Why my teaching is not more public, you are not alone!

Message from Maitreya:

I was recently asked by a student why I did not expose myself to the world and travel the world letting people know who I am. This seems in context, very easy, and is an easy answer, but it cannot happen like this. For instance, not everyone is ready for the words I have to write. There are many diverse spiritual groups on the Earth plane today, many do not agree with my teaching. My writing and teaching is for souls who are ready for that level of vibration, it does not mean that they are higher or lower than anyone else in vibration, just that they recognize the message and it speaks to their heart.

It would be wonderful if the world could change as one, overnight so to speak, but this is not how it is to be either. For change to happen, it has to happen slowly, Soul by Soul. I started my work on the web site created by Peter Luke under my instructions, a few Earth years ago. When it began there was nobody who knew about it. The Search Engines had it placed of course, and it was placed on business cards, but no other form of advertising was created. In five Earth years, the site has grown so much that now more than 90 countries view it, and more than 85 people log on to it each day, with over 23,000 page hits each month. In five years from nothing, the site has grown, to quite a large number of subscribers for the letter I send out. The majority of these people, resonate with the energy of the site, and it has enabled them to learn a great deal about our world of the spiritual realms.

The viewers to the site grow each day in numbers. Many people tell their friends of the site, and this brings more awareness. In ten Earth years time it will be even bigger, so big that by then, it will need assistance to keep it maintained. This is the way of us in the spiritual realms. Slowly, Silently, Without pressure, Without force, just give the message, leave it for the soul to make a decision about. As one leaves, another joins. Although the message may not be what is required at that time, once read, it stays in the subconscious mind until the soul is ready and vibrates to that level.

There is no need for my presence, my energy is in my writing. It is in everything I do through my channel. However, there are students who have done my courses, and who need more assistance. For these souls I do visit them and assist them where necessary. The USA is one such place where there are students and so I do visit these souls and assist them where necessary. If you wish me to visit your country, and there are enough souls who wish to meet with me, then I will come to you also.

Many Earth years ago, a few brave souls set out to enlighten the world. They worked through spiritual churches and they were the founders of spirituality today. These brave few, often against incredible legal problems tried to educate humanity on matters spiritual. There names are legendary in spiritual work today. Maurice Barbanell, Hannan Swaffer, Estelle Roberts, Ursula Roberts, Grace Cooke, Edgar Casey, Helen Duncan, who died for the cause of us in the spiritual realms when in deep trance. She was shaken roughly by a Policeman. Ena Twigg. Then came Jane Roberts, Doris Stokes. There are many more, too many names to mention. Each one of them though, a beacon of light for we in the spiritual realms. Often under very difficult circumstances, they stood alone and taught the words we channeled.

Each one of them went through hardship, difficulty, much trial and disciplinary training to enable them to become the messengers of us on the higher planes. Their books, writings and teachings are still available on Earth today, and speak of the message that we gave at that time. They also speak of their struggle. There are many brave souls out there again on the Earth plane at this time of change. Each one of them teaching to those whose vibrations match. We chose this way because we knew that no two souls were the same and there was much diversity. The light in the world may seem as if it is getting darker, but it is not. Compared to fifty Earth years ago, it is brighter than ever. Are you one of those lights? Would you like to become one?

If your answer to this is yes, then know that despite the fact that you may feel alone at this time and in the future of Earth time, we are with you every minute of each day. We cannot help you, only support you on your path. The spiritual path is not easy, it is filled with illusion, fear and doubt. The rewards for those who make it through the testing, is beyond comprehension, but first you have to earn that reward. And you do so by placing yourself in testing situations which will clear much karma from your life, and enable you to leave the Earth plane never to return and incarnate again.

Many of you have written to me and made comment on your own personal struggles. You think you are alone, you are not! Nearly every soul on the Earth plane is on their own personal struggle. You are one of many, just know that. You are not alone either. We are with you every step of the way, you walk in our footsteps, for we too were once tried and tested, disciplined and felt alone just like you are today. Just know this. Many look to the Masters as perfected beings, and yet one is never perfected until one merges with the Ultimate Being or what you know as God. We have walked where you have walked, struggled like you, and passed the test with difficulty just like you. Yes, we have ascended, but not without the testing. You too will ascend when your testing is complete.

