Outpouring of Change

Message from Maitreya:

In the last few Earth weeks, I have become aware of an outpouring of change coming from the Earth plane. Humanity has started to question the process of life. Many churches have been filled with souls seeking spiritual food. The increase to my web site has been over 200%. People are questioning, asking, seeking the spiritual in their life. From a tragedy, came a huge outpouring of love, and yes, of hope. Despite the talk of war, people are talking of alternative means of action. The traits of Gandhi have been discussed, of Gandhi’s search for a peaceful solution in India, and how he managed to do it. People have discussed many ways of finding peace, and are still talking. The change on the Earth plane is taking place. Each one of you who reads this newsletter can bring about the change also. “How”? I can see you ask. It is very easy, have love in your heart. Do not become angry with others, everyone who comes into your energy is a teacher, see them as teachers, and ask not why is this happening to me, but “What can I learn from this experience”?

Try not to be negative in anything that you do, and become at peace with yourself no matter what difficulties you experience and the mistakes you might make. It is not worth the energy of being angry or upset with yourself. What a waste of energy!

The more souls that think this way, the more souls will carry the light and move away from the darkness of the negative in the world. The most amazing aspect is that many faiths came together in love, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Catholic, Salvation Army, so many others also. They all united as one. It was the first time in a long time that this has taken place on such a scale.

Change is taking place, very slowly the old is being replaced with the new. It cannot be seen in a large way, but in time it will. From the tragedy of New York and Washington D.C. USA has come a transformation on a soul level of many souls. Eventually, this transformation will encompass the world. It has started!


The SELF (Ego) and the HIGHER SELF (Spiritual)

Message from Maitreya:

In the past Earth week, my channel and I have received an enormous amount of mail pertaining to the happenings in the USA. That mail has been very positive and I thank those of you who wrote those emails. However, I feel that this is the time now on the Earth plane, to educate souls about the Self. Until the Self is eradicated, the Earth plane cannot move forward. What is the Self and where did it come from? In order to explain this, I need to go back in Earth time, and warn you that this may be a long newsletter.

There was once a planet in a far distant galaxy which had two Suns. It was a planet of great beauty and magnitude. The two Suns fuelled the energy for this planet and they were a very advanced civilization. It was a place of happiness, contentment and serenity. The souls in their evolution had evolved over many millenniums of what you on Earth would call time, into a race of Higher Self beings. They had the ability to leave their bodies and move to an even higher vibration if they wished to do so. They created a wonderful place which many term heaven or the spiritual world, where they could go and renew themselves when they needed rest and relaxation, or when they just needed change. This was looked after by a group of spiritual beings called the Brotherhood. Highly evolved beings with beautiful energy. They were known by the other members as ‘The Masters’. These souls chose to stay in this place, and assisted in the organizing of life and pleasure on the planet with two Suns.

It does not matter the name of this planet, nor where it was in the galaxy, and I will not answer questions on this subject. The purpose of this channeling is to explain about the Self.

One day, it was noticed that both of the Suns were losing energy, dying in other words. The Brotherhood were very concerned because they knew that without the Suns, they could not sustain their energy on a physical plane. Instructions were given to find another home. It was put to the beings on the planet that they could just go to the place of spirit and stay there. But the souls on the planet enjoyed being in the physical, and so word went out that a search was to be made for another ‘home’. Space Craft went out, looking for this home, and after many searches in many places, finally found the Earth plane.

At that stage of its development, the Earth plane was at a stage where the Cave man was. Man had just evolved into the human shape, but had little intelligence. The Brotherhood were elated to find this. It was decided that in order to connect with this race of beings, they would merge with this species through merging with the DNA and with cloning. This was done, and eventually the new human was created and started to grow. The new human being was more evolved than most of its kind and as it grew showed remarkable abilities which the normal cave man did not have. It was this new human who educated others about fire, and very soon the cave man was evolving at a very quick rate. The new human soon bred with the old human, and the human we know today was evolved.

The Brotherhood kept an eye on the new human beings, and made regular visits to see if they were doing well. It is these early visits which are remarked on in the Christian Old Testament and described as Ezekiel Wheel and other events. Scientists have often said they cannot find the missing link between caveman and the modern human, well this is it! Soon though, they became aware that the new human being was different to those on the planet of two Suns. They started to fight, argue and became very negative. The Brotherhood were disturbed about this and were instructed to find out why this was happening. It was soon discovered that a mistake had been made. The new race of beings had the Higher Self of the Brotherhood beings, BUT they had also through breeding, had taken on the survival instinct of the caveman. It is this basic instinct type energy, which we now call the SELF. This energy was only in the caveman. It was a natural energy designed to assist with survival, however it had been tampered with through breeding, and was now out of control. The Brotherhood realized that they had done a terrible thing, and started trying to put this right.

