Why we charge for Spiritual Work?

Message from Maitreya:

One of the questions that is often asked of my channel is why do you charge for your services and why does it cost so much. Until now I have not commented on this matter, but feel now, that there is a need to do so. First of all, my channel chose to be Of the World with her work with us. That meant that she chose not to live in an Ashram or community where she would be taken care of by followers. She chose to earn her own living and to teach the word of spirit in a material world. This meant that she had to charge a fee for her services in order to support her work. We on the spiritual planes support her fully in this. Through her desire to do this she has learned many lessons about her worth, and about money. These lessons would not have been learned had she not chosen to do things the way she did.

All fees and charges are chosen by we in spirit. We have a belief system in that A person is worthy of their hire. We believe in an exchange of energy, and of a charge being made for that exchange. Very few donations or tithing are made to the site, many souls read the site and gain great comfort from it, but very few think of the work that has gone into the site over the years, the years of dedication to provide it, and the hours of channeling which my channel has allowed herself to be a part of.

My channel also chose to create a business rather than a charitable trust. The main reason for that was to keep my channeling pure and free from mis-interpretation. In a charitable trust, a Quorum of people could change my wishes because of ego. I did not want this and neither did my channel or her husband.

As a business they incur many expenses to do my work, their fees and charges enable my work to be done and to continue. That is why the charges are made.

Before you make judgment on any aspect of their work, go to their home and see the amount of work and dedication they put into their courses, readings, website and other services. I doubt very much if many of you would be able to stand the pace!

I wish to make no further comment on this matter, but in light of recent communication on this subject I feel that I cannot allow the matter to go unspoken of.


Attacks by the Christian Community

Message from Maitreya:

Recently, my channel and her husband have been subjected to attack by the Christian community. They class my communications as that of the Devil, Satan and the anti-Christ. I have a question to ask of these souls because I know that they read my writings. My question is; Who is your God? I ask that because the true believer in God believes in all truth, not just their own. This believer never judges another, because only God can judge, for this being has all knowledge and knows the reasons behind the actions that are perpetrated. A true follower of God has compassion and understanding for another’s beliefs. They understand that Jew, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Baha’i, Moslem, Mormon, and all other members of other faiths can live together on the Earth plane, worshipping one God, but doing so in their own way, or the way of their choice.

I ask of those who perpetrated the attacks, who is your God? It is written in all religious and spiritual books that God is love, yet you do not show love in the way you act towards those who preach peace and love and open the world to a truth that many can resonate with.

Nearly all the wars on the Earth plane have been created by souls who considered themselves an authority on religion, and believed that THEY had the truth. But nobody has the truth. I have written before on this web site that each person has his own truth. That one persons truth is another persons folly. It is only when humanity can accept all truth and individual belief, that the world will change for the better.

I also ask the souls of those who are causing problems, why will you not place your name on your email? What are you ashamed of? If you were not ashamed you would give your email address and correct name. However, one thing you must know and that is that God, the Supreme Being knows every soul, and all that you do will be noted by that energy and will be marked on your Akashic record.


Balance in One’s Life

Message from Maitreya:

There has to be balance in your life. Without balance your life can become stressful. What is balance? Balance is when you do not feel stressed. You have on the Earth plane created quite a stress factory. You created your machines to make life easier for you, but often, these machines make you their slaves. Do not get me wrong, were it not for the computer and its creation, I would not be able to communicate in this way. However, one has to have balance in one’s life if one is to live on the Earth plane today. The Photon Belt energy is having a large effect on much of civilization. With less hours in the Earth day, there never seems enough time to get things done. This situation will last until the year 2012, when it will change. For those on the spiritual path, they even more so, need to have balance in their life. My previous newsletter was about communing with nature, this is very important. However, it is not as important as having balance.

Take time for your self. It is most important that you have time, where you do the things you enjoy. Whether that be sitting with friends in a cafe, walking by the river, fulfilling hobbies, or learning new things. Take some time out of your busy life for YOU. If you do not do so you become very out of balance. Even those in religious orders take time out for laughter and play. At lest one day of the earth week should be spent in doing something for you! By doing this, you have a balance between work and play. If you can take two days, well and good, but time must be taken to find balance.

When my channel and I started working together, she was of the opinion that she should have no time for herself, she deemed, because of who I was, that she should dedicate herself to the work, and to me. Very soon she was out of balance, stressed, and found that because of this fact, she could not communicate with me. When one is stressed, all communication with the world of spirit ceases. We need you to be happy, in balance in order to work with you.

Finally, we had to communicate through her friend another channel, to inform her that this was happening.

Take time for you and you will have time for spirit. Allow yourself one or two days of pleasure, whatever your pleasure may be. You will then be in balance.


Listen to Nature

Message from Maitreya:

There is so much in the world that is beautiful. Yes, humanity has changed the face of the Earth plane over Earth time. So has nature itself. If you take the time to go out into nature though, you will find the most wondrous sights. Very little is spoken of regarding the animals, birds, trees, flowers in the world. Yet they do exist, and they co-exist with humanity. You need the tree’s just as much as you need the oxygen in your air. How many of you take the time out to hear a bird sing in the trees, or sit in a rain forest and listen to the sounds of nature.

The sound of nature is very important for you, especially if you lead a stressful life. For it is the sounds of nature which can soothe the troubled soul and quiet the mind. Whether you choose to go to nature itself, or whether you choose to buy the sounds of nature. You do need this energy. It is known as the Deva Kingdom, and it is as important to you in your life, as the air that you breathe. Nature provides the balance that is so important for all souls. I hear so many times, the words, “I am stressed” “I am exhausted” “I am in need of rest”. Humanity in its search for an easier life has created more stress than it knows. Your machines that do your work do not give you more time, they take more time, yet you cannot see this.

When you do get stressed, then the sounds and scenes of nature can help you to soothe your soul. Take the time to sit outside and listen to the sounds, the birds singing, the trees rustling, if possible, walk in nature. Visit forests and lakes, and breathe in the energy of nature. One day in nature is worth more than you will ever know for your soul. The Deva kingdom are there to serve you, they know their purpose in the hierarchy of life, and they are waiting to assist you all to find peace and quiet in a very stressful world. Even the sound of rain on the roof can be soothing to the soul. Listen to the world outside of yours, it does exist, and it can help to heal you if you wish.