I do not need to be there in person, my energy through my writings and through my teaching is enough. For those who are in the presence of this energy, they have one of two reactions. They either cannot stand that energy and want to run away, or they feel the warmth of that energy, see the lessons, and say “Let me learn”. For those who run, they are not ready, for those who stay – the learning begins. The testing takes place, and it is all chosen by you, for only YOU know of your imperfections and what needs to be cleared away by you.

Call our name and we will envelope you in our love, you may not feel it, but it WILL help you on your path of testing. Know that it hurts us to see you suffering and know we cannot assist you. For if we do, we stop you from growing. Yet we are with you to give you the energy needed to pass those tests, if only you will ask for it. There comes a time when there is no more testing, where there is peace. You can all attain that state. It is what is known as heaven, and the path of life with its testing, and difficulty is known as Hell. By your choices you make life Heaven or Hell.

This is a longer message than normal, but one that I need to write. Remember that you are all very special to we in the spiritual planes. Despite where you are on your spiritual path, we love you. We have never stopped loving you. Just know that!


Past life negativity you cannot get rid of by yourself?

Message from Maitreya:

Addressed to a student

I have watched with interest your transformation because of the past life you did with Peter, and felt that I should make comment about negative energy if that is what you call it. We refer to it as “repressed energy” in the world of spirit.

There are some souls who come to the earth plane to become clearing houses for repressed energy for souls who cannot clear it themselves. These souls are not many because the effort of clearing repressed energy can be quite exhausting on an individual soul, and can also cause effects of exhaustion. It is these souls also, who channel from a higher energy than the Masters, they communicate and channel with the Divine Being who some call God. In order to take the energy of this being, and to absorb repressed energy, they are trained very hard and long on the spiritual path to see if they can carry such a burden. Such souls come into this life to also act as ‘surrogates’. In other words, if a soul knows that it cannot release past energy, because it has tried in many other lifetimes, it can be connected with a ‘surrogate’ who will merge with the energy of the person and take the pain, suffering, emotion, etc., out of the person. Often they will cry for this soul, because the soul does not know how to do this, or cannot do it. This is the ONLY way to do it on the Earth plane. In spirit, it is removed automatically in the reception areas, and is what you would call ‘recycled’ into positive energy. On the Earth plane, this is very difficult to do because of the density of the physical plane. You were one of those souls who asked for the help of a surrogate, and Peter who had been your Father in a past life made the offer to help you in this life. He felt he let you down in the past life when you were his daughter, and so chose to appease his own soul by doing this for you in this lifetime.

In order for this to be achieved, Peter and Margaret had to raise their vibration to a very high level, which shows itself in their talent and skill on an esoteric level. Margaret removes the repressed energy so that souls may ‘see’. You have a saying on the earth plane which Margaret uses a lot, “Once I was blind, now I can see”. Margaret takes the repressed energy into her own body from her students so that they may also ‘see’. Unless they can have it removed, they stay in the dark!

Peter takes the energy through past life work and healing. Although they may be in pain and quite ill after seeing a soul who needs such assistance, they soon recover, and both of them have the most incredible energy for recovery.

There are not many souls who will take on this work, because many fall by the wayside on the spiritual path of testing. The joy of seeing a soul vibrate to a higher level, for them is reward enough.

There are so many souls seeking assistance in becoming cleared of their darkness, but few souls who make it through the testing to assist them. There are many souls in the world who believe that repressed energy should not be absorbed into the body, that one can ‘white light’ it or send it into the Universe. I am communicating to you to inform you that this is not so. That SOME souls actually choose to take it into their being to assist those who cannot do it for themselves.

Those who do this kind of work, choose to do so. Much karma can be worked off by doing this, and of course, one reaches a very high vibration to be able to do it. However, as I have stated before, much has to take place before a soul is ready, and many do not make it. Hence my need to communicate with you to inform you of this.

I am looking forward to watching your soul grow and expand now that the repressed energy is no longer ‘eating away’ at your soul.