They decided that education was the answer, however, they could not cope with the numbers of human beings who were now multiplying, and moving around the planet as well. It was decided to send messengers on a regular basis to assist with the teaching. Some Brothers chose to come and actually be born here to assist with that education. It is still going on today. Humanity has now come to a stage where a giant leap is about to take place. So many souls are now seeking their true spiritual identity. Fifty Earth years ago, there were only a few searching, but now most of humanity is evolving beyond the Self, however the Self is a formidable opponent and is fighting with all its might to stay in each human being.

In order for the Self to be eradicated, one needs to be in the energy of a highly trained channel and the energy of a Master. Only this energy will enable the transformation to take place. My channel has the training, and she and I have started that work. It starts in Perth Western Australia in October of the Earth year 2001. With Margaret, I am a keynote speaker and this will enable me to be the negative clearing house for many souls, for them to make the transformation away from domination of the Self. The Photon Belt energy and Chiron the Healing asteroid which some call now a planet is also helping this cause. Once the Self is eradicated around the world, then the healing of the Earth plane can begin. This is the most important message that I have channeled for you. You cannot free the Self through normal means. Over the Earth years it has become a most formidable opponent. The souls who came here originally, brought with them the ability to return to the spiritual world or the heaven as many know it. However, this cannot happen while there are blemishes on the soul level, which have been created by the Self. However, once these have been addressed and dealt with, souls will not come back to the Earth plane through reincarnation.

There is much more to this teaching, I will not enter into questions about it, my channel and her husband are so busy, I will not burden them further. That is why the Masters course was created. It was created to assist souls in finally freeing of the Self, and moving on to the higher vibration, not to return to the Earth plane. To educate souls in understanding metaphysics and who they are on a spiritual level. It gives the answers to why, how and what. But even there the Self has its way, telling souls the course is too expensive, too far to travel, that the soul cannot take time off work, they are too old, etc., etc., etc. It will do anything to stop you moving on.

I have tried to explain this as clearly as I can, the channeling is not perfect because it happened such a long Earth time ago. We in the spiritual realms do not live in the past, only in the now. The Self loves the past because there in all its glory are the excuses, emotions and feelings which it uses to imprison you. It really can be called the Devil and Satan. It has the ability to destroy you, and over the thousands of Earth years, it has evolved and become very sophisticated, as you would say on the Earth plane, very crafty. In order to survive and stay in the comfort zone, it will never stop in its efforts to cease your discovering and working with the Higher Self. For when you find the Higher Self, then you have the answers.

All of the prophets have been messengers of the Brotherhood. All of them moving humanity forward in evolution. Jesus taught so many wonderful things about fear. Mohammed taught new teachings also, as did Buddha, and all of the prophets of the past. In the last fifty Earth years there has been an influx of souls wanting to teach. It is the reason there has been so much teaching on the spiritual. So many books written and so many people out in the world who are assisting us with the task of shifting the vibration of the Earth plane. It will be done, the light will come upon the Earth plane and the darkness will eventually pass. The Self will put up a battle, but there are so many souls with a desire for change into the Higher Self. If everyone had no fear, the task would be made easy. This is my teaching to you. Find out about your Self, become aware of it, and find a spiritual healer who can assist you in finding where your Self is hiding, and where it is keeping you a prisoner. You will then be able to connect with your Higher Self.


Disaster in the USA #2. The Hall of Mirrors!

Message from Maitreya:

At this time of tragedy in the USA, I have been asked if I will comment on what happens to people who commit atrocities when they die. First of all you must understand that the Self does not reside in the spiritual body, but in the physical. The Higher Self is of the spiritual. When a soul passes out of the physical body, there is no Self (Ego) anymore. When a soul arrives in the world of Spirit, usually they are quite confused because our world is very much like your world, the difference being that our world is more real!

It is normal for the soul to have a period of rest when it arrives because many souls have a traumatic death and find it difficult to believe that they are indeed alive in the spiritual realms — or as many call it, “heaven.” After a period of rest, the soul is taken by its Guardian Spirit to a Hall of Mirrors. (A Guardian is the spiritual being who is with you from birth until death on the physical plane). This is a room where the soul stands in front of a giant mirror and has to face itself. Their whole life is shown to them. They not only see what they did to others but they also feel the emotion and trauma that the other person felt. It is at this time that many souls become extremely saddened and ashamed because they see all that they have done, the good and the bad. Usually, at this stage, the soul does not want to move on and makes a request to contact a person in the physical world whom they knew — a family member, friend etc., — to give a message or to say that they are very sorry for what they did.

This has to be arranged from Spirit and a medium, or channel, found to act as the messenger. But it is allowed. The soul usually cannot rest until it has made its apology or given its message. Once it has done so, it can then rest and return to Spirit in its fullness before it returns to the earth plane by being born again. While it is waiting for the channel/medium to be found, the soul usually works in the reception areas in a humanitarian way. This is one way of repaying karma.

