Where do your habits come from?

Message from Maitreya:

Where do your habits come from? Why do you do the things you do? I will tell you why, it is the combination of your past life memories and your chosen star pattern for this incarnation.

Each soul chooses a life path, and that life path is influenced by the movements of the planets, asteroids and stars in their lifetime. It is this which brings out what is needed for you to clear away habits. Some of which have been in the soul memory for many incarnations. The fears you have also are triggered by these planets. It is the movement of the planets and asteroids which assist you to deal with these. Along with your desire to do so, you can successfully remove many blocks, fears and many emotions if you look to the pattern of the planets and asteroids in your life.

All information about astrology as you call it, is channeled and has been since the days of the early prophets. When you can understand this, and look into the spiritual aspects of this, then you can start moving forward on your path to Ascension and to freedom from the wheel of life. It is this information which will assist you in moving forward and raising your vibration, more than anything. You need to know of this and I would recommend to all of you, to find a good astrologer. One trained in the spiritual way with astrology, and consult this person about your life. You will learn much. You may contact the site for further information, and have a spiritual chart created. One of the graduate students of my course in the USA can do this for you, as well as Peter and Margaret themselves, who will be able to do a channeled version. Whichever way you chose to do it, it will be of great assistance to you. You may be able to find someone in your local area who can assist you.

In the United States there is a channel for astrology with the name Hadley Fitzgerald. She is a very spiritual being, and can be contacted on: Hadleyscom@aol.com where she will be able to assist you if you would like to find out about yourself. She has worked extremely hard during her journey on the Earth plane to gain her wonderful reputation as an astrologer. All of the answers lie in astrology, because all from your past is there, along with the future. Many souls do not want to see the negative parts of their lives, yet by seeing this and understanding that one can move on if one is aware of the patterning and habits, then one can leave it behind.

In this newsletter, I make mention of my forthcoming visit with Margaret and Peter in August to the USA. With them, I will be visiting Los Angeles, New York, and San Diego I will ask Margaret to give the dates at the end of this communication. I am looking forward very much to once again connecting with those I have taught, and who have become friends of Margaret and Peter. I hope that many of you will wish to be in the energy again?

I have been asked why I do not visit other countries around the world? I would, however, very few souls seem to want to assist us in our desire to do this. My channel and her husband cannot visit countries unless they receive some assistance, either in organizing skills, or just being there to help them and advertise events. You must also remember that travel overseas requires time, and my channel is an extremely busy woman. I am sure that as Earth time passes, souls will come forward who wish to help her in other countries.

To each and every one of you, it is my hope that if you have not already done so, that you discover yourself through astrology.


What is known on the Earth plane as ‘Gay Bashing’?

Message from Maitreya:

I was recently asked through the web site about the subject of what is known on the Earth plane as ‘gay bashing’. A person wrote to me and said they did not want to live on the Earth plane if this kind of thing was going to happen. They asked if I would write about this? Any kind of ‘bashing’ is not good, it does not matter what group of people it is connected to, it is violent and there are other ways to deal with anger.

For most of humanity though, anger has become a way of life. It is depicted in your movies, television, sport (football, boxing, wrestling, etc) and other ways. Children of very young age see it on the screen and so assume that it is a part of life and normal. The movies depict violence as being an adult theme, seemingly ok to engage in. You see it in your news all the time, and it IS a way of life.

Most anger stems from dis-ease and uncontrolled emotions. Often there can be another incarnation present in the anger, where it has come from another lifetime. If a person dies angry, then that anger has not dispersed in the aura, and so is in the soul memory, waiting to be released, but usually released when a situation or a person triggers the soul memory in this lifetime. How many times have you met someone and thought to yourself “I don’t like you, you make me angry” yet you do not know why it does this, why it makes you angry. This is a typical case of past life soul memory. Usually, one will avoid that person or run away, not realizing that the person has come into your life to make amends or to right what was wrong in a past life.

Humanity cannot free itself of anger until it realizes that it comes from within the soul. It is a huge task freeing humanity of anger and teaching of peace because so many souls are at different levels of spiritual development. We try though, and those whom we work with try also. It is working, but not as quickly as we would like, but as we say, one soul changed is better than a thousand who are not.

I have said to many people over the years, that if you can help one soul on the Earth plane, then your life has been worth living. And so we come to the purpose of this newsletter. You can help in our work. The next time someone reacts to you in anger, do not give it any energy. Do not take it personally, or give it any energy. Just ignore it. If possible explain to the person that while they are angry you cannot deal with the situation in a civil way. Then wait for a time when they are not so angry and speak your truth about the situation quietly and clearly with honesty and love. Your small contribution can make such a difference. Anger is just energy that is frustrated, it is repressed energy, which if it is not expressed can manifest like an explosion. When fed further energy from you, it then attacks again, and it continues on until one person decides not to do it any more. Then the energy has nowhere to go because it is not being fed any more and usually dies.

If you find yourself with anger, look at the anger. Ask yourself, where does it comes from and then release it so that it cannot have any more destructive effect. With the energy that you are creating anger with, you could be manifesting something nice and positive!