I have wanted to commit suicide. I have lost count of the number of times the struggle was so hard that I told Peter “I don’t want to channel anymore”. Not only did I have to deal with channeling and all the work involved in that, but I also had a lot of criticism from people who felt I was not good enough to do it. Where Lisa was, I have been there also.

How did I get through? It was hard I can tell you. Spiritual development is not easy, one is fighting the Self every step of the way. I honestly do not know how I got through, yet I did. There were many times that I felt weak and that I had failed my tests, but I also refused to give in. I never looked back, so, I had made a mistake, I learned from it, and as I did, I moved forward in vibration. I was human, I was exposed to the world and the illusion that it created. I finally, after 20 years, moved beyond the illusion.

For all of you on the spiritual path who feel you are failing, that you are not disciplined enough, etc., just know that I have been there too. I lost count of the times Peter would say to me “when you learn the lesson it won’t be presented to you anymore” as time after time the same lesson would be put in front of me. I kept giving energy to it, reacting, fighting, and at times I am sorry to say, had temper tantrums because there it was again, when would it stop? As Peter said, when I stopped reacting to it and let it go. It was one of the hardest lessons to learn.

Know also that you just have to keep moving forward, yes, it may be three steps forward, one step back, BUT, you ARE moving forward. Don’t feel guilty, don’t allow the negative to come in, just say to yourself, “oh well I will try again” and leave it at that.

You can do it, how do I know? Because I did. Yes, I had the Master with me, but you have him too, through his writing on the web site, and any time you ask for his help. Just set goals for yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself, and remember that life is for living and enjoying, try to have some fun on the journey!

Margaret Birkin.

One part ends another begins

A few years ago my whole life had been turned upside down! My marriage of 23 years had been coming to an end for some time. I kept believing that it was meant to be, but as we went our separate ways more and more, I knew very soon that we would have to part. My friends in the spiritual world had already sent me a new man to help me in my work because although my husband was a spiritual man, he refused to assist me with my work. He told me that it was my vision, not his. I decided to go with the new man as my business partner. I came home from a weekend away with my friend and the new man and found my husband in a compromising situation with one of his students. The writing was on the wall!

I chose to leave and work with the new man in my life as my business partner. I had worked hard for four years building up a business. It was extremely successful. I placed a Manageress in this business and started traveling in Qld and NSW in Australia. I had already given my husband all of the marital furniture, we were only renting a house, so there was no property to sell. Knowing his need for a home, and mine not to have one with the traveling, I gave him all of the belongings. Shortly after this my world was shattered when I received a telegram from a friend informing me that I was to call her urgently. She informed me on calling her that my husband had been into my business with his student girlfriend and cleared me out, taken everything, even the till and the phone cord. There was nothing left. I was devastated. Why would God do this to me? But God had bigger plans, three days later came another Telegram, this time informing me that he had gone to the Bank and taken every penny out of the account (we had a joint account) except $5 AUS. I had only just ordered a lot of new books, tapes and crystals for my shop, how on Earth would I pay the bill?

God was good, a friend lent me the money to pay all my accounts, and it was to be many years before I would pay her back. My then ex-husband now wanted my car, which had been given to me as a gift by a friend. One day I had everything, next day I had nothing. What was worse, I knew that I could not stay where I was. Peter who by then had become more than just a business partner persuaded me to go to New Zealand for a short while until things blew over. I reluctantly agreed. I left Australia in 1992 with nothing except a few clothes and a few personal books. I had no idea of my future, and had I known I think I would never have believed it.

Within one month of arriving in New Zealand, I was earning a good income, far more than I was doing in Australia. I became a radio clairvoyant, then a magazine clairvoyant, then a teacher, counselor and channel for an incredible energy. I was removed from the comfort zone of the life I had enjoyed for 23 years and thrown into an alien situation, I did not drown! The experience of going to New Zealand brought out the survival instinct in me. It made me stronger, made me famous and changed my life. I stayed in New Zealand for eight and a half years. They were some of the best years of my life. The Master Maitreya led and guided me through my fear to a new life.

