How many times have you criticized someone last month?

Message from Maitreya:

How many times have you criticized someone in the last month? How many times have you reacted to the way someone does things in a negative way? If you can answer yes to this, or can account for the number of times this has happened, then you are a conditioned being. Were you not a conditioned being, then it would not bother you.

Often, the one you criticize or complain about is there to show you where you are being conservative or conditioned! Often, what you yourself make comment on is what you need to look at in your own life, yet very often you cannot see this for yourself. Even when it is mirrored for you, this very often is not recognized either. It results in you becoming very critical of another, or in becoming negative about their actions. The Self becomes indignant, after all, it has been challenged, so it will come out fighting all of the way.

The Spiritual path is not an easy one, many fall by the wayside because the Self fights for its right to stay in the comfort zone. It will do anything that it can NOT to move forward. It will bring everything to the surface it can, fear, anger, lack of confidence, doubt, to force you to go back into that comfort zone.

People who have been friends for years can become enemies with the Self in control, it is so determined that it will not move on. The Higher Self cannot be bothered with such trivialities. When the Higher Self is allowed to be in control, everything runs smoothly and there is no discord, there is no fear, doubt, anger, lack of confidence, there is just peace.

The battle between the Self and the Higher Self CAN be overcome. it takes patience, determination, and knowledge that it will not happen immediately. Change takes time on the Earth plane. However, when one starts to make the climb uphill to a higher vibration, one can then move forward in enlightenment. Where is your Self stopping your spiritual development, what it is stopping you from achieving?

We of the Brotherhood, the Masters know of these things because the same conditions that face you in your spiritual development, in your pursuit of a higher vibration, also faced us before we ascended. That is why we teach you, we have walked the path you now walk. We have faced the Self, and we have finally won. We want to assist you to face your Self also.

Once the battle is won, and the Higher Self is in control, then and only then will you know the peace that cannot be explained. IT CAN BE DONE! You can win the battle!