Nobody escapes the Hall of Mirrors, nobody. I will tell you now, there are often totally devastated souls when they return from this place. Much comfort has to be given to them afterward, for many cannot believe what they have done.

One cannot go further into the true realms of Spirit until one has been to the Hall of Mirrors. In light of the tragedy which happened in the earth year 2001 on September the 11th, I will attest to you that the souls responsible for the tragedy and for the loss of life are so deeply upset at their actions that they are now in deep shock. Know this, as you condemn those responsible. Think also of the karma that has now been generated for this action. It will surely come back onto them in a future incarnation.

The souls responsible were given the impression that it should be done for God. I will tell you now that God, who is pure love, would never condone what took place.

This is my testament in truth on this matter. I will not make any further comment.


Disaster in the USA #1. What does it mean now?

Message from Maitreya:

The carnage that has happened in the United States this week of Earth time, is just the beginning of a wave of terrorism which will strike the world. However, the pledge spoken by the United States President in which he talks about revenge will not help to heal this issue. By seeking revenge, this just keeps the energy of carnage in flight. What needs to be done, is for humanity to change its ways. To understand and work with all people regardless of their creed, color or race, is of the utmost importance to humanity at this point of Earth time.

Violence begets violence, it is time for the hatred to stop, and for humanity to begin the path towards reconciliation. Only when this happens can humanity move forward in its spiritual essence. The souls that passed over in this terrible happening, were pre-warned that it was to happen. My channel and her husband had only just returned from Washington and New York, while they were there they were able to prepare the souls who were to leave for their demise. Know that they were prepared for this. It was no surprise on a spiritual level.

This is the beginning of a long period of darkness, for those of you in the light, carry the light high and bright, it will be needed. Do not give in to negative thoughts or feelings, neither become angry or sad. Carry the light, that is all we can ask of you at this stage. Have no fear. None at all.


Perfection and the self? It is a tough one, keep trying!

Message from Maitreya:

On my travels with my channel, I have become very aware of the need by humanity for perfection. In many, many souls there is a desire to push themselves beyond the normal to attain perfection. For those on the spiritual path, this seems even more so.

The Brotherhood of we in the world beyond yours do not ask for this perfection, YOU are the ones who create the need. For some reason you have this vision of us as being perfect, and you seek to emulate us, to be the same as us. YET, while you are on the Earth plane, and have the Self in control, you cannot do so. Even when you understand the role between the Self and the Higher Self, because of the battle constantly happening between these two energies, it is still not easy to be perfect. The striving to be perfect creates a need in the Self to fight even more.

Yes, the desire of all humanity is to seek perfection, and yes, this can be done, but not by force or even by discipline. Because the Self hates both of these and will fight even more. I am not stating that one should not have discipline because this is necessary is one’s life to some degree and each individual will decide how much discipline they need in their life. When you let go of desire and force, when you act naturally, and forget the need for perfection, then it can start to become a reality. We do not ask for anything other than that you move forward on your life path, aware that while you have unresolved past life issues, while you have fear, doubt, anxiety, jealousy, anger, unhappiness and dis-ease in your life. You will not be happy, and this will be the cause of another incarnation. While you concentrate on the material path in life, and do not attend to the spiritual part of your being, this will also create another incarnation.

Your duty is also to yourself, so many souls spend a lot of time helping others, when they should be helping themselves, This does not mean that those in caring professions should not do so, there is a need for their services and work. However, so many souls interfere in other people’s lives when they should not be doing so. So many souls run away from their own truth and life lessons by taking care of others. One of my students wrote to my channel many months ago of Earth time and informed her that she was now ‘looking after herself’. This soul could not have done anything better. This is what she was supposed to do.

Until one helps oneself, one cannot help the world. Yet so many do not help themselves.

Perfection will come when you can understand yourself, when you can deal with all that is in the subconscious mind and that is hidden away by the Self. Once this starts coming to the surface, then the path to perfection begins. However, if you do not manage to find perfection in this incarnation, the credits accrued in the search so far, are yours. Your next incarnation becomes easier. Remember that in your search for perfection. The battle with the Self is a major task, it is the biggest battle you will ever fight. In the Christian faith they call this ‘the Devil or Satan’ for it is indeed a dark force because it is hidden.

Live each day as if it were your last, do not worry about the future, do not be concerned about the past, you cannot change it, you cannot go backwards, the future is yet to be created by you. Deal with each moment as it comes and by doing that you will then be able to start the path to perfection. Do not berate yourself if you fall or fail though, because we too on our path walked your path, we too failed at times and fell. We know the hard path too. Just remember that. We also finally made it! You can too!