I learned a lot about faith and trust during that time. I also wondered what would have happened if I had been allowed to turn back at the airport as I waited for the plane to New Zealand in 1992. I nearly did turn back. Thank goodness I did not.

The moral of this story is that although the situation was bleak and looked impossible, it was not. God was with me all the way, I felt an energy each day supporting and holding me. That energy sent a man into my life to help me through the terrible ordeal and provided all that I needed in that new life. I truly believe there is a God, why? Because I have experienced that energy first hand. That is why. All you have to do is let go of your comfort zone and face your fear and God or the energy you know as God, will be with you.

Margaret Birkin.

Comments from Margaret!

It came as quite a surprise to me, that the Master Maitreya informed me one evening that I was to write my own newsletter. He told me that people would be interested in my viewpoint as his channel. I asked of him, but Master what will I write and he said write from your heart as if you were speaking to a group of people. Write about working with me! I thought about this and realized that perhaps people WOULD be interested in how I work with the Master and my experiences over the years. From now on, whenever I feel the need, I am going to write newsletters of my own. I hope that you will learn something from them. The Master has told me that they will be much enjoyed. I never argue with the Master!

The name of the energy that I have channeled for almost ten years now is known as the Maitreya. When I was informed that I was going to channel this energy, I did not know what it was. My husband Peter had to tell me about him and I must admit I was terrified of such a task as being a channel for this Master. Who was I? Over nine and a half years, this energy known in the world as Maitreya has been a source of inspiration, comfort, critique, and love to me. I believe my husband has also felt this same way.

I never believed that I could achieve what I had done over that time. That the Master would open door after door, and also close door after door because I needed to learn valuable lessons. One of the first things I had to learn was that my opinion did not count, because my opinion came from the Self. Gosh, that was a hard one to learn. I had until then at the age of 46 always done everything myself, now I had to hand over to spirit. It was scary, and a little disconcerting.

Now I had to wait for instructions from spirit. I not only had to wait for instructions, but I had to follow them. For one with a strong Self, this was hard to do. I almost failed in the beginning. One of the first lessons I had to learn was to do things when I was told to do them, not leave them until later. The reason for this was because astrologically, it was the best time.

I also had to learn to channel when the Master requested. Sometimes this interfered with my TV viewing or social life. However, I soon learned to do it when requested. From the beginning I had to learn to do it the Master’s way, not Margaret’s. If I did not do as I should have done, I felt as if I had lost ‘brownie’ points, if I did as I was requested successfully, I gained brownie points. It became a game to see how many positive points I could get. Sometimes Peter who also worked on this system, and I, would vie each other for these precious points. Gradually I learned to work with the Master.

I have often been asked, how do you do what you do? How do you channel? This is something that I find very easy to do. Sometimes it is as if a voice speaks to me quite clearly and with such love and wisdom. Other times I have just knowing and feelings which I have learned to interpret incredibly accurately. Other times I will sit at the computer and the fingers will start moving over the keyboard, so fast that often Peter is amazed at the speed. I cannot stop when this happens. This is how I channel much of the web site. After I have finished channeling I am not only very hungry, but I am also very tired. I feel elated spiritually though and that feeling counteracts any feelings of depletion physically. When I deep trance channel for the audio section, I just seem to go to sleep and when I wake up it is over. The same applies to the Masters course when the Master teaches.

I look upon the Master as my Father. His patience in the beginning with me was endless. If he had criticism to make it was always done with love and truth. Always, he would point me in the direction of the way he would prefer it done, it was of course, always the best way! Gradually I let go of the Self more and more, and let go of the fear which was abject inside of myself. It was this fear that the Self was controlling and stopping me from moving forward.

I have often been asked “don’t you feel as if you are being manipulated”? The answer to this is a definite NO! So much love, honesty and truth pours from the Master, it is a source of great joy and bliss to channel his energy. For that is what it is, energy.

I hope that as time passes, you will learn from some of my experiences and that they will help you on your journey towards enlightenment and peace.

Margaret B.